Absolute Great Teacher
178 Sun Mo’s Prestige
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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178 Sun Mo’s Prestige

Chapter 178 Sun Mos Prestige

Sun Mo walked upstairs.

After the students before the flight of stairs shouted Teacher Sun is here, all the students in the corridor became quiet.

They looked at Sun Mo and fell into deep silence. Even though they had so much gratitude to say in their hearts, when they saw Sun Mo in person, they found it hard to say anything

A thank you simply wasnt sufficient to express the amount of gratitude they had.

Go back and study hard, dont let your parents expectations down.

Sun Mo said a sentence and walked down the corridor.

The students naturally squeezed into both sides of the corridor to make space for Sun Mo. When he walked past, all the students uniformly bent their backs and bowed, shouting with much energy.

Thank you, teacher!

Lang Ping recalled the gloomy afternoon where the sky was filled with dark clouds. Back then, he had been stopped by Zhou Yong and his friends at the back alley outside of the school. After being instructed to stand straight, he was slapped by them consecutively. After each slap, he would have to say thank you. If his voice became softer, hed be kicked in his thigh.

Since that day, Lang Ping had never spoken to the girl he liked anymore. He knew that every time he spoke to her, hed have to be beaten once more.

His first love came to a premature end.


Favorable impression points from Lang Ping +50, Friendly (120/1,000).

Thank you, teacher!

Zuo Wei bowed deeply, his back was almost bent at 90 degrees angle.

Until today, he couldnt forget that day when he was in the toilet. He couldnt forget the image of how Zhou Yong had commanded his younger brother to push himself into the latrine pit. Then, under the instigation of Zhou Yong, Zhou Cang had picked up ten over pieces of big white maggots and forcefully stuffed them into his mouth.

Zuo Wei hadnt offended Zhou Yong in any way. However, just because he had run into Zhou Yong when the latter was in a bad mood, he was being used as a punching bag.

Zuo Wei knew that Zhou Yongs family had significant power and influence while he was just a kid of a little peasant. Since he couldnt afford to offend Zhou Yong at all, he would always take a detour when he saw Zhou Yong in school.

Zhou Yong had never received any punishment for the misdeeds he had done; hence, Zuo Wei had felt that Zhou Yong would always be so rampant. But who could have guessed that Sun Mo, a newly employed teacher, would go against Zhou Yong and expel him?

This was a great teacher who cared about students!


Favorable impression points from Zuo Wei +30, Neutral (77/100). Thank you, teacher! Yu Yu was sobbing softly. One day, he was called out by a teacher to have a mock battle against Zhou Yong. But when the teacher stopped the battle, Zhou Yong intentionally hit him in his eye, causing his vision to be blurry until today. However, he hadnt received any apology since then.

The teacher who was the referee for that battle had claimed that this was an accident. It was because of Yu Yus own carelessness and not the fault of Zhou Yong.

Yu Yu knew that Zhou Yongs family was influential and that the teacher couldnt afford to offend him; hence, he decided to stay low. But now, there was someone who could afford to offend that bastard. It was Teacher Sun who was standing in front of him now!


Favorable impression points from Yu Yu +30, Neutral (85/100).

Countless exclamations of thank you teacher rang in Sun Mos ears and they echoed within the corridor, flowing through the entire dorm building and dissipating into the dark night.

Even though Sun Mo had walked past them, the students behind him were still bowing and hadnt stood up straight.

Forget the unhappiness in the past and start living a new life. A wonderful future is still waiting for you guys. Press on and become someone you can be proud of.

Sun Mo knew that students who had once been bullied would more or less have some psychological problems, some were so serious that they would become pessimists and stay home, not wanting to interact with anyone.

Hence, Sun Mo was hoping that these students would be able to forget the past and enjoy their future with a smile.


As Sun Mos emotions were sincere, Princess Advice was unleashed.

Golden faculas scattered from Sun Mos body and spread across the corridor. The students who were enveloped by the faculas suddenly felt the world become brighter, like a beautiful spring day filled with the smell of freedom.

Go back now, have an early rest!

After Sun Mo finished speaking, he went into his dorm and closed the door.

After 3 minutes, the students started to go back one after another. As they were afraid of disturbing Sun Mos peace, they slowed down their footsteps and started to leave the corridor.

Some students didnt get to wait and see Sun Mo personally. However, when they passed by, they walked past Sun Mos dorm and did a bow before leaving.

A group of intern teachers were deeply shocked seeing this scene.

Sun Mo wasnt a great teacher. However, his actions had received the acknowledgment and love from all the students.

I want to become like Sun Mo too! Mei Yi clenched her fists tightly, her heart was filled with envy.

Indeed, becoming a teacher is the best decision Ive made in my life. Lu Kun looked forward to his future. He also wished to help the students walk out of their lifes predicaments. He wanted them to grow, succeed, and reach the pinnacle.

The students had all left, but the intern teachers were still standing on the staircase without moving. They fell into a deep ponder, and some had suddenly found a direction in their lives.


Congratulations, youve received 2,138 favorable impression points.

The systems notification rang.

How many favorable impression points do I have now?

Sun Mo didnt feel any complacency. He felt that he had only done an insignificant task. 48,915, reported the system. It was a pretty eye-catching numerical figure.

Ha, Ill be able to purchase that great teacher halo in a bit!

Sun Mo was very happy.

The next day, Sun Mos Medical Cultivation lesson was filled to the brim. Moreover, the number of students who were waiting in the corridor increased.

Once Sun Mo arrived, they bowed down uniformly.

Some teachers had improved their attitudes toward Sun Mo as well. They either took the initiative to greet him by nodding or gave him a thumbs up.

Of course, some of them were genuine while some did it purely to get in his good book. After all, Sun Mo would know their intentions from whether or not they contributed favorable impression points.

After his lesson, he harvested another 312 favorable impression points, maintaining a very stable source of income.

Sun Mo understood the ideology of working progressively for something; hence, he didnt open up new Medical Cultivation lessons.

Then, after Sun Mo had finished the lesson for his 6 personal students, he made Li Ziqi invite An Xinhui to their residence to discuss some matters.

In the afternoon, the summer cicadas were making a din

Teacher Sun, Ive come to join the discussion, you dont mind, right?

Gu Xiuxun greeted Sun Mo with a charming smile. When Li Ziqi went to the Headmaster Office, Gu Xiuxun was coincidentally there to discuss some problems with An Xinhui. Hence, she tagged along to join in on the fun.

Teacher Gu, good afternoon.

Sun Mo was indifferent. Ziqi, please bring them there!


Even though Li Ziqi hadnt done any servant-related tasks, her ability to treat others with hospitality was great due to her education since young.

I I will not go to take a bath!

Lu Zhiruo was fearful of strangers.


Sun Mo rejected. The giant medicine packet was so expensive, and it mustnt be wasted.

After Sun Mo had explained the efficacies of the giant medicine packet, Li Ziqi got some people to tear down the east wing and rebuild it into a big public bath.

Such a hot day, whats the bath for?

Gu Xiuxun was dumbfounded. If not for the fact that she knew Sun Mo had proper moral qualities, she would suspect that this fella wanted to seize this chance to secretly look at An Xinhuis body.

2 older and 3 younger women stood at the edge of the public bath.

Li Ziqi tested the temperature and placed the giant medicine packet inside.


It was as though a blood bag had exploded. In an instant, bubbles started to form on the surface of the water as if it was boiling.

Ziqi, are you trying to stew us?

Gu Xiuxun made fun of the bath and seamlessly inquired, Whats that thing youre putting inside?

Giant medicine packet! Li Ziqi explained, Alright, everyone can come into the water now.

After speaking, Li Ziqi took the lead to enter the water, wanting to prove that the medicine packet had no problem. However, it was clear that she had been overthinking. An Xinhui and Gu Xiuxun were familiar with her status and knew that a bath she dared to enter would have no problem. Moreover, Sun Mo would never try to hurt them; hence, they immediately stepped into the bath as well.

Oh yeah, time for a bath.

Lu Zhiruo sniffed. She instinctively felt that this bathwater was made of good stuff. Hence, she couldnt help but step on the edge of the public bath, exert energy from her calves, and jump right in.


The bathwater splashed toward all directions! As expected, the water was filled with spirit qi. Once it touched the skin, the spirit qi started to make its way into the body like little fish.

How comfortable!

After Lu Zhiruo spoke, she suddenly heard Gu Xiuxuns startled sounds. She recalled that she wasnt the only person here and started to panic. She immediately ducked her head inside the bathwater with a plop sound.

Bloop bloop!

A string of air bubbles floated up.

Isnt there too much spirit qi in this bathwater?

Gu Xiuxun looked toward An Xinhui, her face filled with shock.


An Xinhui looked shocked as well. As geniuses, their six senses were sharp and they instantly felt the strong effects of this giant medicine packet.

Following the dispersal of the medicinal effect, the bathwater started to fluctuate in waves. After a while, it generated a small whirlpool that gushed against their bodies. It felt as though they were having a massage, how comfortable.

Gu Xiuxun splashed up some water with her cupped hands!


The splashing sound echoed gently. If there was one shortcoming, it would be that the color was too red. It looked like some blood that had just seeped out from a corpse, how frightening

This medicine packets effect is so strong, Ill go ask teacher to come in!

Lu Zhiruo stood up and walked toward the edge of the bath. Hey?

Gu Xiuxun had wanted to meditate and absorb the medicinal effect from the waters, but when she heard the papaya girls words, she got distracted. (Letting a man come in? How is that possible?)

Ill come with you!

Li Ziqi also felt that it was too bad that Sun Mo didnt get to enjoy the bath as the giant medicine packet belonged to him.

Gu Xiuxun looked toward An Xinhui and realized that she was starting to meditate with her eyes closed.

Alright, for the bathwater, I will ignore it.

Gu Xiuxun dropped her body into the water until it covered her neck. She didnt even want to give Sun Mo a chance to see her shoulders. (Im a clean and incorrupt virgin. If he were to see my naked body, how could I get married in the future?) I must not disappoint my future husband!

Gu Xiuxun muttered.
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