Absolute Great Teacher
179 Are You Trying To Kill Me?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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179 Are You Trying To Kill Me?


Even though An Xinhui looked calm, she was actually feeling extremely panicky in her heart. (Aiya, Sun Mo is coming in? Must I stop him?)

(No, we are engaged after all. If I were to do that, wouldnt I appear too cold?)

(Or should I just leave now?)

(But this bathwater is too comfortable. I dont even feel like moving a finger after soaking in here.)

To be frank, Sun Mo was rather handsome and he was pretty capable too. His recent performance had even given him the limelight, making him extremely eye-catching.

An Xinhui had already acknowledged Sun Mo and treated him as her own person. Otherwise, she would have wrapped herself in a bathrobe and left.

In the courtyard, Sun Mo was cultivating the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. Even though he could cut down the cultivation time using the time emblem, cultivating more could only do more good than harm.

Teacher, come join us in the bath!

Lu Zhiruo held Sun Mos hand and pulled him toward the bathroom.


Sun Mo shook off the papaya girls hand.

Teacher, this is a good opportunity for you to become closer with Headmaster An!

Li Ziqi reminded softly.

Even though the little sunny egg was Sun Mos crazy fan, in her eyes, An Xinhui was really too outstanding and Sun Mo was still a little inferior to be compatible with her. Hence, he must try his best to interact with her to increase the good feelings between them.

Why do I need to become closer with her?

Sun Mo asked in reply.


Li Ziqi was stumped with this question. (Dont typical men all have such thinking?)

Go take your bath quickly. The medicinal properties in the water will dissipate as time passes by, and it can only persist for 30 minutes at most.

Sun Mo urged.

Li Ziqi looked at Sun Mo. His gaze was clear without the intention of trying to get close to An Xinhui. Hence, the little sunny egg felt shocked but was gratified at the same time.

My teacher is indeed different from the other lackeys.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +20, Friendly (830/1,000).

Hearing the notification sound, Sun Mo looked at Li Ziqi with an astonished face. (What have I done? Why did you suddenly contribute favorable impression points?)

(If you have such deep admiration for me, it will only pressure me!)

Teacher, that medicine packet is so precious. If you didnt soak in for a while, wouldnt it be a waste? Li Ziqi grasped onto Sun Mos hand firmly. Moreover, only when the bath is paired with Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands would its effect be optimal, right? Hence, may I trouble teacher to massage me for a while?

Li Ziqi found an excuse. In any case, she wanted to facilitate Sun Mo and An Xinhuis relationship.

Thats right!

Lu Zhiruo nodded and hugged Sun Mos arm. If he still didnt move, she would drag him in.

Sun Mo was helpless. Li Ziqi was a bothersome little woman, and her countless reasons made him unable to reject her.

Hence, after one minute, Sun Mo walked into the big bathroom wearing his bathrobe.

Warm red-colored water vapors filled the air and obstructed everyones vision. Even though An Xinhui and Gu Xiuxun knew that Sun Mo probably couldnt see them, they still instinctively soaked their bodies deeper into the water. Only their nose was out of the water now.

Eh? Teacher, why are you sitting over there? Quickly come in!

Lu Zhiruo saw that Sun Mo was walking to the side. Hence, she quickly grabbed onto him firmly and dragged him into the water.

Li Ziqi stood behind Sun Mo and tried to push his back with her hands, but since the floor was too slippery, she fell forward. Fortunately, Sun Mo was in front of her, so the worst thing to happen was only Li Ziqis face slapping onto his back.

It was a state of flurry confusion.

Sun Mo could only step into the water, but he chose a corner that was far away from the 5 girls. In fact, he closed his eyes and didnt try to look.

Aiya? The distance is so near, will we be seen?

Gu Xiuxun was a little nervous and subconsciously clenched her legs together. As a masochist, the current situation gave her pain but happiness at the same time.

However, at the next moment, Gu Xiuxun didnt feel happy anymore.

Hmph, what a decent gentleman.

Gu Xiuxun pouted.

There was a lot of steam in the bathroom, but when the distance was near, one could still faintly see something. Hence, when Gu Xiuxun saw that Sun Mo was closing his eyes and meditating, she was in a bad mood.

(After all, Im considered a beauty, but youre actually closing your eyes? Are you questioning my charm?)

Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun didnt speak a word, and the atmosphere was in awkward silence. An Xinhui felt that since she was older than Sun Mo by 3 years and was the oldest in the bathroom, she had the responsibility to create a harmonious atmosphere.

An Xinhui held Gu Xiuxun and Sun Mo in high regard, and she planned to nurture them to become her right-hand man and left-hand woman. In the future, since they would also take on important roles in Central Province Academy, she was willing to see a harmonious relationship between these two.


An Xinhui coughed a few times, preparing to open her mouth to speak. But all of a sudden, the bathwater exploded and shot up to the sky like a fountain.

What the heck?

Gu Xiuxun sensed a trace of danger, and she instinctively jumped out of the bath by dodging backward. An Xinhuis expression was solemn.


Lu Zhiruo shrieked and was immediately scared out of her wits. However, Ying Baiwus reaction was very swift. She immediately turned over to roll out of the bath. While at it, she conveniently grabbed a wooden basin in her hand.

This reaction was a combination of defense and attack. One look and you would know she was experienced in fighting on the streets.


After the bathwater splashed onto the ceiling, it splattered downward again before solidifying into a 4 meters tall water giant. Dont panic, this is normal!

Sun Mos head was drenched with sweat like a waterfall. He had only soaked in this medicinal bath once; hence, he had forgotten that a water giant would appear after a fixed period.

You tell me, which familys normal bath will create such a muscle man?

Gu Xiuxun opened her mouth and started spurting angrily. She couldnt control her anxiousness because the bathwater giant suddenly punched a fist toward Li Ziqi.

As a young lady with o athletic ability, Li Ziqi didnt move much from the start of this incident. Hence, she was now the closest to the bathwater giant. Hurrr!

Gu Xiuxun yelled arrogantly and scuttled over with a flying kick. It landed on the arm of the bathwater giant.

Since it was more important to save lives, Gu Xiuxun couldnt care about exposing her body anymore.


The bathwater giants fist was kicked and broke into pieces. A great amount of blood-colored steam exploded but didnt spread. Instead, it was like a gloomy cloud enveloping Gu Xiuxuns body.


Gu Xiuxun stared blankly because these mist interacted with her skin and started to drill into her body. At the same time, a gush of gentle yet dense spirit qi subsequently flowed into her body.

Sun Mo?

An Xinhui used her fingers to shoot water droplets the size of a peanut at the bathwater giant. Its body was now filled with many holes, and it exploded into balls of blood-colored steam.

This steam is beneficial, quickly work on your cultivation art and absorb them! said Sun Mo.

He walked toward the door, preparing to leave as he didnt want to create any misunderstanding. But when he saw Li Ziqis body turning red like a small shrimp that was being cooked and was trembling non-stop, Sun Mo murmured oh no and quickly ran over. He grabbed her wrists and dragged her out of the bathroom. He then placed her on a bamboo chair at the side and made use of the ancient massaging technique to massage her.

Li Ziqis body had absorbed too much spirit qi, but she was unable to consume and digest them. Hence, this situation occurred. If she didnt digest the spirit qi in time, her nervous system and muscles would be injured by the overdose.

On the other side, Ying Baiwu knew that this opportunity was rare and she immediately sat cross-legged to meditate. On the contrary, Lu Zhiruo immediately ran out worriedly.

Is she alright?

Sun Mo had wanted Lu Zhiruo to go and meditate. But when he turned to look at her, he realized she wasnt doing anything but there was already red-colored steam flowing into her body.


Sun Mo was speechless. (What happens to your extremely low potential value? The speed at which youre absorbing the spirit qi is even faster than Gu Xiuxun. But where did all the spirit qi go to?)

After all, An Xinhui was a 3-star great teacher, and she had seen many big occasions before. Hence, she didnt care about absorbing the spirit qi. After she fought off the giant, she wrapped herself in a bathrobe and walked over.

Whats going on? Whats with this giant?

An Xinhui frowned.

This giant is produced after adding the giant medicine packet to the bathwater. It is classified as a type of medicinal bath. If you were to soak in it often, it could strengthen your body and improve blood circulation. After this, you will become as strong as a giant.

Sun Mo explained.

As strong as a giant?

An Xinhuis gaze subconsciously landed on Sun Mos chest muscles, and her brows wrinkled again. She instinctively tipped-toed so that she wouldnt step on the bathwater that was splattered on the floor.

Even though An Xinhui didnt dress up on usual days and always met people with her bare face, she was still a woman and was fond of pretty appearances. The moment she thought of how she might become tall and strong like a giant

(This wont do, I cant accept that kind of figure!)

Thats just an analogy, you wont really become a giant. Sun Mo chuckled.


An Xinhui placed her heel on the ground. Sun Mos actions were extremely quick. After comforting Li Ziqi, he was preparing to go help Ying Baiwu when he saw aggressive waves of spirit qi surrounding Gu Xiuxuns body. She was about to break through?

Sun Mo was surprised and activated his Divine Sight.

An Xinhui frowned. Gu Xiuxun was at the sixth level of the blood-ignition realm, and she hadnt cultivated a great circle. Theoretically, she couldnt be breaking through. However, this incidental bath had made her absorb an abundance of spirit qi. It was unexpected that she wanted to make use of this chance to break through to the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm.

Her state of mind and power were not sufficient, so she shouldnt be able to break through. However, An Xinhui could understand where Gu Xiuxun was coming from.

After becoming a teacher, other than having to teach lessons and coach students, one would also need to learn and be proficient in several disciplines. Otherwise, one would never be able to pass the Saint Gates assessment. However, because of that, the time left for cultivation was very little.

When compared to those pure cultivators, great teachers would have lower cultivation bases. Hence, when coming across such an opportunity, Gu Xiuxun must definitely take the risk.

But this time, her luck was not good.

Ying Baiwu and Lu Zhiruo had absorbed a large amount of spirit qi, and there wasnt much left for Gu Xiuxun. It was absolutely insufficient to support her breakthrough.

Theres a need to replenish the spirit qi as soon as possible!

An Xinhui ran toward her clothes that were hanging outside; there was an alchemy pill inside. However, there was no need for one anymore as Sun Mo had rushed to Gu Xiuxun.

Sorry to offend you!

Sun Mo spoke and started a full massage set for Gu Xiuxun.
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