Absolute Great Teacher
180 Helping Someone to Breakthrough, Very Easy!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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180 Helping Someone to Breakthrough, Very Easy!


In the bathroom, red-colored steam lingered around.

Oh no, I was too anxious!

Gu Xiuxuns eyebrows wrinkled so tightly it could squeeze crabs to death. The density of the spirit qi inside the bathroom had been enough for her to successfully breakthrough to the next level. However, she didnt expect that Ying Baiwu and Lu Zhiruo could swallow the spirit qi up like a bottomless pit.

A cultivators innate gift-other than wisdom and willpower-was more on aptitude. After all, cultivation was about absorbing the spirit qi from heaven and earth to continuously become stronger.

This was like trying to become a professional athlete. If one didnt have a good foundation, even if they were to train until death, they wouldnt be able to become one, not to mention achieving any medal.

If one wanted to earn a living by being an athlete, they should have a good aptitude to begin with.

At Middle Earths Nine Provinces, the requirements for aptitude were even higher. Firstly, you needed to be able to respond to spirit qi. Secondly, you needed to absorb the spirit qi. Lastly, you needed to be able to absorb more spirit qi as compared to other cultivators.

At this moment, even when she was facing the failure of breaking through, Gu Xiuxun couldnt help but be envious.

Ying Baiwu used to be someone who transported buckets of swill for work. However, her rate of absorption was frightening. As compared to when Gu Xiuxun was 13 years old, it was faster by almost two times.

One must know that during those years, Gu Xiuxun was being seen as a talent. The moment she entered school, she was being looked upon by several great teachers.

Sun Mos luck is so good that no one can beat him. He can even pick up such a seed like Ying Baiwu.

As a teacher, Gu Xiuxun naturally longed for good students.

As for that papaya girl, forget about it, Gu Xiuxun didnt wish to give any comment. Through comparison, whether it was the absorption of spirit qi or figure, she felt inferior.

No, Im a teacher. I am Gu Xiuxun who doesnt have any record for failure. I am a talent. Such an obstacle means nothing.

Gu Xiuxun was never one to concede defeat. She exerted more force and even bit the tip of her tongue. Soon after, the taste of reeking blood immediately filled her mouth.

Gu Xiuxun used all her strength to operate the cultivation art, swallowing all the spirit qi crazily. But even then, there was still a large amount of spirit qi flowing toward Ying Baiwu and Lu Zhiruo. Especially the papaya girl, she stood there without doing anything but was like a black hole that was swallowing up all the spirit qi.

This was absolutely too frightening.

Her state of breaking through was starting to disappear. If there wasnt any replenishment of spirit qi, it would be discontinued and the breakthrough would be signified as a failure.

However, at this moment, a pair of big palms pressed her back.

Gu Xiuxun was stunned and subconsciously wanted to let out a scream. After living for 20 years as a spotless woman, not to mention her body, even her hands had not been touched by a man before.

That was right. Gu Xiuxun had not been in a relationship before. She had spent all her time and energy on learning and cultivating. She had been working hard to become a great teacher. It was all from her instincts, Gu Xiuxin raised her hand and sent a punch over.


Sun Mo hit Gu Xiuxuns wrist off and snarled in a low voice, Dont be distracted, continue to absorb the spirit qi!

Hey, what are you pinching on? Gu Xiuxun pursed up her lips. Mentally, she was filled with the feeling of rejection.

Sun Mo had no choice either. Gu Xiuxuns current situation was very critical, so he had to do a complete set for her.

Even though Gu Xiuxuns heart was filled with rejection, her body was extremely comfortable. Sun Mos hands felt as though they had some magic. It made Gu Xiuxuns soul tremble, as though she had been stuck on with a pair of wings, flying toward heaven.

How comfortable!

This was extremely comfortable!

Gu Xiuxun recalled her memories where she went to South Island for a vacation with her father. She was immersed in the memories of her laying on the white and soft beach, staring into the blue ocean and the sunny sky and drinking an iced coconut.

A trace of saliva dripped down from the corner of her mouth. She was unaware that her face had revealed a faint smile. She had totally sunk into the happy memories.

Gu Xiuxun, remain rational! Sun Mo shouted.

Dont disturb me! Gu Xiuxun chided back impatiently.



An Xinhui was holding the alchemy pill as she stood aside. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth agape. (Is this the exhibited might from Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands?)

How scary!

An Xinhui could see that the amount of pleasure Gu Xiuxun felt on her body had suppressed her rationality.


Sun Mo was speechless. However, he recalled how his interaction with Gu Xiuxun had been pleasant thus far. Not only did she contribute +100 favorable impression points for him, but she even treated him as a part of her own faction. Because of it, Sun Mo decided to be good to her and finish the favor.

Ziqi, bring me the ancient whale oil!

Sun Mo instructed. Oh!

Li Ziqi nodded and went immediately. After she ran for a few steps, she slipped and fell flat onto the ground like a salted fish.

Wu Wu Wu, its so painful!

Li Ziqi was sprawled on the ground. The fall was so painful that her tears started flowing. Ill go!

Lu Zhiruo, who was still standing in the bathwater, jumped out and went.


Large amounts of bathwater splattered all over.

Bang! The papaya girl landed on the ground. But since there was too much water everywhere, it was too slippery and it caused her to lose balance. She slipped forward and bumped into Li Ziqi.

Bang! The two girls were piled up on top of each other now.

Sun Mos mouth twitched. (Do you girls think the situation is not chaotic enough?)

At such times, only Ying Baiwu was dependable. She stopped meditating and scuttled out in a few steps. She then grabbed the ancient whale oil that was placed on the side of the bamboo bed and passed it to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo didnt dare to delay. He received it with his hand and used his teeth to bite open the bottle. He then poured the oil onto Gu Xiuxuns body. The greasy whale oil coupled with blood-colored water droplets flowed all over Gu Xiuxuns exquisite and smooth body.


Sun Mo took in a deep breath and exerted more force with the Basic Massage Technique.

An Xinhui immediately shot a glance at the ancient whale oil. Following the opening of the bottle, a puff of bizarre fragrance started to float in the air. Suddenly, everyones energy was perked up after inhaling the smell.

What is this?

An Xinhui was startled and surprised. She did have an eye for the good stuff. As Sun Mo started his massage, he brought out the full medicinal effect of the ancient whale oil. Moreover, as the bathroom was an enclosed environment, the fragrance became heavier.

Croak! Croak! Croak!

A part of the whale oil turned into mist and wafted through the air. Some had come into contact with An Xinhui, causing her to twist and turn her body uncontrollably.

The medicinal effect is so powerful!

An Xinhui was in shock. How did Sun Mo get so many magical methods and good stuff? However, more shocking things were awaiting her.

Sun Mos Basic Massage Technique was at the grandmaster grade. Hence, because he had to use his best effort, his spirit qi surged out violently for 1 minute.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The spirit solidified into a muscular man whose body was smeared full of olive oil. It was gleaming and shiny.


Immediately after the genie appeared, he did a pose as usual and started to display his muscles.


An Xinhui subconsciously covered her breasts with her hands, her gaze filled with shock. Luckily, she still remained rational, or she would have attacked the genie.

Stop showing off. The situations urgent, hurry up! Sun Mo urged.

The genie glanced at Gu Xiuxun and pouted his lips. He turned his head away and spat mouthfuls of saliva on the ground.

An Xinhui, Ying Baiwu, Li Ziqi as well as the papaya girlone elder and three younger girls were all dumbstruck. Was this genie looking down on Gu Xiuxun?

That couldnt be. Gu Xiuxun was the campus queen of Myriad Daos Academy. Her appearance was in accordance with the publics taste for beauty. Moreover, her figure was also extremely sexy!

It was lucky that Xiuxun hadnt seen this scene; otherwise, shed have beat the shit out of this weirdly dressed big guy.

Yes, this muscle man was indeed very weird. He wore a pair of loose-fitting shorts at waist-level, and the lower half of his body was in the shape of spirit qi that was connecting to Sun Mos arm.

On his upper body, he wore a little vest that wasnt buttoned up, showing off his well-developed abs and chest muscles. Also, he used a long scarf to wrap around his head.

The genie took notice of An Xinhuis gaze and immediately turned to face her. He raised both of his arms to display his biceps. At the same time, he grinned proudly, showing his sparkling white teeth. An Xinhui immediately turned her head away. (This cant do, its too disturbing to my eyes.)

(Is this the true mystery behind his God Hands? No, no matter what hands Sun Mo has, I will never let this thing touch me in this lifetime.)

An Xinhui felt a little uncomfortable.


Li Ziqi felt her teeth hurting. To be frank, even though she had seen the genie a few times, she was still not accustomed to it!

Lu Zhiruo was however very friendly. She gave a charming smile and waved at the genie, greeting him.



The genie displayed his muscles as a form of response.

Ying Baiwu, who was at the side, saw that the genie was one of their own. Hence, she quietly put down the bamboo stool in her hand and used her foot to kick it away.

Thank goodness I didnt do anything, or else Id have offended him.

Ying Baiwu heaved a sigh of relief.

The situation was indeed very chaotic. However, it was fortunate that the genie didnt forget about his task. Even though he didnt do it personally, his hands were emitting spirit qi threads that controlled Sun Mo. Sun Mo was like a puppet being controlled while massaging Gu Xiuxun.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The spirit qi surged violently and flowed to the bathroom.

On top of Gu Xiuxuns head, a spirit qi tornado started to appear.

Seeing this scene, An Xinhui let down her worry. This signified that Gu Xiuxun had survived the most dangerous phase and had entered the last course of process for breaking through. According to Gu Xiuxuns aptitude, it was unlikely for her to fail at this phase.

She was indeed a talent. Following the flow of spirit qi into her body, Gu Xiuxun suddenly waved her fists and punched her own temples. She was making use of the pain to regain her consciousness.

When she saw the genie, this masochist suddenly jumped in fear. However, she soon stopped paying attention to it and started to focus on absorbing the spirit qi, trying to break through to the seventh-level of the blood-ignition realm.

As An Xinhui was there, Gu Xiuxun knew that she would never let anyone hurt her.

At this moment, the massage had ended as well.

Ill go out first!

Sun Mo didnt stay any further and immediately left the bathroom.

In the courtyard, the trees and leaves were swaying because of the wind.

Sun Mo drew some water from the well and washed up. Then, he stared blankly at the moving clouds in the sky. After a while, An Xinhui and the rest walked out.

Teacher Sun, I must really thank you for your assistance just now!

Gu Xiuxun, who had changed her clothes, walked up directly to express her gratitude.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +50, Friendly (150/1,000). An Xinhui had recounted the things that happened just now to Gu Xiuxun. If not for Sun Mo who had rendered help at the right time and used his Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to massage her, her risky breakthrough this time would have been a failure.

For the blood-ignition realm, if one failed once, it would cause harm to ones body. One would require at least half a year to be nursed back to health. Moreover, the most troublesome part was how ones confidence would be severely affected.

One must know that Gu Xiuxun had never failed in breaking through since she started cultivating. Sun Mos help had allowed Gu Xiuxun to continue her perfect records.

Were all colleagues, so youre most welcome.

Sun Mo waved his hand, indicating for Gu Xiuxun to forget about this matter. However, he felt a little awkward.

Even though he had no choice but to do this out of emergency, in Middle Earths Nine Provinces, if an unmarried lady were to be touched like that by a man, it would definitely end up in a serious lawsuit.

If Teacher Sun needs my help in the future, please feel free to let me know.

Gu Xiuxuns tone was sincere. She took a glance at Sun Mo and realized that the way he looked at her was just like usual. Hence, she was more at ease now.

After all, after being kneaded and rubbed by a man, Gu Xiuxuns mental state was still a little agitated. However, after thinking about how An Xinhui and the 3 other girls were also present, this unnatural feeling turned into a strange feeling of excitement.

I wish to experience it once more!

When this thought entered her head, Gu Xiuxun quickly shook her head to disperse the thought. (That man is Sister Ans fiance, what was I even thinking about)

An Xinhui was thoughtful and knew that Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun would definitely be awkward with each other. Hence, she found an excuse and left with her.

Before leaving, An Xinhui took a glance at Lu Zhiruo.

Teacher, lets continue with the bath, shall


Lu Zhiruo pulled Sun Mo, her gaze filled with expectations.

Im going back to school!

Sun Mo rejected decisively. (Soak again? I will become malnourished from that, and no amount of Nutri-Express (1) would be able to replenish my nutrition). Baiwu, follow me to learn the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands in the future. Your elder martial sisters massages will be done by you later on.

Even though Li Ziqi and the rest didnt care about this, Sun Mo had to take note in order to avoid gossip. Li Ziqis learning capability was extremely strong, but her athletic capability was too poor. Lu Zhiruo was simple-minded and a slow learner; hence, it was better to hand it over to Ying Baiwu.

Can I really learn it?

Ying Baiwu was in great shock. This was Sun Mos absolute art, and she hadnt even made any contribution nor taken care of him. Could she really accept this favor?


Sun Mo wasnt fussy about this. In any case, he didnt manage to find a good sword technique for her yet. Hence, he could let Ying Baiwu practice this first. Even if she couldnt make any improvement in cultivation in the future, she could also make use of this massage technique to support her family and herself.

Ying Baiwu kneeled on the spot and kowtowed thrice earnestly. Thank you, teacher! Ding!

Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +100, Friendly (500/1,000).

Pitter! Patter!

Ying Baiwu cried. Her tears flowed out and wet the floor. In her heart, other than feeling touched, she was also thinking of how to pay Sun Mos favor back.

Im leaving now!

Sun Mo had just stepped out of the door when the systems notification sound rang.



[1] Wahaha Nutri-Express Drink is a new milk-shake product, a perfect combination of fruit juice and milk, providing not only the nutrition and calcium from milk, but also the abundant vitamins from juice.
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