Absolute Great Teacher
182 Dark Secret Art!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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182 Dark Secret Art!


The glow of the dusk caused the headmasters office to be painted in orange color.

An Xinhui was somewhat hungry. She looked into her drawer and took out a baked sesame seed-coated cake.


The door was pushed open.

Sister An, lets go for dinner together. Aiya, why are you eating a baked cake again? Ive said many times, even if you are a cultivator, if you eat such stuff that has no nutrition every day, your body wont be able to take it.

Gu Xiuxun walked in and immediately rushed over after seeing An Xinhui munching her baked sesame cake. She snatched the cake away.

Im not hungry. An Xinhui explained. If you are not hungry, why are you eating then?

Gu Xiuxuns lips twitched. Given your capability, you are more than qualified to be a teacher in any of the Nine Greats, and their treatment of you would surely be extremely good. Is there a need for you to suffer so much and be so tired because of the Central Province Academy?

This school is something founded by my ancestors after all. I cannot allow it to decline in my hands.

An Xinhui shook her head.

Sister An

Gu Xiuxun didnt know how she should continue and persuade her. She knew that An Xinhui didnt like matters such as managing the school. She purely wanted to guide students and research the art of learning.

Honestly speaking, An Xinhui truly wasted too much time during these three years. If she focused on teaching students, she might have already reached the 4-stars ranking.

A matter like managing the school was basically wasting An Xinhuis talent.

Lets go and eat something good!

Seeing An Xinhui taking out another cake, eating as she worked, Gu Xiuxun directly pulled her up from her seat and led her away.

I still have much work to do.

An Xinhui felt helpless. Half a year later, her arrangements would come to fruition. At that time, the school would have money. Actually, she was preparing to shred all pretense of cordiality with Zhang Hanfu and expel Zhou Yong then, because she would have no worries when that time came.

However, because of Sun Mo, the time of her confrontation with Zhang Hanfu was shifted six months in advance. Fortunately, An Xinhui was the type of person who wouldnt regret something once she decided to do it. Hence, she was trying her best to actively compress expenses to squeeze out some funding, hoping that they could last through these six months.

Lets eat a proper meal first.

Gu Xiuxun was very stubborn. She pulled An Xinhui to the little canteen specially for teachers and immediately bought a large pile of food.

Try this chicken drumstick!:

Gu Xiuxun placed a fat drumstick into An Xinhuis bowl.

Are you trying to make things difficult for


Looking at the drumstick that was even larger than her hand, An Xinhui was speechless.

You should stop complaining. I originally wanted to order a few pig trotters for you.

Gu Xiuxun passed more food to An Xinhui. Aiya, she suddenly felt like seeing a great beauty like An Xinhui eating pig trotters. It would surely be very embarrassing, right?

An Xinhui smiled. She ate a mouthful and felt warmth in her heart. At such a time, it was really good to have a friend!


Gu Xiuxun was also satisfied. She kept adding food to An Xinhuis bowl. Although the two of them had the relationship of a superior and a subordinate, they were friends privately.

Gu Xiuxun might be a masochist, but she was very considerate of peoples needs. After An Xinhui ate her food and was about 70% full, she finally asked the question she was suppressing in her heart.

Do you understand Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands?

Gu Xiuxun was truly too curious. Leaving aside the powerful effects, if it hadnt been for her focusing on breaking through, that gay-looking muscular bloke might have been punched by her then out of shock.

It was simply too terrifying.

Whenever she thought of that muscular bloke standing three meters away from her, even Gu Xiuxuns soul would tremble. If that bloke rushed over and began touching her everywhere, what should she do?

Aiya, the moment she thought of this possibility, Gu Xiuxun suddenly felt very bashful. Hence, she tightened the gap between her thighs underneath the table.

I dont understand that.

An Xinhui shook her head. She wasnt that familiar with massaging techniques, but she still knew of some common knowledge. The three great factions and six great branches of massage, other than their styles being different, the effects were all similarto maintain ones health.

But Sun Mos massaging technique could not only do so, but it could also allow the body to evolve.

One couldnt help but say that An Xinhuis judgment was extremely impressive. She could sense that when Sun Mo gave Gu Xiuxun the massage, the life energy in Gu Xiuxuns body was fully stimulated, becoming stronger and more perfect.

It should be some kind of dark secret arts, I


Gu Xiuxun guessed. In the past when I was in the Myriad Daos Academy, I saw a 3-stars great teacher executing a massage-type dark secret art that could allow the students stats to greatly increase. It could last for roughly half-a-month, but this dark secret art is utterly useless when compared to Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands.

Is it Teacher Shi? Since the Myriad Daos Academy was one of her enemies, An Xinhui was naturally familiar with the teachers there. Let alone someone as famous as Teacher Shi.


Gu Xiuxun nodded. Teacher Shis massaging technique was extremely impressive. If it wasnt for Headmaster Cao spending a large amount of money to retain her, she would have long since been poached away by A grade schools.

After I received Teacher Shis massage, how should I put it After the massage, my condition was very good, it felt extremely refreshing as though I just took a shower after rolling through the mud. It also felt something like my hunger being alleviated after I ate a meal. In the past, I thought Teacher Shi was extremely impressive. But after comparing her to Sun Mo, theres a great difference.

Gu Xiuxun recalled.

Sun Mos hands seemed to possess some magic. Once they came in contact with her body, she felt so comfortable even her soul was calling out.

All the cells in her body had been leaping in joy, she had felt like a wanderer in the desert that was lost for a few months, suddenly seeing an oasis and jumping into it.

That feeling was so wondrous that she had no way to describe it.

Teacher An, you are in luck. After your marriage, you can get Sun Mo to massage you every night. If he refuses, you can forbid him from climbing onto your bed.

Gu Xiuxun teased.

An Xinhui shook her head. She could sense that Sun Mos current attitude was much colder than the first time he had come to the Central Province Academy.

Maybe, she had hurt his heart for not helping out when he was transferred to the logistics department. But she had planned to help him out after a month when everyone stopped paying attention to that.

After all, with the title of An Xinhuis fiance, every student and teacher in the school would feel curious about him and would want to observe him.

Naturally, there was another reason. She had been in an intense confrontation with Zhang Hanfu then. As she was worried that Zhang Hanfu might target Sun Mo, she felt it was actually better for Sun Mo to be in the logistics department. By being out of sight, he might be able to avoid the storm.

An Xinhui had been doing this Sun Mo; however, she didnt know that the situation in the logistics department was just as bad.

Given An Xinhuis pride, she wouldnt take the initiative to explain such a misunderstanding.

Sun Mo is truly impressive!

Gu Xiuxun sighed emotionally. The Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands was powerful because it was a high-grade technique. But in terms of teaching ability, Sun Mo could only depend on his own capabilities.

Giu Xiuxun had stealthily joined Sun Mos class before. Sun Mo, who was on the stage, had a casual and confident smile on his face. His voice was clear and filled with pride, and the aura he exuded would cause students to generate a good opinion about him.

After Gu Xiuxun saw that, she mimicked Sun Mos style for two of her lessons and discovered that the effect was truly not bad. But after the third lesson, she no longer used it.

As a genius, Gu Xiuxun had her own pride. She wasnt willing to mimic others as she wanted to be a unique teacher. She didnt want others to mention things like Oh? Gu Xiuxun? The one with the teaching style similar to Sun Mo? when speaking about her.


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +30. Friendly (180/1,000).


An Xinhui nodded. She also didnt expect Sun Mo to actually be so impressive. Back then when she had first received Sun Mos cover letter, she had glanced at his resume and everything seemed very ordinary.

(Did you intentionally withhold your strength to give me a surprise?)

An Xinhui guessed. If not, what else could it be?

However, I heard that Zhang Hanfu has not been eating or sleeping well due to Sun Mo. He most probably is about to be angered to death.

Gu Xiuxun felt happy the moment she thought of Zhang Hanfu and his short potato-like figure being enraged.


An Xinhui was unable to restrain her smile. All this was because of Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +30. Friendly (220/1,000).

Oh ya, have you heard of that Giant Medicine Packet before?

Gu Xiuxun thought of another matter.


An Xinhui furrowed her brows.

Sun Mo should have obtained it from the black market. His luck is quite good.

Gu Xiuxuns tone was filled with envy.

In the underground black market, some peddlers would smuggle goods from the Darkness Continent, selling many things that people on Middle-Earth had never seen before. No one would know of the usage of those items either. However, there would still be people willing to purchase them.

Because currently, there were many famous cultivation arts, spirit qi technology, and knowledge that were discovered by researching these items.

Such research was known as archaeology to the people on Middle-Earth.

Blacksmiths are poor for three generations, while those dabbling in archeology would ruin their entire lives. This saying wasnt false. The majority of people lost everything they investigated in archaeology, but some did strike it rich overnight.

The most famous example was the founder of the Dragon Subduing Academy. He was originally a lowly odd-jobs laborer, but because he had spent a few copper coins in the black market and purchased a burnt and damaged wooden figure, he obtained the Desolate True Dragon Scripture and suddenly rose in fame. Within twenty years, he became the most dazzling great teacher on the continent. Eventually, he entered the saint realm and founded the Dragon Subduing Academy, leaving his name in history.

Many of those things sold by peddlers in the black markets were not very expensive. So, who wouldnt want to try their luck?

Sun Mo must be one of the lucky ones.

Gu Xiuxun touched the back of her hand and clicked her tongue. Her skin was shining as though she had regained ten years of her youth and returned to the time when she was a teenager.

Moreover, after the bath, her condition was truly very good. Gu Xiuxun felt that if she was to fight against Liu Mubai now, she would even have a chance of victory.

You are now at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm. You are just a step away from the divine force realm!

An Xinhui congratulated her.

Ill try my best to step into the divine force realm by next year!

Gu Xiuxun waved her fist, how could she not be agitated?

After a cultivator entered the Longevity Realm, the speed of their aging would slow down. To women, was there anything more attractive than eternal youth?

No women would like wrinkles.

Sister An, in the future, when Sun Mo looked for you to take a bath, please call me along alright!? Gu Xiuxuns lips curled into a smile. She then acted in a pettishly charming manner. Even if the bathwater was already used by Sun Mo, I dont mind it.



An Xinhui was speechless, but she also knew that Gu Xiuxun was truly a little masochistic. She might not be repulsed from bathing with Sun Mo and might even be a little excited.

Its set then. I can still help you guys rub your backs every time we bathe!

Gu Xiuxun giggled.

(If, Im saying if If I could step into the Longevity Realm before the age of 25 by bathing in Sun Mos bathwater, I will become his servant for three years. I will make his bed and wash his clothes. Im even willing to warm his bed and sleep beside him during winter!)

(Mn, but sex is out of the question. My chastity is to be left for my future husband!)

After dinner, An Xinhui returned to her office and continued to work. She was trying her best to raise funds so the school could persist through these six months. However, this was truly extremely difficult.

Her work lasted through the entire night. She was still working until Sun Mo knocked on her door. Only then did she discover that it was already morning.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》