Absolute Great Teacher
184 Dark Monster Food Recipe
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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184 Dark Monster Food Recipe


Sunlight shone through the dense canopy of leaves, cascading down through the gaps, painting the ground mottled shadows of the trees.


Yue Rongbo smiled. You are in the limelight recently!

Teacher Yue!

Sun Mo smiled, showing his teeth. This was the great teacher who admired him the earliest. He also had a very good impression of Yue Rongbo as he didnt put on airs at all. If they were in Sun Mos world, he would definitely invite Yue Rongbo to eat meat skewers with him as they chatted about life.

Yue Rongbo didnt say anything after Sun Mo walked to his side. He directly aimed a punch at Sun Mos chest as an annoyed look appeared on his face.

Im filled with regrets now. Back then, I shouldnt have retreated. I should have persisted and brought you away with me no matter the price I have to pay.

Yue Rongbo was someone headhunted by Headmaster Cao of the Myriad Daos Academy after spending a large sum of money. Headmaster Cao had very high hopes for Yue Rongbo.

Where they were humans, there would definitely be disputes over benefits. After Yue Rongbo joined, he even brought his great teacher circle with him, and members of his circle naturally had to also possess some benefits. Those who were currently enjoying the benefits refused to step aside and began their retaliation.

Yue Rongbo spent his time these days to settle all these problems. If he couldnt handle these people, he, as a vice-headmaster, would have no way to start working.

Hence, Yue Rongbo was very busy. However, since he admired Sun Mo very much, he had sent someone here to keep him informed of Sun Mos situation. When he heard of Sun Mo defeating Qin Fen at the student recruitment meet and successfully recruiting five students, becoming one of the four new teachers this batch, he didnt feel surprised.

From his point of view, this was something that was bound to happen. It was good enough for him just to sit down and watch the show. There was no need for him to clap.

But the developments after that caused him to sigh in admiration.

Sun Mo had actually suggested a new lesson and this lesson was highly popular. When he started the class, he already held it in a 300-pax lecture theater, but the space was still not enough.

One must know that when an ordinary teacher just started their career, they would start by using a 30-pax classroom, followed by a 50-pax, and a 100-pax. They had to slowly accumulate fame and climb up gradually.

Basically, one would only use a 300-pax lecture theater after becoming a great teacher. However, Sun Mo had already accomplished this just after becoming a normal teacher.

If I knew that you have the God Hands, even if I had to knock you unconscious, I would bring you back to the Myriad Daos Academy.

Yue Rongbo sighed.

Right now, Sun Mo was already famous. If Yue Rongbo wanted to headhunt him now, he would surely face huge obstruction. After all, An Xinhui was a woman and was a beauty that was ranked on the Devastating Beauty Rankings. She had too much of an advantage in this case.


Sun Mo felt a little taken aback when he saw this amicable side of Yue Rongbo.

Wang Su was also a 4-stars great teacher, and he exuded grace and elegance in the extreme. However, Yue Rongbo only exuded unyielding imposingness. This was especially so for that square face of his. There was no need for him to speak, and troublesome students would already feel afraid just by looking at him.

But this Yue Rongbo actually knew how to joke?

However, I admire you even more after seeing that you could display courage and charisma even when facing a school bully with such a deep background.

After Yue Rongbo spoke, he exerted force and grabbed Sun Mos shoulder.

When someone weaker was facing against someone stronger yet still chose to stand out resolutely, such behavior was truly respectable.

Although Sun Mo wasnt a great teacher yet, his moral conduct was already worthy of a great teacher. Ding!

Favorable impression from Yue Rongbo +100. Friendly (136/1,000).

Upon hearing the system notification, Sun Mo was a little terrified. He was merely doing something insignificant yet it made Yue Rongbo view him so highly?

Teacher Yue praises me too much!

Sun Mo replied humbly.

Eh? As a man, dont be wishy-washy. This is your glory, just accept it. Theres no need to be overly modest.

Yue Rongbos character was straight-forward. He didnt like civilities and hypocrisy.

Thank you, Teacher Yue.

Sun Mo sighed with emotions. A person like Yue Rongbo was worthy enough to make friends with.

Actually, Sun Mo didnt know that Yue Rongbo had immediately sent someone to warn Zhou Yuanzhi after his son was expelled.

Zhou Yuanzhi could be unhappy with Sun Mo, and taking revenge against Sun Mo was no problem as well. But he had to do it in an aboveboard manner. If Yue Rongbo were to discover Zhou Yuanzhi using despicable methods to destroy Sun Mos reputation or defile his character, Yue Rongbo wouldnt show any mercy then. Even if Zhou Zhiyuan was among the wealthiest merchants in Jinling, he, as a 4-stars great teacher, would step in to administer justice.

The two of them took a stroll around the campus while chatting idly. But very soon later, Yue Rongbos countenance grew heavy.

Teacher Yue, if telling me something will make you cross your bottom line, itd be best to not say anything.

Sun Mo was very intelligent. Upon hearing Yue Rongbo saying the words If I knew that you have the God Hands, even if I had to knock you unconscious, I would bring you back to the Myriad Daos Academy earlier, Sun Mo already knew that the reason behind Yue Rongbos visit this time around wasnt to headhunt him.

Im a vice-headmaster of the Myriad Daos Academy. Publicly, I shouldnt do anything that would let my school down. But you are a good friend of mine after all. Privately, I dont wish to see any harm befalling you. Because you are someone with the potential of maturing into the number one great teacher of Jinling. I dont hope for you to die


Yue Rongbo sighed.

I understand.

Sun Mo could roughly guess what was the matter.

Listen to me, you

Yue Rongbo hesitated. Just when he was about to say something like if you have any slots for the tour to Darkness Continent, its best to give them away, Sun Mo interjected.

Teacher Yue, theres no need to say anything. I appreciate your kind intention. laughed Sun Mo.

Seeing Sun Mos smile that was as refreshing as a cool breeze in summer, Yue Rongbo laughed out loud. Sun Mo didnt want him to do anything against his principles. Seeing Sun Mos attitude, Yue Rongbo felt that this trip truly wasnt wasted.

Sun Mo might already know that Fang Wuji was leading a group to hunt the new students from the Central Province Academy. He might also not know about this. But what difference did it make?

Could it be that even if Sun Mo knew, he would choose to retreat?

Im the one who underestimated you. What can Fang Wuji count as?

Yue Rongbo silently mused that maybe Sun Mo would be able to create a miracle. After all, he truly admired this young man a lot.

Teacher Yue, if you are free, why dont we eat a meal together?

Sun Mo wanted to treat him to food to express his sincerity.

Lets forget it this time around. When you return victorious from the Darkness Continent and obtain the championship in the league tournament, allowing the Central Province Academy to upgrade to the C grade, Ill treat you to a meal instead.

It wasnt that Yue Rongbo didnt want to give Sun Mo face. He was truly too busy.

Ill thank you for your auspicious words then.

Sun Mo clasped his hands to express his thanks.

Yue Rongbo left as quickly as he came. There was no need for so much courtesy between him and Sun Mo. They were extremely familiar with each other as though they had been good friends for many years.

It was enough that Sun Mo received his good intention!

Fang Wuji?

Sun Mos eyes narrowed. He felt a sense of pressure. A humans name was like a trees shadow. A new genius great teacher like Fang Wuji would surely be many times more impressive compared to newbies who had just joined like Gao Ben and Qin Fen.


Mission issued: Lead five students to tour the Darkness Continent and bring them back safely. You will be rewarded according to the degree of completeness of the mission. Very good. Now, Sun Mo had to go even if he didnt want to.


Congratulations on your prestige connection with Lu Zhiruo reaching respect. You obtain the accomplishment The first person to reach the respect level. Reward: 1x mysterious treasure chest.

A purple treasure chest appeared before Sun Mo. It was like an expensive meal sparkling with a tempting light, greatly whetting his appetite.

No one would be able to endure this. Hence, Sun Mo went to look for his auspicious object.

Oh right, my prestige connection has reached friendly with several people. Where are the rewards?

Sun Mo asked.

The rewards will be given out after the system confirms there are no errors!

The system explained. It was very strict. It wouldnt give Sun Mo extra reward or anything lesser than what he deserved.

When there were no lessons, Lu Zhiruo would stay in the warehouse to cultivate. She had never taken a break off from this before. From this point, the papaya girls will could truly cause people to be impressed. It was just a pity that her gains werent that great.

Continue to work hard!

After Sun Mo encouraged Lu Zhiruo and patted her head, he chose to open the black-iron treasure chest.

A book glowing with green light quietly floated before Sun Mo. The green glow was so bright that Sun Mo could already see it before the black-iron treasure chest faded away.


Congratulations on obtaining a part of knowledge from the Great Plants Encyclopedia. You can gain the data of 100 types of plants from the Darkness Continent.

Note: After using this, you will immediately gain the complete data of 100 types of plants. You would be able to gain the data even if herbalists havent managed to research the type of plant yet or even if there are no current records about the particular plant.

Note: The types of plants you will gain data on are all randomized. You are unable to choose the types of plants you want to learn.

The systems voice was like the melodious voice of a celestial, causing Sun Mo to be so happy that he almost danced on the spot from joy.

What was the thing Sun Mo wanted the most?

The answer was knowledge because knowledge was priceless. The second thing he wanted most was time emblems because they could save him time on cultivation and learning.

My papaya girl is too awesome.

Sun Mo rubbed Lu Zhiruos head. Although he wanted to open the mysterious treasure chest, Sun Mo didnt dare to unleash his ultimate battle strategy-hugging the papaya girl. After all, according to metaphysics, the more you used an ultimate move, the less effective it would be. He wanted to wait for the next time when he obtained another fortune wheel before he used it. He then proceeded to open the mysterious treasure chest normally.

The purple light vanished, leaving behind a sheepskin parchment that exuded a fragrance. Ding!

Congratulations on obtaining a dark monster food recipe 1x fragrant and spicy crab burger!

Note: After cooking the fragrant and spicy crab burger according to the methods recorded on this recipe, if one consumes the burger when its hot, it would generate a raging effect, causing ones temper to become violent. However, the consumers combat strength would be upgraded in exchange. The duration is dependent on the individual, but it lasts roughly for about 3 minutes.

Note: The more one eats, the hotter their anger would burn, and the higher their combat strength would be. But please be reminded that one mustnt consume more than 5 crab burgers in one sitting, or they risk losing their rationality and would completely sink into an abyss of rage.

After hearing the introduction of this food, Sun Mo felt that the effect was similar to berserk potions in computer games. After drinking it, one would become enraged, but ones combat strength would increase. It was just that this was a food instead of a drink.

Zhiruo, continue practicing. I have something on so Ill leave first.

Sun Mo left the warehouse. He glanced at the surroundings and after confirming that there was no one, he took out the Great Plants Encyclopedia and crushed it.


Motes of green light manifested and floated into his mind.

A sense of coolness immediately spread through his entire body.

Sun Mo was speechless. This burst of green light was even more intense compared to the green light produced when he used time emblems. It was so green that one couldnt help but feel panic in their heart.

He also didnt know who it was that created the setting for there to be a burst of green light whenever he used items like this. This was simply too disgusting. If he was the system, he would surely fire the person who made this setting.

(You made your hosts head covered entirely in green. What do you mean by that exactly?)
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》