Absolute Great Teacher
185 #1 Ranker of the Battle Hall Coming to Pay a Visi
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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185 #1 Ranker of the Battle Hall Coming to Pay a Visi

Chapter t


Congratulations on using a part of the Grand Plants Encyclopedia. Your proficiency level is at the expert-grade for the 100 types of plants you have just learned!

As the system notification rang out, a plant appeared in Sun Mos mind. After that, detailed notes about its data could be seen. The plant vanished after he read the notes, and a new plant would appear then.

Such an information overload was like ocean tides crashing into Sun Mos nerves, entering his brain cells, germinating there, and branding the knowledge deep within.

In one minute, Sun Mo had learned all the data about 100 types of plants. From their state as seedlings, where they bloomed and bear fruit, to the point where their leaves wilted and they declined in health It was like Sun Mo had personally grown them and he was extremely familiar with each of them.

Extremely awesome! Sun Mo closed his eyes and meticulously experienced this feeling of satisfaction. After that, taking advantage of now when the memories were still fresh, he went through them again and again in his mind, wanting to completely grasp the knowledge. What a hardworking host!

The system felt rueful.

In the past, almost all hosts would simply immerse themselves in the feeling of satisfaction after having obtained easy knowledge from the system. They placed their attention on completing missions to get more favorable impression points so they could spend it to purchase knowledge from the merchant store. But after obtaining the knowledge, they wouldnt bother learning about it in-depth. They would simply depend on time emblems to increase the proficiency level.

After all, with such a short-cut, who would be foolish enough to actually spend time and effort to grasp the knowledge manually?

But Sun Mo didnt depend on it. Maybe, he didnt realize this but instinctively, he felt a sense of rejection for the system. He still felt that only knowledge that he personally revised and grasped would truly be something that belonged to himself.

As Sun Mo walked, he was memorizing all the data repeatedly. He grew so familiar with them to the point where he could instantly recall the data just by glancing at them. There was no need for him to think at all.


Due to the host being overly hard-working and having deeply memorized the knowledge received, the hosts proficiency level is upgraded to the grandmaster-grade! The system announced.

This can work as well?

Sun Mo was speechless.

Those who work hard deserve to be rewarded.

The system began to feed him chicken soup for the soul.

Hehe, thank you then!

Sun Mo felt no difference. This wasnt a skill after all and the difference between the two grades wasnt huge. In any case, just by learning about this knowledge, he could be considered at the elementary-grade of herbology.

But at the grandmaster-grade, he was already incomparably familiar with it. Even if he had to talk about one type of plant per day in a lesson, he would be able to sustain it for slightly more than three months. But this was not enough. When he would be able to learn 1,000 types of plants, he would seriously think about starting a class on Herbology. After thinking about his future lessons, Sun Mo took out the dark monster food recipe and crushed it without hesitating.


It was a red-glow instead of a green one. At the same time, a fragrance of cooked meat permeated in the air, heavily whetting Sun Mos appetite. He almost started to drool.


Congratulations on learning the cooking technique spicy fragrant crab burger. Please note that because your proficiency level is not high enough, when you are handling the food ingredient, you might be killed by it! Note: This cooking technique isnt merely about the process of cooking the ingredient. It also contained the preparation steps, including ways to catch and kill the crab.

The systems voice was somewhat proud. Clearly, it was showing off. However, Sun Mo was in no mood to praise it as he had a dumbfounded look on his face.

What? Can you say it again? I didnt hear it clearly!

Sun Mo thought that he had heard wrongly.

You didnt hear it wrongly. Theres indeed a chance where you might be killed by the food ingredient! The system reiterated, So, you have to be extremely careful! Im merely making a fragrant and spicy crab burger, yet you tell me that theres a chance I might die?

Sun Mo cursed at the systems mom. He really wanted to verbalize the curse.

But the effect of the crab burger is definitely great and the taste is delicious.

The system guaranteed.

Are you not an artificial retard? You shouldnt have a mouth, right? How would you know if its delicious or not?

Sun Mo ridiculed.


The system was very angry, but it could still chat properly. Also, dont call me an artificial retard!

Okay, artificial retard!

Sun Mo indicated that he understood.

The mouth of this host was so toxic. If it wasnt for the fact that its authority was limited, the system truly wanted to electrify this host to death.

Oh ya, do you have a name?

Sun Mo suddenly thought of something. Wouldnt you be an outsider if I kept calling you system?

Hmph, you are not worthy to know my name!

The system spoke proudly.

Come on out, I promise not to beat you to death!

Sun Mo rolled out his sleeves.

Sun Mo had the recipe and had also learned the culinary techniques, but he discovered that he didnt have the ingredients. That was right, the ingredients needed for the spicy fragrant crab burger werent complicated. There were only six ingredients, but the main ingredient was a rock crab. This was a lifeform that lived in certain regions of the Darkness Continent. They didnt exist in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces.

Are you tempting my appetite?

Even if Sun Mo wanted to spend money to satisfy his cravings now, there were no rock crabs in Middle-Earth.

It seemed like he could only try to catch a few of them when they toured the Darkness Continent. Honestly speaking, its effect-the boost in combat strength-was something very practical to have.

In the Zhang Clans residence, the servants were shaking, afraid to anger their master as they might be beaten to death.


Preposterous! Zhang Hanfu smashed the things in his study. Even his beloved porcelain vase didnt manage to escape from this calamity.

Father, calm down.

Zhang Qianlin tried to persuade his father. This time around when you go to Darkness Continent with him, you have to finish him off. I want you to use the cruelest method to kill him!

Zhang Hanfu roared. The Zhou Clan was a major power. If they were used appropriately, they could enhance the schools strength. But now, Zhou Yong was expelled. Wasnt that simply making things easy for the Myriad Daos Academy? Sun Mo still wanted to punish Zhou Yong? He was truly too naive. Given Zhou Yuanzhis social connections, he would be able to protect his son. Besides all the schools would be fighting to take him in. If they could get one million taels of sponsor fees per year, which headmaster wouldnt want him?

Naturally, these were minor matters. The main point was that because of Sun Mo, Zhang Hanfu had suffered a series of losses. If Prince Li Zixing was to learn about this, he would definitely be extremely angry. The prince would begin to doubt Zhang Hanfus ability. If the prince no longer wanted to support him, he shouldnt even dream about seizing the headmasters position in the Central Province Academy.

Father, you dont have to worry. Whether he dies or not, he wouldnt become the obstacle in our path!

Zhang Qianlin had a relaxed expression on his face. From his point of view, Sun Mo wasnt worthy of such attention.

Hmph. Without 1 million taels, An Xinhui wouldnt be able to give out salaries. I want to see what she would do then.

Zhang Hanfu coldly laughed. (Next month, I will secretly gather some teachers to chase her for their salaries. At that time, I want to see whether she would come and beg me or not!)

Headmaster, headmaster! Something major has just happened.

His assistant ran in with a look of panic on his face. Whats going on?

Zhang Hanfu frowned, he could smell that something was wrong.

The school just issued an announcement that Sun Mo is the vice-department head of the logistics department. The assistant reported.


Zhang Qianlin stood up in shock. An Xinhui has gone crazy, but Wang Su decided to support her madness? Sun Mo is merely a new teacher who just joined for two months, yet he actually became the vice department head of the logistics department now? Do they want to destroy the school? The assistant smiled bitterly. He originally also felt that this was fake news, but the public announcement was already out and Sun Mos name was stated clearly in black and white.

Wang Su doesnt know anything about managing a school, but he admires Sun Mo a lot. If An Xinhui agrees, he definitely wouldnt disagree.

At such a time, Zhang Hanfu was actually not angry. He had a heavy look on his face as he asked his assistant, What about the current logistics department head? Was he transferred away?


The assistant nodded. A change in such high-level positions would usually be publicly announced by the school. By doing so, it represented that the school didnt conduct any under-the-table manipulations.


Zhang Qianlin spat out a mouthful of saliva and had a malevolent expression on his face. Although An Xinhui only gave Sun Mo the position of a vice headmaster, since the department head was transferred away, it meant that Sun Mo would hold the sole authority. This also indicated that An Xinhui had a 100% trust in Sun Mo.

Upon thinking of that bastard who managed to get such an important position this early in his career, Zhang Qianlin was so jealous that his eyes turned red. This couldnt be allowed. (I have to find trouble for this fellow.)

Did the announcement state the reason for his take-over?

Zhang Hanfu asked.

Yes, Sun Mo has resolved the schools expenses problem. Due to his outstanding capabilities, the school leaders all approved of him, allowing him to take on the position.

The assistant explained.

The public announcement had to state a reason. Even if the reason might be falsed, the school still had to give one. This was a problem of reputation.

What fart? How did Sun Mo resolve the financial problems? Did he manage to find an unexcavated mine?

Zhang Hanfu raged.

A shortfall of 1 million taels of silver. Even if Sun Mo sold his ass, he wouldnt be able to cover it.

The assistant shrank his neck back. Actually, he also felt it was impossible. If it was so easy to earn money, everyone would be millionaires.

Alright, you can go off first.

Zhang Hanfu originally wanted to look for An Xinhui to dispute this. But after thinking about it, he decided to give up. In any case, it was destined that Sun Mos trip to the Darkness Continent would be a one-way one; he wouldnt be able to return alive. So, there was no need for him to waste saliva talking about Sun Mo so much.

The student attendance rate of Sun Mos spirit rune classes recently broke the 100 pax milestone. This was a benefit brought by expelling Zhou Yong.

When Lu Changhe arrived outside the classroom, he saw some students climbing up the window in the corridor to peer into the classroom.

Whats going on? Lu Changhe frowned. When he entered the classroom, he was stunned. There were two adults here and they were clearly teachers.

He didnt recognize one of them, but he knew the other one was called Yi Jiamin.

Lu Changhe had attended Jiamins lesson before. How should he put it? It was just average. There was no novelty to his style of teaching and he was extremely fond of grilling students.

Lu Changhe had gone twice to his lesson and decided to no longer waste his time there.

Naturally, teachers like Yi Jiamin were not enough to attract the attention of students. Everyone was looking at the young student sitting on the first row. This fellow was extremely tall, more than two meters. Moreover, he was incomparably muscular. Just by sitting there, he looked like a pagoda and his back would surely block the vision of people behind him. Fang Yan?

Lu Changhe was astonished. This young man was the #1 ranker of the battle hall. He was the so-called undefeated Fang Yan. It had been seven years since he joined the school and he had never lost a single fight. This was why he had such an astounding reputation.

The name of Fang Yan was like thunder piercing the ears of everyone. He was extremely well-known. In the past, there had been several students who came to challenge him, wanting to defeat him so they could shoot to fame after a single battle. But after those extremely famous challengers were beaten half-to-death by him, no one dared to stroke the tigers beard anymore.

Honestly speaking, Fang Yans physique alone would cause ordinary people who stood before him to tremble.

Even teachers who had the weakest judgment would be able to tell that this muscular guy was a talent just by seeing his pagoda-like iron body. It was a pity that Fang Yan didnt like to cultivate. He was extremely fond of the study of spirit runes instead. However, he was very choosy and would usually only attend great teacher He Yuanjins lessons.

But he actually came for Sun Mos class today?


Lu Changhe smiled, he was wondering what expression Fang Yan would have when he found out that Sun Mos classes only spoke about spirit gathering rune.

Maybe he would be disappointed?

Lu Changhes lips twitched. However, whether Fang Yan was disappointed or not, it had nothing to do with him. In any case, it was enough that he knew Teacher Sun was the best.

Sun Mo could casually draw a simplified spirit gathering rune. This was truly too impressive. Sadly, Lu Changhe had been trying to do the same for over a month, but he still couldnt understand the theory within.

Actually, Lu Changhe wanted to ask for Sun Mos help, but he knew Sun Mo was very busy recently. Hence, he decided not to disturb Sun Mo.

Fang Yan slumped on the table and was looking at a book of spirit rune illustrations with single-minded devotion. He was proficient in ignoring the gazes from the surroundings. He came here this time around to take a look. After all, no matter how high Sun Mos standards in the study of spirit runes were, it couldnt be higher than great teacher He Yuanjin who had been teaching this topic for twenty years, right?

Fang Yans main purpose was to see Sun Mo in person. That school tyrant Zhou Yong had once tried to recruit Fang Yan, but Fang Yan had rejected him.

Because of this matter, Zhou Yong had tried to trouble Fang Yan many times. Although Fang Yan had never suffered a disadvantage, he knew that this fellow had an impressive background. Being targeted by Zhou Yong was quite troublesome. But Sun Mo actually expelled him? How gusty!

Fang Yan admired such a manly person the most. However, after Sun Mo entered the classroom, he felt a little regretful.

Too skinny. No, Sun Mos aura was too refined and delicate. He didnt seem like a real man.

To Fang Yan, muscles were the definition of beauty. A man with no muscles was basically unworthy of being trusted. Actually, after Sun Mo had consumed the diamond fruit, his potential had been stimulated, which led to the fact that the proportion of his muscles and fats was even better compared to Fang Yan.

Fang Yan was so tall and large, almost like a monster. When Sun Mo entered, he immediately saw Fang Yan. His eyes brightened as he activated Divine Sight.

Fang Yan, 18 years old. Blood-Ignition Realm. Strength: 29, you are the raging wind, you are the tyrannical thunder. Everywhere you pass by, a scene of devastation and destruction will follow!

Intellect: 26, those who look down on your brains due to your external appearance are doomed to suffer a huge disadvantage.

Endurance: 28, you are a perpetual motion machine. You can continue to fight until you or your opponent become a corpse! Agility: 26, although your speed cannot be compared to a fleeing rabbit, you are like a ferocious beast out for a hunt. Within a short period, your explosive burst of speed is extremely shocking!

Will: 22, normal. I didnt expect that a ferocious manly guy like you would have a tender and gentle heart!

Potential value: Extremely high! Note: You possess the best constitution under the sky, yet you dislike cultivation. You are simply wasting your talent.

Note: Loves the study of spirit runes very deeply. Your ambition is to become the number one spirit rune master in the Nine Provinces!

Note: During combat, you are violent and easy to anger. You would often lose your rationale. This is a huge problem, so please try your best to avoid having conflicts between you and others. So, he is Fang Yan!

After hearing this pagoda-like muscular young mans name as well as looking at his explosive stats, Sun Mo didnt feel it was strange. Since Fang Yan could become the #1 ranker in the battle hall, how could he be someone average?
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