Absolute Great Teacher
186 Here’s the Brush, Why Don’t You Draw It?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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186 Here’s the Brush, Why Don’t You Draw It?

Chapter 186 Heres the Brush, Why Dont You Draw It?

Good afternoon, students!

Sun Mo walked up the rostrum, greeting the students while being preoccupied with other thoughts. Could it be that all geniuses had some quirks in their personality?

Xuanyuan Po was a combat addict that only wanted to fight. Gu Xiuxun was a masochist. Jin Mujie loved to collect bones. Li Ziqi, ehthe little sunny egg loved to study and learn everything other than cultivation. This was essentially a quirk as well.

To the vast majority of people, studying and learning was agony. But Li Ziqi found the process of learning various knowledge to be a type of enjoyment. As long as she had time, she would bury her nose in a book.

Sun Mo heard Lu Zhiruo saying before that Li Ziqi had already started her own experiments of drawing spirit gathering runes on potted plants. Li Ziqi didnt have Divine Sight and wasnt able to observe the spirit qi flow in the leaves. Hence, if she wanted to create a spirit gathering potted plant, the difficulty level was much higher compared to Sun Mo.

After hearing Sun Mos greetings, some of the students who always came for his classes immediately stood and bowed respectfully as they returned the greeting. Good afternoon, Teacher Sun!

The voices of these students were extremely loud, giving Yi Jiamin and Zhang Qianlin a bad scare.


Yi Jiamin cursed. It was like he sat on pins and needles. After that, deep jealousy surfaced in his heart. He didnt expect Sun Mos prestige to already be so high.


Zhang Qianlin was dumbfounded. Usually, students would only stand up and greet the teacher if the person teaching the class was a great teacher. This was the way for students to show their respect and gratitude because the great teacher was imparting knowledge to them. But if he didnt remember wrongly, Sun Mo had just joined for two months, right?

Fang Yan sat in the first row and couldnt see the situation at the back. When he heard the greetings, he turned his head for a look as he was badly shocked as well. More than half of the students actually stood up?

This indicated that Sun Mo had a very high status in their hearts and they respected him a lot. This extremely handsome-looking teacher seemed to be worthy of a little of his trust.

Sigh, how good would it be if he had slightly more muscles?

Fang Yan felt a little regretful.

After the students finished their greetings, they sat down. But Fang Yan actually stood up instead.

At that instant, the students seemed to have seen the peak of Mount. Tai. Even the entire sky seemed to be blocked. Nothing could be done as the pressure Fang Yan gave others was simply this powerful.

Fang Yans legs stood slightly apart. Placing his hands behind his back and looking straight at Sun Mo, he shouted in a clear voice, Teacher Sun, good afternoon!

Huala- Huala

There seemed to be a gust of wind blowing through the classroom, causing the windows to rattle.

The students were stunned. (Do you need to shout so loudly? Our eardrums almost broke because of you.)

Alright, please be seated. Sun Mo waved his left hand. Ive said many times before that theres no need to be overly polite. Just act like how you guys did in the past. Aiya, so Fang Yan is such a crafty individual. Why didnt I ever think of using such a method to get Teacher Sun to notice me?

You are thinking too much. Given Fang Yans fame, Teacher Suns heart would surely be stirred due to his love for talent. He would definitely take the initiative to use his Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to give Fang Yan a massage.

Che, your words make it sound as though Teacher Sun has no moral character. Speaking of fame, could it be that God Hands would lose out to the fame of the #1 ranker of the battle hall?

The students mumbled.

Fang Yans ears pricked up, and he heard the discussion behind him. He was slightly startled before regaining his senses. So, the other students thought he was using a minor trick to gain Sun Mos attention.


Fang Yan laughed and no longer paid attention to them. His heart was as large as his body, so he didnt care for minor details and was extremely magnanimous. He wouldnt be angry because of all these vilifications. Today, Ill be speaking about spirit gathering runes!

Sun Mo started the class.

As expected, it is still this! You lost, quickly pay up!

Could it be that Teacher Sun doesnt know how to draw other types of spirit runes?

As Sun Mos fame grew, many people knew that he only spoke about the spirit gathering rune during his spirit rune classes. They even had gambling matches to bet on when Sun Mo would start explaining another type of spirit rune.

Only a few students who had talent in the study of spirit runes understood Sun Mos attainments in this field. Those simplified spirit runes werent something ordinary spirit rune masters could draw.

Naturally, these students all exclaimed in admiration and took the same action, without prior consultation with each other, to keep this a secret.

They were thinking this Why should I tell others this secret? If I told you guys, wouldnt your horizons be upgraded? How would I maintain my superiority then?

Also, if news of Sun Mos high attainments in the study of spirit runes spread out, other students would surely crowd over. At that time, they would have to come earlier to reserve a seat for themselves. Wouldnt that be equal to finding trouble for themselves?

Its happening indeed!

Yi Jiamin sat straight and widened his eyes, preparing to pick on Sun Mos mistakes.

Sun Mo pasted the spirit rune paper onto the blackboard. He then took up the spirit rune brush and began to dip it in ink. His posture was extremely at ease and confident, showing no signs of nervousness at all.



Yi Jiamin and Zhang Qianlin were speechless. So casual? Wasnt Sun Mo afraid that he might fail?

One must know that for a thing like spirit runes, as long as one runic line was irregular, it might cause the entire spirit rune to fail. However, Sun Mo was acting so casual like he was about to peel an apple.

Hmph, merely acting to show off to the crowd!

Yi Jiamin coldly snorted. (Do you think that you are great teacher He Yuanjin? I want to see how you would handle the crowd once you failed.)

So confident?!

Fang Yan was astonished.

Five minutes later, a rumbling sound echoed as the spirit qi in the classroom stirred up ferociously, flooding toward the rostrum. After that, a spirit tornado manifested on the spirit rune paper.

Yi Jiamin was shocked. He rubbed his eyes. Where was the failure? Why would there be a spirit tornado?

Once this phenomenon appeared, it meant that the spirit rune drawn by Sun Mo was at least in the fifth-grade. If this was sold on the market, it would easily fetch 500 taels of silver.

Zhang Qianlin was stunned. He

looked. Ddamn, so quick?

The astonishment on Fang Yans face didnt fade, and it turned into one of shock. His eyes were wide open and his body leaned forward as he stared at the spirit rune paper. Did Sun Mo use a superior spirit rune tool to draw this?


Those students who often attended Sun Mos lessons glanced to the left and right to admire the newbies expressions. As expected, they were all flabbergasted.

After that, their gazes landed onto the two teachers.

Everyone, sit back down. This is very normal!

The students at the back were more mischievous, and one of them shouted out.

Although Teacher Sun only spoke about the spirit gathering rune in his classes, everyone had no choice but to admit that his drawing speed was quick and elegant.

In this case, he was definitely number one in the Central Province.

Hehe, youve lost. Teacher Sun used 6 minutes today!

Sigh, Teacher Sun didnt try at all!

The two students mumbled to each other, and their words entered the ears of Zhang Qianlin and Yi Jiamin, causing them to feel as though they were stung by a scorpion. They almost leaped in agitation.

What? From what they were saying, Sun Mo could draw even faster than this?

Zhang Qianlin felt a little dumbfounded as he focused on the study of spirit rune. Because of his high intelligence, his capabilities in this field was very impressive.

If he went all-out, he would be able to finish one spirit gathering rune within 15 minutes. But wanting him to reach the grade of Sun Mos current drawing? It was impossible.

When one drew fast, it would mean that the accuracy of the runic lines would be lower, and the success rate would also plunge. It was already not bad if no mistakes were made, so who would care about the grade of the spirit runes if it was a contest of speed?

A sense of defeat began to spread through Zhang Qianlins heart. He had always felt proud of his talent in the field of spirit runes. But now, he felt utterly crushed by Sun Mo. Damn!

Zhang Qianlin cursed, regretting his decision to come to this lesson. However, after that, he focused and looked at the spirit gathering rune at the blackboard.

Because a spirit gathering rune was too simple, Zhang Qianlin didnt pay close attention to it earlier. Now that he was concentrating, he immediately felt something was amiss.

Eh, the direction of the runic lines seems a little different?


After all, Zhang Qianlin was a genius. He soon discovered something strange.

A coincidence, it must be a coincidence!

Yi Jiamin shook his head. But after that, a bitter smile appeared on his face as he recalled Sun Mos spirit gathering potted


Lu Changhe ignored the distractions and was fully focused on studying this spirit rune. His gaze was filled with obsession as he tried to swiftly imprint this rune in his memory. His hand involuntarily moved in the air while he attempted to draw the runic lines in the same manner.

Sun Mo was very satisfied when he looked at Lu Changhe. This was a good seedling. Moreover, he came to all the classes. Back then when facing Zhou Cang, he also stood out bravely.

Sun Mo then cast another glance at the #1 ranker of the battle hall and involuntarily shook his head. (Its better for you to focus on cultivation. The study of spirit runes isnt something someone like you can play with.)

Alright, I will talk about the main points that you have to take note when drawing the spirit gathering rune.

Just as Sun Mos voice faded, Yi Jiamin interrupted him.

Teacher Sun, your drawing techniques truly make one gasp in admiration. However, can you draw another type of spirit rune to allow us to broaden our horizons?

Yi Jiamin smiled and put on a face as though he was sincerely earnest to learn.

This time around, he clearly came to make trouble. Since he wasnt able to find any flaws from the spirit gathering rune, he could only find another angle to attack.


Sun Mo felt no good will toward this fellow at all. Hence, he directly rejected the request.


Yi Jiamin was stunned. After that, his expression turned dark. This was under the view of the public, even if there were a conflict between teachers, they would usually hide it. But Sun Mo was very good, he didnt give him any face at all.

Sorry, my personality is just so direct. I dont like to beat around the bush.

Sun Mo smiled and showed his teeth.


Lu Changhe smiled. Teacher Sun was so toxic. (Your personality is indeed extremely direct, so direct and sharp to the point where it can pierce through Yi Jiamin.)

Teacher Sun, dont tell me you only know how to draw the spirit gathering rune?

Yi Jiamin mocked Sun Mo. He didnt plan to do it, but since Sun Mo was adamant about not giving him face, he didnt want to be polite either. If he didnt make Sun Mo lose face and Zhang Qianlin went back to report this, his standing in vice-headmaster Zhangs eyes would surely fall.

Whether I know it or not, it has nothing to do with you.

Sun Mo frowned.

Teacher Sun, you are always drawing the same spirit rune every day for your classes By doing this, you are wasting the valuable time of students. Besides, whats the meaning of you drawing such a basic spirit rune?

You wont understand even if I say it. Sun Mos lips curled.

You are arrogant!

Yi Jiamin was about to explode from anger. My major is in the study of spirit runes. How would I not understand?

Teacher, stop talking. Why dont you go up the stage and draw a spirit gathering rune? You can speak again after your rune won against Teacher Suns.

A student tried to stir things up so they could all watch a good show.

Get up the stage!

Teacher, dont be a coward!

You can do it!

The students banded together and shouted, causing You Jiamin to feel even more rueful and angry. However, he also felt very helpless because he knew his own standards very well. He would surely not be able to win against Sun Mo when it came to drawing the spirit gathering rune.

Why do I suddenly feel that Ive become the antagonist?

Sun Mo felt a little unbearable in his heart, but his hand motions didnt stop. He took the spirit rune brush and moved it toward Yi Jiamin. Come, I will give you the brush. Why dont you draw it?
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