Absolute Great Teacher
187 Can You Understand It? If You Can’t, Just Shut the Hell Up!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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187 Can You Understand It? If You Can’t, Just Shut the Hell Up!

Chapter 187 Can You Understand It? If You Cant, Just Shut the Hell Up!

Yi Jiamins face instantly turned red, looking like a boiled crab. He stared at the spirit rune brush in Sun Mos hands, and his eyes were filled with humiliation and rage.

He really wanted to grab the brush and display his brilliance, drawing a perfect spirit gathering rune to smack Sun Mos face ruthlessly.

However, it could only be an extravagant hope because he wouldnt be able to win.

At this moment, Yi Jiamin was filled with regrets. Why didnt he work a little harder through these years? If he had worked a little harder then, he might not have to suffer such humiliation now.

All in all, it was because his strength was not sufficient.

Teacher Sun, all of us are colleagues. Theres no need for you to be so overbearing, right?

Zhang Qianlin interjected, wanting to help Yi Jiamin out of his predicament. This was because they were from the same camp and were familiar with each other.

Oh? You want to draw in his stead?

Sun Mo revealed an enlightened expression and passed the brush to Zhang Qianlin. F***!

Zhang Qianlins expression stiffened as he cursed in his heart. (When did I ever say that I wanted to help him to draw?) However, he was more quick-witted than Yi Jiamin.

This is ultimately Teacher Suns class, it isnt too good for me to overwhelm the host.

His words meant that he was very impressive. If he really drew it, Sun Mo would lose face. Hence, it was better to forget it.


Sun Mo laughed softly and activated his Divine Sight.

Zhang Qianlin, 25 years old. Fifth level of the Blood-Ignition Realm, Zhang Hanfus son.

Occupation: 1-star great teacher, he currently possesses four great teacher halos and has extremely high talent in the study of spirit runes.

Strength: 25, above average!

Intellect: 26, a matured mind and well-developed brains. Hes an outstanding talent that has received higher education.

Agility: 28, his speed is extremely fast. Endurance: 23, slightly inferior.

Will: 23, complacent easily, ruled by emotions. He has never suffered a setback before; he needs a period of observation!

Potential value: High!

Note: All in all, a relatively outstanding teacher.

Looking at the good stats of the handsome and elegant Zhang Qianlin, Sun Mo really wanted to know if this young man was the son of that ugly-looking man with a potato-figure, Zhang Hanfu?

For a male like Zhang Qianlin, if he was a student, he would be those that had a wealthy background, a campus king that excelled in both morals and studies. Teachers would regard him highly, and girls would be very fond of him. He would receive love letters every day until his hands go soft.

If he was working, everything would also be going his way. He would receive good will from superiors and be deeply loved by colleagues. His EQ wouldnt be low.

What should he do? Sun Mo suddenly felt a little jealous!

Sun Mo was the most dissatisfied with a winner at life like this. May I be so bold to ask if your neighbor is surnamed Wang?*

Nope! Zhang Qianlin then changed the topic. Teacher Sun, please continue with your lesson. The students are all waiting for your fascinating performance!


Since Zhang Qianlin was showing that he was willing to appear weak, it wasnt too good for Sun Mo to keep pushing either. If not, if this incident was to circulate out, others might say that he was too brazen and had completely no regard for his colleagues.


Sun Mo cleared his throat and swept his gaze across the classroom. After that, his eyes landed on Yi Jiamin. Since Teacher Yi wants to admire my other spirit rune drawing techniques, I will have to comply and show off my incompetence then.

What? Teacher Sun knows how to draw other types of spirit runes?.

Weve profited by being here today!

Haha, you lost. Quickly pay up!

The spirits of the students stirred as they all stared at Sun Mo. The one who lost money earlier called out in excitement.

Sun Mo stood on the rostrum and sank into contemplation.

Which should he draw?

The black tortoise spirit rune? No, that wouldnt do. After entering the Darkness Continent, Zhang Hanfus people would surely move against him. At that time, the defensive-type Black Tortoise Spirit Rune could be used as a trump card. He mustnt expose it now.

In that case, only the lightning protection spirit rune was left. This rune was something he designed himself. No one in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces knew of it. Hence, he could draw it out with no worries.

Seeing Sun Mo standing there unmoving, Yi Jiamin felt that he had guessed right. Sun Mo was definitely not proficient with other spirit runes. Hence, he couldnt help but add another shot.

Teacher Sun, go ahead and draw it. Everyone is waiting!

Sun Mo turned and looked at Yi Jiamin. After that, he faced the blackboard and pasted another spirit rune paper on it as he drew the first stroke.

The entire classroom instantly fell silent. Everyone had their eyes wide open as they watched each stroke made by Sun Mo.

Gradually, frowns began to crease on the faces of all the spectators.

Those students who would come for Sun Mos lessons were those who at least knew a little about the study of spirit runes. Even if they were not able to draw it, they had memorized the different types of spirit runes.

Memorizing 500 sets of spirit runes was considered the basics; memorizing 1,000 meant that one was qualified. As the saying went, reading books 100 times will cause you to gain some insights. The same logic applied to spirit runes. If you couldnt even memorize them and didnt know about them, how could you succeed in drawing one?

But now, all the students had stupefied looks on their faces. They basically had no idea what Sun Mo was drawing!

Do you guys know it?

The spirit rune lines are so complicated. This must be the phoenix nirvana, right?

What are you bullshitting about? If the lines for the phoenix nirvana rune are drawn in this manner, I will eat shit!

The students started quarreling. After that, they turned their gazes onto Yi Jiamin and Zhang Qianlin. These two teachers should know about it.

Teacher, whats the spirit rune Teacher Sun is drawing?

A student drummed up his courage and asked. He was simply too curious.

Quiet, dont disturb Teacher Sun.

Zhang Qianlin berated but the volume of his voice wasnt soft. Other than wanting to frighten Sun Mo and make him fail, he wanted to avoid embarrassment too because he also had no idea which spirit rune this was.

Could it be that Ive burned too much midnight oil to study before, and Ive already entered andropause in advance despite only being 25?

Zhang Qianlin racked his brains as various spirit runes flashed past his mind one by one. However, none of them matched the one Sun Mo was drawing. After that, a terrifying thought appeared in his mind.

No, it cant possibly be. How old is Sun Mo now? How is it possible for him to create his own spirit rune?

Zhang Qianlin had a self-mocking smile on his face. He must really be retarded. Why would such a thought appear in his mind? Even spirit rune ancestors would at most be able to modify spirit runes. Wanting to create a unique spirit rune was simply too difficult. Damn!

Yi Jiamin was depressed. He thought for a while before deciding to give up. After that, he started to curse silently, hoping Sun Mo to fail.

As the spirit rune gradually neared completion, the entire classroom fell into silence again. The students didnt know what spirit rune this was, but they were all convinced by its beauty and no one was willing to avert their gazes even for one second.

The runic lines, the arrangement, the entire structure Goodness gracious, there was an indescribable feeling about it. In any case, it was a joy to be able to look at it.

In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, it was still a semi-feudal society, and the production capability was severely lacking. This was why they couldnt understand the beauty of modern design.

The lighting protection spirit rune was designed by the system. Each arrangement of its runic lines was set in such a way that even the person with the most serious OCD symptoms would feel comfortable looking at it.


As Sun Mo retracted the brush, the spirit qi in the classroom surged over and formed a spirit qi tornado that was channeled into the spirit rune paper.

This scene not only represented that the spirit rune was completed, it also meant that the grade of the spirit rune was very high, at least at the fifth-grade or higher.

Yi Jiamin glanced at the door of the classroom, and he suddenly felt like running away. (Sigh, have my brains gone rusty? Why did I come to Sun Mos spirit rune class to make trouble?)

The spirit qi tornado vanished, but the students still remained silent. This was because they discovered that the composition of this spirit rune was completely different from the spirit runes they had learned before.


Fang Yan shouted in fascination as he slammed his palm onto his desk.


His voice was extremely loud and almost scared the souls of the other students away.


Favorable impression points from Fang Yan +30. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (30/100).




Lu Changhe mumbled to himself. His body leaned forward to the point where he almost left his seat. He wanted nothing more than to press himself to the spirit rune paper and admire it meticulously at a closer range.

Its truly beautiful!

What a bizarre feeling, but it feels very comfortable to watch it!

I dont know why, but after looking at this spirit rune, I suddenly felt my thoughts clearing up like I could put down all burdens in my heart. I feel that there would be no regrets even if I were to die.

The students were all commenting.

Teacher Sun, what spirit rune is this?

Fang Yan was curious.


The students directly stared at Sun Mo, waiting for him to answer.

Teacher Yi, why dont you introduce this rune to the class?

Sun Mo interjected.

When the gazes of the students turned to Yi Jiamin, the latter wanted nothing more than to burrow himself into the desk before him. How embarrassing.

He really wanted to ask Sun Mo what the hell he was drawing. But the manifestation of the spirit qi tornado indicated that the spirit rune was a success.

Hehe, you cant understand? Sun Mo continued to ask.

Yi Jiamin fell silent.

Since you cant understand, just shut the hell up in the future when you attend my lesson.

Sun Mo actually still had some remarks he wanted to make, but he decided to spare Yi Jiamin considering that the lesson was still going on.

Yi Jiamin no longer had the face to stay here. He immediately stood up and walked out of the classroom.

Zhang Qianlin was waiting for Sun Mo to reveal the answer. Yet, Sun Mo actually put away the spirit rune and began to speak about the spirit gathering rune once more. This almost caused Zhang Qianlin to be angered to death.

(Is the spirit gathering rune your wife? Why do you have to talk about it every day?)

Teacher, could this be a spirit rune you created yourself?

Lu Changhe guessed. The originally noisy classroom fell silent once more as everyone turned their gazes toward Sun Mo.

Hehe, what?

Sun Mo lifted his index finger and placed it on his lips. I cant say.

Teacher, are you the devil? Stop whetting our appetites and reveal the answer!.

The students rapped their desks and called out, urging Sun Mo. Yet, the atmosphere of the class was really harmonious. The new spirit rune also proved that Teacher Sun knew how to draw other spirit runes.


The students could only guess this with regard to Sun Mos personality.


Favorable impression points from Lu Changhe +30. Friendly (240/1,000).

Zhang Qianlin scratched his ears in anxiousness. He wanted nothing more than to place his palms on Sun Mos doggy head and apply force, making him reveal the answer. He wanted to ask, but he couldnt do so. Because, once he asked, wouldnt that reveal that he didnt know the answer?

(Ai, lets wait for the class to end first then!)

And next, the flow of time felt so slow. When the class-ending bell rang, Zhang Qianlin felt as though the dawn had arrived.

The class finally ended!

Zhang Qianlins buttocks lifted slightly from his seat. He started to think about what he should say so Sun Mo wouldnt be able to reject answering his question.

Eh, I will speak a little more today.

Actually, Sun Mo didnt really have much to say, but he did this purely to disgust Zhang Qianlin. (Didnt you want to come and listen to my lesson? Since thats the case, I will let you listen more to it then.)

Dragging out a lesson, do you still have a conscience or not?.

When Sun Mo finally announced the end of the lesson, even before Zhang Qianlin could walk over, a bunch of students already crowded around Sun Mo and began asking questions.

Sun Mos popularity was actually so high to the extent where it was a little scary. There was no need for him to ask personally. Hence, Zhang Qianlin slowed his steps down and pricked his ears, trying to hear Sun Mos answer.

Teacher Sun, what is that spirit rune exactly?

Fang Yan was like a pagoda standing before Sun Mo. His eyes that were like copper bells were filled with thirst and curiosity, as well as a little agitation.

Lu Changhe subconsciously glanced at Fang Yans buttocks. (If you have a tail, you would really look like a german sheepdog waiting for food!)

[1]: Asking if someones neighbor is surnamed Wang is Chinas meme. The joke goes roughly like this Neighbour Wang is a man that would come over to bang your wife whenever you are not around.
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