Absolute Great Teacher
188 Determined to Continue Learning about Spirit Runes, My Determination Won’t Waver Even If I Have to Spend 100 Years
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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188 Determined to Continue Learning about Spirit Runes, My Determination Won’t Waver Even If I Have to Spend 100 Years

Chapter 188 Determined to Continue Learning about Spirit Runes, My Determination Wont Waver Even If I Have to Spend 100 Years

Zhang Qianlin gathered all his focus, deeply afraid to miss out on a single word.

I shall keep it a secret temporarily!

Sun Mo laughed.

Teacher, please dont be like this!

We are your loyal fans. Can you really bear to treat us like this?

Teacher, why dont you tell me secretly? I guarantee that I wont tell others.

The students grumbled incessantly, but their expressions were relaxed. After attending so many days of Sun Mos lessons, they knew that Sun Mo had a very good temper, and they always felt like friends interacting with him. He was different from other teachers who would always exude an imposing aura.


Sun Mo lifted his index finger and shook it. I cant say.


Zhang Qianlins lips twitched. He felt an impulse to rush over and pry Sun Mos mouth open.

How about this, those who can find out the source of this spirit rune will earn one month worth of massages from me!

When Sun Mo said this, everyone was stunned.

Is it true?

The eyes of the students immediately gleamed. Quite a few left impatiently, rushing to the library to check for information. If not, if they were too late, those relevant books might be borrowed away by others.


Sun Mo precisely wanted this effect. Learning could sometimes be an extremely dry and boring task. If there was no encouragement, students would lack motivation.

Everyone, listen to me. We must keep this a secret and not reveal the existence of the reward. If not, there would be many others wanting to snatch this chance from us.

A male student suggested.

Thats for sure. Unless our brains rusted, we wouldnt say anything. The students were all incomparably agitated. Sun Mo only needed to press casually and he would be able to make a student break through. If they could enjoy a months worth of massage, how great of an improvement would that be? Che, they didnt dare to imagine it. Fang Yan, why are you learning spirit runes?

Sun Mo glanced at the pagoda-like male student.

Because I like it.

Fang Yans reply was concise and comprehensive. His tone was filled with a headstrong feeling.

If there isnt an extremely deep meaning behind it, let me advise you to give up. You have no future in the field of spirit runes.


Sun Mo persuaded. He truly didnt wish to see such a rare genius wasting his talent. Upon hearing this, Fang Yans expression changed. He felt some anger. How would you know if I have no talent?

That was right. Everyone was stunned. Sun Mo had God Hands, but even so, he wouldnt be able to feel ones amount of talent, right?

Moreover, Sun Mo didnt even touch Fang Yan.

Do you think I was drawing an ordinary spirit gathering rune? When I looked at your uncaring expression that was filled with disdain, I could tell that you dont get it!

Sun Mo shook his head.

Even without using his Divine Sight, Sun Mo could roughly tell that the one with true talent in this field was someone like Lu Changhe.

Ha? Are there uncommon types of spirit gathering runes?

Fang Yan grew joyful.

When Lu Changhe heard this, he couldnt control himself anymore. Teacher Sun was a teacher he idolized, so he couldnt stand for anyone doubting him.

Student Fang Yan, the spirit gathering rune thats drawn earlier by Teacher Sun was a simplified version.

Simplified version? Fang Yan blinked. He was instantly shocked. What do you mean?

Zhang Qianlin who was at the side was badly terrified upon hearing this. His judgment was right. Sun Mo did have some capabilities.

Simply speaking, the spirit gathering rune drawn by Teacher Sun has 12 fewer runic lines compared to the ordinary ones.

Lu Changhe explained.


Fang Yan called out. He had a look of you better stop lying to me, Im someone who understands spirit runes on his face. If over ten runic lines were missing, how could the spirit rune still be functioning?

Others might not be able to do so, but Teacher Sun can.

Lu Changhe smiled. (How can someone so mediocre like you be able to see Teacher Suns talent?)


Favorable impression points from Lu Changhe +30. Friendly (270/1,000). Fang Yan retracted his earlier feeling of contempt. He glanced at Lu Changhe and asked, Can you show me the spirit gathering rune in your hand?

There was a convention in Sun Mos spirit rune class that he would occasionally give his spirit gathering runes to random students that were seriously listening to the class. Lu Changhe was very hardworking, and Sun Mo also had the intention to guide him. Hence, whenever Sun Mo drew a new spirit rune, he would give it to Lu Changhe.

Sorry, thats my treasure.

Lu Changhe rejected.


Zhang Qianlin stared at the spirit rune paper in Lu Changhes hands as he gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

Student Fang Yan, let me tell you another thing. Teacher Sun not only can simplify a spirit gathering rune, up until now, he has given a total of 25 spirit rune classes and has drawn seven sets of simplified spirit gathering runes. Lu Changhe exposed. Impossible!

Even before Fang Yan said anything, Zhang Qianlin already cried out.

(If you tell me you got an inspiration and improved the spirit gathering rune one time, I can believe it. But how is it possible for you to improve it so many times?)

One must know that these basic spirit runes were the most-used runes in the cultivation world. Hence, they were also the most-researched runes. They were considered perfect runes that were almost impossible to be improved any further.

I have five simplified versions in my house and when Teacher Sun was drawing them, everyone had seen it personally. This is no lie.

Lu Changhe replied.

Zhang Qianlin was speechless. That was right, it was impossible for Sun Mo to lie about this, or he would be the embarrassed party in the end.

Butbut improving the spirit gathering rune for seven or eight times? Wasnt this too incredible?

Zhang Qianlin had a conflicted look on his face. He had always been the self-proclaimed genius in the study of spirit runes. But now, he suffered a heavy impact.

Actually, Zhang Qianlin was thinking too much. Sun Mo did simplify the spirit gathering rune, but there wasnt much significance to this as the spirit gathering effect was weaker.

Besides, Sun Mo had felt bored drawing the same simplified spirit gathering rune every day. Hence, in order to alleviate his boredom, he kept trying to find new methods to simplify the spirit gathering runes. This was for the sake of drawing the simplified spirit gathering runes on potted plants. After all, different plants had different-sized leaves, and the veins of each leaf were different. Hence, when Sun Mo was drawing spirit gathering runes on plants, he didnt pursue the best spirit gathering effect but rather the degree of perfection.



As long as the potted plant could be activated, it was fine even if the spirit gathering effect was slightly weaker. After all, all the leaves were gathering spirit qi through day and night. Since the density of spirit qi would be maintained at a higher level, the cost-performance ratio would be much better compared to a single spirit gathering rune.

In truth, upon being developed up until now, the spirit gathering rune was done with the concept of using the simplest picture for the maximum effect. Even though Sun Mos spirit rune drawing technique was near to the ancestor-grade, it was impossible for him to modify it even simpler while having a greater effect.

Fang Yan, if you put all your energy onto cultivation, you would absolutely reach a height the vast majority of people wouldnt be able to reach.

Sun Mo persuaded.

I apologize, Teacher Sun. I know you are saying this for the sake of my future, but Im really fond of spirit runes. I wont give up even if I die.

Fang Yan gave a slight bow. After speaking, he turned and left.

In any case, great teacher He Yuanjin regarded him very highly and was also willing to guide him. Her standard in this was much higher than Teacher Sun. As for whether he could get a massage by God Hands or not, Fang Yan didnt really care about that.

I, Fang Yan, am determined to continue to learn spirit runes. Even if I had to spend 100 years, my determination wouldnt waver!

Fang Yan encouraged himself. (I definitely have to achieve extraordinary accomplishments in this field and shut all of you who doubt me up.)

Sun Mo shook his head, each to his own. It wasnt too appropriate for him to continue saying anything.

Sun Mo left. Lu Changhe was preparing to leave too, but after he took a few steps, he was surrounded by a group of students.

Is what you are saying real?

All the students were still in shock. There were still a few people staring at the spirit rune paper in Lu Changhes hands as they implored in a low voice, Student, can you allow us to see it?

Dont even dream about it!

Lu Changhe rejected it directly. That was his treasure, what if they damaged the paper?

Student, Im a 1-star great teacher named Zhang Qianlin, a teacher of this school. Can you allow me to admire the spirit gathering rune in your hand?

Zhang Qianlin was also very fond of the study of spirit runes. Although he knew Sun Mo was an enemy, he wasnt able to endure his curiosity. Hence, he smiled and asked Lu Changhe.

Upon hearing the title 1-star great teacher, the surrounding students immediately shut their mouths. Their expression also grew much more respectful and they even bowed at Zhang Qianlin.

Zhang Qianlin smiled. He placed his hands behind his back and he inclined his chin slightly, revealing a smile that was filled with restraint as well as self-confidence.


After Lu Changhe spoke, he bent slightly and drilled his way through the crowd. After that, he picked up speed and ran away.


The students were all stunned. (Lu Changhe, you are so bold. You dont even want to give face to a 1-star great teacher?)

Zhang Qianlins smile froze on his face. After that, his expression sank. (I, a 1-star great teacher, have already spoken, yet I was rejected?)

(Whats the name of this despicable student? Im going to do a check later and expel him.)

(Being disrespectful to teachers means that he deserves to be punished!)

Zhang Qianlin walked out of the classroom. The more he thought about it, the more depressed he felt. He then sank his fist into the wall of the corridor. After that, he began to feel a little jealous of Sun Mo.

Lu Changhe had refused to let him see the rune. This meant that in Lu Changhes heart, Sun Mos weightage was even heavier compared to a 1-star great teacher.

Damn, he actually looks down on me so much?

Zhang Qianlin felt very depressed and wanted to quickly finish Sun Mo off.

Hmph, you guys basically dont understand how outstanding Teacher Sun is!

Lu Changhes lips twitched. From his perspective, If Zhang Qianlin, who was a teacher, actually failed to see the secret behind this spirit gathering rune, this meant that he wasnt qualified to view it.

(As expected. Only I know how to admire Teacher Suns talent. I wonder if Teacher Sun will accept me if I request to take him as my master?)

After classes ended, Gu Xiuxun carried a novel and walked toward her office. Because she was bored, she flipped through the novel.

What the hell? Why is the main lead a monkey? Gu Xiuxun was astonished after flipping a few pages. She then rapidly flipped through over ten pages and discovered that the main lead was really a monkey that was named something like Sun Wukong.

This book was something she had confiscated from a male student during her lesson. That little fellow had sneakily glanced at her a few times while frequently turning his attention back to reading the novel. This behavior was simply too brazen.

Actually, Gu Xiuxun knew that when young men reached a certain age, lust would manifest in their hearts and they would be fond of pretty girls. It was very normal for him to sneak a few glances at her chest, thighs, and legs. But to actually read a novel in her class? She had no way to endure this.

(Isnt your behavior saying that my class holds no attraction for you?)

(Journey to the West)?

After seeing the name of this novel, Gu Xiuxun felt a little curious. She turned to the first page and began to seriously read. (Che, the writing style is so simple. This must be written by a kid from elementary school, right?)

She sneered and read rapidly. But three pages later, her reading speed involuntarily slowed. In fact, she even turned back to the first page and read through it again carefully.

This monkey seemed quite interesting.
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