Absolute Great Teacher
192 Amazing Prowess of the Living Blood Technique
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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192 Amazing Prowess of the Living Blood Technique


Ill go!

A student immediately ran off.

The guards were infuriated when they saw that more and more students were crowding over, and they were no longer able to bring away their Old Master with them. However, they werent planning to stand on ceremony either. Although they had stopped speaking, they continued to crowd around Sun Mo. (If anything were to happen to Old Master, well kill you first.)

Pffft! Pffft! Pffft!

Sweat started to appear on Zheng Qingfangs forehead and they instantly vaporized. Then, the white steam turned into blood-colored steam, floating out in all directions.

What is this?

The guards scalps turned numb from seeing this. Should they stop this guy?

There was no way that the guards wouldnt feel nervous. If the Old Master were to die here, then the seven of them could only follow him to the underworld to offer their apologies.

Dont worry, this old man wont die.

A senior student who had higher emotional intelligence quickly explained when he saw that the guards were very nervous. He wanted to stop them from doing anything irreversible.

Our teachers Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands has a great reputation of God Hands. As long as he makes a move, this old man wont die even if he wishes to.

Thats right! You guys should just wait quietly!

This old man is really lucky. If he didnt encounter Teacher Sun, theres a high chance that hed die.

The students mumbled and then became immersed in Sun Mos extravagant skill.

God Hands? What the hell is that?

The seven guards appeared perplexed. However, it sounded very amazing.

No, it looked amazing as well. Sun Mos hands looked like the fluttering butterflies amongst the flowers, pressing down on the Old Masters head. His hands were occasionally light, occasionally agile, filled with a pleasant sense of beauty. Boss, from the looks of these students attitudes, it seems that they respect this teacher a lot. It might really be possible for the Old Master to be saved!

A guard consoled.


The leader of the guards smiled bitterly. (The Old Masters illness is something that even imperial divine doctors cant do anything about. Yet, youre telling me that this young lad can treat him? You must be out of your mind.)

However, he didnt dare to speak recklessly at a time like this. Sigh, they could only take things one step at a time!

As quite a lot of people had crowded around, all the students who were passing by came over curiously to check out what had happened. When they realized that it was Sun Mo, they chose not to leave. Instead, they looked as if they had picked up a treasure.

It was a form of enjoyment to see Sun Mo displaying his God Hands, even if it was just looking!

Sun Mo was so busy that his forehead was covered in sweat. He had activated Divine Sight as well. It was a pity that he could only see Zheng Qingfangs fundamental data and not the structure of his head.

Thankfully, with the help of ancient massaging technique, Muscleforge Technique, and Circulation Technique, Sun Mo was able to locate the internal bleeding.

He made use of these three techniques to seal up the blood vessels in Zheng Qingfangs head, preventing more blood from gushing out. He then used the living blood technique to improve the blood circulation, vaporizing and clearing up those clotted blood.

Old Zheng?

An Xinhui rushed over. When she saw that it was Zheng Qingfang, her scalp instantly turned numb. Why did it have to be an influential character?

Quickly go to the Benevolence Hall and request for Doctor Lu to come over.

An Xinhui instructed and then squatted at the side, taking Zheng Qingfangs pulse. She didnt know medical skills, but she had some basic knowledge of taking pulse and providing emergency treatment. Cough cough! Zheng Qingfang, who was in a coma, suddenly coughed intensely. Blood spurted out from his nostrils, dyeing his clothes in


Old Master!

The seven guards were so scared that they were on the verge of peeing in their pants. This looked so scary. However, their expressions turned into that of glee. It was because the Old Master had regained his consciousness.

Old Master, your illness has acted up. I had wanted to send you to the medical hall, but this Teacher Sun had stopped us. He said that he can save you.

The guards werent trying to push the blame. They were trying to explain the situation in case the Old Master thought that they hadnt done their jobs.


You mustnt speak. Be quiet. I can keep your illness under control.

Sun Mo instructed. At a time like this, even if he couldnt cure Zheng Qingfang, he must first stabilize his situation. Otherwise, if his emotions became agitated and his blood vessels burst again, thered really be nothing he could do.

As Zheng Qingfangs condition had improved a little, Sun Mo finally had the spare time to help him change into a more comfortable position. Then, he went all-out with the living blood technique.

Zheng Qingfang closed his eyes comfortably. In the past, his head would keep on feeling groggy and heavy as if it was stuffed with things. But now, he felt refreshed.

It had been five to six years since he had felt this feeling!

Zheng Qingfangs gaze landed on Sun Mo. Sun Mos countenance was grim and his hands were moving very quickly, pressing down. Each time there was contact, Zheng Qingfang would feel so comfortable that he felt like crying out.

An Xinhui felt at ease. Old Zhengs situation was clearly improving.

20 minutes later, Sun Mo stopped and he was so tired that he plopped down on the ground, panting vigorously. Sun Mo!

The students nearby wanted to help him up, but An Xinhui had already darted over, bringing out a handkerchief and wiping off the sweat on his face.

Seeing Sun Mos pale countenance, a clear indication that he had depleted too much spirit qi, An Xinhuis heart ached a little for him.

Young pal, its all thanks to you this time around.

Zheng Qingfang saw that the azure-colored long robes that Sun Mo was wearing were completely drenched in sweat. It was to the extent that one would be able to wring water out. Zheng Qingfangs eyes were filled with apology and gratitude. Uncle Zheng, dont talk anymore. You need to rest, Sun Mo instructed. Uncle Zheng?

An Xinhui was shocked. Sun Mo was her childhood friend, and that was why she knew that Sun Mo was definitely not Zheng Qingfangs nephew.

She then started to feel curious about how Sun Mo and Zheng Qingfang got to know each other. By the looks of it, the two of them were very familiar with each other.

Even though Zheng Qingfang had retired, he had assumed a high governmental position in the past, remaining in the imperial court for over 30 years. His connections had been strongly established, and a word from him could cause the entire Jinling City to shake.

Hehe, I know my illness. I might die at any moment.

Zheng Qingfang was very chill about this. If it was time to die, then hed just die. There wasnt a need to be careful just to live one more day. But you, I didnt expect you to have such means of saving people.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Zheng Qingfang +100. Friendly (190/1,000). It just happens to be suitable for your condition.

Sun Mo could only say that Zheng Qingfang was really lucky. Thankfully, it was a case of cerebral hemorrhage. If it was any other condition, he could only watch anxiously.

Grandfather, our Teacher Sun has the God Hands reputation. Youre his uncle, but you didnt know that?

It was still the same student with high emotional intelligence. He chipped in to bring up Sun Mo to a higher stand. An Xinhui threw a concealed glance, taking note of this students appearance. (Very good. Ill add some academic points for you.)

God Hands?

Zheng Qingfang was surprised and he looked around at the other students. After noticing that they were all wearing an expression as if he had gotten really lucky, he understood that he had managed to stay alive with the help of Sun Mo.

Dont listen to them. Its just a massage technique, Sun Mo said humbly.

An Xinhui threw a glare at Sun Mo without anyone noticing. (Why are you acting so humbly in front of such an important character? Youd only receive his help if he knows of your value.)

Putting all other things aside, with someone as influential as Zheng Qingfang as a backing, even ten Zhou Yuanzhi wouldnt dare to seek revenge on Sun Mo.

Theres no need to be humble. I can sense my condition. After your treatment, I feel a lot better than any other treatment I had received in the past.

Zheng Qingfangs eyes shimmered, then he asked, feeling a little anticipation and a little unsettled. Can my illness be cured?

Before Sun Mo could reply, a few teachers in the school who knew medical skills rushed over. Not long later, Benevolence Halls top doctor, Doctor Lu, had come as well.

What that followed was a series of checkups.

Doctor Lu, how is our Old Masters condition?

The leader of the guards asked.

Its unprecedentedly good. May I ask which doctor had given the treatment?

Doctor Lu asked curiously.

It was very hard to cure Zheng Qingfangs condition. All the well-known doctors in Jinling City had given him a diagnosis before, and Doctor Lu was no exception. Therefore, he couldnt help but be surprised when he saw that Zheng Qingfangs current condition was extremely good.

This What a miraculous skill!

Seeing that even Doctor Lu held such great admiration for Sun Mo, everyone couldnt help but look toward him with astonished gazes.

It turns out that Teacher Suns God Hands is even more amazing than we expected.

Thereafter, Sun Mo was swept by a load of favorable impression points.


Congratulations, youve received a total of +420 favorable impression points.


The leader of the guards dropped to his knees and gave two hard kowtows. Thank you Teacher Sun for saving our Old Master. Please pardon us if we had done anything that might have offended you earlier.

After saying that, the leader did another three kowtows.

The other guards also dropped to their knees and kowtowed.

Everyone, please get up. You guys were only anxious to protect your master. I can understand.

Sun Mo wasnt angry at all.

Hehe, young pal, I didnt know that your reputation in the Central Province Academy is so great!

Seeing that the surrounding students were looking toward Sun Mo with admiring gazes, Zheng Qingfang smiled in self-ridicule. He had really underestimated Sun Mo.

So what if he was a new teacher? This was how unreasonable geniuses were! He had initially thought that Sun Mo was a renowned artist, but it seemed that drawing was only his hobby.


Favorable impression points from Zheng Qingfang +50. Friendly (240/1,000). This teacher, may I be so bold as to ask how you had treated Old Zheng? Doctor Lu really wanted to know, but he also understood that he was being too intrusive. Therefore, he added, I am Lu Zhaoyuan, the head doctor and the head of the Benevolence Hall. If theres anything you need my help with in the future, please feel free to tell me.


Hearing that, all the teachers nearby couldnt help but reveal envious gazes. Benevolence Hall was an old business with a thousand years legacy. They were very well-known across the southern areas and not just Jinling. Sun Mo could be considered to have an additional life to have such a miraculous doctor like Doctor Lu as his friend.

Doctor Lu, Teacher Sun has depleted a lot of spirit qi in order to save Old Zheng and hes too tired. How about you guys find another time to talk about this after he has rested?

An Xinhui spoke up to help.

Thats good as well!

Doctor Lu nodded. Next time, Teacher Sun must give me the honor of your visit.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhaoyuan +30. Neutral (30/100).

Uncle Zheng, you should go back and take a rest first. Over the next few days, try not to get off from your bed and move around. This concerns your body. Ill personally pay you a visit in two days to tell you of things you need to take note of and give you another massage with my Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. Although it cant cure your ailment from the root, it can relieve some pain.

Sun Mo instructed.

Alright, then Ill have to trouble you, young


Zheng Qingfang was a straightforward person and also held admiration for Sun Mo. Even though he was thankful, he wouldnt express it outright and would just keep the emotions in his heart.

Anyway, he had taken note of this great debt, and he would forget it for life.

As the guards brought Zheng Qingfang away, the people crowding around left as well.

Little Momo, its been hard on you!

An Xinhui smiled. The sunlight shone down through the leaves and cast down on Sun Mo, making him look very tall and handsome. Just his looks alone were enough to earn him a lot of young female fans. Oh!

Sun Mo gave a casual reply, but his attention was on the systems notification.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》