Absolute Great Teacher
193 The Papaya Girl Is Gone
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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193 The Papaya Girl Is Gone



Congratulations. As youve circulated the living blood technique to an extreme and thereby saving a life, youre given a reward. You can increase the living blood techniques proficiency index by one grade. Would you like to raise it?

If it wasnt for Sun Mo, Zheng Qingfang would definitely die today.


Sun Mo didnt dare to say anything else recklessly. Otherwise, given the systems poor sense of humor, there was a very high chance that hed lose the reward. Even if he wanted to become unrestrained, hed have to get his hands on the reward first.

After Sun Mo said that, his heart sank with a plop. This would be letting everyone see the green glow that was emitted after he obtained the knowledge. How should he explain that?

However, Sun Mo had clearly thought too much. All sorts of information were seething in his mind, stuffed to the brim, but on the outside, there didnt seem to be any abnormality.

So its fine even if no lights are emitted.

Sun Mo felt upset. (So youre intentionally making a fool of me to cover me up in green light every day!) What are you thinking about?

An Xinhui noticed that Sun Mos mind had wandered off and couldnt help but sigh. Their relationship had become a lot distant, but she only had herself to blame for this.


Sun Mo wasnt in the mood to spend leisure time with beauties. If theres nothing else, Ill be making a move first!

An Xinhui wanted to remind him to take note of Zheng Qingfangs identity. However, she didnt expect Sun Mo to just get up and left, without showing hesitation at all.

He had merely said that out of courtesy and wasnt asking for her opinion.

To be honest, An Xinhuis voice, when speaking privately, had a soft and adorable feeling to it. It sounded pleasant and made ones heart itch. However, no matter how nice it sounded, it wasnt as good as the system notifications.

It was because the notifications were an indication of him gaining things.


Congratulations, your living blood technique has been raised to the grandmaster-grade!

Excellent. When he used the living blood technique in the future, hed be able to see the genie as well. This would give him greater confidence when giving treatment to Zheng Qingfang.

Sun Mo was no fool. Given Doctor Lu and An Xinhuis attitude, he could guess that Zheng Qingfang must be an important character. However, the more one acted carefully to a straightforward person like him, the easier itd be to get their dislike.

He just needed to keep a calm mind!


Congratulations. As your reputation with Qi Shengjia has risen to the respect tier, youre rewarded with a gold treasure chest. Please keep up the good work!


He had gone all-out to save Zheng Qingfang earlier, depleting a lot of his energy. As he felt very tired now, he gave up on the thought of looking for Lu Zhiruo. Instead, he returned to the dorm, lay on his bed, and fell asleep.

He slept all the way to the next day

Sun Mo got up, feeling exhilarated.

He first went to the training room and practiced the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art a few times. He then ate some breakfast before heading to his class while feeling spirited.

Lu Zhiruo didnt come, and this made Sun Mo feel a little disappointed. It seemed that the opening of the treasure chest would have to be delayed until afternoon.

Sun Mo then went to the manor outside the school and started drawing the black tortoise spirit rune and the lightning protection rune. He wanted to prepare enough for his six personal disciples.

He didnt expect them to have a great harvest from the upcoming trip to the Darkness Continent. It was more important to stay alive and broaden their horizon.

The number of participants for the spirit runes lesson shot up to 300, and a lot of students were waiting in the corridors. Therefore, Sun Mos lesson had to be changed to the lecture theater.

There wasnt a wall in the world that had no cracks.

By now, many people had found out that Sun Mo could draw very rare spirit runes. He said that anyone who knew of its background could enjoy a massage from the God Hands for a month.


This reward would drive people crazy.

Sun Mo didnt disappoint. He drew the lightning protection rune again during the lesson and even intentionally slowed himself down.

Therefore, this spirit rune that was filled with a modern sense of beauty took everyone by amazement once again.

After class, Sun Mo received 892 favorable impression points immediately. From then on, no one said that Sun Mo only knew how to draw spirit-gathering runes. Instead, they learned more about his strange quirk.

He was just a tiny bit away from reaching 50,000 favorable impression points. Hed then be able to purchase the great teacher halo, Misleading Students, that he had targeted for a long time. But now, Sun Mos brows were furrowed together tightly. He wasnt feeling happy at all.

What happened?

Li Ziqi was baffled.

Where did Zhiruo go? Sun Mo asked, I havent seen her for an entire day.

Is she unwell and resting in her room?

Li Ziqi guessed.

Lu Zhiruo was Sun Mos fangirl. Even if she didnt attend Sun Mos lessons, she would still come to look for him. If Sun Mo touched her on the head, the papaya girl could feel happy for the entire day.

Ever since Li Ziqi knew Lu Zhiruo, the papaya girls habit hadnt changed. Today was an exception.

Sun Mo didnt say anything and went straight to the ladies dorm.

He couldnt enter as he was a guy and could only trouble Li Ziqi for that.

Teacher Sun!

Very soon, there were female students who noticed Sun Mo. It wasnt long before quite a number of people had crowded around him, asking him about their condition.

Im sorry, I have something to attend to!

Sun Mo was in no mood to resolve their questions.

Li Ziqi came out ten minutes later. Sun Mo quickly went up to her. Is she in?

She isnt!

Li Ziqis countenance was grim. She couldnt have gotten into trouble, right? Thinking about it, after that notorious Zhou Yong suffered such a great disadvantage, hed definitely seek revenge.

No, even if he was taking revenge, he should be targeting Teacher and not hurt the innocent!

Sun Mo turned to head to the warehouse area. Although he had guessed that the papaya girl wouldnt be there, his heart still sank when he saw it with his own eyes that she wasnt.


Sun Mo cursed and smashed his fist into the wall.

Teacher, dont be anxious. Ill arrange for people to go find out about things!

Li Ziqi consoled Sun Mo, but she was very anxious as well. Lu Zhiruo was so innocent and simple-minded that shed definitely not be able to escape by herself if she were to encounter danger.

Then Id have to trouble you.

After saying that, Sun Mo headed straight for the headmaster office.

What happened?

An Xinhui was surprised when she saw the anxious Sun Mo.

My student has gone missing.

Sun Mo stared at An Xinhui. Can you mobilize all of your power and help me look for her?

What happened? Tell me in detail first!

An Xinhui got up and poured a glass of water for Sun Mo and Li Ziqi respectively.

Sun Mo quickly described the situation.

Alright, Ill immediately make arrangements to launch out a wide-area search!

As the headmaster, An Xinhui placed the students safety in high regard. You need to calm down as well. You wont be able to think of a solution when youre so anxious.


After Sun Mo left the headmaster office, he went to the guardhouse. Mister Qin was the one on duty today.

Lu Zhiruo? I didnt see her leaving school these few days.

Mister Qin had a deep impression of that girl. It wasnt because she was Sun Mos student but because of her big papayas. In this regard, she was definitely number one in the entire school.

It was hard for Mister Qin to not be able to remember such clear characteristics. Moreover, Lu Zhiruo was very polite. Each time she entered or left the school grounds, shed greet Mister Qin.

Thank you!

Sun Mo walked a few steps forward and then suddenly banged his head against a tree.

Bang! Teacher!

Li Ziqi was given a shock.

Ill go look for Old Zheng. You go and tell Xuanyuan Po and the others to stay in school and not go anywhere. Dont go around alone. Get someone to accompany you even if youre going to the washroom.

After warning Li Ziqi, he drew out his chasing cloud dagger from his boots and cut a slit on his finger. It started changing after he got some blood on it.

The leaf-shaped dagger immediately burst out in great light. Thereafter, a smart-looking warhorse leaped out.

Clip-clop! Clip-clop!

The hooves released crisp sounds when it stepped on the ground.


The war horse let out a long cry.

Chasing Cloud?

Li Ziqi couldnt help but let out a cry. This ferghana horse was called Chasing Cloud. It was the ride that belonged to the previous King Tang. King Tang and the horse shared a very deep bond.

After Chasing Cloud died, it turned into a soul beast and continued to accompany its master. Later on, it was bestowed to Prime Minister Zheng Qingfang, who had contributed great merits to the country. Teacher Sun knows Grandpa Zheng? Li Ziqi felt puzzled.

Sun Mo jumped up onto the horse and shook the reins.

Be careful!

Li Ziqi was very shocked. This was a divine horse. Even though it had turned into a soul beast, its temperament was especially arrogant due to it having accompanied King Tang for a very long time when it was alive. Normal people who tried to ride on it would be thrown off.

As expected, Chasing Cloud, who was given its name as it could chase up to the instantly dissipating clouds in the sky, started to become nervous.

Wow, a soul beast?

What a beautiful war horse!

Its Teacher Sun!

When the students nearby saw this scene, they cried out. Their gazes filled with surprise and envy.

It was obvious how smart and good-looking this Chasing Cloud was to be picked by King Tang to be his exclusive ride for the lifetime. It could be said that this male horse was the most handsome stud amongst the ferghana horses.

Be good!

Sun Mo let out an explosive bellow, pressing both hands down on the horses back. He then performed the Muscleforge Technique in the desperate situation.

Chasing Clouds actions immediately slowed down. It then let out a loud snort, shook its head, and then turned to put out its big tongue to lick Sun Mos face. Alright, quickly go!

Sun Mo urged.

As expected of a divine horse. It seemed to have understood Sun Mos words and galloped away.

Sun Mo was almost thrown off its back. Thankfully, he exerted force in his thighs and clamped down onto its stomach in time.

As the situation was really urgent, Sun Mo forgot that he hadnt learned how to ride a horse before. Thankfully, the owner of this body had pretty good horse-riding skills, and it allowed him to be able to ride safely.

Li Ziqi didnt dare to delay her teachers instruction and immediately went to notify Xuanyuan Po and the others. She still had to go back later to ask for her aunts help to search for the papaya girl.

Regardless of who had done it, since they dared to hurt my junior martial sister, just you wait, you guys are dead meat!

Li Ziqi was very angry. This was the first time in her life in which she had the urge to kill someone.

In Zheng Clans manor. Zheng Qingfang lay in bed, re-reading (Journey to the West). Although he had read it 20 times, he still flipped through the book and read it with great interest.

Sigh, Ive really owed a great debt to Sun Mo this time around!

Zheng Qingfang was emotional. The moment he came back, his son immediately invited three renowned doctors to check on Zheng Qingfangs condition. After their checks, all three renowned doctors appeared surprised. It was really a miracle that Zheng Qingfang hadnt died.

One of them hadnt been able to hold it in and kept trying to find out from Zheng Qingfang how he had managed to survive. He also wanted to learn this technique of being able to purge clotted blood from the brain. Old Master!

The butler came back.

How is it?

Zheng Qingfang sat up.
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