Absolute Great Teacher
195 Wondrous Blossom Reappears, a Second Famous Painting Is Born!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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195 Wondrous Blossom Reappears, a Second Famous Painting Is Born!


AGT 195

Old Master..

The maid wanted to inform him that the brush and ink had been prepared, but Zheng Qingfangs gaze glared over and startled the maid. She quickly shut her mouth and quietened her breathing sounds.

Zheng Qingfang was feeling impatient but didnt dare to rush Sun Mo, He could only wait.

Sun Mo stood in front of the writing desk and took a brush made of weasel bristle. After soaking the brush in the ink, he started to draw on the writing paper.

Developing some inspiration? Making up a composition in his mind first? That was all non-existent.

At this time, Sun Mo was only thinking about drawing Lu Zhiruo as accurately and clearly as possible. When people saw the portrait, it would leave a lasting impression on them. My papaya girl, I hope nothing bad happens to you!

Sun Mo was getting anxious. Hence, his strokes were much quicker this time.

With a dot and a stroke, Sun Mo was quick in his brush strokes. A Young Lady Spring Rain Portrait gradually appeared on the paper.

At the time of early spring, there was continuous apricot-blossom rain.

A young lady with a thin spring garment held onto a piece of big banana leaf over her head. She was squatting next to the stream on the outskirts of the small town, looking at the ants under the rain!


A frog leaped onto the banana leaf. The papaya girls big eyes turned upward, and she tried to extend her hand to catch it.

As the brush penned out the drawing, in Sun Mos heart, he was feeling more and more worried. (Lu Zhiruo was such an innocent and kind-hearted lady, why must she endure such a torment?)

(Whatever unhappiness or hatred you have, you can come at me!)

The papaya girl looked endearingly silly. She was like a piece of blank paper, completely ignorant toward this worlds cruelty. (If this time round, she were to)

Sun Mo didnt dare to continue imagining.

Due to his guilt and worry toward Lu Zhiruo, Sun Mo especially wanted to make her drawing as clear and distinct as possible. Hence, after he focused on the drawing wholeheartedly, it triggered his state of mind. Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the study room, the spirit qi surged and converged toward the pointed end of the brush.

Following Sun Mos drawing and the ink smearing on the paper, the drawing of the papaya girl became gorgeous and alive with coloring.

The soft green-colored banana leaf, sparkling and translucent raindrops, and black ants all looked extremely realistic. Even the muddy floor that was covered in rainwater was so enchanting. It was as though they could even smell the mud from inside the drawing.

This is

The maids eyes were wide open. She almost shouted out subconsciously.


The butler was quick in his actions and covered the maids mouth immediately. If she were to shout, it would disturb Sun Mos peace and prevent a famous painting from being born. By then, she wouldnt be able to get away with her crime even if the Old Master were to beat her to death.

The maid obviously thought of this aftermath as well. Her entire body turned weak from fear and she couldnt help but lean against the butlers body.

Even though she had never seen one herself, the portrait was magical and exceptionally beautiful. This this should be the legendary saying of Wondrous Blossom.

Once such a phenomenon happened, it signified that a famous painting was about to come into existence. If she were to disrupt Sun Mos peace just now and cause the painting to fail

The maid didnt dare to continue imagining. According to the Old Masters temperaments, she wouldnt even be able to get a peaceful death as punishment.

It was lucky for her that the butler had covered her mouth just in time.

She felt as though she had her life renewed. After the sudden fluctuation of nervousness and calming feelings, she suddenly had this feeling of warmness between her legs. She had peed her pants


The butler frowned as he felt a gush of wetness. However, he didnt think of the reason behind this because Sun Mos Young Lady Spring Rain Portrait was extremely well-drawn.

That girl looked endearingly silly, adorable, and very innocent in the drawing. However, those breasts of hers were drawn a little too big, werent they? (If I didnt remember wrongly, that girl is only 13 years old.)

(Hold on, previously when I saw that girl, she indeed does have such big breasts the size of 2 big papayas.)




Zheng Qingfang didnt dare to speak a word, worried that he might disturb Sun Mo. However, he was already yelling and shouting agitatedly in his heart. (How could it be a Wondrous Blossom again? How could it be another famous painting?) (I, Zheng Qingfang, had indeed seen the creation of 2 famous paintings within 3 months. Heaven is treating me so well!)

(No, I should be thanking Sun Mo!)

Zheng Qingfang looked at Sun Mo with admiring gazes. (Getting to know him is the happiest thing that happened during my retirement days.)

Soon after, Zheng Qingfang placed his gaze back onto the famous painting. Subconsciously, he extended his hand, wanting to touch the painting, but quickly pulled it back again.

This girl was really too pure and innocent; any form of touch was considered like a form of profanity. She was almost like an elf belonging to nature without an ounce of worldly aura on her.


Favorable impression points from Zheng Qingfang +100, Friendly (440/1,000).

The maid had peed on her skirt and it made her extremely awkward. She was afraid of being discovered and wanted to find an excuse to leave the room in order to change. However, as her gaze landed on the paper, she couldnt leave anymore.

This young lady seemed realistic and graceful. From the first look, you would take a fancy on her and wanted to find out more about her.

(Why was this young lady sheltering herself with a banana leaf instead of a paper umbrella? Why did she run out of the town during the apricot-blossom rain?)

(Was she awaiting someones return? Who could she be waiting for?) In a moment, the maids head was filled with many questions.

This was a famous paintings effect. Sun Mo had displayed the pinnacle of a Traditional Painting by leaving some empty space in his work of art. Even though it was just a simple portrait, it actually contained a story!


Favorable impression points from the maid +100, Friendly (100/1000).

In the study room, the spirit qi became too dense and faculas started flickering around as though there were fireflies. Some landed on the drawing paper, garnishing the portrait with more colors and made it even more vivid.

After 15 minutes, Sun Mo put the brush away. When he lowered his head to observe, he suddenly felt dissatisfied.

(What the hell am I drawing? Arent I supposed to draw a portrait for a missing person? Why did I draw a banana leaf?)

(Theres even a gua, could it be for the papaya girl to extend her life[1]?)

Sun Mos face was filled with dislike for the painting. He extended his hand, wanting to grab the paper away so that he could draw a new one.


What are you doing? Zheng Qingfang acted as though his beloved granddaughter was about to be trampled on by villains. He shouted and suddenly pounced forward, grabbing hold of Sun Mos wrist. This drawing is not good enough!

Sun Mo frowned.

The drawing is not good enough?

The butler was dumbfounded. He instinctively looked toward the paper.

Wondrous Blossom was a kind of realm that only famous artists could grasp hold of, at the same time, it was also an unusual sight.

The famous painting had brought about a Wondrous Blossom, and because of the spirit qi, not only was it vivid and realistic, but it was no longer just black and white in color. It became brightly colored as though the reality had been inked on the drawing paper.

As the audiences admired the drawing, their state of mind would be swayed and they would become infatuated. They would start to develop a joyful mood. In fact, they would be so focused that their feet would be frozen to the ground uncontrollably.

This was a piece of famous painting and not any miscellaneous painting you see being promoted on the market. This piece could at least be sold for more than 1 million taels of silver. In fact, it would be destined to remain legendary and seen as a rare gem by the later generations.

But what did Sun Mo say? He said it was badly drawn? Was he trying to humiliate those artists who couldnt even complete 1 famous painting?

If even this was considered bad, then the butler thought it was impossible to find any better ones.


Favorable impression points from the butler +100, Friendly (220/1,000).

Theres indeed something bad about it. The person is extremely well-drawn, but the scenery is a little off-standard. Zheng Qingfang said with regret. Could it not have been bad?

Sun Mo had only learned grandmaster-grade Traditional Painting Technique and Character Painting Technique from the system. However, by utilizing the Wondrous Blossom realm, he had managed to reach a decent background to it. Uncle Zheng!

Sun Mo smiled bitterly. (Im here to ask for a favor, what are you trying to do by discussing drawing now?) Im sorry, its my fault!

Zheng Qingfangs expression became apologetic. He looked at the portrait and bit his teeth. He couldnt care about framing it anymore and straightaway handed it to the butler. Go, get my few old friends and make use of their capabilities. Its a must to find this young lady within a day. After this, I, Zheng Qingfang, will be extremely thankful. Roger, Old Master! The butler received the piece of Young Lady Spring Rain Portrait solemnly and left immediately.

Eh, remember to protect it well, dont contaminate the painting. Zheng Qingfang couldnt help but remind again, then he laughed in mockery. (Taking this famous painting just to search for a missing person, Sun Mo, how extravagant is this!?)

(If those few old fellas found out about it, they would surely scold me for putting such a precious item to no use.)

(But a life is at stake. Even if I was reluctant, I still have to do it. Moreover, this famous artist is just beside me, if I want another famous painting, I can just ask from him again, right?)

Zheng Qingfang could only comfort himself this way. However, his heart was feeling the pain. Thank you very much, Uncle Zheng.

Sun Mo was genuinely grateful. For Zheng Qingfang to utilize his connections, he was owing people a favor, and this wasnt something any amount of money could easily buy over.

Your words are too formal. Im treating you as a best friend.

Zheng Qingfang sounded a little unhappy. Hearing those words, the maid couldnt help but take in a gulp of air. She looked at Sun Mo, her gazes filled with shock. (Who is this young man? How did he make the Old Master regard him with such importance and love?)

One must know that even when the Old Masters favorite nephew had come and sought for an official title, he wouldnt even bother about it. However, he had actually made use of his connections for this young lad.

The Old Masters old friends were all well-known figures that could create a scene in Jinling city.

Besides, by helping you, Im earning another piece of famous painting. Its to my advantage!

Zheng Qingfang made fun of himself as he wanted to alleviate Sun Mos anxiousness, but it was of no use.

Then Ill have to trouble Uncle Zheng. Im going back to the school now to see if Zhiruo has returned.

Sun Mo took his leave. Be careful on the road!

Zheng Qingfang wanted to send Sun Mo to the main gate. This almost scared the maid to death and she immediately knelt on the ground. (Youre a patient, dont you know?)

Sun Mo would never allow Zheng Qingfang to walk him out and quickly left by running out. Zheng Qingfang sat in the study room and looked at the ink and paper that was used by Sun Mo. He revealed an envious expression. (Is this what people meant by a talent?)

He had a passion for painting and calligraphy, and somewhat had achievements in calligraphy. However, he wasnt good at painting. After all, for a subject like painting, it required some form of gift.

Zheng Qingfang could see that Sun Mo didnt regard painting as an important thing. Moreover, if without accidents, this should be the second time he was holding a painting brush after he had drawn the Sanzhangs western journey picture. It was unexpected that another famous painting was born again.

What a pity!

Zheng Qingfang felt a myriad of emotions. Since Sun Mo was determined to become a great teacher, it was obvious that he wouldnt put in effort on the pathway of an artist. Hence, it was fated that this world would have one lesser Saint Artist.

How regretful!

How regretful ahh!

Sun Mo returned to the school at his fastest speed and went straight to the girls dormitory. Li Ziqi was worried that something bad would happen to Sun Mo; hence, she waited for him there.

She still hasnt returned?

Even though he had already guessed this outcome, hearing it personally still made Sun Mos vision turn black and his head dizzy. (Its indeed the worst situation!)

This wont do, I have to hurry and think of a plan. Im the eldest martial sister and I need to protect my junior martial sister.

Li Ziqi racked her brains and pondered.

[1] Extend his/her life is derived from an internet slang in China known as toad worship. In the culture, Jiang is nicknamed h, or toad, because of his supposed resemblance to a toad. Netizens who mh (worship the toad) call themselves toad fans, toad lovers or toad worshippers. As there were many rumors regarding Jiang Zemins death that turned out to be fake, extend life by 1 second or +1s is commonly used by people on internet memes to spoof Jiang Zemin, the former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China. This internet meme is used to mock him for extending his life for another second.
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