Absolute Great Teacher
196 His Name Is Sun Mo, You Can’t Afford to Offend Him!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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196 His Name Is Sun Mo, You Can’t Afford to Offend Him!

Chapter 196 His Name Is Sun Mo, You Cant Afford to Offend Him!

The gathering darkness seemed like a demons wings, enveloping the earth!

As every minute and second passed, Lu Zhiruo remained contactless. However, on the contrary, Sun Mo had started to calm down.

The worst situation had already happened, to continue being impatient and irritable would not solve any problem. Hence, he had to be calm to find a way to resolve this issue.

Sun Mo was such a person. The more he came across a big issue, the more he was able to keep his composure.

On the first level of the girls dormitory, Sun Mo sat by the roadside. His hand held onto a little rock, and he was drawing conveniently on the ground, leaving behind an impressionism drawing.

Li Ziqi accompanied him and was also pondering with her brows furrowed tightly. Very quickly, she thought of a solution but didnt know if it was trustworthy enough to follow through.

Lets try to deduce again!

Li Ziqi didnt want to make any careless mistake, but she didnt want to continue pondering anymore. Sun Mo, who was at the side, stood up suddenly.

Lets go!

Sun Mo took a big step forward. Teacher?

Li Ziqi hurriedly chased up to him. You have a plan?

Lets try it out first!

Sun Mo looked toward Li Ziqi. But Ill have to trouble you this time round.

Teacher, whatre you saying? Zhiruo is my junior martial sister, as long as I can save her, Ill do anything as though its my duty.

Li Ziqi grumbled a little as Sun Mo was being too formal.


Sun Mo nodded. He returned to the dormitory to retrieve something before coming down again. He summoned the Chasing Cloud. Lets ride a horse?


Just when Li Ziqis voice ended, she saw Sun Mo climb up the horse, his posture confident and dashing. Then, he leaned against the horses body slightly and extended his big hand over to Li Ziqi.

Li Ziqi held onto Sun Mos warm hand and felt fuzzy inside. Being dragged up the horse, she ended up sitting in Sun Mos embrace.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sun Mo apologized. Then, his legs pressed against the horses stomach and the horse started galloping. No, not at all!

Li Ziqi muttered in her heart. On the contrary, she was enjoying this unusual experience. For a moment, she had wanted to lean against Sun Mos embrace but managed to restrain herself.

The Chasing Cloud galloped as the horseback jolted and bumped.

As it was already night time, there werent many people on the streets. Hence, Sun Mo could ride the horse at a violent speed. However, once the speed became faster, it became more dangerous as well.

Li Ziqi watched how the houses from both sides of the street disappeared behind them at such a fast speed. Her expression turned a little pale. You wont fall down.

Sun Mos one hand embraced Li Ziqis waist and leaned his body against her back. He had no intention of taking advantage of her; all he wanted to do was to protect the little sunny egg and ensure she sat steadily. En!

Li Ziqi replied, her voice as soft and gentle as a mosquito. When she grabbed onto Sun Mos arm, her expression was nervous and her mind was blank.

As her athletic ability was very bad, Li Ziqi seldom rode horses. Even if she were to ride them, it would only be for a stroll. She would never ride on them as fast as lightning as though they were chasing the moon and clouds.

It was fortunate that the Chasing Clouds speed was fast enough and they didnt have to ride for long. After a short while, Sun Mo stopped in front of the Jinling government office.

Whos that?

The bailiff who was on duty immediately grabbed the knife resting by his waist and inquired. It was stipulated in writing by the government office that one must never ride a horse in front of the government office, let alone galloped outside.

Those who came on horses must dismount and those who came in carriages must step down from it. This was common sense and if found to be against the law, one would need to be whipped 50 times and be fined a certain amount of taels of silver.

Li Ziqi was very intelligent. She didnt need Sun Mo to speak as she already knew about his plan. Hence, she tossed out the little golden token immediately.

Is Constable Zhang around?

Li Ziqis voice was filled with much nobility as it sounded aloof and remote. It wasnt because she was looking down on anyone, but if she spoke in this manner, it would save them a lot of trouble.

The bailiffs were on duty almost every day at the government office and had seen all kinds of people before. Even though the sky was dark and they couldnt see the golden token clearly, the moment they heard Li Ziqis tone, they knew she was from a reputable family.

Constable Zhang is not on duty today. He should be at home.

The bailiff replied.

Where is his home?

Li Ziqi continued questioning.

Enter from Plum Blossom Alley, his house is the 3rd one on the 6th row on the east side.

The bailiff spoke extremely quickly. He was a clever and quick-witted person. Why dont I bring you there?

Thats not needed!

Li Ziqi said as she tossed out a piece of golden leaf over. Your reward.

Thank you Eldest Miss for the reward!

The bailiffs brows raised with joy as he replied.

When Sun Mo and Li Ziqi left, he picked up the golden leaf immediately and checked it thoroughly under the light of the lantern.

Hah, it seems the purity is pretty good. It must at least be worth 100 taels of silver!

The bailiff next to him was so envious that his saliva was about to flow out. (My colleague has only spoken two sentences and received such a big sum of reward, what luck am I having?)


The bailiff who was rewarded started laughing. This was what he called having strong eyesight. He surely wouldnt let his colleague know that the horse was a Soul War Horse. If sold in the market, it would cost at least a million taels of silver.

(Just think about it, when a rich person is looking for someone urgently, he will be generous with rewards!)

When Sun Mo went to look for Uncle Zheng, Li Ziqi did not only go to find her aunt for help. She also brought along some golden leaves. After all, such situations would basically require a lot of money.

Sun Mos original-self had grown up in Jinling and was very familiar with the geography. Hence, after a short while, they managed to find Constable Zhangs home.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Sun Mo knocked on the door. Is Constable Zhang home? Whos that?

Following the inquiry, the door was opened with a creaking sound by a middle-aged woman. Old Zhang is home, who are you


This woman was Constable Zhangs wife. Due to her husbands job, she was already used to people knocking on their houses door late at night. Were extremely sorry to disturb you at such late timing.

Li Ziqi spoke as she handed over a piece of golden leaf.

Constable Zhangs wifes eyes lit up, but she didnt receive it. Old Zhang, someones looking for you, hurry! For a visitor who presented golden leaves as gifts, the Zhang family dared not be negligent.

Constable Zhang came out after putting on his jacket. When he saw that it was Li Ziqi, he suddenly got scared and quickened his footsteps. Why are you here? Constable Zhang, do you know who has the latest and most accurate news in Jinling City?

Sun Mo went straight to the point.

Teachers plan was indeed this!

Hearing Sun Mos question, Li Ziqis beautiful eyes brightened up. She didnt expect to have the same thinking as her teacher.

Everyone had their own way of doing things. Lu Zhiruos kidnapping was definitely done by hooligans. By getting the local bully to investigate this matter, it would definitely be faster than the government officials.

Or rather, even if the government officials were to investigate, they would have to look for these local bullies as well.


Constable Zhang looked at Li Ziqi. He wanted to say something but hesitated.

Constable Zhang, dont tell me you have no idea.

Li Ziqis tone carried a faint trace of threat.

Constable Zhangs position was equivalent to a bureau chief at the police station. In order to safeguard public security and solve cases, he definitely had to come into contact with those gangsters.

Hearing those words, Constable Zhangs forehead was suddenly drenched in cold sweat.


Sun Mo was the one seeking help; hence, he indicated for the little sunny egg to not be overbearing

Sorry, Im being too anxious.

Li Ziqi apologized.

Dont say that! Dont say that!

Constable Zhang quickly declined, he wouldnt dare to let Li Ziqi apologize to him. However, in his heart, he was very curious about Sun Mos identity. (Looking at his attire, he must be a teacher from Central Province Academy. But such a status is insufficient to make Li Ziqi treat him with such respect, right?)

(Unless, he is her personal teacher.)

Thinking of this, Constable Zhang laughed at himself. He felt that he must have lost his mind. (This fellow is so young. Im afraid he doesnt even have a star, so how can he become Li Ziqis teacher?) From the looks of both of you, you must be looking for someone? If you want to get some insider information, you should look for Old Wolf Ren from Three Fish Association. They are doing this for a living. Constable Zhang made up his mind very quickly.

There were unspoken rules in every industry. If Constable Zhang were to bring outsiders to see Old Wolf Ren, he would be breaking the rule and most likely wouldnt receive a pleasing outcome. However, Li Ziqis status was too noble, and Constable Zhang didnt dare to reject her. Even if he could reject, he wouldnt do it either.

This was a great opportunity for him to rise up the ranks. If he did well, promotion and increment would come at him after today. Sorry to trouble Constable Zhang then. Sun Mo wasnt being overly formal either.

Constable Zhang hurriedly changed into his official uniform. In order to increase his grandeur, he brought along his waist knife and chain.

About half an hour later, the three people walked into a dimly lit lane.

However, they were being stopped halfway before they could reach the end.

So its Constable Zhang, I wonder what brings you here to our commoner area in the middle of the night?

An eccentric-looking youngster with triangular eyes inquired.

Wheres Old Wolf Ren? Im looking for him!

Constable Zhangs tone was unfriendly. Youre an experienced person in society, why do you still not get the rules? Dont you know that our Boss Wolf doesnt meet outsiders?

The triangular-eyed fellow measured Sun Mo and Li Ziqi from head to toe.

Li Ziqi felt a little panicky.

In the middle of the night, they were being stopped by bad people in the alley. They didnt even know if there were other people ambushing around them, so she felt extremely nervous.

They arent outsiders, theyre people of nobility. Stop staring at them, or Ill dig out your eyeballs and step on them like balls.

Constable Zhang took a step and wanted to block Li Ziqis body, but Sun Mos action was quicker than him.

Dont be scared!

Sun Mo regretted bringing Li Ziqi along. Wait here, Ill go and report!

The triangular-eyed guy replied casually and left.

They waited for half an hour and Sun Mo was so anxious he wanted to hurl vulgarities. There were many moments when he wanted to fight his way inside, but he was worried that such aggressiveness would scare away Old Wolf Ren.

Our Boss Wolf says that he will only meet Constable Zhang.

The triangular-eyed guy wobbled his way back and seemed unanxious.

What about me?

Constable Zhang looked toward Sun Mo. Even though Li Ziqis status was of noble rank, he knew that the final decision was made by this teacher.

Tell him that Sun Mo from Central Province Academy is requesting his help to find a missing person. No matter the outcome, I will be extremely grateful.

Sun Mo reminded repeatedly. Please try your best to think of a way to make him see me.

As long as he could meet him, Sun Mo was confident of persuading Old Wolf Ren.


Constable Zhang followed the triangular-eyed guy into a residence at the deep end of the alley. There, they saw Old Wolf Ren who was seated in the courtyard enjoying the cool air.

Constable Zhang, its against the rule to bring outsiders here.

Old Wolf Ren earned a living by selling information; hence, he was very private about people he met. Ordinary people wouldnt be able to see him at all.

That outsider is a big shot, I cant afford to offend him.

Constable Zhang twisted his words according to whom he was speaking to. He started off by complaining so as to prove he was on the same side as Old Wolf Ren and that he was forced to bring outsiders in.

Haha, I think youre trying to bootlick them?

Old Wolf Ren mocked him. (Were all sophisticated people, whore you trying to lie to?)

Boss Wolf, they just want to seek your help to find a missing person, its a simple task. Whether or not its successful, they will thank you with rewards.

Constable Zhang understood the urgency of this matter and went straight to the point.

Not every person is the same.

Old Wolf Ren curled his lips.

Constable Zhang couldnt stand this slow conversation. He must settle this Old Wolf Ren as fast as possible to show off his ability. Hence, his tone became unfriendly. Yeah, everyone is different. If you offend me, I can only tolerate it. But if you offend those 2 people in the alley, by tomorrow noon, everyone from the Three Fish Association will be dragged to the market and slaughtered.


Old Wolf Ren spat a mouth of saliva and slammed the teapot in his hand onto the table with a loud bang. Do you think I am that easy to scare!?

You can try!

Constable Zhang mocked in return.

Old Wolf Ren was very angry on the surface, but in his head, he was extremely calm. He knew that the outsiders must be influential people as they managed to make Constable Zhang come to meet Old Wolf Ren on their behalf.

Oh, then tell me about it. Whos so impressive?

Old Wolf Ren inquired.

Central Province Academy, Sun Mo, Teacher Sun.

Constable Zhang spoke finished.

Old Wolf Ren and his subordinates stared blankly before exploding into fits of laughter. However, after laughing, Old Wolf Ren started yelling with fury.

Constable Zhang, are you f*cking wasting my time by coming to look for me in the middle of the night? Just a teacher, what kind of f*cking influence does he have?

Old Wolf Ren had already heard from the triangular-eyed guy. Other than Constable Zhang, there was a man and a lady, and both looked very young. This kind of person, he could never be a star-teacher.

Constable Zhangs expression turned pale. (What can I do? Im so desperate now, but you miscellaneous people are not fit to listen to her highness name; otherwise, its considered a form of profanity to her.)

Moreover, Constable Zhang couldnt let people know that her highness had come to such a place late at night. It would ruin her reputation. Get out!

Old Wolf Ren felt that Constable Zhang was humiliating him.

Old Dog Ren, Im telling you to think about it again. If you dont meet them today, I guarantee your entire family will be dead tomorrow.

As Constable Zhang saw that the matter was going to fall through, he started to threaten Old Wolf Ren.

Are you considering not getting out of this courtyard anymore?

The triangular-eyed guy pulled out his dagger.

Old Wolf Ren squinted his eyes. After all, he was the boss of a gang. How could Constable Zhang speak to him in this manner in front of his subordinates?

(Dont I need some face!?)

Just when Old Wolf Ren was thinking if he should punish Constable Zhang for this, he heard coughing sounds coming out from inside the house.

Old Wolf Ren got distracted and looked at Constable Zhang suspiciously. He didnt care about him and walked straight into the house.

In the living room, there was a round wooden table. Ten over dishes filled the table, at the same time, it was as though a drinking party had just ended and the smell of alcohol still filled the air.

The lady boss of Huaqing Pool, Hua Rou, sat on the chair and was flipping through a booklet leisurely. In the booklet were news and information that recently happened in Jinling City. Whats the matter?

Old Wolf Ren and Hua Rou were martial siblings, and both came from bad family backgrounds. In addition, due to the cruel fact of reality, they decided to go after money instead of moral ethics.

Both of them werent extremely bad people and had certain baselines that shouldnt be touched.

If I hadnt heard wrongly, Constable Zhang was mentioning Central Province Academys Sun Mo?

Hua Rou inquired.


Old Wolf Ren frowned and recalled that Hua Rous bath pool was located near this school. You know him?

I wish to know him, but he probably doesnt care about knowing me!

Hua Rou chuckled. Whats going on? Old Wolf Ren was puzzled. This Sun Mo, hes An Xinhuis fiance.

Hua Rou explained.

Chey, just a man living off a woman, whats so good about getting to know him? Old Wolf Ren especially looked down on such gigolos with no moral backbone.

Youre wrong. Sun Mo has God Hands and is already the teacher under the most limelight in the entire Central Province Academy. Moreover, he has only been employed for 2 months.

Hua Rou looked at the scar on Old Wolf Rens body. Perhaps he can even heal the repercussions of your injury.

Whatever, this scar isnt even an illness, how can it be healed?

For Old Wolf Ren to reach his status today, he had been drifting in society with just his steel knife for 5 years. In those 5 years, he was also on the verge of dying multiple times.

If one always walked along the river, how could his shoes not be wet? Even though Old Wolf Ren managed to survive, all the scars from his old injuries still hurt from time to time due to the delay in treatment when he was in critical condition. Especially on rainy days, the scars would feel numb and painful, how he wished he could just hang himself and die.

I advise you to meet him!

Hua Rou curled her lips while pouring herself another cup of drink.

Haha, are you pleading on his behalf?

Old Wolf Ren was happy. My junior martial sister who has a heart of stone has taken a fancy on someone? That Sun Mo must be very handsome, right?

Which person in Jinling City didnt know about An Xinhuis fame? Hence, Old Wolf Ren expected that the fiance she had chosen would be a handsome man; otherwise, how could he be worthy of her?

Get out!

Hua Rou scolded and her expression became serious. Im not joking with you. Previously, a 4-star great teacher gave me a heaven-tier origin nurturing pill just to get Sun Mos information.

What kind of joke are you making?

Old Wolf Ren couldnt help but raise his voice, his face filled with disbelief. A heaven-tier origin nurturing pill is worth at least several tens of thousands of taels of silver, and he gave it to you just like that? He cant be so extravagant even if his family owns a mine!

Thats why I say youre just a stingy gang leader. No matter how you try to climb up, you will never become a true boss.

Hua Rou could still remember vividly the assertive manner of how Fang Haoran had thrown the origin nurturing pill to her.

In her eyes, that was an extremely high-quality item, but in the eyes of Fang Haoran, it was just something that could be presented as a gift randomly and totally not worth a mention.

Alright, I will meet him!

Old Wolf Ren knew that his junior martial sister would never try to hurt him.

Be more courteous!

Hua Rou reminded him.

Very soon, Sun Mo and Li Ziqi were brought into the courtyard by the triangular-eyed guy.

I hope Old Wolf Ren can help me to find someone. Of course, once its done, I will thank you with a big gift.

As Sun Mo spoke, he activated his Divine Sight and fixed his eyes on Old Wolf Ren.

42 years old, blood-ignition realm.

Strength: 22, due to damage suffered, it is declining slowly. Intellect: 28, after many years of killing, he has obtained impressive philosophies on handling matters. He is extremely good at saving his own life.

Agility: 25, if he cant run fast, he would already be dead. Endurance: 23, what a useless person! Will: 29, a man of steel!

Potential value: high!

Remark: he had lost a direction in life. The only reason he is living on is to provide a life for his kids!

Sun Mo curled his lips. Just as he thought, those who could become leaders would have some remarkable achievements.

Haha, are you looking down on me? Am I the kind of person whos only after monetary rewards?

Old Wolf Ren recalled Hua Rous words and felt that he should portray himself as reserved and lofty. Hence, he didnt want to keep discussing benefits and advantages.

You have many scars on your body. Even though the wounds have healed, your internal nervous system has suffered damage. Hence, you often twitch in pain and cough incessantly, sometimes even cough up blood.

Sun Mo didnt have time to waste and straightaway revealed his cards. What?

Old Wolf Ren was shocked and looked at Sun Mo in disbelief. (What did Hua Rou say this teacher has just now? God Eyes? Yes, otherwise, how can he know my situation just by looking at my appearance?)

(Isnt this too formidable?)

Constable Zhang didnt react, but the subordinates of Three Fish Association were all dumbstruck. They all knew about their bosss health situation.

The triangular-eyed guy was distracted for a moment. Suddenly, he pulled out a blade and pointed at Sun Mo.

Speak, who sent you here? Why are you scouting out our boss information?

He thought that Sun Mo must have asked around for this information prior to visiting today.

Without waiting for Sun Mos answer, Old Wolf Ren suddenly took two big steps forward and went all-out to whip on the body of one of the subordinates he had always thought highly of.

(What the hell, if Sun Mo is being scared off, who will treat my injuries?)

All of you must show your respect! Old Wolf Ren berated. Call him Teacher Sun!

Teacher Sun!

The subordinates greeted.

Old Wolf Ren put on a boss manner in front of his gang members. However, when he was talking to Sun Mo, he immediately put on a smile. Teacher Sun, can my injuries be treated?

Constable Zhang was stunned. (Your attitude is changing a little too fast, huh? What happened to valuing material gain over righteousness? In order to treat your injuries, youre even beating your subordinate who was trying to defend you!)

(Indeed he has no moral principle.)

However, these people all did illegal stuff for a living. If they had moral principles, they wouldnt be able to survive this.

Hua Rou who was in the house was peeping at the situation. When she heard Sun Mos words, she had many thoughts run through her mind at one time. She felt that the 4-star great teacher was indeed formidable and could see Sun Mos excellence in one glance.

(But I thought Sun Mo has God Hands? How can he know senior martial brothers situation without touching him? Could it be that this was Sun Mos complete form?)


Favorable impression points from Hua Rou +20, Neutral (50/100).

When he suddenly heard the systems notification, Sun Mo frowned a little. (Where did this Hua Rou appear from? Looking at the accumulation of the favorable impression points, it should be the lady boss of Huaqing Pool.)

(You guys indeed have client services!)

Come here!

Sun Mo instructed. At such moments, he should be portraying his great teacher manner.

Old Wolf Ren hesitated. However, after he recalled his junior martial sisters words, he decided to try it out. After all, Sun Mo was here to ask for help and didnt have any hatred toward him. There was no reason for Sun Mo to cause him any harm.

(To say something unpleasant, hes a teacher of Central Province Academy and has a bright future ahead of him. If not for the need to find a missing person, he may not even look at this societys trash in his lifetime.)


As Old Wolf Ren walked to Sun Mos side, Sun Mos hand immediately slapped against Old Wolf Rens shoulder blade and pinched tightly. Ah!

Old Wolf Ren let out a mournful scream.


The subordinates called out in shock and wanted to run forward with their blades in hands.


After Old Wolf Ren shouted, he started to moan with pleasure because the massage felt extremely good. It felt even better than sleeping with ladies. The gang members looked at each other in dismay. (Boss, stop moaning. Its so embarrassing.)

Sun Mo stopped the massage and pushed Old Wolf Ren aside.

Hey? Dont! Dont stop! Continue!

Old Wolf Ren couldnt stop begging.

Hearing those words, Constable Zhang couldnt help but measure Sun Mo from head to toe. He didnt expect this fellow to have such capabilities.

Wait until you find the person Im looking for, then Ill treat your injuries.

Sun Mo frowned and looked toward the well. This Old Wolf Ren reeked of alcohol and was sweating so much, Sun Mo couldnt stand it.

Ill go draw some water!

Li Ziqi immediately ran over.

What are you doing? Go draw some water! Old Wolf Ren kicked the thigh of the triangular-eyed guy as he was the nearest to him. Who are you looking for?

My student, a young lady, 13 years old. Her distinctive trait is her huge breasts!

Sun Mo took out a portrait. This was drawn by him when he was waiting for Lu Zhiruo below the girls dormitory. It was purely a character portrait.


The members of Three Fish Association all exclaimed in admiration.
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