Absolute Great Teacher
200 Fresh Blood Massacre, Each Slash Exploding Heads!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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200 Fresh Blood Massacre, Each Slash Exploding Heads!


The smell of incense permeated in the Three Purities Temples hall.

Li Ziqis voice was soft and gentle as she cried while sharing a story. She acted the role of a girl who was in love with her teacher but didnt wish for this relationship to destroy her teachers career.

Daoist White Bird, as someone with impure thoughts, was feeling some pity for Li Ziqi and a little envious of Sun Mo. It was so lucky for one to be able to get a wife who loved and cared for you so much in your lifetime.

Sun Mo stood at the side, his scalp turning numb from Li Ziqis act.

Why was it that everyone was acting, but she was so outstanding?

Regardless if it was her voice, expression, or the small movements of rolling her sleeves up with her fingers, they all caused Sun Mo to suspect that she was really in love with him, and they were involved in a teacher-student love relationship. Even Sun Mo was affected this much, let alone Daoist White Bird.

Right now, Li Ziqi was definitely giving an Oscar-level performance. The judges would probably still feel bad even if they were to give her two trophies at one go, feeling that it wouldnt be a good representation of her capabilities.

He had to say that other than having extremely bad physical capabilities, the little sunny egg was really a perfect girl.

Li Ziqi was only 13 years old and didnt have much battle prowess. Moreover, she was definitely very nervous and scared to be in a woman-eating demonic cave, but she forcibly suppressed such emotions and carried her mission out perfectly. This head priest was the boss of human-traffickers and had done all sorts of evil deeds in his life. He was also very strong. If Sun Mo was unable to take his life in one try, then the head priest would definitely hold her hostage.

Given Li Ziqis intellect, it was impossible for her to not think of this. However, she didnt hesitate to save her martial junior Li Ziqi.


When Daoist White Bird heard Li Ziqis pitiful and beautiful love story, he couldnt help but sigh. However, at this moment, an explosive enraged bellow rang out.

Sun Mo, you trash! Return Li Ziqi to me!

Xuanyuan Po came dashing in, glaring fiercely.


All the gazes in the hall instantly landed on this tall and strong young man.

Oh my god, Xuanyuan Po, why is your acting so bad? Why is it that youre scolding our teacher but glaring at Daoist White Bird instead?

Li Ziqi complained in her heart, worried that the flaws would be exposed. However, at this moment, Sun Mo made his move. The timing was perfect.

What the hell? Theres even a love triangle?

Daoist White Bird was stunned. This was probably the most interesting show of the year, right? However, at this moment, his sixth sense felt that something wasnt right. All of his hairs instantly stood up.

This was his instinctive reaction toward killing intents after having been through too many life-and-death battles.

Daoist White Bird didnt even think and just slapped the back of his palm toward Sun Mo. Although he couldnt see Sun Mo, his experience told him that Sun Mo must be the one who was attacking him.


The fist and palm collided and a wave of qi currents erupted.

Daoist White Bird retreated violently, his expression being a mixture of shock and fury. Who are you guys?

An intense pain broke out in his chest, and Daoist White Bird lowered his head. He saw that a dagger had pierced to the left side of his heart, almost taking his life.

Protect Ziqi.

Sun Mo let out an explosive bellow, pouncing toward Daoist White Bird.

Head priest!


Kill them!

Sun Mo had stabbed the hornets nest, and all the priests came gushing over. However, as this was an emergency, the priests didnt have any weapons on hand.

Silver-chan, after being hungry for so long, have a good taste of fresh blood to your hearts content!

Xuanyuan Po said this and then tugged off the cover for his spear with a swoosh, revealing his silver spear. He shook his wrist and then the spear burst out in bright light, materializing a blooming spear flower that was encasing those priests.

The few priests had wanted to pounce toward Li Ziqi to capture her, but their vision was affected by this skill, which left behind countless silver-colored light spots that were like the stars in the night sky.

The priests were all spooked out and didnt dare to charge forth forcibly, assuming their full defense.

In this little bit of time, Xuanyuan Po had appeared next to Li Ziqi, sweeping out his longspear again.

Those in the divine force realm are really hard to handle!

Sun Mo was speechless. Regardless if it was his timing, attack angle, or strength, he felt that he had done them to the best. However, he still didnt manage to clinch the kill.

Sun Mo felt upset, but Daoist White Bird was astonished.

(Whos this guy? Why is he so amazing? His move was as smooth as flowing water.)

Putting aside that he was now injured, even if he had taken the attack in his perfect condition, he could only rely on his capabilities to suppress Sun Mo with force. As for taking each move as they came? Hed definitely get bashed up if he were to do that.

Cough cough!

Daoist White Bird made a move, circulating his spirit qi. However, he immediately aggravated his wound and coughed up two mouthfuls of blood. That blade attack had been really brutal.

Moreover, his luck was too horrible. If Sun Mo were to make a move on his left side, he might have been able to block it.

Sun Mo got closer and closer toward him.

Pata! Pata!

Blood gushed out from Daoist White Birds body, dripping all over the floor. Die!

Daoist White Bird knew that if he were to drag this on, hed definitely die. Therefore, he clenched his teeth, disregarding that his injury would be aggravated and performing his ultimate move.

Thousand White Needles!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The soft floating dust in Daoist White Birds hands suddenly stood up and erupted, shooting out countless spirit qi needles that instantly encompassed Sun Mo.

Lets see how youre going to dodge from such a close distance.

Daoist White Bird looked at Sun Mo who was three meters in front of him while breaking into a savage smile.

It had been 30 years since he had started out until now, and not a single person had managed to dodge this move.

Dont kill them, I want them alive. How dare they assassinate me. I want them to live a life worse than death

Daoist White Bird wasnt able to continue the rest of his sentence. His eyes opened wide, and his face was filled with astonishment as he looked at Sun Mo with disbelief.

For some reason, the countless spirit qi needles were reflected back.

In that instant, Daoist White Bird was so scared that his soul was leaving his body. He only had one thought left on his mind. Damn!

At the next instant!

The needle light shot out, drowning Daoist White Bird.

Pffft! Pffft! Pffft!

Daoist White Bird instantly became a porcupine. Then, his body turned stiff and he fell to the ground.


Dust flew up.

Take this execution as an example! By order of the provincial governor, put down your weapons and surrender to be pardoned from death!

Sun Mo bellowed out, his deafening voice ringing through the hall. Head priest!

All the priests appeared anxious as they had lost their pillar. What should they do? Right now, the priests were all overwhelmed with both shock and fury. It was as if the end of the world had come.

The head priest was an expert at the divine force realm. To think that he was killed. Wouldnt they be courting death to be charging up? Moreover, judging from this young mans words, this was a planned annihilation operation.

Could it be that this base had been discovered?

That was right, they had been committing evil deeds in the Three Purities Temple for over five years. If they still werent discovered, then the government would be too useless.

At the thought of this, the priests no longer had the will to continue with the battle. They were starting to think about how they should flee to save their lives.

Send out the signal! Let the army start to charge in!

Sun Mo bellowed.

Hearing this, the priests felt even more terrified. They had no idea that Sun Mo didnt even have a single backup and was playing psychological warfare with them.

However, anyone else in their shoes wouldnt suspect him. Who would be foolish enough to charge his way into a demonic cave by themselves? Did they not want their lives anymore?

Why persuade them to surrender? These evil-doers should all be killed!

Xuanyuan Po was bathed in blood, sweeping his silver spear around and bringing forth agonizing cries.

Hearing this, the priests looked at Xuanyuan Po in fury. (Hey, youre young. but yet youre so vicious.)

Ill kill you!

A priest let out a furious bellow but didnt charge forth. Instead, he retreated toward a small door.

There was no helping it. This young mans attacks were too sharp. Moreover, they were all moves that traded injuries with even bigger injuries! Who would be able to handle those?

These human traffickers werent fugitives who took people on and killed them. What they did were technical jobs.

To make it easier to understand, they just excelled in using schemes to do other people in.

After Sun Mo killed Daoist White Bird, he pounced toward an anxious-looking priest. This guy was of a lower cultivation realm and was also scared. He was an easy target to kill.

Under this situation of being disadvantageous in numbers, they must destroy the enemies will to retaliate as soon as possible Otherwise, itd be bad if they were surrounded and killed.

The best way to do so was naturally to kill even more people. Under the support from his Divine Sight, Sun Mo could pick out the weaklings effortlessly and then crush them.


The black sandalwood blade sliced through the wind and immediately struck on a priests head.


His head was like a big watermelon that was thrown to the floor at full force, shattering outright. The red blood and white brain juice were mixed together and splattered all over the place.


Sun Mo heaved a sigh of relief. Thankfully, the strongest leader already died, and the others were a lot easier to deal with now. To speak the truth, he had taken on an extremely great risk earlier.

If he hadnt used Paying someone back in their own coin and Invulnerable Golden Body, killing Daoist White Bird by catching him unaware, hed be the one lying down there, dead.

This was the advantage of a saint-tier cultivation art.

Just as the flow of the battle was turning for the better, the priest who had retreated to the back door suddenly let out an agonizing cry, falling back into the temple and spurting out blood.

Kill the men and take the women away.

Three men darted in, staring at Sun Mo with brutal expressions.

They were the leaders of this organization and were quite capable. They instantly assessed the situation and even if they were to leave, they must bring Li Ziqi together with them.

This girl definitely had some status. If they were to take her hostage, their chances of being safe would increase tremendously.

When the lost priests saw these three men, their emotions stabilized quite a bit. However, when they saw Sun Mo, their scalps started to turn numb again.

Wasnt this guy too brutal? Even though he was using a wooden blade, each of his attacks was crushing heads. That was right. This guy didnt attack anywhere else. He kept on hacking, smashing, and beating the heads. Moreover, his accuracy was terrifyingly high.

Each head that was hit would just explode, leaving behind a pile of soft, flabby, and disgusting stuff.

What was even more terrifying than death?

To be brutally killed!

The Sun Mo at the moment was using bloody and brutal means to bring forth endless terror.

Everyone bellowed, but no one went up.

You little b*stard, when I started killing people, you were still in your mothers womb and wasnt born yet.

A muscular man holding onto a great saber came pouncing over with a fierce disposition.

Sun Mo stared in his direction.

The fifth level of the blood-ignition realm, specialized in strong attacks.

Strong attacks?

Sun Mo pursed his lips and faced him head-on.

With there being so many priests watching, he mustnt cower. Otherwise, Li Ziqi and Xuanyuan Po would be in trouble. Arrogant!

The mans countenance was savage and he hacked his great saber toward Sun Mos neck.

Copy activated!

In Sun Mos eyes, all movements had slowed down. He then swung his wooden blade.

Colors of Autumn!



The great saber didnt strike Sun Mos neck but had only reached his shoulder. However, this was enough. Given the mans strength, it was sufficient to hack Sun Mo into two. But at the next instant, the man was taken by great surprise.

It was because the sense of touch wasnt right.

As Daoist White Birds strongest subordinate, he was responsible for the rough job such as fighting. Therefore, he had hacked many people before and was very familiar with how it felt when a saber sank into flesh and broke bones. But this time, he didnt have that feeling.


The man didnt have to think of the reason. He had just shown perplexity on his rough and big face when a wooden blade came sweeping over.


Another head was crushed.

As brain juice splattered away, a bloody skull bone went flying out. With a splat, it landed in front of a few priests.


The few priests countenances were really pale and they quickly backed off. It was as if they had met some kind of venomous snake.

Who is this guy?

Another instant kill?

He crushes another head!

The priests were all shocked and terrified.


Xuanyuan Po looked very excited and couldnt help but cheer.

This was the battle style that he liked the most. Why dodge? Why block? Just attack! Attack! And attack again until the enemies were all crushed!

The Sun Mo at the moment was a good fit for Xuanyuan Pos sense of beauty.


Favorable impression points from Xuanyuan Po +100. Friendly (361/1,000).

Teacher is so amazing!

Li Ziqi held onto a dagger. While feeling worried for Sun Mo, she also couldnt help but feel excited. Teacher Sun was really too cool, astonishing everyone single-handedly.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +100. Friendly (930/1,000).


When the priests heard this address, they were a little stunned. Wasnt this person from the government? They then started to feel angry. (Youre a teacher. Even if you didnt teach your lessons or beat your students to punish them, you could just go get into a teacher-student love relationship. Why are you running here to kill people?)

Everyone, attack together!

The two remaining men exchanged a glance and made up their mind to pounce toward Sun Mo together.

Sun Mos shoulder was aching really badly. Although he had taken the enemys saber attack head-on with his Invulnerable Golden Body and didnt bleed, his bones were definitely hurt.

However, Sun Mo didnt care about it. His brain moved rapidly, thinking about how to deal with them as fast as he could.

The longer this kind of battle dragged out, the more disadvantageous it was for him. Die!

The two men attacked Sun Mo from the left and right concurrently.

The one to die is you!

Sun Mo stared at the one on the right. With a boom, a tremendous amount of red fog was emitted from his body.

What the hell?

The two men were very shocked, but the one on the left took it a little easier. After all, this young man was strong enough to be able to kill the second leader with one strike.

It was better to let his companion wear him down for a little! But in an instant, he heard his comrades anxious call.


The man on the right was freaking out. Each time he blocked, he felt extremely miserable. He was like a small boat in a heavy storm and could be overthrown at any time.

This is a freaking crazy dog! Who fights like that?

The man was scared.

He was suppressed in terms of disposition.

Dont panic, Ill come!

The man on the left had just shouted when he saw another Sun Mo darting out from the red fog. He held onto a wooden blade and struck toward the man on the lefts throat.

Crimson lips!

The man put his blade horizontally to block, but just as he was about to hit the wooden blade, it flicked up agilely, piercing toward his eyes.


The man was so shocked that his hairs were standing upright. This move was really ingenious.


The man turned his head and dodged it, but his ear was still brushed by the wooden blade, hurting like hell. It was also because of this that he didnt dare to attack recklessly.

It started off as a two versus one, but how could there be two Sun Mo as well?


The priests scalps turned numb from seeing this. How could he call out a clone? Moreover, the clones battle prowess was just as strong as the original.

My god, this was definitely saint-tier cultivation art!

Pushing back the opponent with a single move, Sun Mos Universe Formless Clone immediately turned and pounced toward the man on the right, attacking the enemy consecutively together with Sun Mo.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Double combo of Immemorial Vairocana encompassed the guy.

Save me!

The man bellowed loudly, and amidst the hurry, his long saber was flicked away, opening up a loophole.


A wooden blade came sweeping over.


It was another head explosion.

The man on the left turned to run without any hesitation.

Thinking of running?

Sun Mo let out a cold snort, moving gracefully.

Beauty Yu!

Relying on a movement technique he didnt know the grade of, Sun Mo instantly caught up to the man and struck his wooden blade toward the back of his head.

Gale Shooting Moon!


The wooden blade cut through the wind.

The man tried his best to twist his waist, blocking at full power. Ding!

The wooden blade was pushed away, but before the man could heave a sigh of relief, an afterimage appeared just beside him.

Shit, there was another one!

Before the feelings of despair could even rise in his heart, his head had been crushed by the wooden blade. With a bang, his skull went flying up to the sky!

Sun Mo panted vigorously and bellowed out. Who else?

The priests instantly dispersed like birds, fleeing for their lives. There was no other way out. Their boss and the few leaders had all been killed. What was the point of continuing the fight?


Li Ziqi immediately came charging forward to support Sun Mo. Teacher, arent you too amazing?

Xuanyuan Po looked toward the clone.


The clone shattered into a lump of red fog, returning to Sun Mos body once again.

This is basic, dont be surprised. Stay calm!

Li Ziqi beamed. The victory was close at hand.

Go look for Tantai!

As Sun Mo said that, he darted to the backyard.

After consecutive intense battles, his spirit qi was already depleted. To speak the truth, if it wasnt because the situation was urgent, he wouldnt use this kind of crazy-dog attacking method. If there had been a slip, hed have been the fallen one.

I didnt expect that a guy as handsome as teacher has such a hot-blooded battle style!

Xuanyuan Po exclaimed.


Favorable impression points from Xuanyuan Po +100. Friendly (461/1,000).

Due to his love for battles, Xuanyuan Po was very satisfied to see Sun Mos earlier performance. He wondered if he could do it just as perfectly as his teacher had done.

Teacher Sun, how are you?

Old Wolf Ren led his subordinates and charged in, only to see the chaos all over the place.

This this the battle is already over?

Old Wolf Ren had his eyes and mouth agape. As he wanted to earn some merit, he had been placing attention onto the movements in the Daoist temple. After hearing the killing calls, he immediately led his men and charged inside. However, he didnt expect it to still be too late.

F*ck, this is brutal.

When his subordinates saw the few corpses and their crushed heads, they couldnt help but gasp. They could feel their scalps freezing

Why are you stunned there? Go look for the girl!

Old Wolf Ren urged, And take all the hostages you can.

After saying that, Old Wolf Ren gave his trusted subordinate a glance, gesturing for him to go look for the money. A human-trafficker organization like this would definitely have a tremendous amount of money stashed away in secret.
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