Absolute Great Teacher
205 The Number One Great Teacher in Central Province Academy!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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205 The Number One Great Teacher in Central Province Academy!


The carriage was driven methodically through the roads.

Sun Mo wasnt in a hurry to open his treasure chest. Instead, he continued to memorize the plants and herbs of Darkness Continent until he knew all 100 types by heart. Only when the system indicated that his knowledge level had risen to the grandmaster-grade did he stop.


Sun Mo was very happy. Right now, he was familiar with 200 types of plants on the Darkness Continent, and this would surely be of help to their upcoming tour to the Darkness Continent.

No one would complain about having too much knowledge.

Because Lu Zhiruo fell asleep leaning against Sun Mos arm, Sun Mo felt that this could also be considered a boost to his luck stat. Hence, he didnt touch her head and directly opened his treasure chest.

A dazzling golden light flashed, but only Sun Mo could see this. When the golden light faded away, a skill book floated in the air.


Congratulations on obtaining one of the four branch techniques of the ancient massaging technique, the bone setting technique. Proficiency level: expert-grade. This technique involved everything in orthopedics, including connecting bones, repairing damages to the bones, cracks, long-term massages to increase the density and toughness of the bones. The range varies from major things where ones bones were completely changed, to minor things like the straightening of ones teeth. Everything could be done.

The system calmly explained, revealing the strength and usefulness of the bone setting technique.

Using this technique to massage a target, Sun Mo could even straighten the targets teeth. This was simply too impressive.

After hearing this, Sun Mo grew excited. He finally obtained all skill books from the four branches of the ancient massaging technique.

Although the name ancient massaging technique wasnt pleasant to hear, as though he was a masseuse, the effects were all extremely good. Honestly speaking, all of them could be claimed as divine skills and Sun Mo wouldnt feel that this was an exaggeration.

Naturally, the ancient massaging technique wasnt able to cure all illnesses. Its range of usage was also inferior to Divine Sight and Immemorial Vairocana. However, as long as it was used correctly on appropriate issues, its effects would be exceptionally powerful.

Sun Mo could turn peril into blessing in the Central Province Academy and eventually stabilized his footing, becoming the new teacher with the greatest fame, and all of it depended on the ancient massaging technique. Do you want to learn it now? The system asked.

Of course!

Sun Mo was impatient.

There were no other special effects. The skill book was only visible to him and floated before his eyes. After he crushed it, mottles of light formed a stream and flowed into his mind.

Congratulations on obtaining the bone setting technique. Please climb to the peak on the path of massaging!

The system congratulated Sun Mo.

You want to make me a champion masseuse, right?

Sun Mo teased mockingly, but he was in an extremely good mood.

The grandmaster-grade muscleforge technique, the expert-grade circulation technique, the grandmaster-grade living blood technique, the expert-grade bone setting technique, and the grandmaster-grade basic massage technique. Ive learned them all, right?

Sun Mo felt that he could definitely earn a lot of money if he opened a massage shop in the future. He only needed to press 30 minutes every day, but he would charge a heavenly price. He only needed a customer and his earnings would be so much that it would enable him to live for a year.


Sun Mo almost couldnt help it and snapped his finger.

Its not the full set yet.

The system suddenly poured a bucket of cold water over his head.

What do you mean?

Sun Mo frowned.

You have learned the four main branches and the basic massaging technique, but there are still some minor branches that you havent learned yet!

The system spoke in contempt. (The awesomeness of the Absolute Great Teacher System isnt something a mortal like you can understand.)

For example?

Sun Mo asked.

The beautification technique, including skincare, breasts enhancement, butts enhancement, fat-burning massages, etc. However, to cultivators, these things are insignificant and not so important. This is why they are considered minor branches.

The system explained.

It looked down on such things, but Sun Mo was shocked.

If he learned them and started a beauty salon, wouldnt he be able to earn so much to the point where his shops entrance steps were damaged from the insane amount of visitors?

Beauty was something all women were strongly attached to. Who wouldnt want beautification with no side effects? Moreover, after learning this powerful beautification technique, why would Sun Mo need to watch any adult videos? He could get any girl of any shape that he wanted.

It was said that the gyms instructors never lacked women. Although Sun Mo had no idea whether this was true or false, he felt that a male doctor that knew beautification techniques would rank even higher compared to gym instructors in the aspect of not lacking women. Let me tell you this. If you do this for an entire year, although you can legitimately touch thousands or over ten thousand women, you will begin to feel a sense of loathing.

The system sounded very happy. At that time, you will absolutely feel disgusted the moment you see a womans body and become a gayish homosexual.


Sun Mo was merely thinking about it. He was already very satisfied with being able to learn the main branches of the ancient massaging technique.

After confirming that the system no longer had any treasure chests for him, Sun Mo closed his eyes and began to contemplate on subjects that would provide the greatest upgrade to him and his students!

It wasnt easy for the system to reward him with grandmaster-grade knowledge of a subject. Hence, he had to make perfect use of this.

Since he could take advantage of this, he should go all the way until the end!

Jinling City

All of a sudden, the provincial governor personally led his troops in full strength.

Upon seeing this scene, the people on the streets all guessed that a certain clan must be down on its luck. The clans properties were about to be confiscated and the clan members exterminated.

Because confiscating properties indicated a chance of getting rich, the personal troops of the provincial governor would usually be responsible for such a matter.

Very soon, the answer was revealed. The clan in question was the Zhou Clan. Their total wealth ranked them within the top ten of the richest clans in Jinling.

The luxurious Zhou Clans Residence was now in complete chaos. Old Master! Old Master! A bad thing is happening!

The butler rushed over and reported hurriedly.

Whats the matter?

In the study room, Zhou Yuanzhi was currently receiving a guest. Hence, when he saw how panicky the butler was, he immediately tossed a teacup over, and it hit the butler.

As a successful businessman, Zhou Yuanzhi believed that it was important to remain calm in the face of events. He ignored the butler and apologized to his guest, I have not taught my servants well, I must have incurred Brother Wangs ridicule.

Usually, the butler would have long since kowtowed and begged for mercy. But this wasnt the time for such things now. He directly called out, Old Master, the lord governors personal troops have surrounded our residence.


Zhou Yuanzhi had a look of shock and abruptly rose to his feet.

Brother Zhou, is this true?

That Brother Wang originally wanted to verbally go along and say things like a clans discipline must be strict, but after hearing the butlers words, his expression drastically changed. Governor Yus personal troops? Didnt this mean that the governor was here to confiscate the properties of the Zhou Clan?

After thinking for a while, the person called Brother Wang immediately stood up. He didnt even bother to clasp his hands to bid farewell and directly ran out. At such a time, he didnt want to have any connection with Zhou Yuanzhi.

Brother Wang, please wait! Brother Wang, please wait!!

Zhou Yuanzhi called out but it was useless.

Damn! Do you know how much money I have lost because of you?

Zhou Yuanzhi was infuriated. He grabbed a teacup and smashed it ruthlessly into his butlers head.

The butler screamed and fell onto the ground.

Hmph. Boss Zhou is so impressive! The provincial governor strode in with the aura of dragons and tigers. Governor Yu, this small clan of mine didnt offend anybody. Did you have the wrong address by chance?


Zhou Yuanzhi glanced at the troops, and his words were simple. He wanted the troops to back off first. (Im someone with a backing after all, you better dont go overboard.) A small clan? After today, you wont have a clan.

Governor Yu was also a clever person. Upon seeing Zhou Yuanzhis bad attitude, his words began to become sarcastic.

Zhou Yuanzhis expression changed. At such a time, he naturally didnt want to play along anymore and directly shredded all pretense of cordiality. My son is in Prince Lis house now. I will immediately send someone to get him back in case you guys think that he has fled and want to send out an arrest warrant.

Zhou Yuanzhi, theres no need to struggle. This time, you are in for it. Prime Minister Zhengs fury is burning and he is acting personally. No one would be able to save you.

Governor Yu coldly laughed. He then instructed his subordinates, Act now.

Prime Minister Zheng?

Zhou Yuanzhis expression instantly became as dark as ink. (When have I ever offended this major character?)

The guards moved a taishi chair over. Governor Yu sat down. (So his backer is really Prince Li?)

Actually, given Zhou Yuanzhis current status, only a relatively few nobles were powerful enough to be his backer.

If Prime Minister Zheng didnt participate in this, even if the Zhou Clan was discovered to be engaging in human trafficking, Governor Yu would close an eye and pretended to not have seen anything.

But since Prime Minister Zheng was participating, Governor Yu could only seize this opportunity and borrow his authority to kill the target. Prince Li might have overwhelming authority in Jinling. After all, he managed this territory for over twenty years. But the more this was so, the more unhappy the emperor would be.

After all, all lands in the world belonged to the emperor. It was one thing if you accumulated wealth as a prince to lead a carefree life. But what did you mean by nurturing so many henchmen like these?

When Governor Yu got into his current position two years ago, he was already very unhappy.

On the surface, the provincial governor was the highest-ranking official in Jinling. But no one cared about him; only Prince Lis words counted.

Stop struggling, the Three Purities Temple has been searched through, and your son Zhou Yong was found there too. In any case, you guys could have abducted anyone you want to, but why in the world would you abduct a student of Teacher Sun? Are you all courting death?

Governor Yu felt that Zhou Yong was truly an idiot. Was he too used to being arrogant? When he became angry, he felt that he could offend anyone he wanted to?

Teacher Sun?

Zhou Yuanzhi had a dumbfounded look on his face. (Who the hell is this Teacher Sun? Wait a minute, the teacher that expelled my son a few days ago seems to also be surnamed Sun?)

However, all these matters were not important. After hearing the words Three Purities Temple, Zhou Yuanzhi instantly felt his scalp turning numb. The matters there must not be exposed under any circumstances!

Zeze, what a dishonest person!

Governor Yu mocked.

A huge wealthy clan that was known by everyone in Jinling was going to have its properties confiscated. This was a major incident. Not even half a day had passed and everyone already knew about it.

The Apricot Flower Alley had the word alley in its name. But actually, it was a city district.

The vast majority of peak-level nobles and influential officials in Jinling would reside here. Also, Li Zixings residence was the largest, taking up almost one-fifth of the entire Apricot Flower Alley.

Prince, the Zhou Clan has their properties confiscated!

The butler reported.

This day would arrive sooner or later. Since the Zhou Clan has fallen, we will just have to nurture another clan to take its position. Its merely a matter of changing a money bag. The scholarly-looking Li Zixing was playing chess alone. Remember, do things cleanly.


The butler replied. He was used to such jobs.

Is there something else?

Li Zixing furrowed his brows. His mood was already spoilt.

Little Prince Can has died.

The butler braced himself and spoke. Nothing could be done. The prince would learn of this sooner or later.


Li Zixing was badly startled. How did he die?

Its said that he was beaten to death by those rescued female captives.

The butler explained.

The butler explained.

Hehe, although Caner is incompetent, how can a few weak females even kill him? Are they dreaming?

Li Zixings expression turned malevolent. With a slam, he overturned the entire chessboard.


The black and white pieces scattered onto the ground.

Go and investigate this for me. If I know the culprit, I will make sure to flay the skin of that person and their entire family. However, Li Zixing couldnt help but admit that this excuse was very flawless.

His son had been playing with abducted women in the nest of human traffickers and was killed in the end. What face did he have to make a fuss? No matter who it was, they would definitely maintain their silence to shield their clans reputation first.

For more ruthless clan lords, they might even denounce their own son for the sake of justice.

Prepare the carriage, I want to take a trip to the governors manor!

Li Zixing stood up. Officially, he wouldnt be able to make trouble for the culprits. Instead, he even had to take the initiative to express his sympathy to the female captives. He also needed to create a false image for his son, saying that his son was actually a hero that had infiltrated the traffickers nest to save the girls but a misunderstanding occurred due to a series of unexpected situations. No matter what, he had to protect the reputation of the Li Clan. But in the shadows, he would do his utmost to take revenge on those fellows who dared to make trouble for him. (If not, they would all really assume that I, Li Zixing, is a vegetarian!)

Zheng Qingfang, you have already retired. Why didnt you take a good rest and live the rest of your life peacefully? You are really courting death!

Li Zixing was enraged.

The butler lowered his head and was like an ostrich, pretending he didnt hear anything.

The power of Li Clan was too great. Before an hour had passed, Li Zixing already knew everything about the incident. Because Zhou Yong was expelled by a teacher surnamed Sun, he couldnt control his anger and kidnapped a student of this Teacher Sun? In the end, he was discovered and his entire clan was exterminated?

After hearing the latter part of the report, Li Zixing was so angry that even his hands were trembling.

Why would there be such a bratty son like Zhou Yong in this world?

(If you said someone investigated this for several years and only discovered this today, I can forget about it. But the human trafficking was actually discovered because of a small problem like this? Isnt this injustice?)

Sun Mo? He is actually An Xinhuis fiance? Interesting!

Li Zixing continued listening to Sun Mos matters as he coldly laughed. (God hands? Ill make it that you have no hands soon. Also, that fool Cao Xian, why hasnt he swallowed up the Central Province Academy yet?)

Cao Xian was none other than the headmaster of the Myriad Daos Academy!

Zhang Residence.

During these few days, every matter didnt go well for Zhang Hanfu. He didnt even want to go to school. He would feel annoyed every time he saw Sun Mos face.


Zhang Qianlin hurried over.

How many times have I said? You have to be calm and unflustered.

Zhang Hanfu admonished his son.

Father, the Zhou Clan had all their properties confiscated.

How could Zhang Qianlin not be nervous? This was a major incident!

Which Zhou Clan?

Zhang Hanfu frowned.

Zhou Yuanzhi, one of the top ten richest merchants in Jinling!

Zhang Qianlin sighed.

What is this joke you are making? For such a rich merchant like him, can his properties be seized just like that?

Zhang Hanfu was badly shocked. During these few days, he was still wondering whether he should go over to apologize?

Zhang Hanfu was still thinking about what gifts he should bring over if he went to apologize, yet his son was telling him now that the Zhou Clan was finished?

Its true!

Zhang Qianlin hurriedly told the news to his father. Ive gone over for a look. This news is absolutely true. The Zhou Residences great doors are plastered over with seals. Entry is forbidden. Human traffickers?

Zhang Hanfu had an ugly expression on his face. To boost his status and the value of his identity, he had always spoken to the teachers about how the Zhou Clan donated a million taels to the school every year. Everyone assumed that he was a very good friend of the Zhou Clan. Now that such an incident occurred, Zhang Hanfus reputation would surely fall.

In this past, you were a friend of a huge magnate. If news of this circulated out, everyone would be filled with envy and jealousy. But now, you were a friend of a human trafficker. It was already considered not bad if no one scolded you behind their backs.

That damnable Zhou Yuanzhi. There are many avenues from which he can earn money. Why did he have to earn such filthy money?

Zhang Hanfu was almost angered to death.

Yes, he has lost all humanity.

Zhang Qianlin had visited the Zhou Clan before. He wasnt able to tell that the generous and amiable Uncle Zhou was actually a scum!

How was this discovered?

Zhang Hanfu got Zhang Qianlin to explain the entire incident in detail. After hearing that Zhou Yong had kidnapped that big-breasted student of Sun Mo and gotten discovered, Zhang Hanfu was completely speechless.

Zhou Yuanzhi reigned supreme in the business world, and everyone knew his name. He even accumulated billions, yet he fell in Sun Mos hands in the end?

This feeling felt so fake. Wasnt it a case of an ant toppling an elephant? Now, Sun Mos reputation is going to surge again. I heard that there are already people calling him the number one great teacher of Central Province Academy.

Zhang Qianlin felt jealous.

Searching for his student for several days without sleep or rest. In the end, barging into the nest of human traffickers alone, defeating the evil scums, rescuing his student. This story was simply too enticing to fans! Upon hearing this, Zhang Hanfus eyelids twitched as he spoke, For the trip to Darkness Continent this time around

I will definitely make sure he doesnt return alive!

Zhang Qianlins expression was malevolent. An Xinhui and the entire Central Province Academy was his. Whoever dared to block his path would have to die!

After the students recruitment meet, Liu Mubai had led a group of students and entered the Darkness Continent to temper them, preparing for the league tournament at the end of the year. This time around, he had to obtain the first place in the tournament and lead the Central Province Academy up to the C grade. After that, he would consolidate his strength and gain three stars in a single day, acing the great teacher examination to break the official record and become the youngest 3-star great teacher in history.

Today was the day Liu Mubai returned to the school after two and a half months. As he was walking to the headmaster office to look for An Xinhui, he was thinking about how to strengthen the students.

However, after he entered the school, Liu Mubai realized something was wrong.

In the past, whenever he came back, there would be many female students sneaking glances at him. Some were more audacious and pretended that they encountered him by chance and would bow to him.

But today, nothing of this sort happened.

Liu Mubai self-mockingly laughed. (Could it be that Im already past my prime?) Naturally, this was just a joke. He, Liu Mubai, be it in looks or talent, even if the entire Central Province Academy was demolished, he wouldnt be out of popularity.

Liu Mubai then smiled in confidence. All of a sudden, the sound of praises entered his ears, causing him to involuntarily slow his steps.

Teacher Liu is the number one in Central Province Academy!

The person who spoke had an expression of rage. It was like his idol was insulted.

Stop farting. Teacher Sun is then the number one!

There was instantly someone who objected.

Teacher Liu was ranked #18 on the Greencloud Rankings. He is from one of the Nine Greats, the Black-White Academy. He graduated with an exceptional result, being ranked as the #3 in the entire Black-White Academy. In the field of sword arts, he also has overwhelmingly superior attainments. What does Teacher Sun count for?

Liu Mubai glanced over in the direction of the voice. When he saw the student speaking was a short male student, he couldnt help but frown.

Liu Mubai noticed that when this shorty spoke about this Teacher Sun, his tone was very respectful. This meant that this Teacher Suns position was not low at all in his heart.

Teacher Sun has God Hands!

Someone added.

Although Teacher Suns alma mater might not be that good and his combat prowess is inferior to Teacher Lius, Teacher Suns sense of justice is off the charts. He cherishes his students very well!

Thats right. Zhou Yong has been a school tyrant for over a year and bullied many students. What has Teacher Liu done about this? Nothing! But Teacher Sun just joined the school and already expelled Zhou Yong.

Teacher Sun is imposing and tyrannical!

The students were still arguing. The fans of the two teachers spoke out one after another.

Teacher Sun? Who is that?

Liu Mubai wasnt in the school during this period; hence, he basically had no idea what had happened. Also, who was Zhou Yong? He seemed to be the son of a huge magnate? Was he a school tyrant?

Liu Mubai was too arrogant. In his eyes, there were only elite students who could be nurtured into true talents, and he would ignore everything else. And Zhou Yong wasnt a fool and rarely found trouble with elite students. Hence, Liu Mubai completely had no idea about it.

Expelling Zhou Yong in the school meeting is just a minor thing. In order to seek out a female student that has been abducted, Teacher Sun squeezed his brain juice dry and displayed astounding intelligence. Within a single day, he managed to track the nest of the human traffickers through the clues and barged into the nest alone.

I heard that Teacher Sun wielded a wooden blade, yet he defeated all the evil scum, slaughtering so many of them to the point where their blood turned into a river.

In any case, he is extremely impressive! When the students spoke until here, they already ignored the shorty and began to discuss the rumors they heard.

Only now did Liu Mubai discover that only two other students were standing together with the shorty. Didnt this mean that all his previous fans were already converted into Teacher Suns fans?

I dont care. In any case, from today onward, Teacher Sun is the number one teacher in my heart. Theres no need for me to explain why!

The student arguing with the shorty earlier was already an iron-fan of Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from an iron-fan +100. Friendly (100/1,000).

Ever since Sun Mo rescued Lu Zhiruo, his fame surged even higher. This was because Li Gong took things into his own hands and did a series of things to boost Sun Mos fame.

Right now, Li Gong was Sun Mos number one lackey. As long as Sun Mo could become half-an-owner of the Central Province Academy, his own status would be improved too. Hence, he spared nothing to promote Sun Mo.

Secondly, it was naturally due to Tantai Yutang who wasnt afraid of watching the world burn. In addition, the latest topic among the students about Liu Mubai and Sun Mo was actually started intentionally by Tantai Yutang.

He felt that it would only be fun if the world was in chaos.

Li Ziqi also wanted to boost her teachers popularity, but she felt that her teacher wouldnt like it for sure. Hence, she didnt do so.

During these few days, Sun Mo didnt even do anything and he was collecting favorable impression points unceasingly. Although the amount wasnt much, they flowed in constantly. He should soon be able to reach 50,000 favorable impression points. As long as he headed out and helped a few students, he would be able to do so. However, Sun Mo didnt do anything like this because he was busy thinking about something.

During these few days, Sun Mo immersed himself in reading books in the library, peering over all common subjects in the Nine Provinces, deepening his understanding of them.

He then conducted an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of his six students. Finally, he found a subject that could help Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo improve by the greatest margin.

Xuanyuan Po and Ying Baiwu were both combat geniuses, and there was no need for him to care too much about them. As for Jiang Leng, his broken spirit runes werent a problem that could be resolved in one day. Cultivating was agony for him.

Thus, the two little fans were naturally targets that Sun Mo wanted to specially take care of.

For this tour to the Darkness Continent, I must definitely enable my students to grow. After that, in the newbie competition of the league tournament, I have to allow them to display their radiance. Only then would I be worthy of their trust in me.

Sun Mo had the pride of a teacher. If he wasnt able to help the two of them become the most outstanding individuals among their peers, it would be considered a failure on his part as a teacher.
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