Absolute Great Teacher
206 An Extravagant Line-up of Great Teachers
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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206 An Extravagant Line-up of Great Teachers


According to the deductions from some great teachers who were proficient in archaeology, spirit qi already existed in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces since ancient times. But even hundreds of millions of years later, humans were still confused and ignorant toward spirit qi. Their knowledge was severely lacking.

At that time, there werent any completed cultivation systems. Cultivators could only grope their way blindly forward, taking things step by step. Time simply flowed by like that until a group of people accidentally discovered a tribal ruin that had been abandoned for an unknown amount of years when they entered the Dragonsparrow Mountains to temper themselves.

When that group of people was exploring and digging for treasures, they entered a construct that was considered relatively perfect. In the end, they appeared on a brand new and mysterious continent.

That construct was none other than a teleportation gate.

After that, the survivors among this group of people built the Saint Gate. Through the opening up of the Darkness Continent to excavate ruins, they discovered many secret manuals, knowledge, and cultivation arts. Through researching them, the knowledge and understanding of the former cultivators began to build up. From then on, the cultivators of the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces began experiencing a drastic improvement to their cultivation bases.

This mysterious continent was eventually given the name of Darkness Continent. Because it was too mysterious, dangerous, and also attractive, you would be like wandering in the dark, not knowing what you would encounter. You might find miraculous opportunities or calamitous disasters!

Sitting on the Saint Gates public plaza of Jinlings western outskirts, Li Ziqi was bored to death as she flipped through the little booklet given to them by the school. She would occasionally grumble, Why cant we move out yet?

Senior sister, the time hasnt arrived yet!

Lu Zhiruo explained.

There was only one solution if one wanted to head to the Darkness Continent. They had to use the teleportation gates of the Saint Gate, and this was why students participating in this tour had to gather at the Saint Gates public plaza first before they moved out.

Theres only a minute left.

Li Ziqi took out her pocket watch and looked at it. After that, her lips twitched as she looked at Jin Mujie who was not far away.

Little sunny egg had already investigated things. In the past, the most extravagant teachers line-up to lead the new students consisted of two 2-star great teachers and one 3-star great teacher. This time around, Jin Mujie was the group leader.

Other than her, there was also the 2-star great teacher Pei Yuanli. His Broken Soul Saber Art had reached the major completion and he was extremely famous in the great teacher world of Jinling.

Speaking of teaching, Pei Yuanli might be slightly inferior. But when it came to combat, there was no doubt that he was one of the stronger ones.

Other than him, there were also four 1-star great teachers namely Xia Yuan, Zhou Shanyi, Zhang Qianling, and Duan Meng. Du Xiao and Yi Jiamin, who were teachers who had joined the school for three years, were also present. Given their performances, there should be no doubt that they would pass the next 1-star great teacher examination successfully. This line-up was already considered very extravagant. Besides, Gu Xiuxun, Sun Mo, Gao Ben and Zhang Lan were also present. They were included so that they could learn from experienced teachers on how to temper their students in the Darkness Continent. However, Li Ziqi kept feeling that this tour wouldnt proceed smoothly.

One must know that there were only 50 students in the tour group. Yet, there were actually twelve teachers here. On average, a teacher could take care of about four students.

If teachers were resources, this was absolutely extremely wasteful. However, after seeing the group from the Myriad Daos Academy, Li Ziqi knew the reason why An Xinhui had chosen to do this.

The Myriad Daos Academy was the arch-enemy of the Central Province Academy. Their group leader was a burly man of almost two-meters tall. He was named Tie Pu. Although his name was unpleasant-sounding and his appearance was ugly, he was a genuine 3-star great teacher. His combat strength was so great that he could insta-kill Pei Yuanli. He was an existence ranked within the top ten of Jinling.

However, what caused everyone to be surprised was that Fang Wuji was in the line-up as well!

He was a genius whose fame was on an equal level with Liu Mubai, one of the twin jade annulus of Jinling. He was the most dazzling new teacher in Jinling City. Although the two of them hadnt sat for the great teacher examination yet, everyone knew that they were consolidating their strength. They were all trying to gain three stars in a day, wanting to break the record. This meant that in the examination, they wanted to directly raise from 0-star to 3-star.

Its Fang Wuji from the Myriad Daos Academy!

Is this the new student group from the Myriad Daos Academy? Why is Fang Wuji leading them? Isnt this a case of using a talented person in an insignificant position?

I heard that his sword art is extremely powerful. It is a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art.

At the public square, several people were already gathered there, waiting for the teleportation gate leading to Darkness Continent to be activated.

Among them, there were also students and teachers from the other schools. After seeing Fang Wuji, all of them were very shocked. However, there were even more people sizing him up in curiosity. When the new students from the Myriad Daos Academy heard the praises for Teacher Fang Wuji in the discussion in the surroundings, there was an expression of glory and pride on their faces.

So ugly!

Lu Zhiruo mumbled.

He is a little ugly!

Ying Baiwu nodded. If one was to look at the upper half of Fang Wujis face, he was extremely handsome. He had sword-angled eyebrows and a pair of star-like eyes. But once one looked at his big chin and bucktooth, he would immediately become ugly.

This was especially so for his bucktooth on the left. It extended out past his lips and was quite frightening to look at. Is that just a little ugly?

Tantai Yutang was speechless. What sort of judgment do you have? It cant possibly be just because he is Fang Wuji that you dont dare to say that he is very ugly, right?

After hearing this, Ying Baiwus expression turned stiff. She felt as though she was being despised. She immediately retaliated. I dont care whether he is Fang Wuji or Fang Youji*, being ugly has nothing to do with this.

Because she was unhappy, she didnt control the volume of her voice.


The new students of the Myriad Daos Academy all cast their glares over.

Their cultivation bases were high and had good hearing. Hence, although Ying Baiwu stood over thirty meters away, they could hear her whispers.

Ying Baiwu wasnt willing to admit weakness either and directly glared back at them.

After the students of the Myriad Daos Academy heard the reason, they were also infuriated. In their hearts, Teacher Fang was the idol they worshipped. (Although his looks are a little ugly, you guys are not qualified to say anything.)

Stop making trouble!

Li Ziqi frowned. For something like evaluating the looks of others, it was fine if they discussed it privately. After all, who wouldnt talk about others at the back? However, if your words were heard by others, that would truly be considered a foolish action. Ying Baiwu also knew that she was in the wrong. Hence, she no longer glared at the students.

Teacher Fang is magnanimous!

A female teacher praised him.

They are children. Their world view, outlook, and ideology arent stable yet. When they grow up, they would understand how childish their actions today are.

Fang Wuji had naturally heard Ying Baiwus words, but he didnt mind them. He might be ugly but he was ugly in a fair and aboveboard manner. He didnt do anything sneaky behind the backs of others.

However, when Fang Wuji turned his head and saw a handsome young man there, there was still a little envy in his heart.

That young man sat on the ground and was reading a book. The rays of the morning sun cascaded down on his face, causing him to look even more graceful and handsome.

He is wearing a teachers uniform from the Central Province Academy and he is so handsome-looking. Could he be the Sun Mo Teacher Yue was speaking of?

Fang Wuji thought of the words spoken before by Yue Rongbo. Hence, he cast a few glances over to survey Sun Mo. Lu Zhiruo poked at Ying Baiwus arm and suggested in a low voice. I feel that you should go over and apologize.


Ying Baiwu didnt understand. Are you not the one who first said that he is ugly?.

But when I said it, no one managed to hear it, right?

Lu Zhiruo spoke boldly and confidently as though justice was on her side.

Im not going!

Actually, Ying Baiwu respected teachers a lot. However, if she apologized in the face of so many people, it would be too embarrassing.

Baiwu, admitting your mistake isnt an embarrassing thing. The embarrassing thing is that if you continue to blunder, said Sun Mo.

The side episode earlier had been seen by him. The environment Ying Baiwu had grown up in had caused her to have a tough and unyielding personality in everything she did. She would rather die than turn her head back. Even if she was in the wrong, she wouldnt admit it. In any case, she would be in the right if she won against the person in a fight. With such a personality, she would suffer sooner or later.

Truthfully speaking, for many kids, their first reaction would surely be to deny it if they made a mistake. They would argue all the way until their parents took out a cane. Only then would they admit that they were in the wrong. Sun Mo admired Ying Baiwus unyielding personality, but he wasnt fond of her stubbornness. Hence, he advised her from his heart. However, he didnt expect that his Priceless Advice would suddenly be activated. Swish

A layer of golden light emitted from Sun Mo. After that, it fanned out, cascading toward the students.

Even the new students from the Myriad Daos Academy standing over thirty meters away were affected.

For a time, the entire public square fell silent. All the students began to reflect. (Thats right, if you are in the wrong, you are in the wrong. Bravely admitting that you made a mistake is also a kind of courage.)

The teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy all had unhappy looks on their faces as they stared at Sun Mo.



The teachers of the Central Province Academy had stunned looks on their faces as they looked at Sun Mo. They were mentally saying, You are good. This display of might is truly impressive!.

In their hearts, this mistake by Ying Baiwu wasnt a major thing at all. Sun Mo was merely using this opportunity to toss out his great teacher halo to display his might.

After all, everyone in Jinling knew that the Central Province Academy and Myriad Daos Academy were arch-enemies.

A few minutes later, the influence of the great teacher halo weakened. The students who regained their senses after stopping their reflection were immediately infuriated.

Whats going on? Why did he use a great teacher halo on us?

Who is this fellow? How arrogant, this can be considered public provocation!

Che. There are plenty of people who wish to challenge Teacher Fang. This fellow is merely a little more handsome-looking. What capabilities does he have? If it boils down to a fight, Teacher Fang would be able to beat him so badly that he shit his pants.

The students of the Myriad Daos Academy all grumbled, feeling indignant. They felt that Sun Mo wasnt qualified enough to guide them.

However, he is really handsome. Does anyone know what his name is?

Among the voices of people condemning Sun Mo, there were a few voices like that. However, everyone ignored them.

The new students of the Central Province Academy had faces of shock as they looked at Sun Mo.

As expected of God Hands, how impressive!

Teacher Sun is awesome, he actually publicly provoked Fang Wuji.

The usage of this Priceless Advice great halo is so amazing. Look at the expressions of these students from the Myriad Daos Academy. Its like they feel extremely unbearable after eating a pile of shit!

The students from the Central Province Academy all felt complacent and proud of themselves. They felt that they had won a round against the other party in terms of aura.

At this moment, Sun Mo actually received a total of +96 favorable impression points.


Sun Mo was sweating waterfalls at the back of his head. Why did the great teacher halo suddenly activate? (I only wanted to guide Ying Baiwu and truly had no other intention.)

Teacher, I know my mistake!

Ying Baiwu apologized. After that, she ran toward Fang Wuji.


The students from the Myriad Daos Academy immediately glared at Ying Baiwu with unfriendly looks on their faces. A few students even stepped forward with their hands on their sword hilts. Teacher Fang, Im sorry.

Ying Baiwu stood five meters away and dipped into a bow as she apologized. Its fine!

Fang Wuji responded with a smile and waved his hands. After that, he surveyed Ying Baiwus body and involuntarily asked, Student, have you acknowledged a teacher yet? Are you willing to learn under me? [1] Fang Wuji, Wuji can mean infinite/without limits, Youji = have limits.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》