Absolute Great Teacher
207 My teacher Is The Best!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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207 My teacher Is The Best!


On the public square, everyone felt as though there was a cold gust of wind blowing past. They were instantly frozen. After that, deathly silence followed.


The students of the Myriad Daos Academy had stupefied looks on their faces. Didnt this girl just ridicule Teacher Fang for having an ugly appearance? But now, Teacher Fang actually wanted to recruit her?

(Have I gone deaf? Yes, that must be the case.)

The teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy all frowned as they looked at Ying Baiwu.

One must know that this female student was a student of the Central Province Academy. By recruiting her in the face of the great teachers from Central Province Academy, it was an act of extreme arrogance.

What the hell?

The teachers of Central Province were also stunned.

What was a jade annulus? It meant a perfect, flawless jade!

Fang Wuji and Liu Mubai were both proclaimed as the twin jade annulus of Jinling. Their characters were naturally doubtlessly good. Everyone had guessed that Fang Wuji wouldnt be angry toward a little girl, but werent his actions a little too exaggerated? Was this girl really so good?

Upon thinking of this, the teachers all turned their heads and looked at Sun Mo.

Teacher Sun truly managed to pick up a good student.

Zhou Shanyi sighed. Who would have thought that a swill-transporting girl would have such outstanding talent? The God Hands are simply so awesome, its useless to envy him!

Xia Yuan sighed ruefully. Which great teacher wouldnt want a good seedling?


Favorable impression points from Xia Yuan +20. Friendly (160/1,000).

One must know that if a 1-star great teacher wanted to be promoted to 2-stars, one of his or her personal students had to ascend to the Greencloud Rankings. This was a strict requirement. If not, it was useless even if you comprehended over 100 great teacher halos.

What was known by the phrase the cleverest housewife cant cook without rice?

It meant that despite a great teacher having great capabilities, if he or she didnt have a student with outstanding aptitude, there was no way the teaching capabilities of the great teacher could be displayed.

The students didnt think too much. They only felt some envy when they looked at Ying Baiwu. This girl was so lucky.

Being able to be Sun Mos personal student was already something very fortunate. In the end, she was even regarded highly by Fang Wuji. Truly, Ying Baiwu was like a carp in the pool that was transforming into a dragon after encountering wind and rain.

Sorry, I already have a teacher!

After being startled for a while, Ying Baiwu didnt hesitate and rejected it directly. In her heart, no matter how great Fang Wujis fame was, he was inferior to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo was her respected teacher that had given her a future! Mn!

Fang Wuji calmly responded, not feeling any unhappiness. However, a teacher from the Myriad Daos Academy with a 70% resemblance to him stood at the side as he coldly mocked.

Do you know what you just missed out on?

This young teacher was named Fang Wuan, and he was Fang Wujis younger brother. In his heart, his elder brother was the best. His elder brother was his idol. In the end, this girl didnt even hesitate to reject his brothers offer.

(How ridiculous. Do you know how many students wished to enter my brothers tutelage but were unable to do so?)

No matter how many great teachers I missed out on, I dont give a damn. I already have the best!

Ying Baiwu rebutted unyieldingly.


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +100. Friendly (800/1,000).

Li Ziqi clapped her hand to her forehead. (Junior martial sister, can you be more tactful when you speak? I know you are an iron-head, but isnt the metal in your head a little too thick?)


Fang Wuan angrily spoke, Is this how you should speak to a teacher?

Ying Baiwu ignored Fang Wuan. She turned and simply left. She had already apologized, so there was no need for her to stay too long. In her heart, she apologized to Fang Wuji wasnt because he was a very famous great teacher. Rather, it was because she had said he was ugly and was in the wrong. As for the others here, why should she care whether they were teachers or not? You

Fang Wuan raised his hand and just when he was preparing to release his great teacher halo to teach a lesson to this rude student, Fang Wuji stopped him.

May I ask who is your personal teacher?

Fang Wujis tone was neither fast nor slow.

Sun Mo, Teacher Sun, Central Province Academy! Ying Baiwu enunciated each word clearly.

Fang Wuji glanced toward Sun Mo again. His curiosity began to stir with regard to this teacher. It was very impressive that Sun Mo could see Ying Baiwus aptitude. However, this was still considered nothing much in Fang Wujis eyes. What shocked him was when this iron-headed girl spoke the name Sun Mo, her tone was filled with respect and reverence.

This meant that Sun Mo had an extremely high status in her heart.

Who is Sun Mo? Have you heard of him before?

Is there such a teacher in the Central Province Academy?

I initially thought she would say An Xinhui or Jin Mujie?

The teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy were taken aback. Everyone knew who were the strongest teachers in the opponents camp. In the end, when they heard the name of a stranger, everyone was dumbfounded.

However, they knew who Sun Mo was soon after. The teachers of the Central Province Academy were all staring at a young teacher.

(Che, he is really handsome!)

Teacher Sun, this student of yours really helped you to gain face!

Zhou Shanyi flashed a thumbs up. When he caught sight of Zhang Qianlin from the corner of his eyes, his heart involuntarily thumped quicker as he was filled with self-reproach. He noticed that Zhang Qianlins face was now as black as a wok.

Aiya. I screwed up! I screwed up! In order to forge a better relationship with Sun Mo, Ive forgotten about Zhang Qianlin.

How would Zhang Qianlin notice Zhou Shanyis thoughts? Right now, his mind was filled with jealousy. He wanted nothing more than to play Sun Mo to the death.

(Everyone was a great teacher, what capabilities do you have to be so outstanding? Wait a minute, you are not even a great teacher yet!)

Scheming dog!

Zhang Qianlin was frantically cursing in his heart. These fifty students, who were being able to be selected for this tour to the Darkness Continent, were all students with the best aptitude.

According to past experiences, if there were no unexpected accidents, these fifty students should be the strongest seedlings out of all the students this year. If they felt gratitude for his guidance, even if he wasnt their personal teacher, this relationship would be of great assistance toward his ambition of becoming the headmaster.

However, Sun Mo was truly excellent. He directly tossed out a great teacher halo and gained plenty of favorable impressions.


When he saw the looks of respect in the eyes of the students now, Zhang Qianlin was so angry that he felt his liver aching. (Sun Mo, did your parents give you the wrong name? Black Doggy Sun suits you more, right?) Truly, he was a scheming dog with a black heart!

Dang! Dang! Dang! When 9 a.m. arrived, the heavy chimes of a bell rang throughout the public square. The cultivators who were waiting here immediately moved toward the great hall.

The sound of these bell chimes represented the activation of the teleportation gate.


Tie Pu stood up and called.

Every time this teleportation gate was activated, a large amount of spirit qi was used. Hence, it would only be activated once every five days. If someone missed it, they could only wait five days later for the next activation.

When Fang Wuan left, he stared at Sun Mo with an unfriendly look on his face. (Hmph, after entering the Darkness Continent, I want to see what capabilities you have exactly.)

Why is Pei Yuanli not here yet?

Li Ziqi took out her pocket watch. (How did this fellow thats so unpunctual ever become a great teacher?)

Lets head over and wait in the great hall first.

Jin Mujie instructed.

She had already heard An Xinhui saying that for this tour to the Darkness Continent, there was an 80% to 90% chance that Myriad Daos Academy would do something to them. Fang Wujis appearance seemed to prove this point.

An Xinhui set Pei Yuanli as the vice group leader because she wanted to depend on his combat strength to intimidate their enemies. But even if Pei Yuanli didnt arrive, Jin Mujie didnt mind.

Teacher Jin, sorry. I came late!

Pei Yuanli had a tang blade in his hand; the back of the blade was placed on his shoulder. His other hand was holding a tanghulu and he was eating it happily.

Why does this teacher feel so unreliable?

Lu Zhiruo covered her mouth with her little hands and whispered to Ying Baiwu.

The iron-headed girl cast a glance at the papaya girl. (Hmph, you still want to make me lose face? Dont even think about it!)

He looked quite powerful.

Xuanyuan Po licked his lips. He truly felt like fighting this teacher!

Lets go!

Although Jin Mujie wasnt happy that Pei Yuanli was late, he was still a 2-star great teacher after all. She couldnt possibly berate him in front of the students and teachers. As for her dissatisfaction, she could only endure it.

Lets move out. I have to tell you guys that the Darkness Continent is very dangerous. Even wild grasses growing at the side might kill you if your skin was grazed by them if you are not careful.

Pei Yuanli walked toward a male student and tapped his shoulder. Do you want to eat?

As he spoke, he moved the tanghulu toward the male students lips.


The students body turned stiff as he sweated profusely. (How should I reply? It isnt appropriate to eat it, but if I didnt, would Teacher Pei feel like I didnt give him face?)

Che, if you dont eat now. You guys wont be able to eat it even if you want to during the first few days!

Pei Yuanli ridiculed.

The students had felt a little unhappy because Pei Yuanli was late. But now seeing that he completely put on no airs at all, they involuntarily felt more relaxed.

Students were most afraid of strict-faced teachers.

Teacher Pei, your blade is so beautiful!

A student exclaimed in admiration.

Indeed, Pei Yuanli was using a tang blade. The edge of the blade was straight and it was two-finger wide. Although the blade handle couldnt be seen, pictures of harmonious clouds made from gold could be seen engraved on the sheathe.

The blade truly looked gorgeous and beautiful!


Pei Yuanli smiled. He suddenly turned his head and glanced at Xuanyuan Po. Hey, the tall fellow carrying a spear. Stop looking at me with a look saying I want to fight in your eyes. Im afraid I might not be able to control myself and would hack you to death!

Although his tone was playful, Pei Yuanli was instantly emitting killing intent, causing the students here, who were watching with excitement, to suddenly feel their muscles tensing as their backs went cold.

This feeling was like a bright blade was pressed against your neck.

This was especially so for the male student who had said the blade was beautiful earlier. He was so afraid that he almost pissed his pants. He was feeling regret for being talkative earlier.

My name is Xuanyuan Po, not tall guy!

Xuanyuan Po stared at Pei Yuanli directly. His movements were intimate as he touched his spear. Also, my spear has a nameSilver Paste. It says it really wants a fight against your Tang Blade.

What the hell is Silver Paste?

Let alone students, even the teachers were dumbfounded. As colleagues, they all knew Pei Yuanlis personality.

This fellow was extremely temperamental. When he was speaking nicely, he would treat you as a friend and could joke with you about anything under the sun. But once he was angered, he would even slash his blade at his good friend.

It was said that this was due to him cultivating the Broken Soul Blade Art. It led to his soul being injured. Simply speaking, he was a little mentally unsound.

Sometimes, he would also regret it very much if he slashed someone. But he couldnt control himself!

Is he going to punch him? Zhang Qianlin stared at Sun Mo in excitement.

(1) tanghulu chinese-sugared candy
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》