Absolute Great Teacher
209 The Fifth Great Teacher Halo, Comprehended!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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209 The Fifth Great Teacher Halo, Comprehended!


Sun Mos smile looked bright and clear, akin to the clear skies after a rain. His smile was like the warmth of sunlight cascading down on ones body, giving people a sense of comfort and making them want to inhale a breath of fresh air.

Even though Sun Mo had once bested him, Gao Ben couldnt help but admit that this fellow was truly handsome. He was more than enough to be a celebrity teacher.

Teacher is so charismatic!

Li Ziqis expression was calm, but her tongue in her mouth was dancing about in agitation. (Wait a minute, calm. I must be calm. I cant possibly keep being agitated just because of these minor matters.) (After all, teachers handsomeness is eternal.) Hehe!

Zhang Qianlin coldly laughed. (A small target? Do you know how terrifying the purchasing power of 100 spirit stones is? Even if you sell your a*s for an entire year in the Darkness Continent, you wont be able to earn that much.)

Spirit stones were a type of consumable resources, and they would disappear upon being used. Besides, the quantity of spirit stones in the Darkness Continent wasnt a lot. The difficulty of mining them was also terrifyingly high. Spirit stones were usually buried underneath the ground. Miners had to dig and go all the way in, hammer-blow by hammer-blow to mine the spirit stones. After that, they had to carry the stones on their back as they climbed back to the surface.

The spirit stones were extremely precious. If not, it wouldnt be able to become a currency that was publicly acknowledged by everyone. In the Darkness Continent, the price to invite a 3-star great teacher for a lecture of 45 minutes, or to answer questions, was ten inferior spirit stones, non-negotiable. From this, one could tell how unrealistic Sun Mos small target was.

Sun Mo didnt bother with their gazes. He walked toward Jin Mujie. Teacher Jin, I wish to apply for some time off.

Teacher Sun, you wont be able to earn 100 spirit stones in six hours. You might as well use this time to give lessons to your students.

Zhou Shanyi persuaded.

Zhang Qianlin immediately shot a glare over. (Are you so idle that your balls ache? Why are you helping Sun Mo to get out of his predicament?)


Zhou Shanyi was startled. He felt annoyed after that and silently scolded himself for being foolish. What was wrong with him? Zhang Qianlin clearly wanted to suppress Sun Mo. If he involved himself, he might be implicated. However, he really wanted to do a favor for Sun Mo and enjoy the prowess of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. Let alone 100 spirit stones, you wont even be able to earn 10.

Duan Meng, who had been silent all this while, suddenly spoke. He didnt like Sun Mo, feeling that he was full of tricks and solely depended on the God Hands to get his current status. He believed that Sun Mo had no capabilities in teaching.

Duan Meng was only convinced by those traditional teachers who had skill and reputation.

Even the teacher in An Xinhuis faction, Xia Yuan, who had a pretty good impression of Sun Mo, also didnt feel like making any excuses to help Sun Mo. There was no solution to this. It was truly impossible to earn 100 spirit stones within such a short timeframe.

Actually, there shouldnt be any problem for Teacher Sun to earn 10 spirit stones. He has the God Hands after all. Wouldnt it be a done deal as long as he performs massages for people on the street?

Yi Jiamin smiled and suggested a solution. Right, my teacher can earn money using God Hands! Lu Zhiruo had an excited look in her eyes. Given Teachers Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, he will be able to earn 100 spirit stones in just an hour. Ding! Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +50. Reverence (10,050/100,000). Li Ziqi rolled her eyes. (Papaya girl, can you not be so stupid? This suggestion clearly has malicious intentions within.) If Sun Mo wanted to use his massaging techniques to earn spirit stones on the street, what difference would there be between him and a street vendor? No matter what hands you had, the way people looked at you would surely change for the worst. It was like businessmen with many luxurious items. When the economical situation wasnt good and the buying power of customers decreased, they would rather destroy the luxurious goods than to sell them off cheaply. Why? Because they didnt want the overall reputation of the luxurious goods to fall. When high-end customers knew that you had lowered the price before and everyone had the goods, their demand for the goods would decline greatly.

Sun Mo glanced at the papaya girl and dotingly rubbed her head.

A prestige connection of reverence was just a tier away from worship. However, to reach worship, he needed 100,000 favorable impression points. The amount of points was truly frightening! Ding!

Because your prestige connection with Lui Zhiruo has reached reverence, from now on, if you obtain any more favorable impression points from her, the system wont specially notify you. I will only make an announcement after the prestige connection between you two reaches worship, or if she generates an especially large amount of favorable impression points.

The system added. What do you mean?

Sun Mo blinked his eyes. Frankly speaking, it means that you are lazy, right?

The system fell silent. Teacher Sun, if you want to use God Hands to earn money, let me persuade you to give up the notion.

Jin Mujie furrowed her brows. The problem with this was very serious. It might even destroy Sun Mos reputation.

Hehe, Teacher Jin worries too much. My Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands are not so cheap. Other than for helping the students of our school, I wont use them easily.

Sun Mo laughed. In his mental notebook, he took note of this Yi Jiamin. (Want to plot against me? No chance at all!) After hearing this, all the students were agitated. They suddenly felt that choosing to join the Central Province Academy was truly a smart choice. If not, they wouldnt be able to encounter Teacher Sun. Ive already said it, how can Sun Mos God Hands be used casually? Thats right, thats a divine skill.

Right, it cant be used so easily, but we should allow others to watch it! The students discussed and commented wildly. Whenever they thought of themselves being able to enjoy such an impressive massaging technique, they immediately grew excited. After that, their attitudes toward Sun Mo became even more respectful.

Ding! Congratulations, you gained a total of +520 favorable impression points. Teacher Jin, I will return half an hour before we move out.

Sun Mo was very prideful. Since the personal students of others had spirit stones given to them, he also had to ensure that his personal students had the same treatment.

It wasnt for the sake of face, rather, he didnt want his students to be short-changed because they chose to follow him. Teacher, we dont need spirit stones! Jiang Leng suddenly spoke. His face might be cold, but his heart was warm. He always thought of others.

Thats right. If we need spirit stones, we can earn them ourselves! Xuanyuan Po didnt feel that earning 100 spirit stones would pose any difficulty to Sun Mo. His personality had always been like that. If he wanted something, he would obtain it through a fight. If one fight couldnt cut it, he would have two fights! Alright, lets not waste any more time. You guys stay here and dont run around randomly!

Sun Mo stopped them. After that, he instructed, Ziqi, follow me! Teacher, me too!

Ying Baiwu raised her hands. Im strong and can do heavy manual work! (Going to make money? How can you leave me out in such a matter?)


Sun Mo didnt mind. It wasnt bad to get a free helper. Just when he was turning and preparing to leave, someone tugged at his shirt.


Sun Mo turned his head and saw the large eyes of the papaya girl looking at him. Her appearance was like a little abandoned kitten.

Follow me then.

Sun Mo didnt mind it. In any case, it made no difference for him whether there were one or two students following him.


The papaya girl was happy. After Sun Mo left, Tantai Yutang immediately called out, A gambling match! A gambling match! Lets bet on whether Teacher Sun can earn 100 spirit stones.


A sack of spirit stones was tossed into Tantai Yutangs embrace.

Ill bet 10 spirit stones that Sun Mo will fail!

Zhang Qianlin grinned. (You dare to start a gambling match? Since thats the case, I will bet with you until I turn you upside down!)

Teacher Zhang, it isnt too good for you to do this, right? Jin Mujie frowned. This student of Sun Mo clearly has flaws in his personality. Im trying to help Sun Mo correct it! said Zhang Qianlin righteously. The Middle-Earth Nine Provinces were the same as ancient china. Gambling was legal.

I want to join too. Five spirit stones!

Yi Jiamin was slightly poorer.

Duan Meng didnt say anything. He directly betted 20 spirit stones on Sun Mo failing. Zhou Shanyi endured it for a little while but eventually gave in. This was a heaven-sent opportunity to make money, why wouldnt he want to take it? If Tantai Yutang lost, Zhou Shanyi naturally wouldnt get money from a student. However, would Sun Mo allow his students to owe peoples money? Wouldnt Sun Mo help them pay him back later?

At that time, he would suggest Sun Mo to give him a massage to clear the debt. Sun Mo would probably feel too awkward to reject him.

Student, gambling isnt a good habit. I will help you correct your behavior. I hope that after you lose, you will give up on gambling. After Zhou Shanyi spoke righteously, he betted 20 spirit stones on Sun Mo failing as well.

Hmm, I will bet that Sun Mo will succeed!

Xia Yuan tossed a spirit stone to Tantai Yutang. This was the price of friendship.

I will also bet on Sun Mo succeeding. Gu Xiuxun smiled and tossed a sack of spirit stones over.


The stones within clang loudly, emitting a clear and crisp sound.

This scene caused a few teachers to look over with indescribable expressions. (Gu Xiuxun, what do you mean by this? Are you helping Sun Mo control the situation? Or do you really believe he could accomplish it?)

Du Xiao didnt participate. She really wanted to bet on Sun Mo to show her friendship. However, she couldnt bear to part with even one spirit stone! Teacher Jin, wont you place your bet?

Jin Mujie checked her number of spirit stones.

Its fine. However, this is the last time you are allowed to do this. In the future, you are not allowed to gamble in public. Since Jin Mujie was a 3-star great teacher and a group leader as well, she naturally couldnt participate in the gambling. However, everyone was already participating, and she didnt have a suitable reason to stop the match.

Sun Mo, this disciple of yours is really good at making trouble. Is he someone sent by the heavens to prank you? Jin Mujie was speechless. What she could do was ensuring nothing similar to this would happen again. But after this sickly-looking young man lost, he probably wouldnt dare to gamble anymore in the future, right? Are there no one else? Tantai Yutang swept his gaze around, and it landed onto the students who had received their spirit stones. The opportunity to strike it rich just lies before your eyes. Why dont you guys give it a try? By gambling, spirit weapons have a chance to become saint weapons, by gambling, you would have a chance to visit the Concentrated Fragrance Brothel to sleep with famed courtesans.


Jin Mujie berated.


Tantai Yutang shrugged. When he sat down cross-legged, two spirit stones flew toward him.

Sun Mo, win!

The spirit stones were from Zhang Lan. Her words were concise and comprehensive.

After Sun Mo made some inquiries about the most luxurious street of Spiritwind City, he brought the three female students along with him.

Teacher, how do you plan to make money?

Ying Baiwus eyes gleamed with excitement.

Sun Mo didnt answer.

Stop talking, let our teacher have some quiet time.

Li Ziqi interrupted Ying Baiwu who kept on asking questions. Their teacher was clearly contemplating, couldnt she see it? Also, the eyes of this iron-headed junior martial sister would gleam whenever money was mentioned. Sun Mo was indeed in a daze. However, he wasnt thinking about how to make money. It was because a system notification just rang out again.


Congratulations on obtaining a total of 50,000 favorable impression points. You took another great stride on the path of great teachers. You have obtained 1x bronze treasure chest, please continue to work hard.

A shiny bronze-colored treasure chest appeared before him. However, Sun Mo wasnt paying attention to that. He got the system to open the merchant store instead.

On the simple and unadorned shelves, a dazzling lineup of items for sale could be seen.

So many items? Sun Mo was shocked.

Its because your financial power is now enough to buy these items.

The system explained.

Dont your words also mean that because I was too poor before, the merchant store is looking down on me?

Sun Mo curled his lips. Theres a 20% discount on a skill book today. Do you want to purchase it?

The system introduced. A moment later, a floating book thicker than a dictionary shone with golden light and floated toward Sun Mo.

[1,000 types of species from Darkness Continent Species Encyclopedia). After learning it, you will instantly possess all the knowledge about 1,000 types of species from the Darkness Continent. Price: 30,000 favorable impression points. Good stuff!

After seeing the introduction, Sun Mo really wanted to buy it. This was especially so given that it was on a 20% discount. If he bought it, he would be able to save 6,000 favorable impression points. But in the end, Sun Mo still managed to keep his impulse in check. If he had to compare a great teacher halo and a portion of knowledge from the Species Encyclopedia, the former was more precious and the range of usage was wider. After all, great teacher halos were the capabilities of great teachers.

Let me take a look at Misleading Students!

Sun Mo felt a little conflicted.

Misleading Students. This great teacher halo is a punishment-type one. It is used to target other great teachers specifically. After using it, the target wouldnt be able to use any great teacher skills within a certain timeframe. The target wouldnt be able to circulate spirit qi and would forget everything in their minds, unable to guide or teach any student.

After seeing the note, Sun Mo no longer hesitated.

I want to buy Misleading Students!

Ding! Congratulations, your purchase is confirmed. Thank you for your patronage!

The system basically didnt give Sun Mo any time to regret. At the instant his voice rang out, the purchase was completed.

Do you want to learn it now?

If not, should I wait until the new year is


Sun Mo was already impatient.


The skill book was crushed. A ray of light shot out, entering Sun Mos forehead. Mysterious and profound knowledge instantly exploded in Sun Mos mind. It then became imprinted deeply. Teacher?

Lu Zhiruo, who was gazing around with curiosity, immediately turned to look at Sun Mo. There seemed to be an additional unknown source of aura emitting from her teacher.

Li Ziqi was frowning as she surveyed Sun Mo. As for Ying Baiwu, her entire mind was filled with how they should earn 100 spirit stones.

Ding! Congratulations on learning Misleading Students. Proficiency level: elementary!

Sun Mo contemplated the profound meaning of this great teacher halo and exhaled longly.

If one wanted to become a 2-star great teacher, they had to possess 6 great teacher halos and specialized in two side occupations. In addition, one of the students under them had to be ranked in the Greencloud Rankings.

Before this, Sun Mo had placed all his hopes on Xuanyuan Po and Ying Baiwu. But now, he felt that Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo might have a chance too.

As for whether they could make it or not, it would depend on his efforts of educating and nurturing them. However, the most important thing now was still to earn some spirit stones. Sun Mo walked through half the street and decided to head back to his original spot. What is teacher doing?

Lu Zhiruo didnt understand.

Teacher is observing how many stores there are on the street and what they are mainly selling. What businesses are good, and what merchandises have high market demand. Also, which locations have a higher traffic flow, and which store is more popular. One couldnt help but say that Li Ziqi was more meticulous than Ying Baiwu and Lu Zhiruo, and she thought of many things. She perfectly managed to guess what Sun Mo was thinking

Well said!

Sun Mo praised. He then stretched out his hand in the passing to touch Lu Zhiruos head. At the same time when he was opening the bronze treasure chest, he walked into a store that sold herbs and medicine.

[1] Note: the name of the great halo Misleading Students might not sound too apt from its descriptions, but please just bear with it. The raws 178, essentially means leading others astray/ an incompetent or lazy teacher that hampers the progress of students.
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