Absolute Great Teacher
212 Accomplishment Of A Small Goal
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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212 Accomplishment Of A Small Goal


The Thousand Spirits Shop was a big chain store with thousands of years of history. Ma Hang was able to climb up from the status of an apprentice to a shopkeeper after 20 years. Whether it was his IQ or EQ, they were equally outstanding.

After the tea was served, Shopkeeper Ma tried to hold a casual conversation. From there, he knew that this young person didnt like mingling; hence, he went straight to the point.

The spirit rune that was drawn by Teacher Sun just now, could it be your own invention?

Ma Hangs round face was coupled with a big smile, looking very amiable.

Its not!

Sun Mo admitted it directly. Even though this

usively owned by him, it was designed by the system.


Could it be excavated from some random historical ruins?

Ma Hangs eyes brightened up and stared at Sun Mos gaze. It was as though he was looking at an invaluable unprocessed ore.

It isnt either!

Sun Mo didnt want to waste time and explained straight away, I discovered it by random from an ancient book!

Ma Hangs heartbeat started racing. He had to purse his lips tightly to restrict himself from asking for the name of the ancient book. Please allow me to ask boldly. Is this spirit rune exclusively owned by Teacher Sun?

Thats for sure!

Sun Mo nodded.

This reply was expected by Ma Hang, but he was still shocked. That was an exclusively owned spirit rune. Even if it didnt possess any effect, it was worth researching. Moreover, Sun Mo had said previously that this spirit rune could release lightning spheres. After they were being attacked, they would strike back automatically, and the user could even control the distance of their attack.

If this spirit rune was exactly like what Sun Mo had described, possessing both defense and attack mechanisms, then its value was basically impossible to be estimated.

Sorry, please allow me to ask again. Are you sure that no one else knows about this spirit rune? For example, the ancient book that you read, perhaps other people might have seen it before or even owned one?

He didnt blame Ma Hang for being cautious because this involved enormous amounts of profits.

What other people saw was how well-off this Thousand Spirits Shop was, how it went through numerous challenging experiences in the spirit runes industry for over a thousand years, and how it was a big brand with extremely high profits every year. However, only the higher-ups of the Thousand Spirits Shop knew how much effort they had to invest in to reach such sales figures.

The brand Thousand Spirits was pretty famous in Jiangnan and could be considered one of the top 3 brands. However, when it was being placed in the entire Central Province, it became more inferior. It couldnt even be considered as one of the top 10 brands in the spirit runes industry.

Especially the top 3 big players in the spirit rune industry. The research funds they spent each year to develop new spirit runes were enough to cover the entire provinces annual military expenditure.

The spirit rune industry was similar to the pharmaceutical industry. A new type of spirit rune was like a new type of medicine. If the effects were powerful enough, it would bring about huge market demand, a terrifying impact, as well as large amounts of money.

I can swear to the heavens that other than me, no one else knows about this spirit rune.

Sun Mos tone was solemn. For the other party to confirm over and over again, it was as expected.

Ma Hang couldnt hold his excitement and clenched his fists tightly. If this matter was operated smoothly, it wouldnt be a problem for him to be transferred to the headquarters as a higher management employee. Hence, his expressions looked more cautious.

Teacher Sun, can you please describe in detail the effects of this spirit rune?

After Ma Hang spoke, he couldnt help but frown. He looked toward his apprentice who was standing at the side and chided, What are you doing? Why are you not serving tea to these 3 students?


The apprentice got stunned and subconsciously looked toward the teapot in his hands. (Shopkeeper, have you forgotten? Didnt you specially brief me that this tea was very expensive? Didnt you mention not to serve the entourage anything?)

(To put it bluntly, youre just stingy.)

What are you err-ing for? Go pour them some tea and bring some snacks over.

If he wasnt worried that scolding his apprentice would affect Sun Mos impression of him, he would have verbally abused this apprentice. (What a f*cking idiot, Im talking about usual days. Is this occasion considered a usual day?)

(This is a business opportunity that could alter the influence structure of the spirit runes industry, and yet youre serving the guests this way?)

The apprentices status was low, and he didnt dare to talk back and immediately did as told.

Thank you!

Li Ziqi expressed her gratitude. However, she didnt drink the tea. Lu Zhiruo didnt drink as well and was strolling around in the shop to look at those spirit rune merchandise.

On the contrary, Ying Baiwu held the teacup with both hands and took a tiny sip. Suddenly, an exotic taste filled her mouth and the fragrance permeated through her chest.

This is harvested from the Darkness Continents third level, known as the spring tea from Jadepot Mountain. I believe Teacher Sun has heard of it? The Bihu waterfall is active throughout the 4 seasons, filling the air with water vapor that saturates the tea trees nearby. This is how Jadepot Mountains spring tea came about. I was honored to receive this from my master after putting in a great service 5 years ago. Ma Hang gestured for Sun Mo to try the tea.

Sun Mo picked up the purple gravel teacup and drank a sip. He couldnt help but exclaim, Good tea!

The tea was good and so was the person.

Even though shopkeeper Ma seemed to be chatting casually, he was trying to show that he was a capable person who was highly regarded by his master and that Sun Mo could be at ease when discussing business with him.

Moreover, the tea leaves were so precious that he hadnt touched it since 5 years ago. Now, he was actually serving them this tea to Sun Mos students. It was considered extremely courteous hospitality.

Teacher Sun, I wonder what are your thoughts on this? Ma Hang inquired, As long as its within my means, I will try my best to do it for you.

I wish to sell 10 lightning protection runes.

Sun Mo explained his intention clearly.

Just to put it out for sale?.

Ma Hangs face displayed disappointment, but he regained energy soon after. This was an important business that couldnt be clinched in a short amount of time. He needed to be patient.

Yes, if Im not running short of spirit stones, I wont be selling them.

Sun Mo shrugged.

Teacher Sun, youre thinking too much. In any case, Ive been in this industry for over 20 years. Even though I dare not say Im a professional, I definitely wont make an error in my judgment. According to the powerful effects of your spirit rune, even if you sold only one of them, I would still treat you as a VIP guest.

Ma Hang was very good with words and pointed out Sun Mos tricks without leaving any trace. At the same time, he was trying to negotiate the price. (Since we all know that only my Thousand Spirits Shop could accept such a high price, then lets not beat around the bush and deal sincerely!)

One rune for 50 spirit stones!

Sun Mo quoted the price. Ahem!

Hearing this quotation, Ying Baiwu immediately started coughing and stared at Sun Mo dumbfoundedly. (Teacher, are you for real? You just sold it for 10 spirit stones just now and youre selling it for 50 now? Do you think this shopkeeper is an idiot?)

But what confused Ying Baiwu was how Ma Hang didnt reject but slipped into a deep ponder.

Remain calm!

Li Ziqi reminded her softly.

This was their teachers way of doing business. Before a product attained its fame, even if it was as expensive as gold, no one would be interested. However, once the product had gained its fame, it became different.

Sun Mo had purposely sold the spirit gathering potted plant for a low price because he wanted to pry open the door to this Thousand Spirits Shop. By doing that, he managed to attract shopkeeper Mas interest!

Has Teacher Sun considered selling this spirit rune design?

Ma Hang still asked the question.

Sun Mo shook his head. Every spirit rune had its own way of arrangement and requirements. It wasnt as easy as just drawing the spirit lines. If it was so simple, then every artist would become a spirit rune master easily.

Since thats the case, Id like to ask Teacher Sun not to sell this to other spirit rune merchants.

Ma Hang requested. Thats fine.

Sun Mo had no intention to sell it anyway.

Teacher Sun is a straightforward man, then I shall not be stingy either. 10 pieces of lightning protection rune for 500 spirit stones.

Ma Hang was decisive.


The shopkeepers apprentice made a sound from his throat and looked at Sun Mo in shock. His gaze was filled with envy and admiration. This price was extremely high and could even buy an 8th level spirit rune.


Ying Baiwu choked on her saliva. (Thats very good, Im not going to learn swordplay anymore. Im going to learn spirit runes. Even if Gongsun Jianniang were to break her legs, her speed of earning money will never be faster than my teacher!)

(Just look at this, my teacher has earned nearly 600 spirit stones in a couple of hours.)

As a young lady who loved money and was iron-headed, even though she didnt know about the real worth of spirit stones, just by looking at everyones expressions, she knew that spirit stones were considered a better form of currency than gold in the Darkness Continent.

Ziqi, bring over one lightning protection rune for me.

Sun Mo knew that the shopkeeper was purchasing them for research purposes. This was an unspoken rule in the spirit rune industry whereby people would try to copy the design first. If it was unable to be duplicated, they would then source for the original version.

If they were able to make a copy, then no one would know which was the original version. By then, it would be impossible for Sun Mo to ask for copyright fees. What are you doing? Quickly serve more tea for this lady! Ma Hang blamed the apprentice for not taking the initiative.

(Even though this is my own business, does that mean you have no other job? You need to attend to their needs and ensure the guests feel at home.)

Li Ziqi retrieved a lightning protection rune from the bamboo tube very quickly and handed it over to Sun Mo.

Thats not needed, I trust

Ma Hang feigned his intention and tried to decline, but his eyes were staring at Sun Mos hands without blinking.


The rune paper was shredded into pieces and blue fragments of electric arc immediately appeared. Its delicate appearance made it seem like a fish that was only one finger long.

Blitz blitz!

These electric arcs suddenly converged to form three lightning spheres, and they started to swivel around Sun Mos body in an irregular pattern. It almost seemed like satellites that floated around Jupiter.

Ma Hangs pupils immediately contracted and then enlarged. Most of his wrinkles had shocking rays of light flickering on them. As a shopkeeper who had been in this industry for 20 years, Ma Hang dared to swear on his head that he hadnt seen such an effect before.

Sun Mo altered his thoughts and looked at the corner of the shop.


A lightning sphere immediately shot out toward that corner.

This speed is average! Ma Hang twirled his lips. Just as this thought entered his head, he saw the lightning sphere knocked against the wall before exploding with a loud bang.

Bang! Bang!

Rays and rays of blue lightning started to extend to all directions. They seemed like a spiderweb that enveloped over a 3m radius. When the lightning disappeared, what was left behind was just charcoal-black space.

How powerful!

The apprentice yelled out in surprise. Shopkeeper Ma, as for the self-defense mechanism, you can test it out yourself. It isnt convenient for me to test it here and now.

Sun Mo explained. If this lightning sphere were to hit him, even if he wasnt burnt, the high voltage would shock his body, stiffening


Dont say that, I trust Teacher Sun.

Ma Hang received those spirit runes and scanned over them habitually. His eyes couldnt stop staring at those runes. (What kind of arrangement is this?) (Ive never seen this before! Its filled with a strange sense of beauty. How should I put it? Those neatly arranged spirit lines, just by glancing at them once, ones thoughts will become so clear that one will feel extremely comfortable.) Shopkeeper? Shopkeeper? Sun Mo was in a rush and had to urge him. Otherwise, who knew how long this fellow was going to stare at the runes for?

Sorry, sorry, Ill go get the spirit stones now!

Ma Hangs movements were very swift. Actually, a business worth 500 spirit stones was considered an average deal to this shop. It didnt require Ma Hang to retrieve the spirit stones personally, and he couldve asked the apprentice to do it instead. However, Ma Hang did it personally this time around.

It didnt take more than 3 minutes before Ma Hang came back carrying a big bag.

Master Sun, please count the stones. There are a total of 600 here!

Even though Ma Hang mentioned Sun Mos name, he passed the bag over to Li Ziqi. He could tell that she was his trusted assistant.

Moreover, for such a matter, how could he let a spirit rune grandmaster do the counting? Even if he didnt need to save some face for himself, the spirit rune grandmaster had to.

Ying Baiwu was still drinking her tea, but her attention was fixed over at this side. She also noticed how Ma Hang had called her teacher in a different manner. Just now, he had been calling him Teacher Sun, but once he saw the effects of the lightning protection rune, it instantly became Master Sun.

However, this wasnt important. The little money-grubber scuttled over swiftly and stared at the big bag. Eldest martial sister, let me help you in counting.

Li Ziqi smiled faintly. (My teacher is indeed awesome.)


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +50, Reverence (1,111/10,000).

As for Lu Zhiruo, she wasnt in shock anymore because she knew that this was her teachers normal way of dealing with others.


Sun Mo frowned.

An extra 100 spirit stones for the one you have just utilized.

Ma Hang looked at the lightning sphere that was still swiveling around Sun Mos body and subconsciously extended his hand to touch it. (Is 100 spirit stones a lot? Yes it is, but for a spirit rune grandmaster, it isnt considered a lot.)

(One must know that not everyone has such a chance to pay him spirit stones.)


Favorable impression points from Ma Hang +100, Friendly (100/1,000). Then I shall accept it.

Sun Mo was indifferent. In fact, he knew that he had to return a favor. Shopkeeper Ma, please be rest assured that once I have sufficient spirit stones, I wont sell the spirit runes anymore.

Thank you very much.

Ma Hang was very grateful. What did Sun Mo mean by that? It meant that the spirit rune masters of Thousand Spirits Shop could start to duplicate this drawing before other competitors found out about this spirit rune.

After thanking him, Ma Hang felt awkward. After all, it was rather shameful for him to copy such a thing.

Shopkeeper Ma, I hope to see you again one day.

Sun Mo bade his farewell and left while fiddling with a spirit stone in his hand.

Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo followed after him hurriedly.

Lu Zhiruo had wanted to go take Sun Mos backpack, but Ying Baiwu snatched the favor She had seen how many spirit stones were being placed inside. Even though Lu Zhiruo wasnt considered clumsy, what if the spirit stones were to be damaged?

It was better for her to safekeep the backpack. In fact, she didnt understand why carrying that backpack gave her a sense of security. (Wait, I seem to have forgotten something.)

Ying Baiwu walked a few steps before turning her head to run back again. She held the teacup and finished drinking all the tea inside. (En, its a shame to waste this drink.)

Take care, Teacher Sun!

Shopkeeper Ma walked Sun Mo out personally and waited until Sun Mo had walked more than 50m away before returning inside the shop.

Shopkeeper, dont you think this fellows luck is too good? Just by receiving an ancient text by chance, he could discover such a spirit rune!

The apprentices gaze turned green with envy. If he was the one who had discovered a new type of spirit rune, he wouldnt have to worry about living expenses anymore.

Ma Hang didnt bother to reply. He was packaging these 10 drawings of spirit runes carefully.

But hes too arrogant. Our Eldest Miss is a talent that only came once in a hundred years within the spirit runes industry. Its definitely an easy task for her to decipher this lightning protection rune.

Once the apprentice mentioned about the Eldest Miss, his gaze changed into admiration and adoration. His biggest dream in this lifetime was to marry the Eldest Miss and live with her family.

Stop speaking nonsense. Ma Hang handed the parcel to the apprentice. Go, send this to the headquarters quickly. Its for the shopkeeper there.


The apprentice replied. Just before he left the shop, he got stopped by his boss again. Forget it, I think its better if I go personally.

The shopkeeper left the shop. His departure would definitely affect the business, but this time around, even if he had to close the shop for 10 days, he still had to make the trip.

This was because these spirit runes were too important.

A spirit stone was the size of a fingernail. Even if it were 600 pieces, Ying Baiwus strength allowed her to carry the backpack with ease. However, at this moment, the little money-grubber could feel the heaviness and it made her breathing sound much deeper.

We earned this much just like that?

Ying Baiwu rubbed her eyes. Teacher had earned more than 600 spirit stones easily within 2 hours. This was 6 times their targeted amount. If they were to sell the design of lightning protection rune, it would fetch a sky-high price.

(Hold on, that mustnt be sold.)

That was a spirit rune exclusively owned by Sun Mo. If it were being put on sale in the market, someone else would monopolize the industry and earn a lot of money.

Just thinking of this, Ying Baiwu quickly explained this idea to her teacher.

Teacher aims to become a great teacher and a saint. Whats the purpose of selling spirit runes?

When Li Ziqi heard those words, she rolled her eyes. (Even if you become the tycoon merchant in the spirit rune industry, can you be more influential than being a saint? With that title and so many disciples under your name, your reputation will go on for decades.)

I think that having money is good too.

Ying Baiwu knew that she was in the wrong but still mumbled softly to herself.

Sun Mo didnt blame Ying Baiwu. Everyones world outlook was shaped by the environment they grew up in. The little money-grubber had had to starve for 29 days in a month and had to work as a coolie every day. What was this for? It had been a way for her to earn a


Li Ziqi was a royalty. The snacks that she ate on the usual days were equivalent to Ying Baiwus monthly salary. It was impossible for Li Ziqi to understand her plight.

Very soon, Sun Mo returned to the street that was filled with medicinal plant shops.

Boss Qian was sitting at the entrance, bored from waiting for guests. When he saw Sun Mo, he couldnt help but laugh out loud.

Sun Mo was owing his friend 6 potted plants, but now, the female student behind him was still carrying 5 potted plants.

Tsk, just less than 2 hours and you managed to sell off one potted plant. How awesome, hey, why dont you come and be my apprentice!

Boss Qian teased.


When the other bosses heard the commotion, they came out to take a look and laughed along as well.

Ying Baiwu raised her brows and was about to scold them, but she got stopped by Li Ziqi.

Lets not stoop to their level and argue with


Li Ziqi felt indifferent.

Sun Mo ignored him and walked straight into Boss Yaos medicinal plant shop.

Youre back?

Boss Yao saw the potted plants that the students were carrying. He smiled and comforted Sun Mo. Its not that easy to do business. Just put them back. For the one that you sold, you can keep the money. Think of it as Im treating you. I hope you guys can train well in the Darkness Continent and receive a good harvest.

Boss Yao scanned the interior of this shop, his gaze filled with emotions. Indeed, the shop couldnt be operated any further. However, this was after all a shop that he had tended to for 15 years. Of course he was unwilling to part with it!

Although the shop was small, he depended on it to provide a living for his family so that his kids could grow up to be capable people. Haha, Boss Yao, according to our agreement, Im here to return the money along with the interest!

Sun Mo spoke while snapping his fingers.

However, Ying Baiwu gripped her bag tightly, unwilling to take the stones out.

Li Ziqi shook her head and took over. She retrieved a spirit stone and placed it on the table.


Boss Yao was stunned. (What is this for?) His eyesight was pretty good and he quickly glanced at the bag.

(Could this be what he earned just now?)

(No, thats impossible. I must be senile. This teacher had only left for 1 hour, how could he earn so many spirit stones?)

(Even if he were to rob the bank, it wouldnt be so fast!)

However, Boss Yao quickly regained his composure and pushed the spirit stone back to them. (This is too much! Too much!)

Indeed, such medicinal plants were common and were of little value. One spirit stone could easily buy 20 potted plants, and there would still have money left from the purchase.

I will just take a few more plants!

Sun Mo looked around the shop and commanded Ying Baiwu to retrieve the potted plants. At the same time, he started a conversation with Boss Yao. If Boss Yao were to receive any uncommon plants, please leave them for me. I will not disappoint you with the price.

I will surely do as instructed!

Boss Yao finished speaking and smiled bitterly. Its just that my shop wont be able to operate on anymore.

Oh, then I will place an order from you every month.

Sun Mo needed to make spirit runes potted plants. In fact, he planned to impart these spirit runes drawing techniques to Li Ziqi and the rest. Hence, he would need to have a lot of potted plants available. Huh?

Boss Yao was stunned.

Our teacher is the logistics department head in Central Province Academy, and he had the right to do so.

Lu Zhiruo saw that Boss Yao seemed to not believe them and went on to explain. She didnt want her teacher to be looked down upon.


Boss Yaos eyes opened even bigger now. In his heart, he was thinking if Sun Mo was an illegitimate child of some big shot in the school. (That isnt right either, the logistics department head is a position that controls the procurement in the entire school. Its an authoritative position. Hence, he is already a big shot with high power.)

Sun Mo was too lazy to explain things and started to write a list of medicinal plants for Boss Yao. Then, Sun Mo filled up the list with the types of darkness plants needed to make giant medicine packets and spring water beauty medicine packets. This way, Boss Yao would never find out the reason behind Sun Mos real intention.

Li Ziqi assisted Sun Mo from the side. She was just like a well-qualified assistant and had even personally drafted a written agreement.

Eventually, Sun Mo and Boss Yao signed their names on the agreement.

Boss Yao, I will take my leave now. I wish you a thriving and prosperous business.

Sun Mo smiled and turned to leave.

Ying Baiwu and Lu Zhiruo each carried a bamboo rack on their backs that had 6 potted plants on it.

Take care, Teacher Sun!

Boss Yao walked them out all the way to the gate.

You dont have to send us any further, Boss Yao.

Sun Mo snapped his fingers.


The spirit stone that he had been fiddling with landed in front of Boss Yaos eyes.

Boss Yao hurriedly caught it.

This is your reward.

After Sun Mo spoke, the corner of his eye scanned at Boss Qian who was standing in front of his shop.

This scene was being seen by all the bosses of the medicinal plant shops.

What the hell? This poor teacher has suddenly become a rich person?

Due to curiosity, everyone gathered inside Boss Yaos shop. (Why is this fellow mumbling to himself while looking at a piece of paper? Is he senile?)

My shop is saved! My shop is saved!

Boss Yao looked at the letter of agreement in his hands with tears flowing down his old face.

Although this business wasnt highly profitable, it was a long-term agreement. It would be sufficient for him to continue providing a living for his whole family.

(Who would have expected that my fate had been changed because of Teacher Sun?)

(The girl at his side whose breasts are smaller than eggs is scaringly intelligent. She is at most only 12 or 13 years old, right? I cant imagine that she has such powerful negotiation skills!)

(Even as an old fellow myself, I cannot resist her!) A letter of agreement?

Boss Qians eyesight was scheming and he read through the contents quickly. Wow, its even a three years contract!

What? Let me take a look! F*ck, it really is!

Boss Yao, youre prospering!

As the other bosses spoke, their gazes were filled with envy.

Hearing those words, Boss Yao came back to his senses. He quickly kept the letter of agreement and smiled earnestly.

No, no, its just a small business! Boss Yaos gaze was filled with caution at that moment. He must not let these people snatch the deal he had just gotten.

Boss Yao, arent you closing your shop soon?

Boss Qians intention was clear. (Why dont you transfer this letter of agreement to me.)

Close my shop? Thats impossible. Im going to continue operating it for 30 years!

Boss Yao displayed an expression as though Boss Qian didnt know what he himself was talking about.



Everyone was speechless. Just an hour ago, he seemed devastated and sounded like he was about to sell his wife and kids. Why did he change his tone now?

Moreover, his current expression seemed extremely energetic! It was as though he was prepared to go all out!

Boss Qian had seen the letter of agreement just now. The words three years were still etched deeply in his mind.

That teacher, did he really manage to sell off the potted plant?

One of the bosses was curious.

I dont know!

Boss Yao laughed out loud. (Im not going to let you guys know)

Sorry, I have to go replenish my stocks now. Thank you for your understanding!

Even though the other bosses were not keen on leaving, Boss Yao had already made it clear for them to leave. Hence, they felt embarrassed to continue staying and started to leave his shop one by one. However, they still couldnt stop commenting on this matter.

(What did that teacher do just now?)

Very soon, everyones gazes fell onto Boss Qian with much despise and disdain.

What a lousy judgment!

Hearing this comment, Boss Qian was extremely angry. (I was the first person that teacher had approached, why didnt I grasp hold of this opportunity?)

(Now Old Yao has gotten this advantage over me!)

An agreement to supply goods for three years signified that Boss Yaos shop would be able to bring in a stable income for the full three years. (What the f*ck, Im unresigned to this!)

Thinking of this, Boss Qian lifted his hand and slapped his own face with much force. (Who asked you to look down on people? Now all those spirit stones are no longer yours!)

That was a spirit stone, not a copper coin.

When the business was good, they would at most earn one spirit stone a day.

Could it be that I really have no talent to do business?

Boss Qian started to doubt himself.

They would never expect that we have earned 600 spirit stones!

On the way back, Ying Baiwu was filled with joy. Just now, she was still envious of those students who received a spirit stone each. But now, she had 10 spirit stones to herself.

(Yes, Teacher Sun is much more generous than other teachers like Gu Xiuxun. He gave me 10 spirit stones straightaway. What a large sum of wealth!) Ding! Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +100, Reverence (1,100/10,000).

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