Absolute Great Teacher
213 Spirit Pressure Allergy
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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213 Spirit Pressure Allergy


The students were seated on the square, trying to sense the spirit qi fluctuations in the Darkness Continent.

In Middle-Earth, the spirit qi in the atmosphere was like a pool of dead water, with almost no ripples. However, things were different in the Darkness Continent. The spirit qi was constantly flowing. Even if the ripples were very small, the spirit pressure would continue to fluctuate.

Many cultivators who came here for the first time were unaccustomed to such changes. It was like taking vehicles. The Middle-Earth Nine Provinces were like high-speed rail and were more stable, while the Darkness Continent was like a mobile car traveling on uneven land and was shaking non-stop.

Such fluctuations affected the body. Although one might not be able to notice it in the beginning, if this were to continue for a while, thered be qualitative changes.

When Sun Mo came back, many red spots had appeared on a guys skin. This was a result of capillary blood vessels bursting due to spirit pressure.

Send him to the hospital!

After Jin Mujie gave him a checkup, she instructed Du Xiao to send him off.

There was a medical room that was set up by the Saint Gate near the teleportation gate to take care of these patients.

Teacher Jin, Ican I still enter the Darkness Continent?

The guys expression was apprehensive.

Jin Mujie shook her head.

When the guy saw that, he quickly pounded his chest forcefully. Teacher Jin, Im fine. Its true. Look at how strong I am!

The greatest danger on the first level doesnt come from the dangerous unknown terrain nor those terrifying species of darkness. Its the spirit qi fluctuations that dont have any regulations at all.

Jin Mujie explained patiently.

The spirit qi in the Darkness Continent is like an unfathomable ocean. It could be calm and tranquil now but then become rough and turbulent at the next second. Your symptoms right now are very light, but if you were to encounter intense spirit qi fluctuations, your body would be destroyed. In a better condition, you might be injured or paralyzed. In a more serious condition, you might die.

Jin Mujie sighed.

Teacher Jin, is there really no other way out?

The guy couldnt hold back his tears anymore, and they trickled down non-stop.

If a cultivator couldnt come to the Darkness Continent to explore and adventure, then 90% of their reason for existence would be lost. Moreover, their rate of growth would lag behind a lot.

Im sorry!

Jin Mujie indicated for Du Xiao to send the guy off. No, I definitely wont give up! The guy let out a despairing cry. When he saw Sun Mo coming back, he immediately let out an unusually elated cry. Teacher Sun, can you please help me with your God Hands?

The guy struggled to break free from Du Xiao. He then ran up to Sun Mo and dropped to his knees with a plop.

Get up!

Sun Mo pulled the guy up and pinched the latters forehead, activating the living blood technique. Several tens of seconds later, red steam came out from the guys body. Look! the red spots on his face have disappeared!

A student exclaimed.

The guy felt intense pain, but he gritted his teeth and forcibly hung on.

Five minutes later, Sun Mo finally finished the massage.

The guy rolled up his sleeves with anticipation. The densely-packed red spots on his arms had completely disappeared! Thank you, Teacher Sun!

The guy was so grateful that he broke down in tears. After saying that, he looked toward Jin Mujie with an agitated expression. Can I go along with the rest of the group now?


Jin Mujie refused.

But Teacher Sun has already cured me.

The guy was perplexed.

Ive only gotten rid of those clotted blood. I didnt cure you.

Sun Mo sighed. Before coming to the Darkness Continent, he had gone to the library to read up all information about it in detail.

He was familiar with this situation.

This was spirit pressure allergy. A good comparison would be peanut allergy.

In Asia, no one would die from eating peanuts, excluding those who choked from them. However, in Europe, peanut allergy would take ones life.

This was due to genetics.

To make it even easier to understand, this was like injecting penicillin when one was sick. Some people could take the injection without any issues, but others could develop serious reactions from just a skin injection test.

Sun Mos ancient massaging technique was amazing, but it couldnt change a persons genes. Therefore, he couldnt cure spirit pressure allergy.

You should be thankful that the symptoms of your allergy came out early. Many cultivators who had light allergies would only develop serious reactions when encountering intense spirit pressure fluctuations. But itd be too late to apply emergency treatment then.

Gu Xiuxun consoled him.

This was a matter of life and death and there was no room for discussion. Therefore, the guy eventually left, crying.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little tense. After all, no one knew if they were allergic to spirit pressure. It was like they were carrying duds all the while. There was a chance that itd explode, but there was also a chance that it wouldnt.

Jin Mujie didnt console the students. It was because this was a decision that all cultivators had to face when they first came to the Darkness Continent.

If they were scared, they could leave.

Of course, Jin Mujie didnt tell them that if they were to leave this time around, then even if they were to summon their courage to come in next time, no school would nurture these students anymore, not even if the students had an extremely rare aptitude. Gu Xiuxun didnt like such an atmosphere and thus smiled, easing up the atmosphere. Teacher Sun, how are your rewards from this trip out? I had bet 15 spirit stones on you.

Before Sun Mo replied, Zhang Qianlin sneered, Didnt you want to earn a small target? Why have you come back so early? You couldnt have given up, right? We teachers have to be an example to the students and cant give up easily!

As Zhang Qianlin continued to speak on, his tone had a hint of reproach in it.

Zhou Shanyi didnt say anything but felt happy. He had bet 20 spirit stones on Sun Mos loss. Considering the losing ratio, the sickly guy would have to pay a big sum of money.

Naturally, he wouldnt ask for the bet. (But Sun Mo, wont you have to use God Hands to pay it back?)

Its a steady win!

Zhou Shanyi felt very happy and moved his shoulders. He had no idea if it was because he was getting up in age that his shoulder joints would hurt recently. He had to get Sun Mo to give him a good massage. Oh right, his waist and neck also. Although there wasnt anything wrong with them at the moment, it wouldnt be a bad thing to keep them in good condition.

Zhou Shanyi was thinking of a wonderful future when Sun Mos two fangirls cried out, not willing to accept this talk of their teacher. Who are you saying gives up easily?

Our teacher is really amazing!

Oh? Has Teacher Sun successfully earned 100 spirit stones? Then take it out for everyone to see!

Zhang Qianlin said.

The corners of Ying Baiwus lips curled up into a sneer. She was about to open up the bag to show everyone that it was filled to the brim with spirit stones, but Sun Mo patted her shoulder. Whats the point of fighting over such things?

Sun Mo shook his head. Ziqi, Give Xuanyuan Po and the others spirit stones.

After saying that, Sun Mo greeted Jin Mujie, indicating that he was canceling his leave. He then sat down cross-legged and started meditating, thinking about methods to resolve spirit pressure allergy.

Sickly Tantai, Xuanyuan Po, Jiang Leng, come over and collect your spirit stones!

Li Ziqi called out to them.

There really are? Tantai Yutang walked over and after receiving the spirit stones, handed one each to Xuanyuan Po and Jiang Leng. What are you doing?

Li Ziqi frowned.


Even Tantai Yutang, who relied on his brain for a living, was also a little stunned. He subconsciously looked at the spirit stones in his hands. Youve given me so many. Are they all mine?

Of course! Li Ziqi was displeased toward this sickly guy, so she did not hold back with her tone either.

The students gazes subconsciously landed on Tantai Yutangs hand and counted. My god, there were ten!

It was ten times more than what people like Gao Ben and Gu Xiuxun had given to their students.

Could it be that the number of spirit stones is distributed in accordance with how smart one is?

Tantai Yutang was really puzzled. In terms of seniority, he was ranked fifth. He shouldnt be getting so many! What do you mean by that?

Ying Baiwu frowned.

Both Xuanyuan Po and Lu Zhiruos reactions were slow. They didnt get Tantai Yutangs hidden meaning in his words. Jiang Leng chuckled, not bothered by it.

Hehe, I rely on my brain for a living!

Tantai Yutang spoke outright.

Alright, stop fighting. Jiang Leng, Xuanyuan Po, these are yours!

Li Ziqi felt that she should show off her dignity as the eldest martial sister. Everyone gets ten spirit stones. Its fair and just!


Hearing Li Ziqis words, all the students drew in a cold gasp. Teacher Sun was really generous to be giving each of his students ten spirit stones!

Some people instantly contributed favorable impression points, feeling respect toward Sun Mo. They couldnt help but want to immediately become his student.

What kind of joke is this?

Gao Cheng mumbled.

The other teachers also assessed Sun Mo, feeling baffled. Each person got ten, so this meant that there were 60. How could Sun Mo earn so many spirit stones in two hours? That must be a lie, right?

Even if he were to sell his butt and let ten men take him all at once, it wouldnt be so fast!

This means that our teacher has earned spirit stones?

Tantai Yutang was happy and looked toward the bag in Ying Baiwus hands.

Of course!

Ying Baiwu raised the bag and shook it.

Clank! Clank!

The sound of spirit stones knocking into each other was very tempting.

There are a total of 600 spirit stones!

Ying Baiwu felt very satisfied. (I must protect them well. Right, Ill rest my head on them even when I sleep. No one shall take them from me.)

At the thought of this, Ying Baiwu looked toward Tantai Yutang and the other two. You guys dont have anywhere to spend your spirit stones anyway. Why dont I take care of them for you?

All of them turned their backs toward the money-infatuated young girl.


Ying Baiwu stroked the bag. It had really dried up a lot, and she felt really bad about it. No, they must quickly earn more to fill it up.

When they were talking amongst themselves, their content gave even the teachers a bad scare, let alone the students.

600 spirit stones? It must be a lie, right?

How can there be 600? Even six would be considered a lot!

But I saw it when she took out the spirit stones earlier! There were really a lot!

The students mumbled, their eyes glimmered in curiosity. They really wanted to know how Sun Mo had managed to do this. Even Pei Yuanli, who was meditating, couldnt help but look over.

Hehe, Teacher Sun, I know you want your face. But please dont play such tricks!

Zhang Qianlin looked toward Li Ziqi. Who isnt aware that your first disciple is rich? Even 1,000 spirit stones is considered a small case to her, let alone 600!

So thats how it is!

All the students were stuck with understanding

Sun Mo hadnt said anything, but the countenance on Li Ziqis melon-shaped face had changed, looking extremely furious. Teacher Zhang, what do you mean by this?

The little sunny egg didnt mind being doubted, but she wouldnt allow people to sully her teachers name.
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