Absolute Great Teacher
214 When You Hit Someone, Hit Their Face
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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214 When You Hit Someone, Hit Their Face


Thats too much! Too much!

Zhou Shanyi shook his head, having a bad impression of Zhang Qianlin.

Even family members would often bicker, let alone colleagues. Therefore, it wouldnt be strange for Zhang Qianlin to pick a fight with Sun Mo. However, what he had just said had escalated to personal attack, implicating even Sun Mos student.

This was really low. However, Zhang Qianlin was Zhang Hanfus son, and Zhou Shanyi couldnt afford to offend him. So he could only criticize him in his heart.

Teacher Zhang, thats enough.

Jin Mujie frowned and said in a reproachful tone, You either bring out evidence or shut up. If you continue to criticize Teacher Sun without any evidence, Ill expel you as the leader.

Although Jin Mujie had a good impression of Sun Mo, she wasnt helping him this time around because they were close. She was purely ensuring the groups stability as the leader.


Zhang Qianlin didnt say anything else as there was no need to do so. To be earning 600 spirit stones in over two hours? Who would believe that? Everyone would naturally understand his meaning after he pointed out Li Ziqis wealthy status. What do you mean by your snickering?

Ying Baiwu questioned.

Cant I even laugh?

Zhang Qianlin shrugged.

Ying Baiwu wanted to continue when Li Ziqi interrupted her. The little sunny egg took out a contract and showed it to Zhang Qianlin. Can you read?

The others also stretched out their necks to take a look.

Of course!

Zhang Qianlin threw a nonchalant glance, but as he was too far away and the words were too small, he couldnt see them clearly.

Teacher had done business with the Thousand Spirits Shop to earn that 600 spirit stones. This piece of paper is the contract. Open your eyes and take a good look.

There wasnt a need for contracts in a one-time business dealing. However, Li Ziqi knew that Sun Mo and Zhang Hanfu were at loggerheads with each other, so Zhang Hanfus son would definitely make things difficult for Sun Mo. Therefore, she took the liberty to have a contract signed. As expected, it turned out to be useful.

What kind of business can allow one to earn 600 spirit stones in one go? The Thousand Spirits Shop? Its that chain spirit rune shop that is famous throughout the entire southern areas!

I thought that Sun Mo went to give other people massages, earning money through his God Hands. I didnt expect him to use other means!

Is Teacher Suns spirit rune technique so amazing?

Everyone talked amongst themselves.

Ill take a look!

Gu Xiuxun came over and read it. En, its a contract with the Thousand Spirits Shop. Theres even a seal!


Hearing Gu Xiuxuns words, the teachers were a little astonished. To think that this turned out to be true.

The Thousand Spirits Shop was a big brand that had a legacy of over 1,000 years. It seemed that Sun Mo must be very capable in this regard to be able to do business with such an old shop.

The gazes of the students who primarily studied spirit runes immediately changed as they looked at Sun Mo.


Zhang Qianlin subconsciously cried out. He had tried to sell spirit runes to the Thousand Spirits Shop to test his capability. However, when they looked at his spirit runes for the first time, they only picked one out of the ten he drew. Moreover, the price they offered was very low.

Ever since then, Zhang Qianlin had set his goal based on the number of spirit runes the Thousand Spirits Shop would purchase from him. It started from two, five, until now that hed be able to sell 20 of them every time.

And right now, Zhang Qianlins goal was to have Thousand Spirits Shop to make a Spirit Runes Request from him. Spirit Runes Request was like requesting a manuscript in the novel industry. If people knew that you were able to draw a certain rune very well, theyd place an order from you.

In such a situation, most of the payments were generally paid in advance. It represented the Thousand Spirits Shop placing the spirit rune master in high regard.

From when Zhang Qianlin first came into contact with the Thousand Spirits Shop until he got the Spirit Runes Requests, it took him three years. This was something he had always been proud of.

Since the standards of most spirit rune masters were too low, they couldnt even manage to sell a single spirit rune. Hence, for them to be approached by a 1,000-year shop for Spirit Runes Requests, mmm, itd be better for them to quickly go to sleep. Anything was possible in dreams. Teacher Zhang, are you doubting me?

Sun Mo stared at Zhang Qianlin.

Since Li Ziqi had spoken up for him, he mustnt cower behind.

Hehe, the Thousand Spirits Shop often comes to me to make some Spirit Runes Requests. I know how high their requirements are!

Zhang Qianlin sneered.

Its true that 600 spirit stones is a little exaggerating! Yi Jiamin explained, This price is enough to buy a level 9 attack-typed spirit rune.

Spirit runes of such levels were used to reverse the situation or save lives in critical moments, and they were quite expensive. Even a 1-star great teacher like Xia Yuan wouldnt be able to afford them.

Therefore, it was really not reasonable for Sun Mo to say that he had earned so many spirit stones in slightly over two hours.

Sigh, he doesnt even know how to think of a lie!

Zhou Shanyi felt that Sun Mo was quite smart, but why did he act so foolishly on this matter?

Thats why frogs at the bottom of the well will always think that the sky they see is the entire stretch, said Li Ziqi.

Li Ziqi shook her head. Stop with the crap. If you dont believe in the contract, then just send someone to ask that shopkeeper. Wont things be cleared up then?

Theres no need to ask. Ive already said that this student, Ziqi, has a very distinguished status. Given her connections, shed even be able to sell a rock for 600 spirit stones.

Zhang Qianlin sneered. Teacher Zhang, can you cut it out?

Jin Mujie was displeased. Do you believe that Ill let you scram back to Jinling right away?

Zhang Qianlin didnt dare to offend Jin Mujie. He shrugged and sat back down, then smiled at the students. Three years ago, I met with a bottleneck in the study of spirit runes and left the Central Province Academy. I then headed to the High Mountain Academy to further my studies. Ive studied spirit runes technique under Teacher Wang Lu for two years.


Hearing this, all the students let out surprised gasps. Wang Lu was the vice-headmaster of the High Mountain Academy, a 5-star great teacher. He had a high level of mastery in the study of spirit runes and was near the ancestor-grade.

Due to his old age, Wang Lu no longer had as much energy and thus had expressed openly that unless there was someone who possessed a talent that he viewed in high regard, he wouldnt take in any more students.

His words were actually meant to refuse those people who tried to send their children to him through connections.

For Zhang Qianlin to be able to learn under Wang Lus wings for two years, it showed that his aptitude was quite good.

Zhang Qianlin felt proud after seeing the students gazes turn into that of respect. However, he kept a calm expression. If anyone has questions on the study of spirit runes, you can come to ask me. Zhang Qianlin was a 1-star great teacher, and since he had learned from Wang Lu, some of the students were tempted. They immediately crowded over, asking him the questions they faced in their studies while appearing respectful.

There werent many chances like this, and even students who didnt know about spirit runes came over. It wouldnt be a bad thing to listen and find out more.

Dont be anxious. Everyone will have a chance to ask questions.

Zhang Qianlin said this while throwing a sideward glance toward Sun Mo, breaking into a contemptuous smile. (Fighting against me? Youre still far off! Id be able to crush you with one hand in the study of spirit runes!)

This is atrocious!

Li Ziqi was so angry that her hand was trembling. She wanted to go invite that Shopkeeper Ma over for the confrontation. She believed that given the talent her teacher had displayed, that Shopkeeper Ma would not refuse this request.

Ziqi, come over here. The few of you as well. Those who want to learn the study of spirit runes come over and listen.

Sun Mo took out spirit rune tools and then grabbed a potted plant, starting to draw on it.

Ying Baiwu quickly darted over, snatching a good spot.

The little sunny eggs eyes lit up. (Thats right. Teacher Sun can crush that b*stard with his capabilities!)

Lu Zhiruo wasnt interested in spirit runes, but seeing that there were many people on Zhang Qianlins side, she quickly sat down next to Sun Mo to add to the headcount.

After Li Ziqi came over, Sun Mo started to draw spirit-gathering runes on the purple-leafed luo, explaining the things to take note while he was doing so.

Three minutes later, the first simplified spirit-gathering rune was done.


The spirit qi in the surrounding seethed and gathered over, forming a tornado.

Zhang Qianlins teaching came to an abrupt stop. After all, the commotion created by the spirit qi channeling into the leaves were too


What the hell?

The students all looked stunned, but when Zhang Qianlin and Yi Jiamin saw this scene, they were so shocked that their chins almost fell down.

Why was there a tornado on that potted plant? Had Sun Mo drawn a spirit rune on it? No, that was impossible. This wasnt something that could be done by a human.

The spiral [1] disappeared and Sun Mo continued drawing.

Zhang Qianlin started teaching again, but he was a little out of it now.

(Oh my, I better not scare myself. Sun Mo must have done something on that leaf, like sticking a semi-translucent rune paper on it. Yes, that must be it.)

Zhang Qianlin tried to persuade himself and had just calmed himself down when a boom rang out from Sun Mos side. Another spirit qi tornado erupted.

A few students who had a stronger sense of curiosity immediately came over to check it out.

Lets carry on!

Zhang Qianlin chuckled, but his mind was in a chaotic mess.

This Sun Mo is starting to retaliate.

Gu Xiuxun felt that since they were from the same camp, she should head over to show him her support. However, after she got close, she became stunned.

There are no tricks? Hes really drawing spirit runes on the leaves?

Gu Xiuxun was shocked. Her primary area of study wasnt in spirit runes, but as a genius, she still had some fundamental knowledge about it. Drawing spirit runes on leaves? This was something that even people at the ancestor-grade wouldnt do. Other than depleting energy, the success rate was also very low.


Another spirit qi tornado was formed.

This time around, the two students next to Zhang Qianlin couldnt hold it in anymore and ran over to watch. By the time they saw what Sun Mo was doing, they instantly became speechless. Their faces were filled with astonished expressions.

This Was this something humanly possible?

Not bad!

Jin Mujie looked at Sun Mo with an admiring gaze. This was how a great teacher should act. If the other party wasnt convinced, then convinced them with your capabilities.

The Central Province Academys spectators were split into three groups. There was a neutral group of spectators, a group of students on Zhang Qianlins side, as well as the group on Sun Mos side. All the students on Sun Mos side were silent, stretching out their necks like giraffes and wishing that they could paste their eyes onto the potted plant.

They really didnt want to miss out on a single stroke.

Suddenly, one of the leaves shook abruptly, releasing a golden glow. Then, a huge black tortoise spirit qi illusion darted out. Ahh!

The students were given a shock and retreated abruptly, making way.

What was that?

The teachers were surprised as well. They were all stunned as they looked at this huge black tortoise that was the size of a rhinoceros.

This this

Yi Jiamin looked at the huge black tortoise and his eyes almost popped out.

A level 9 spirit rune?

My god, this is the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune! Its even a level 9 one!

This is so amazing! Its my first time seeing


The other students might not know how amazing Sun Mos spirit rune was, but the ones on Zhang Qianlins side focused on the study of spirit runes. When they turned around and saw it, they were astonished. They didnt care about Zhang Qianlin and ran over to Sun Mos side excitedly.

A level 9 spirit rune was the highest-level spirit rune amongst the average-grade spirit runes. Once they were formed, their spirit qi would create an illusion.

Take the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune for example. If it was at a level 9 one, a black tortoise would be formed. Therefore, there was no way to fake this.


Yi Jiamins countenance turned very pale, and he felt dejected. Not even in his dreams would he expect that Sun Mo had the capability to draw a level 9 spirit rune. This meant that it was definitely not an issue for him to earn 500 spirit stones.

Thats impossible. Even someone at the ancestor-grade wouldnt be able to draw a level 9 spirit rune every single time.

Zhang Qianlins mind was in a mess, and he instinctively didnt believe that Sun Mo would be able to do it.

There was no helping it. If he were to believe it, then wouldnt that mean that he wasnt even comparable to the 20-year-old Sun Mo? Would it mean that his many years of hard work were all futile?

Such a reality would shatter Zhang Qianlins confidence.

However, what brought Zhang Qianlin despair had yet to come. His ears moved and he heard the students asking the critical blow.

Teacher, is your spirit rune drawn on the leaf?

Thats for sure!

Lu Zhiruo helped to answer.

How is that possible?

Thats right, other than those at the ancestor-grade, no one can do that!

Its too unbelievable!

The students were all astonished. They wanted to touch the leaf but didnt dare to, worried that theyd spoil it.

Its because Teacher is an ancestor-grade spirit rune master!

Lu Zhiruo placed her hands at her waist, lifting her chin, wearing great pride on her adorable face. (You guys have only seen 1% of Teachers talent.)

To hell with ancestor!

Zhang Qianlin bellowed furiously in his heart.

The teachers had come crowding over, and even Pei Yuanli was filled with curiosity. It was because this was a level 9 spirit rune. This was something really attractive. Sun Mo got up and looked toward Zhang Qianlin. Teacher Zhang, a level 9 Black Tortoise Spirit Rune, one that is drawn on a plants leaf. Do you think thats worth 500 spirit stones?


How could Zhang Qianlin reply to this? It was already worth it when drawn on rune paper.

Teacher Zhang!

Sun Mos tone became harsher. Dont feign ignorance. Apologize to my student right now, immediately!

Whos feigning ignorance?

Zhang Qianlin bellowed back. (Apologize to a student? Dont I want face? Theres definitely no way Im doing that.) Who knows what trick youve done to this potted plant? If you have the capability, then draw one on a rune paper!

The moment he said this, even the students gazes when looking at Zhang Qianlin turned into that of despise.

It wasnt scary to lose. After all, who hadnt lost before? But to not admit ones loss was a matter of character.


Gu Xiuxun was forthright.


Sun Mo didnt mind. Zhiruo, prepare a rune paper!


The papaya girl immediately lay out a rune paper.

Sun Mo dipped the brush in spirit ink and then started drawing the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune.

At the sight of this scene, Zhang Qianlin was both furious and anxious, cursing non-stop in his heart. (Arrogant, conceited. Do you really think that youre such a big shot?)

Even an ancestor-grade spirit rune master wouldnt dare to say that theyd be able to complete a level 9 spirit rune every single time. Zhang Qianlin then felt relaxed. As long as Sun Mo was unable to draw it, then hed have a case to justify himself.

Sun Mo couldnt be bothered to look at Zhang Qianlin. (If it was any other spirit runes, I might not be able to guarantee the success. But for the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune?)

(Im sorry, Im at the ancestor level in this. Id be ranked number one even across the entire Jinling.)

The students attention was all on him. They held their breaths as they watched Sun Mo draw.

Sun Mo wasnt fully focused like how other spirit rune masters were when drawing. They would usually move slowly as if fearful of making any mistakes. Instead, his movements were big, swinging the brush and splashing the ink, appearing natural and unrestrained.

Regardless if it was a success or not, the way he conducted himself was already very pleasant to the eye.

15 minutes later, a boom rang out and golden light emitted from the rune paper. An illusion of a black tortoise manifested.

Oh yeah! Its completed!

Lu Zhiruo clapped.

So fast?

The students were all astonished. It was really completed?


Both Yi Jiamin and Zhang Qianlin were completely dumbstruck. Their eyes were staring at the black tortoise, their minds losing all capacity for thinking. The students only returned to their senses after three whole minutes. They then clapped vigorously.

(My god, to think that we have a spirit rune ancestor in our Central Province Academy?)

The students who majored in the study of spirit runes were elated. They were going to make use of this opportunity to get into Teacher Suns good book.

After all, one might never be able to get a chance to learn from an ancestor-grade spirit rune master in their lifetime. However, they then started to feel anxious and unsettled.

Oh my god, I ran over to Zhang Qianlins side earlier. I couldnt have offended Teacher Sun, could I?

The students were all feeling uneasy.

Is Sun Mo so amazing?

Jin Mujie was astonished, her lips forming an O shape. This was a level 9 spirit rune. How did he manage to draw it twice in a row?


Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +50. Friendly (120/1,000).

A spirit rune ancestor was worthy of this amount of favorable impression points. Are you this amazing?

Gu Xiuxuns eyes and mouth were wide open. Ancestor-grade. Shed need to take at least 30 years or more if she wished to reach this realm.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +100. Friendly (280/1,000).

This is how amazing Teacher is!

The papaya girl emphasized.

Teacher Zhang, how are you going to argue your way out of this now?

Sun Mo looked toward Zhang Qianlin.

Zhang Qianlin fell silent.

Apologize to my student! Sun Mos tone became forceful. Right now!

Apologize to Teacher as well!

Li Ziqi added.

Zhang Qianlin clenched his fist, his chest filled up with fury. He had never suffered such humiliation for the past 20 years of his life!

Dont want to apologize? Sure. In view that we are colleagues, as long as you can draw a level 9 spirit rune, well forget about this matter!

Sun Mo passed his brush to him.

Teacher Sun is so nice. I didnt expect that Teacher Zhang is such an unyielding and shameless person!

A female student mumbled.

Thats right! Many students chipped in, feeling that Sun Mo was very amicable. Hearing this, Zhang Qianlin was so furious that his lungs were going to burst. (To hell with Sun Mo being good. Is a level 9 spirit rune something that ordinary spirit rune masters would be able to draw?)

(Hes clearly trying to humiliate me, saying that Im not a match for him!)

Heres the brush. Come and draw!

Sun Mo teased.

Zhang Qianlins lips twitched vigorously, feeling as if his face was swollen from the slap.

Zhang Qianlin, dont bring more shame to your great teacher status. Apologize immediately!

Jin Mujie reproached.

She had already spoken out the name outright, and the request had changed to getting him to apologize. He couldnt even return to the Central Province Academy to hide from this.

Teacher Zhang, if you arent as good as others, then you need to admit your loss. Dont lose both in skills and disposition!

Gu Xiuxun sneered. She belonged to An Xinhuis faction and was considered enemies with Zhang Qianlin. Since she had the chance, she naturally wanted to kick him when he was down.

[1] Referring to the tornado.

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