Absolute Great Teacher
215 Can’t Afford To Not Admit Defea
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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215 Can’t Afford To Not Admit Defea

Chapter 215 Cant Afford To Not Admit Defeat

Zhang Qianlin raised his head to look at the sky and took a deep breath. He couldnt understand. (How did the situation become like this?)

As he had been to one of Sun Mos lessons and he was especially proficient in this discipline, he knew that Sun Mo had some talent. In fact, he had reminded his father to not get someone in the spirit rune industry to make things difficult for Sun Mo.

Zhang Qianlin felt that in the entire Central Province Academy, including himself, there were less than 10 people who could overscore Sun Mo in the study of spirit runes.

This was considered a fairly high evaluation.

Before Zhang Qianlin was certain of the outcome, he didnt want to get into a conflict with Sun Mo. However, the opportunity had appeared now. Sun Mo had unexpectedly boasted shamelessly and even claimed that he had earned 600 spirit stones from his spirit runes within 2 hours. That was all bullshit.

(Do you think youre a spirit rune ancestor?)

If Zhang Qianlin didnt make use of this opportunity to attack Sun Mo viciously, he would be letting the heavens down for providing such a timely chance. However, he didnt know that Sun Mo was really capable of that.

Ninth level of black tortoise spirit rune and even drawing it on a leaf?

Hearing Gu Xiuxuns words, Zhang Qianlin sighed. Who would have thought that Sun Mo really had the ancestor-level capability? (What the f*ck, this is too much of a shock.)

(Yeah, its time to apologize. I must not humiliate myself further. Moreover, it isnt embarrassing to lose to an ancestor-level expert. But he is even younger than me)

(Sigh, my liver is hurting from all this anger, how infuriating!)

Teacher Sun, Im sorry! Zhang Qianlin apologized. His talking speed was extremely fast, and he prepared to leave immediately to hide away from the shame.

Hold on, what about my student?

Sun Mo didnt plan to let him off so easily.

Zhang Qianlin, you also questioned student Li Ziqi just now. You have to apologize to her as well.

Jin Mujie commanded.

(F*ck, did you sleep with Sun Mo? Why are you always speaking up for him? Isnt it too humiliating for me as a teacher to apologize to a student?)

Zhang Qianlin was extremely angry. However, he was also clear that he was in the wrong. Moreover, Jin Mujie was well-known for being stubborn. If he didnt apologize now, he wouldnt be able to continue joining the tour. Even if he were to hide away in the school, this matter wouldnt be forgotten.

(No, I must not go back. I have to get rid of Sun Mo during this tour. Yes, if I have a chance, I will kill Li Ziqi as well.)

Damn it, I will make sure all of you pay huge prices for making me apologize!

Zhang Qianlin was infuriated in his heart but lowered his head. Student Li, Im sorry for my poor judgment. After all, Teacher Sun is so young. Who could have expected that he was a spirit rune ancestor?

Zhang Qianlin smiled bitterly. You crafty fellow!

Li Ziqi scolded in her heart. Zhang Qianlin seemed to admit defeat, but he was actually hinting that by losing to an ancestor-level teacher, he could do nothing. He was in extreme despair!

However, at that moment, no one seemed to bother about Zhang Qianlins apology. They were all shocked by the fact that Sun Mo was a spirit rune ancestor.


Congratulations! You have received a total of 6,010 favorable impression points.

Hearing the systems notification, Sun Mo was startled. (Why is there so much?) There were only 60 people around including teachers and students.

In fact, this figure was already considered little. Ancestor-level expert, this sort of existence was looked up to by teachers and not just students.

If it was approved by the Saint Gate and Sun Mo was confirmed to be an ancestor, then this numerical figure would definitely exceed 10,000.

Tantai, hold onto this potted plant first, its good for your health.

Sun Mo didnt give the potted plant to Li Ziqi. Anyway, it would be her turn eventually.

The usually frivolous Tantai Yutang was rather silent at that moment. He could sense a kind of concern from Sun Mo toward himself, and it made him have a strange feeling


Favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang +30, Friendly (210/1,000).

All the other students were envious when they saw Tantai Yutang carrying the potted plant. The black tortoise spirit rune was an extremely valiant defense weapon. When met with danger, it would release a black tortoise qi shield upon activation, and it could withstand many attacks. Thats not bad. Hes not an ungrateful brat.

Sun Mo chuckled and let the papaya girl take another potted plant over. Ziqi, distribute 10 sets of those 2 spirit runes to all the junior martial brothers and sisters.


Li Ziqis status was respectable, but when she was ordered around by Sun Mo, she didnt feel impatient and was enjoying the commands instead.

The 2 types of spirit runes were distributed to everyone very quickly.

There was nothing special about the black tortoise spirit rune, but when everyone saw the lightning protection rune, even Xuanyuan Po was stunned.

This is also a spirit rune?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Alright, after all these activities, Im tired as well. Anyway, there are still 15 days of interaction left. If you have any questions regarding the study of spirit runes, you may come and ask me at any time.

Sun Mo allowed everyone to disband.

Even though the students werent keen, they didnt dare to go against Sun Mos words. Hence, they could only bow and take their leave.

Teacher, is this lightning protection rune really so formidable?

Li Ziqi sat down, her oval face was filled with curiosity. Its too troublesome to explain it. Let me show you.

Sun Mo calmed his energy and breath. After a while, milky-white rays of light were formed on his right fist.

The little sunny egg became energetic. (Is this the Soul Imprint?) Even though she had only experienced it once in the victory dojo, the feeling was too wonderful that she found it unforgettable until now.

Sun Mo punched out.


The fist stopped right in front of Li Ziqis face. Then, the milky-white rays of light whizzed from his fist and exploded into her head.

In a moment, a large amount of information flashed across Li Ziqis mind and it left a memory behind.

Li Ziqi felt as though she had been enduring hunger for half a month and suddenly managed to eat a sumptuous banquet that left her feeling happy and fulfilled.

It was extremely wonderful to feel like she had been stuffed to the brim.

(I want more of it!)

Dont let your mind wander. Start to comprehend the knowledge immediately!

Sun Mo reminded her.

The Soul Imprint was indeed a divine skill. It allowed Sun Mo to impart all his knowledge and experiences into a students mind. If he were to teach using his mouth, it would take him at least half a day.

A few teachers who saw this scene were puzzled. (What did Sun Mo do? Could this be some sort of dark secret arts?) Very soon, they couldnt be bothered about this anymore because the sickly person started to give thanks.

Teacher Zhang, thank you for your 10 spirit stones. I will utilize them well and buy some spirit rune equipment to upgrade myself. Tantai Yutangs words seemed like he was giving thanks, but he was being sarcastic.

Teacher Yi, thank you for your 5 spirit stones. I will definitely cherish such a big sum of money.

Yi Jiamins mouth started twitching and he really wanted to slap himself in the face. (I cant blame myself for this, who would have imagined that Sun Mos technique was so powerful that its almost against natures order?) Teacher Zhou, thank you for your spirit stones. Tsk, twenty spirit stones. Could this be Teacher Zhous secret stash? Now that youve lost them to me, would you be beaten by your wife when you return home?

Tantai Yutangs tone was as though he was asking for a fight.

Zhou Shanyi felt so sorry for himself that he couldnt breathe. He wouldnt be beaten by his wife, but he wouldnt be able to avoid having to kneel on a washing board.

Tantai, thats enough!

Sun Mo stopped him. These people were after all teachers, and Tantai Yutangs actions would cause them to hate him. However, the sickly person was obviously not bothered by this.

Teacher Xia, this is 5 spirit stones. Thank you for your support!


Xia Yuan was happy. He had only gambled 1 spirit stone out of his friendship with Sun Mo. He didnt expect to win this gamble at all.

It was indeed an unexpected wealth.

Teacher Gu, this is yours.

Tantai Yutang took out another 10 spirit stones and gave them to Gu Xiuxun.

Teacher Sun, thank you!

Gu Xiuxun was pleased that she managed to win a small sum of money.

Du Xiao was envious and regretted not putting in her bet. If she had betted on Sun Mos win, even if she had only put in 1 spirit stone, she could have earned herself 5 spirit stones now.

It was a pity that this world had no medicine for regret.

How are you feeling?

Sun Mo looked at Li Ziqi. I understand now, so this is the profound meaning of the lightning protection rune!

Li Ziqi came to a sudden realization.

One must know that when students were learning, it was for them to remember what the teacher had explained. When they learned to apply the theories to solve complex problems or even form their own logic, that was when they had mastered the skill.

Why did students have to solve a lot of problems and even battle with practice questions? It was all for accumulating experiences and grasping all knowledge.

Just how powerful was Sun Mos Soul Imprint?

Within the few minutes of when the great teacher halo took effect, the experiences felt as though they had been accumulated by Li Ziqi personally. All she had to do was remember these valuable experiences.

After the little sunny egg put away her myriad of emotions, she immediately carried a potted plant with her and started to draw using her spirit rune tools. After half an hour, a spirit qi tornado solidified with a loud bang and started to pour spirit qi into the leaf.


Yi Jiamins eyeballs almost exploded out of his face. Following that, he started to envy Sun Mo for his luck in recruiting such an intelligent disciple like Li Ziqi.


Ying Baiwu came over, wanting to learn as well. Anyway, there was no harm in learning more stuff.

Sun Mo was indifferent. It was only about launching another great teacher halo. It could be done within a few minutes and he didnt even need to open his mouth.

Who else wants it too?

As his principle was not to be biased, anyone who wanted to learn it could come over.


Tantai Yutang came over immediately. Once the fist pumped right in front of his face, his whole mind was filled with information about spirit runes, and he got stunned all of a sudden.

How can such a great teacher halo exist?

Tantai Yutang was dumbfounded. (Could this be exclusively owned by Teacher Sun? No, that was impossible.)

The 7-star great teacher Li Wanjun, for example, had lived for 900 years and was the fifth ancestor-grade spirit rune master. She had numerous disciples under her all around Nine Provinces. However, she didnt manage to gain enlightenment to an exclusively-owned great teacher halo. That was why she could only remain at 7-star grade. From this, it was clear just how difficult it was to gain enlightenment to an exclusively-owned great teacher halo!

(I must have remembered wrongly. I need to check the information again when Im back!)

Tantai Yutang who was usually proud of his IQ started to doubt his own memory for the first time. However, this Soul Imprint was indeed formidable.


Favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang +100, Friendly (310/1,000).

Xuanyuan Po wasnt bothered by this. As for Jiang Leng, he was dumbstruck.

It was Lu Zhiruos turn, but she didnt request for spirit rune technique as she wasnt fond of them. Teacher, is there another discipline thats more suitable for


There is!

Sun Mo smiled. In order to upgrade Li Ziqi and the papaya girls combat strength, he had utilized the directly upgrade to grandmaster-grade knowledge of a subject reward he had received previously. After much consideration, he had picked the most valuable discipline for them.
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