Absolute Great Teacher
216 Sun Mo’s Third Profession
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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216 Sun Mo’s Third Profession

Chapter 216 Sun Mos Third Profession

Sun Mo thought a lot about it and chose the art of spiritual beast control in the end.

Spiritual beast control actually meant two things but was classified as one subject by the Saint Gate.

One was beast taming, which meant the ability to control beasts and train various kinds of beasts. One would be able to conquer these beasts through various methods and command them to combat.

In simpler terms, it was like how a hunter would raise and train his hunting dog to help him go after prey or even kill them.

Of course, beast taming was greater than this. However, other than having to remember the information about various kinds of beasts by heart, one also had to study different categories of agreements.

Such agreements included master and servant agreement, life and death agreement, and close friends agreement, etc. To speak frankly, it was establishing a kind of relationship with the beasts through a type of mysterious strength, and the beast would become a pet beast.

The other thing was spiritual control, which was a subject much more unique than beast taming. The beasts that it could control were summoned from alter worlds through mysterious methods.

Where was the alter world?

Due to the existence of the Darkness Continent, the predecessors of Middle-Earth Nine Provinces believed that there were many worlds outside of the places that human beings knew of. It was only because of their lag in technology that they werent able to find these places.

These worlds were named as the alter world.

The spiritual control technique and divination technique were the two largest branches of mysterious cultivation arts. Until today, there was no theory to support these two techniques. They existed without scientific justification and explanation.

The spiritual control technique utilized various kinds of secret arts to summon the spiritual beasts from the alter world in combat. However, it was extremely dangerous.

That was because the alter world was unknown by many. Hence, when these spirit controllers summoned those spiritual beasts, it was highly likely that the latter wouldnt be controlled. Hence, the former could be eaten by these beasts instead.

Due to a few reasons above, lesser and lesser people were studying the spiritual control technique now. Many famous schools didnt even allow such a subject.

Thus, when Sun Mo had received a prize from the system, he had directly used it to make a grandmaster-grade spiritual beast control. While he found out a lot of secret arts about summoning spiritual beasts, he didnt dare to use it himself. Because of it, he didnt pass it on to his students. However, just the aspect of beast taming was sufficient for them to use.

Li Ziqis athletic ability was too poor. But since her IQ was very high, there was no problem for her to conquer those beasts. Hence, she could make use of her pet beasts to attack. As for herself, even though she wasnt agile in her movement, she could still use spirit runes that were capable of attacking from far distances and maintain her domination toward the enemy.

As for Lu Zhiruo, her personality was extremely shy and introverted. She didnt dare to interact with people. Hence, she had been talking to flowers and plants or birds and animals since young. Her purity and innocence allowed those wild beasts to get close to her.

Of course, the actual effect would all depend on how Lu Zhiruo could perform after mastering the skill of beast taming.

After tasting the convenience of utilizing Soul Imprint, Sun Mo had become lazy.

Now, he found it useless to give lectures anymore. Lecturing was too tiring and troublesome, only Soul Imprint was the best way to teach students.

Look, just by punching a fist over, how easy was that?

As the milky-white rays of light poured into the papaya girls head, the basic knowledge of beast taming started to manifest within her.

Sun Mo wasnt anxious about whether the papaya girl could master this skill or not. Anyway, he had prepared to utilize Soul Imprint on her twice a day. Even if she was extremely stupid, if this went on for a whole year, she would still be able to learn it.

The art of spiritual beast control? I like this!

Lu Zhiruo was so happy her eyes turned into the shape of two crescent moons. (Once I master this, I can truly have a chat with animals!)

What about you guys?.

Although Sun Mo was wary against the crazy Tantai Yutang, as long as his personal disciples were keen to learn, he would teach them wholeheartedly.

Im not learning that!

Xuanyuan Po spoke concisely and went back to his meditation. He felt that the teacher was just wasting his time. (Commanding pet beasts to fight?)

(That was meaningless. Id rather fight myself. My fists against flesh, spears against blood, that was more satisfying.)

Jiang Leng shook his head.

Can this earn money? Ying Baiwu blinked. You cant earn money for sure. Moreover, you have to spend money to feed your pets. Tantai Yutang informed her. Then Im not learning!

Hearing how she had to spend money, the little money-grubber Ying Baiwu immediately rejected. (Ive only been having full meals these few days, so where can I find extra money for pets?)

(Anyway, I can do it myself if I want to fight.)

Teacher, how did you know this skill?

Tantai Yutang was curious.

Actually, I hold dual occupations as beast tamer and spirit medium until I suffer an arrow to my knee.

Sun Mo blinked.

Then how proficient are you in them?

Tantai Yutang didnt understand the part about suffering an arrow to his knee.


Sun Mo immediately summoned the system. Whats the rank of my spiritual beast control in Jinling?

In Central Province Academy, ranked 3. In Jinling City, ranked 9. In Middle Earth, ranked 67.

The system answered.

Such a failure? I dont even rank number 1 in any of the three?

Sun Mo felt unhappy.

Be content. You dont even have a pet beast with you. What are you complaining about? Are you hoping to rise to heaven?

The system despised him.

(Even though you have been awarded a grandmaster-grade skill, you have to utilize it continuously to increase your proficiency index. Do you really think those grandmasters with over 10 years of experience have received this for free like you?)

How about those under 30 years old? Sun Mo added the age limit. Get out!

The system wanted to scold him. (Dont you feel embarrassed? If theres a limit of 30 years old, you will surely be ranked number 1 in two places. You must have known this yourself but just want to be complimented.)

(Hmph, dont even think about it.)


Sun Mo coughed. At Central Province Academy, I should be within the top three!


If not for the fact that Sun Mo was his teacher, Tantai Yutang would point him a middle finger. (I think youre ranked within the top three for boasting only?)

Jiang Lengs eyelids were twitching slightly as well. (Teacher, can you be more serious?) (Since your study of spirit runes is formidable, you must have researched it for many years. Moreover, your strength isnt low as well. So if youre saying that your art of spiritual beast control can be ranked within the top 3 in the school, do you even sleep anymore?)

One person only had 24 hours a day, and Sun Mo had been employed as a teacher at 20 years old. If he could reach level 3 or 4 of the blood-ignition realm and master a subject specifically, he would be the kind of teacher that the Nine Great famous schools would be snatching If I say I can be ranked in the top 3, then I definitely can!

The papaya girl twitched her lips. She felt that these two younger martial brothers shouldnt be questioning teacher.

Are you learning or not?

Sun Mo didnt want to talk rubbish anymore.


Tantai Yutang rejected him firmly. Sun Mo had predicted this answer. Tantai Yutang was probably hoping to live a longer life; hence, he had been focused on studying medicine. At the same time, he was also researching herbology and the study of alchemy.

Alright then!

Sun Mo shrugged. He thought that these students didnt even know what they were missing out on.

Gu Xiuxun kept looking at Sun Mo. She wanted to know what he was telling his students. Also, what exactly was that fist that was covered in milky-white rays of light? However, it was the time for Sun Mos private lessons and according to the unspoken rule of the great teachers world, all teachers and students couldnt get near without the permission of Sun Mo.

Otherwise, they would be suspected of trying to steal tips. In the great teachers world, those who tried to steal tips without others permission would face heavy punishments.

6 hours finally passed. Other than that lucky boy just now, no one else displayed symptoms of spirit qi allergy.

However, this was only temporary. No one would know if they would get allergies if the spirit qi started to fluctuate violently.

Everyone, listen up. Well go and have our meals now and set off!

Jin Mujie instructed.

When everyone arrived, it was morning, so it was time for lunch now. However, since the air in the Darkness Continent was filled with spirit aurora all day long, they couldnt sense the intensity of light nor temperature changes.

The Central Province Academy had signed an agreement with a restaurant in Spiritwind City called Baixing Inn. They could be entitled to half-price discounts.

There were 6 tables with 12 people each. There was a teacher assigned to every table, but there was a little conflict when seats were being allocated.

Teacher Sun, come sit here?

Teacher Sun, this seat is next to the window and the scenery is good!

Teacher Sun, wipe your hands!

Other students were acting normal, but those few who majored in the study of spirit runes werent reserved at all. There was no choice. Since Sun Mo had the capability of an ancestor-level grandmaster, these students wouldnt let go of any opportunity to interact with him.

How good must it be to be teachers personal disciple!

Ying Baiwu was glad that Sun Mo was so popular.


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +100, Reverence (1,200/10,000).

Thats for sure!

The papaya girl said as she stood next to Sun Mo. Regardless of where Sun Mo sat, she was going to sit beside him.

Teacher, here!

Li Ziqi wiped a stool clean and indicated for Sun Mo to sit. Then, she wiped all the utensils clean and placed them properly.

Li Ziqi, who was already used to people serving her, was only doing such things because she respected Sun Mo.

Let me do it myself!

Sun Mo wasnt used to people serving him, but he was happy to receive this act from his disciple.

Teacher Jin, come and sit here!

Zhou Shanyi invited.

I can sit anywhere.

Jin Mujie rejected.

Zhou Shanyi had thought that there was nothing wrong with Jin Mujies decision. However, when he saw that she specially walked away to sit at the table behind Sun Mo, he was speechless.

(Is this what you mean by you can sit anywhere?)

Other than Pei Yuanli, other male teachers were all envious. After all, Jin Mujie was a 3-star great teacher and was a beautiful woman with big breasts and hips. Her honey peach buttocks were extremely alluring.

Even though they couldnt consume those peaches, it would be great if they could sit next to this beautiful teacher.

Hais, one can do whatever he wants to as long as he has talent!

Zhou Shanyi felt emotional. However, after seeing Sun Mos face, he was depressed. Other than having talent, he scored 9/10 for his attractiveness, how are other people going to live?

Although he was already very old, Zhou Shanyi was hoping to sit next to a beautiful teacher too.

Unfortunately, Sun Mo was present. His chance of being a lackey was gone.

The dishes were served, and it was a sumptuous spread. This was Jin Mujies personal expenditure to treat everyone to a meal. As they were going to set off after this meal, there was no alcohol served.

Sun Mo wasnt eating. His mind had wandered because the systems notification rang at the wrong timing. Ding!


[1] Note: spiritual beast control is a combination of two techniques: spiritual control + beast taming
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