Absolute Great Teacher
217 Mysterious Species of Darkness
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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217 Mysterious Species of Darkness


Your prestige connection with Tantai Yutang has been raised to friendly. You are rewarded with one bronze treasure chest. Please keep up the good work!

A bronze treasure chest landed in front of Sun Mo. He touched the lucky mascots head and then opened the treasure chest.

The glow disappeared, leaving behind a milk-colored medicine packet.


Congratulations, youve obtained one spring water beauty medicine packet. If one bathes in the water thats soaked in this medicine packet, it can heal their injuries. It is especially effective toward wounds caused by blades and swords.

Keep it!

Sun Mos expression was neutral. There was no helping it. He already had the prescription for the spring water beauty medicine packet. As long as he could gather all the ingredients, hed be able to prepare it himself.

As hed be able to make as many as he wished, this wasnt something that mattered a lot to him. However, he knew that rewards like the knowledge of 100 types of plants on the Darkness Continent wouldnt appear that easily.

Teacher, its a rare chance to be sitting with Teacher Jin. Why arent you saying anything?

Li Ziqi sneaked looks at Sun Mo, feeling anxious for him. This was such a good opportunity. He should make good use of it to improve their relationship.

(Youre a guy, and your cultivation realm and social status are both lower than hers. If you dont take the initiative to speak up, are you going to wait until Jin Mujie strikes a conversation with you?).

Teacher Sun, are the dishes not to your liking?

Jin Mujie spoke up.

They are quite nice.

When Sun Mo saw that Lu Zhiruo and Li Ziqi only ate vegetables and not meat, he frowned. Take note of your dietary intake. And Baiwu, dont just eat meat.

Teacher Sun, its really regretful that I wasnt able to see you expelling Zhou Yong at the Entire School Meeting the other time.

It seemed that Jin Mujie had been busy making preparations in the Darkness Continent for the trip during those few days. That was why she had missed out on the scene in which Sun Mo had made an amazing display.

She felt really angry to not have been able to see the looks on Zhang Hanfus face after getting a setback!

I hope that matters requiring such amazing displays will occur less frequently.

Sun Mos mouth twitched.

(Teacher, dont you know how to talk?)

Li Ziqi was speechless. (Teacher Jin is complimenting you, but look at the kind of reply youre giving. You should act more humbly, then take the chance to flatter Teacher Jin as well.)

When Jin Mujie heard this, she was stunned for a moment. She then understood the meaning in Sun Mos words. Compared to him being in the spotlight and being admired by the students, Sun Mo was more willing to see no school bullies in the school. Then, he wouldnt need to expel students at the Entire School Meeting

This was a good teacher who spared a thought for the students and the school!


Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +10. Friendly (110/1,000) (1).


Sun Mo was stunned when he heard the notification. He threw a glance at Jin Mujie and wondered. (What did I do? Why did you have a good impression of me?)

Womens thoughts were really hard to guess.


Mission released. Before the visit to the Darkness Continent ends, help each of your students to level up once. The reward will be one bronze treasure chest.

Sun Mo immediately furrowed his brows so tightly that he could crush a crab to death with them. System, you think leveling up is like eating meals? That its possible to level up at any time?

This was a process that required accumulation.

If its easy, why would a teacher like you be needed?

The system retorted, Great teachers are people who can make the impossible possible!


Mission released. Let every student chop off a human head, experiencing how brutal the dark world is. The reward will be one gold treasure chest!

Before Sun Mo could curse out the your mom is a *** that he was thinking, the system issued another mission. After hearing the content, he was so shocked that he almost went limp.

Hey, I didnt hear that wrongly, right? You want my students to kill?


The system explained, Survival of the fittest, where the strong survive and the weak are eliminated. These are the laws of survival in the natural world. How are they going to grow without taking lives?

Jin Mujie saw that Sun Mos mind had wandered off again and thus didnt continue to try striking a conversation with him. She lowered her head and ate her meal.

(Teacher, youre really relying on your own capabilities to remain single.)

Li Ziqi sighed. It was clear that Jin Mujie thought well of Sun Mo, so if he were to put in a little effort, it wouldnt be a problem for them to be friends, even if they wouldnt become best friends who would talk about anything with each other. However, Sun Mos mind kept wandering off.


Was SE

Yi Jiamin, who was secretly paying attention to Jin Mujie, couldnt help but curse. (Sun Mo, if you dont want such opportunities, then give them to me!)

(Sigh, I dont look bad either, but why is it that I cant attract Jin Mujies attention?)

Midway through lunch, a big commotion suddenly broke out in the inn. A few minutes later, the customers hurriedly paid the bill and left.

In an instant, the hall was emptied.

Teacher Du, Teacher Yi, go find out what has happened.

Jin Mujie instructed.

Not long later, the two of them came back.

Teacher Jin, its said that a spirit qi roaming dragon has appeared at the Coldwave Pool. Those people all went to try their luck!

Du Xiao reported.

Spirit qi roaming dragon?

Even the chill Zhou Shanyi let out a sudden cry when he heard this name, wearing an excited expression. Is it true?

It should be. The news of its appearance appeared three months ago. Recently, some cultivators have been trying to hunt it.

Yi Jiamins tone was agitated and he looked toward Jin Mujie. Teacher Jin, shall we go try our luck as well?


Almost all gazes landed on Jin Mujie, filled with anticipation for her agreement.

The spirit qi roaming dragon was a living creature that lived on the third floor of the Darkness Continent. It fed on fruits that were rich in spirit qi and there were very few of them.

It could be due to their love for food that was rich in spirit qi that the spirit qi roaming dragons were very sensitive toward spirit qi waves.

In the Darkness Continent, there was spirit qi tempest, just like there being sandstorms in the deserts. If one couldnt avoid them in time and were implicated by the spirit qi tempest, then the strong spirit pressure would instantly crush the cultivator into a pool of flesh and blood.

Spirit qi tides were slightly weaker than spirit qi tempest. They were like the high and low tides of the sea

If cultivators encountered them, they wouldnt die. However, the intense changes to the spirit pressure would bring discomfort to their bodies, causing them to feel symptoms such as giddiness, nauseousness, bleeding under the skin, damaged organs, and many others.

With a spirit qi roaming dragon, cultivators would be able to avoid the spirit qi tides in time. It could be said that they could freely roam around in the Darkness Continent without needing to worry.

Of course, this wasnt its greatest value.

The reason why people were crazy for such a mysterious species of darkness was because it liked to build its nests in places with strong spirit qi.

Usually, thered be a tremendous amount of spirit stone veins. Therefore, if one could capture a spirit qi roaming dragon, itd mean that they had found one or several spirit stone veins. Theyd definitely strike it rich overnight.

Due to this reason, the spirit qi roaming dragon was ranked 36th in the Mysterious Darkness Species List. They were invaluable and couldnt even be found on the various black markets in the Darkness Continents main cities!

It was because they were too precious.

No. Well go according to the original plan and head to the Spiritwind Canyon.

Jin Mujie didnt hesitate in the slightest.

Why? Thats a spirit qi roaming dragon. Its ranked 36th on the Mysterious Darkness Species List. If we were to catch it, wed strike it rich.

Yi Jiamin couldnt understand.

I feel that going to the Coldwave Pool for training isnt bad either.

Zhang Qianlin interjected. Although he knew that the chances werent high, what if he managed to catch it?

You guys saw it earlier. So many cultivators have made a move upon hearing the news. Now, the Coldwave Pool is definitely overwhelmed with people, so why are you guys going there? To court death? Jin Mujies tone became forceful, sweeping her cold gaze on everyone present. If you want to seize the treasure, youll need to encounter a situation of killing and to be killed. If you arent at the divine force realm, youd just be going there to throw your life away.

We can watch on the borders. It would be quite good to let the students experience this competition in advance!

Duan Meng interjected as well.

Seizing treasures was like buying lottery tickets. Although it was clear that the chances wouldnt be high, people always wanted to give it a try. What if they were to be struck by good fortune?

I wont stop those who wish to go to the Coldwave Pool. But once you leave the group, Ill view it as youve given up on your position as the Central Province Academys teacher.

After Jin Mujie said that, she picked up her chopsticks. Eat!

The prestige of a 3-star great teacher was still terrifying. Although Yi Jiamin and Zhang Qianlin were raring to move, they didnt dare to go against Jin Mujies orders.

Senior Martial Sister, is that dragon worth a lot of money?

Ying Baiwu poked Li Ziqi and asked softly. She knew that their eldest martial sister had read many books and knew a lot of things.

Its not worth a lot of money. Its worth an extremely, extremely huge amount of money. Its because it can locate spirit stone veins and find heavenly and earthly treasures.

Li Ziqi explained.

What were heavenly and earthly treasures?

They were treasures born from the accumulation of spirit qi. As the spirit qi roaming dragon was born to be sensitive to the spirit qi, it excelled in searching for natural treasures.

The spirit qi roaming dragons battle prowess was extremely weak, but it relied on this spirit qi sensing ability to be ranked 36th on the Mysterious Darkness Species List.


Ying Baiwu swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She really wanted it badly.

Stop dreaming. That isnt something we can dream of having. Just focus on your cultivation!

Li Ziqi took things in her stride.

Sun Mo threw a glance around and noticed that Lu Zhiruo, Xuanyuan Po, and Li Ziqi didnt care about that dragon at all. However, Tantai Yutang and Ying Baiwu were raring to give it a try. The former wanted to join in the excitement, while the latter was in for the money. As for Jiang Leng, he continued to wear his expressionless dead-man face. It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

Although Jin Mujie had used her authority as the leader to suppress this topic, this great beauty with a big butt still noticed the instability in the members mindsets.

Not only the teachers, even the students wanted to go and try their luck. There was no helping it, wealth was enticing. People died for money and birds died for food. This was the truth that remained unchanged since ancient times.

In everyones heart, Im definitely an unreasonable and stubborn person.

Jin Mujie smiled in self-ridicule but then sensed that Sun Mo was looking at her with an admiring but not lewd gaze.

When Sun Mo noticed that Jin Mujie had discovered his gaze, he quickly lowered his head.

To speak the truth, he admired this woman. Other people might not have the capability to fight for this mysterious species of darkness, but Jin Mujie, being an expert at the Longevity Realm, had the right to do so. However, she gave up on it for the sake of this team.

This was how a great teacher should conduct themselves. In her heart, the students growth was more important than a spirit qi roaming dragon.

Sun Mo waited for a few seconds and then looked up. When he realized that Jin Mujie was still looking at him, he instantly felt a little awkward. Cough cough. He squeezed out a smile and then picked up a piece of straw mushroom, putting it into Jin Mujies bowl. Teacher Jin, try this, it doesnt taste bad!


Other than the combat addict who had his head lowered and was eating away, even Lu Zhiruos gaze landed on that straw mushroom.

This is bad!

Sun Mo felt his teeth aching. He had been trying to think of ways to resolve the awkwardness and forgot to use the serving chopsticks to take the food. So, there was his saliva on that straw mushroom.

Haha, Sun Mo, youre going to have it now.

Yi Jiamin secretly felt happy and was waiting to see Sun Mo getting slammed. (A woman like Jin Mujie with her status and dignity would be particular toward cleanliness, but you, a dirty guy, used your own chopsticks to take food for her? You must not know how the word death is written!)

[1] The author might have screwed up the favorable impression points, just read it with a pinch of salt.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》