Absolute Great Teacher
218 Great Teacher Halo, Self-Taught Halo
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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218 Great Teacher Halo, Self-Taught Halo



Jin Mujie felt a sense of consolation, feeling that the thought that she had put into things hadnt been put to waste.

To be blunt, Jin Mujie wasnt a saint who had neither desires nor wants. How could she not be moved when facing the spirit qi roaming dragon that was ranked 36th on the Mysterious Darkness Species List?

Jin Mujie had graduated from the Black-White Academy, one of the Nine Greats. She was a true genius, an elite. Even her reputation in the great teacher world was great. If she were to go to the Coldwave Pool, many people would fret. It was because she was one of the experts who could seize the spirit qi roaming dragon. However, in order to lead this group of students for their training, Jin Mujie had to give up on this opportunity. It would be a lie to say that she didnt have any regret. That was why, when people like Yi Jiamin and Zhang Qianlin complained, it made her even more upset.

However, when she saw Sun Mos admiring gaze, she understood that this was a man who understood her intention. He knew what she had given up on.

Wearing a consoled smile, Jin Mujie picked up the straw mushroom and ate it.


Yi Jiamin was staring with eyes and mouth agape. (Did Jin Mujie just eat the straw mushroom that Sun Mo took for her?) Teacher Jin couldnt possibly have an affair with Teacher Sun, could she?

Li Ziqi was astonished.

What the?

Zhou Shanyi instantly felt as if 1,000 alpacas had just run over in his heart, trampling his thoughts and making them all battered. An old man couldnt stand a scene like this.

What happened?

Jin Mujie frowned and looked around.


Everyone lowered their heads and continued with their meal.


To be honest, Jin Mujie was so lost in her thoughts that she didnt notice Sun Mo had used his own chopsticks to give her that mushroom.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +30. Friendly (140/1,000).

Sun Mo was speechless and baffled. It was good enough that Jin Mujie didnt reproach him for being impolite. Why did she contribute favorable impression points just


Could it be that she was a masochist like Gu Xiuxun? Or did she like to eat mens saliva?

Lunch ended in a strange atmosphere. After that, they got ready, formed two groups, and headed for the Spiritwind Canyon.

This canyon covered a wide area and the terrain was extremely complex. This led to the spirit qi pressure here being very complicated, and it would often change. Seconds ago, it could be one-tenth of the normal spirit pressure, but one small mound later, the spirit pressure might rise explosively by five times. Due to this strange phenomenon, the Spiritwind Canyon became the training ground for the cultivators that entered the Darkness Continent for the first time.

As long as they could stay in the Spiritwind Canyon for ten days and become accustomed to the fluctuations of the spirit qi tides, then theyd basically have no problems adventuring and exploring the first level of the Darkness Continent.

As it was a training session, there werent any horse carriages prepared. Even Jin Mujie set an example by walking.

Quickly, we must make it to the Spiritwind Canyon before nightfall.

Jin Mujie urged.

The students panted vigorously. They couldnt spare the effort to talk and were all focused on rushing on their way.

Jin Mujie had the intention of testing the new students limits and thus advanced at a very fast pace. In the beginning, everyone could catch up, but one hour later, differences started to develop.

The first to drop out from the team was Li Ziqi.

Li Ziqis physical capabilities were very weak. In just a moment, she had fallen three times and had even scraped her palms.

If you cant hang on, let me know!

Sun Mo went to the little sunny egg.

Im fine!

Li Ziqi gritted her teeth and continued to walk on. Due to her poor motoric skills, she had often fallen. Therefore, as time passed, the little sunny egg started to detest external activities. This led to her having a poor constitution.

Sun Mo accelerated and caught up to the team.

Wheres Xuanyuan Po?

Sun Mo didnt see him.

He ran over in front, saying that he wants to clinch first place.

Ying Baiwu couldnt understand Xuanyuan Pos mentality. Even if he were to get first place, there was no reward. It was better to follow behind slowly.

This stubborn young lady had been doing laborious work since young had amazing physical capabilities. She was able to travel at this pace without any issues.

The other students looked as if they were going to die.

The big group had gone out of sight.

Li Ziqi, you arent allowed to cry!

The little sunny egg raised her hand and wiped away her tears, warning herself, Dont embarrass Teacher.

A feeling of despair gradually climbed into her heart. (Was there really no hope for my body?) She then recalled that secondary saints words.

For someone like her, even if she is smart, she wont be able to reach the Longevity Realm and live to 100 years old. So what use does she have?

Other people would be in their prime at 500 years old, filled with vigor. But at 70 years old, Li Ziqis teeth would fall out and she wouldnt even be able to digest porridge. What was the use even if she had a good brain?

Moreover, at that time, even her brain would probably go senile. Why am I so clumsy? What wrong have I done? Why is heaven punishing me like this?

Li Ziqi thought that after reaching the second level of the body-refinement realm, her constitution would change. However, when compared to other students in the same realm, she was worse than trash.

As Li Ziqis mind wandered off, she tripped on a small rock again.

If it was any other time, Li Ziqi would still put up a struggle. But now, she had lost all hopes.


Li Ziqi fell to the ground, held onto her head, and cried.

Im really useless.

Li Ziqi kept on banging her head against the ground. She hated herself for being so useless.

Wah, has she broken down? Should I go over to console her a bit? She wont kill me for having seen her pathetic state, right?

Tantai Yutang was a sickly guy, and it was also very tiring for him to travel at this pace. However, he had always been someone frivolous and didnt care about the rules; thus, he rested when he was tired. He didnt care if hed get reprimanded for not arriving at the Spiritwind Canyon on time.

However, just as Tantai Yutang was being hesitant, Sun Mo came.

No one in this world is perfect.

Sun Mo didnt help Li Ziqi up but stood in front of her, looking at her. If she couldnt pass this hurdle by herself, itd be useless no matter who was to help her.

Li Ziqi, who had always been respectful toward Sun Mo, didnt give him any reply for the first time. Due to her embarrassment and anxiousness, her body shook a little. However, she continued to lay there like a salted fish.

Did we live so that we can become a perfect and flawless person? Its not the case for me. I only want to do the things I like and then achieve success in these areas.

Sun Mos tone was like the warm wind in spring brushing against Li Ziqis body.

Tantai Yutangs lips curled up. He liked this statement.

Isnt your dream to collect many books and then set up the biggest library in the nine provinces? Then why does it matter if you have good motoric skills? You just have to be careful and not be hit by the books that fall out from the shelves.

Sun Mo teased. It cant be that you cant even dodge that, right?

Of course I can!

After saying that, Li Ziqi felt conscience-stricken again. She might really not be able to dodge them. She had the experience of being hit before.

Do what you like to do, and do the best you can in it. To me, that is a meaningful life. Why do you have to live based on other peoples standards?.

Sun Mo looked at Li Ziqi. Regardless if youre at the Longevity Realm or not, I feel that its more important to live a fulfilling life every day.

Some people live to several hundred years old emptily. They age but dont die, achieving nothing in life. Some people, although only having a few years to their lives, lived a brilliant one that is like the first rays of the dawn and the sunsets glow. If I were to choose, Id rather live a short life but strived toward my dreams every day.

Teacher, its all just fine talk to you. Given your talent, you wont have any problems reaching the Longevity Realm. At the very least, you can have an additional 500 years of lifespan.

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes. When the time comes, Ill help you keep watch at the librarys door! Sun Mo smiled. Even though Li Ziqi was complaining, there was no grudge in her words. Instead, there was a hint of light-hearted and pleasant vibe.

No, I cant afford the salary of a secondary saint or even a saint.

Li Ziqi pouted. She then thought of the scene of Sun Mo being the guard of her library and being given a bad scolding by her, the head librarian. All of a sudden, she couldnt help but burst out laughing. A big hand was extended in front of her. Li Ziqi grabbed it and immediately felt the warmth. She was then pulled up by Sun Mo.

Ziqi, in my opinion, cultivating is to keep on breaking through ones own limitations, in pursuit of a higher level. It can be on a physical level or a psychological level.

Sun Mo squatted down and helped the little sunny egg pat off the dust on her uniform.


Li Ziqi wanted to back off but couldnt bear to do so. It was because her teacher was being very considerate and gentle both in his words and actions right now.

The little sunny egg felt a little infatuated.


Tantai Yutang hadnt wished to listen to them and wanted to leave. However, after hearing this, he stopped. This theory was so novel.

Every cultivator should be pursuing immortality, right? But what is considered eternal life? Just living? Or is the eternal existence of ones spirit considered as well? Sun Mo asked. After hearing this question, Li Ziqi shook and immediately went into deep thought. Eternal life from an undying spirit? (Teacher Sun is really amazing. He has started to contemplate on such profound questions!)

If the eternal existence of ones spirit existed and it was also considered eternal life, then was there any means to cultivate to this degree?

Sun Mo brought up this rhetorical question.

How is that possible? Li Ziqi subconsciously denied that. This was something that hadnt been heard of before. Why is it not possible?

Sun Mo asked.

Its because all the current cultivation methods temper the body to achieve eternal life.

Li Ziqi explained.

Where did these cultivating methods come from?

Sun Mo continued to ask.


Li Ziqi was dumbfounded and then started to tremble uncontrollably. It was because she was very smart and thus she thought of a possibility.

Tantai Yutangs brows were furrowed so deeply that he could almost wipe out a nest of crabs with it. It was because he had also thought of a possibility.

Youve thought of it, right? These cultivation methods are what the great people in the past had come up with. Then why cant we come up with a set of cultivation methods that work on ones spirit? Sun Mo got up and looked toward the sky. A dazzling aurora had appeared up there, and it was colorful and brilliant.

Li Ziqi didnt continue to say anything, but her heart was palpitating very quickly. It was because Sun Mo had opened up a door leading to a brand new world for her.

(Thats right, why can I cultivate through my spirit?) Ziqi, there are endless possibilities in this world. You cant see the path to your future because you havent found it. But once you give up, therell really be nothing left. Sun Mo lowered his head and looked toward the little sunny egg. If this girl was in his world, given her superb intellect, shed definitely be able to achieve extraordinary success, bringing great contributions to society. No, who said that it was impossible in this world?

Wisdom was humans most precious wealth. It was also a type of power!


Priceless Advice was automatically activated.

A faint golden glow lit up on Sun Mos body and then shot out, illuminating Li Ziqis body. The little sunny eggs thoughts were seething like tidal waves, with all sorts of thoughts rising and falling. (Thats right. I cant always look at the path that our predecessors have taken. Since I cant take those paths, then Ill walk a path of my own. Although this is very difficult, as long as I continue, therell definitely be hope.) (In the future, or rather, right now, there will also be many people with poor motoric skills like me. Are we all going to live begrudgingly and just give up?) (No, I must persist. Even if I cant find the path, in the end, I can leave my experience to the people who come later. I believe that one day, well be able to find a path belonging to us crippled cultivators.)

(Thats right, we shouldnt give up on life. If we continue to walk on, well see a rainbow!) At the thought of this, Li Ziqi smiled. She was no longer begrudging or worrying. She had new ideals and goals!

The little sunny eggs thoughts were cleared. She was willing to be the one to trailblaze a new path, contributing her life to the people later on.

Let me slash off the hurdles first. I dont ask for flowers or applause. I only hope that I wont see the tears of the next Li Ziqi. Li Ziqi mumbled but was firm in her decision.

Sun Mo felt very consoled. He could tell from the little sunny eggs expression that she had thought things through. Just as Sun Mo wanted to pat her head to encourage her, a dazzling golden glow was suddenly emitted from her.


At this moment, Li Ziqi seemed as if she had been cast in gold.

This this

Sun Mo was dumbstruck. This seemed like the phenomenon when one comprehended the self-taught halo. But how old was Li Ziqi? 13 years old! Comprehending the self-taught halo meant that she had the right to become an educator, a great teacher, or even a saint. She could teach the rest of the world.

Li Ziqi had just been enrolled in the school for three months, but she had comprehended the self-taught halo? Wasnt this too terrifying?

However, Sun Mo soon guessed the reason. Li Ziqi was too smart. She also possessed a photographic memory and liked to read. Therefore, although she was only 13 years old, she had read far too many books.

Due to her family background, Li Ziqi didnt lack books at home. She was able to read even precious collections of books that only had one copy. These books and knowledge were deeply engraved in her brain.

The feeling of defeat of being in the last place had caused her to lose control of her emotions.

If it was any other teacher, theyd only persuade and console her a little. However, Sun Mo didnt do that. Coming from an alternate world, he had a different recognition toward cultivation ideals. Therefore, he had said his previous words. This whole new concept brought Li Ziqi a tremendous blow. It broadened the little sunny eggs horizon, opening up the door to a new world in front of her.

Of course, if it was just that, Li Ziqi wouldnt possibly be able to comprehend the self-taught halo. However, she was a kindhearted girl and didnt wish for those children who were like her to feel as helpless as she did. Therefore, she had decided to help everyone find a new path. This mentality happened to be the mentality of a great teacher-not asking for payback and the willingness to contribute.

Due to this, the self-taught halo was stimulated.

Some things germinated in Li Ziqis mind and were deeply engraved. It made her have a new recognition and understanding of this world.

After the halo disappeared, Li Ziqi lowered her head and gave Sun Mo a deep bow. Teacher, thank you for your guidance!


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +10,000. Reverence (11,111/100,000). How much?

Sun Mo almost shouted. 10,000? (Did I hear wrongly? This is the most favorable impression points Ive ever gotten.)

The system didnt say anything but witnessed the entire scene. It then firmly believed that it had found the right host this time around.

I only said what I needed to. Its still mostly because youre smart.

Sun Mo was doing polite talk but really admired Li Ziqis wisdom and mentality. She was really a kindhearted and intelligent girl. The Bodhi tree was right there, but why was Buddha Gautama the only one who had managed to gain enlightenment under it? That tree wasnt important. Buddha Gautama was the amazing one in the story. This was how it was with Li Ziqi.

Sun Mo, youre too humble.

The system felt emotional. Without Sun Mo, Li Ziqi might still be able to comprehend the self-taught halo, but how long would it have to take? One year? Three years? Or maybe ten years?

An outstanding teacher was one who didnt let their students take a detour but head straight for success.


Li Ziqi stroked her hair a few times, feeling a little embarrassed. However, she then looked at her hands excitedly, feeling very agitated. Teacher, I seemed to have comprehended the self-taught halo. I can be considered half a teacher now, right?

Not half. You are a teacher now!

Sun Mo said with certainty.

It was very difficult to comprehend the self-taught halo as it required a high capability and mental state. Therefore, once a student like this appeared, the school would place additional emphasis on nurturing them.

Their school fees would be waived, together with their food and dorm fees. Moreover, the school would also issue a student grant to them.

They didnt need to be afraid that the school wouldnt pay up. Students who comprehended the self-taught halo were all treasures and would be fought for by other schools.

Hehe, but I dont want to become a teacher. I want to continue to be Teachers student!

Li Ziqi hugged Sun Mos arm.

You might even become a 1-star great teacher before me!

Sun Mo teased.

Even if I became a saint, Id still be Teachers student!

After saying that, Li Ziqi hesitated for a moment but still spoke up, Teacher, can I hug you?

Arent you hugging me now?

Sun Mo was stunned.

No, not this kind of hug!

After saying that, Li Ziqi clenched her teeth. Without waiting for Sun Mos agreement, she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest.

Tears trickled down silently.

In the past, she had been clumsy and couldnt meet the great teachers expectations. Theyd console her then. However, Li Ziqi knew that they felt disappointed.

In their opinion, she was a useless person. Even her own father thought the same.

However, Teacher Sun didnt think that. He encouraged her, tried to ease her anxiety, and even tried to find solutions for her

Li Ziqi hugged Sun Mo tightly. She recalled her first encounter with him that evening by the Yunting Lake.

Im really too lucky to be able to meet Teacher Sun in this life!


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +1,000. Reverence(12,111/100,000).

Note: As Li Ziqis favorable impression of you has reached the level of reverence, unless there are especially important things, there wouldnt be any further notifications for the favorable impression points contributed by


Tantai Yutang, who was behind a huge boulder, was stunned. Well-learned as he was, he naturally recognized this great teacher halo. However, he didnt dare to affirm it as Li Ziqis age was really too young. Should I say that Sun Mo is good at giving guidance? Or should I admire Li Ziqi for her great talent?

Tantai Yutang felt very emotional. To speak the truth, he was very envious of Li Ziqi at the moment. It was because comprehending the self-taught halo wasnt something that could be achieved through learning. It could only rely on ones comprehension.

Tantai Yutang was definitely learned, but itd depend on how long hed take to reach the required mental state. Sun Mo is really amazing! Tantai Yutang took a final look at Sun Mo and left secretly. In the beginning, he had only entered the wing of this teacher for fun. But by the looks of it, he might have mistakenly made the right move.


Favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang +100, Friendly (410/1,000).

Sun Mo frowned slightly when he heard the sudden notification. However, after seeing that Tantai Yutang was secretly leaving, he pretended that he didnt see anything. Teacher, lets keep it a secret between us that Ive comprehended the self-taught halo. I dont wish for other people to know.

Li Ziqi pleaded.

Sun Mo fell silent. (Its too late. A third person has already seen it.)

Pretty please?

Li Ziqi asked. Alright, I wont tell anyone.

Sun Mo nodded.


Li Ziqi was happy. She held Sun Mos hand. Then lets continue to move on. Although I cant be first, at least, I dont want to be last.

The little sunny eggs mental state had improved, but her capabilities hadnt. Even though she had comprehended the self-taught halo, it wouldnt increase her speed. Therefore, she was still the last to arrive at the Spiritwind Canyon.

Im not even comparable to a sickly guy!

Li Ziqi felt upset. Eldest Martial Sister, its been hard on you!

Lu Zhiruo handed her a water bottle but was then stunned. Eldest Martial Sister, whats the matter with you?

Whats wrong with me?

Li Ziqis eyes darted about, feeling a little conscience-stricken.

I feel that your disposition has changed. En, theres a bit of familiar feeling close to what Teacher has! Lu Zhiruo assessed the little sunny egg.

Youre thinking too much!

Li Ziqi denied but was secretly shocked. This papaya girls instinct was too sharp. In another few years, she might be able to identify a thief in a crowd with just a casual glance. Sun Mo was planning to patrol around the campsite and familiarize himself with the terrain when the systems notification rang out.

Ding! Congratulations, as youve helped Li Ziqi to improve and comprehend the self-taught halo, youve completed the achievement Let student become teacher. Youre specially rewarded with one mysterious treasure chest!

Congratulations, as youve received 10,000 favorable impression points in one go, youre specially rewarded with one diamond treasure chest!

Two treasure chests that were glowing in bright lights landed in front of Sun Mo.

Should I open the chests? Or should I open the chests?

Sun Mo mumbled and then went off to look for the lucky mascot. How could he possibly hold back on opening treasure chests? That was a mysterious treasure chest! Thered definitely be good things coming out from it!

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