Absolute Great Teacher
219 Sun Mo’s 6th Great Teacher Halo
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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219 Sun Mo’s 6th Great Teacher Halo

Chapter 219 Sun Mos 6th Great Teacher Halo

Nights in the Darkness Continent were extremely beautiful and colorful. When the sky darkened, the spirit aurora appeared like ribbons in the night sky, covering the starry skies.

Their beauty was mesmerizing, like a dream and a fantasy.

The flames of the bonfire flickered, swaying in the wind.

Lu Zhiruo squatted at the side, staring at the smoke emitted from the gurgling porridge in the pot. Although it was already cooked, the porridge had to be boiled a little longer so the taste would be even better.

This was something she made for her teacher to eat. It naturally had to be the best.

Sun Mo walked over and sat beside the papaya girl. After that, he lifted his hand and touched her head.

Open the diamond treasure chest!

The sound of a treasure chest opening rang out. After that, a seven-colored light flashed and when it dissipated, a skill book appeared. Ding!

Congratulations on obtaining a portion of the Great Plants Encyclopedia. This skill book contains detailed information about 1,000 plants.


Sun Mo whistled as joy appeared on his face. With this skill book, he now had the knowledge about 1,200 plants of Darkness Continent. It was enough for him to start a new class.

Starting a new class meant that he would be able to teach more students. It also represented that he would be able to sow seeds and stably harvest favorable impression points.

This skill book given by the system was just too perfect. Sun Mo believed that with it, he would surely be able to convince many students.

Naturally, its greatest value was that it allowed him to differentiate the characteristics of plants when he led his students to adventure and explore the Darkness Continent. He would be able to take note of poisonous plants and which plants are higher in medical and monetary value

Opening such a good reward caused Sun Mo to feel a little taken aback. He was also worried about spending too much luck, and he didnt dare to open his mysterious treasure chest now.

He wasnt being pretentious. But as an extremely unlucky person, he could only depend on all sorts of superstitious methods to raise his luck before he opened his treasure chests. If not, he wouldnt even be able to get a consolation prize.

Teacher, the porridge is done!

The papaya girl scooped a bowl of porridge and passed it to Sun Mo with both hands.


Sun Mo took it. As he drank the porridge, he was surveying the camp. The Spiritwind Canyon was the most suitable cultivation grounds for cultivators who just entered the Darkness Continent. Hence, the number of people here was usually quite a lot.

At this moment, other than the people from Central Province Academy and the group from Myriad Daos Academy who had arrived here in advance, there were two other groups as well. However, their camps were situated very far apart. There seemed to be no intention of any mutual interaction.

When the group from Central Province Academy reached the camping ground, at the location of a downwind slope, Sun Mo, Gu Xiuxun, Gao Ben, and Zhang Lan took their personal students and split the rest of the students up into groups. They didnt need to lead any others. The other teachers would be responsible for leading these groups.

By doing so, it was more convenient for teachers like Sun Mo to provide private lessons to his personal students. The teachers could avoid having their imparted knowledge being leaked without their consent.

One couldnt help but say that the system of the Central Province Academy was very people-oriented.

Ziqi, take care of our group. I will patrol around the area.

After eating a simple dinner, Sun Mo found an excuse to leave. After he walked far away from the camp and ensured no one could see him, Sun Mo took out the encyclopedia that was thicker than a dictionary and crushed it with a smack.


The skill book transformed into a large ball of green-light. Under the night, it was as bright as a firefly. After that, it swooshed and flew into Sun Mos forehead.

Information on the types of plants from Darkness Continent appeared in Sun Mos mind and vanished after that.

Sun Mo immediately focused and gave it his all to memorize them. But because there were simply too many plants, Sun Mo had to use a total of two hours before he finally managed to remember everything.


Congratulations, the knowledge of the 300 types of plants from the Darkness Continent that you possess has been upgraded to the grandmaster-grade. The knowledge on the other 700 types is at the expert-grade.

As the system notification rang out, the names of the plants on the screen before Sun Mos eyes refreshed and split into two columns, indicating the two different proficiency levels.

Sun Mo bitterly smiled. The more he tried to memorize the latter plants, the more fatigued he felt mentally. His memory also became worse as time went on. It seemed like he truly wasnt a genius.

If Li Ziqi was the one doing it, she most probably would be able to memorize it so well that she could recite it backward by just looking at the knowledge on the plants twice.

Sun Mo returned to the camp and discovered that the students were already very tired despite only having journeyed for a day. But no one was resting now. They were either meditating or reading books with the aid of candlelights. If someone had a question, they could consult Jin Mujie.

Teacher, youve returned?

Lu Zhiruo instantly ran over. I brought some pastries. Do you want to eat some?


Sun Mo curled his finger and gently rapped on the papaya girls forehead. Meditate properly, dont be distracted! Awu!

Lu Zhiruo felt a little disappointed. She specially prepared the pastries for this trip.

Ive already eaten dinner. Keep it first, I will eat it tomorrow.

After looking at the papaya girls expression, Sun Mo sighed. He patted her head. If you dont want to meditate, just go to sleep. Theres no need to wait for me to return in the future.


Lu Zhiruo nodded. After that, she sat down and began to meditate. However, she was a little distracted. (Does teacher dislike me now? Why doesnt he eat the pastries I made?)

The papaya girl let her imagination run wild and would occasionally steal glances at Sun Mo.

Sun Mo felt his scalp turning numb from the glances and could only choose to compromise. Where are the pastries?

After hearing this, the papaya girl was like a rabbit that was shot by an arrow. She immediately leaped and ran into the tent to search her luggage.

How large.

Having seen the exaggerated bounce of the papaya girls chest when she ran, Li Ziqi, who sat at the side of the bonfire, was filled with so much envy that she could explode. How is it? How is it?

After Sun Mo ate the pastries, Lu Zhiruos eyes were wide open as she stared at Sun Mo, feeling trepidation in her heart. It was as though she was waiting for her college examination result.

Very delicious!

Sun Mo nodded.


Lu Zhiruo smiled. The orange-reddish glow from the flames illuminated her face that had a smile of joy on it. This time, she was finally satisfied. She quietly sat down and entered the state of meditation.

Lets open a chest!

Sun Mo recalled the sweetness on his tongue from the pastries as he instructed the system.

A dense purple-colored mysterious giant treasure chest clicked open, and a skill book shining with golden light appeared before Sun Mo.


Congratulations, you have obtained a great teacher halo: Encyclopedic Knowledge. Proficiency level: Elementary-grade.

Note: When you use this great teacher halo on your targets, their learning efficiency will be greatly boosted.

Sun Mo almost cursed out loud in excitement. The papaya girl was as expected of his lucky mascot. After obtaining the knowledge of 1,000 types of plants from the Darkness Continent, he could still open out a great teacher halo. This good luck was truly absurd.

Naturally, compared to Teacher for a Day, Father for Life, which was a rare great teacher halo that was proclaimed only comprehensible by old people, Encyclopedic Knowledge was a more commonly-seen great teacher halo and its range of usage was also wider.

For example, Sun Mo rarely used Ignorant and Incompetent and Misleading Students. This was especially so for Misleading Students. He hadnt even activated it before. However, Encyclopedic Knowledge would definitely be used often. He could use it any time on his students to increase their learning efficiency.

Encyclopedic Knowledge. As the name implied, it would allow a student to maintain the most optimal state of learning, achieving twice the effort with half the amount of hard work.

You guys eat, I will go and rest for awhile!

Sun Mo entered the tent and immediately crushed the skill book.


Congratulations, you possess the elementary-grade Encyclopedic Knowledge. After activating it, the effect will persist for half an hour.

Sun Mo felt extremely happy as he enjoyed the feeling of refreshing coolness in his mind. Back in his world, if he had possessed such an impressive halo, he would have been able to enter Peking University!

The only shortcoming would be the short duration. Although to many men, half an hour was enough for them to masturb*te many times, it was sorely insufficient for learning.

Ding! Congratulations, because of your outstanding guidance, your personal disciple has comprehended the self-taught great teacher halo and has met the requirements to be a teacher. Special reward: 1x great teacher emblem.

New mission issued: Please help your student to become a great teacher within 3 years. Upon success, ample rewards would be given!

After taking a glance at the great teacher emblem whose effects were unknown, Sun Mo put it away. After that, he frowned. If Li Ziqi wanted to be a teacher, she would have no problems in terms of knowledge. But as for other great teacher halos, they couldnt be actively sought after and could only be comprehended via a myriad of factors.

Ding! Congratulations, you now have the knowledge of over 1,000 plants from the Darkness Continent. You have obtained the title: Herb Specialist.

Eh? There are titles?

Sun Mo grew joyful as he waited for the system to give him a reward. However, even after five minutes, the system still remained silent. Ok, why are you not saying anything?

The system didnt understand.

Wheres my reward?

Sun Mo asked.

What reward?

The system still didnt understand.

Wheres the reward for me obtaining the Herb Specialist title? At the very least, there should be the lowest-grade treasure chest, a lucky treasure chest, right?


Sun Mos requirements werent high. Sorry, theres nothing! The systems answer was filled with a hint of poverty. Then, whats the use of this title?

Sun Mo furrowed his brows so tightly that they could squeeze a crab to death.

Its useless. Its just pleasant to hear and fun-sounding.

The system fell silent after it spoke, and Sun Mo was absolutely dumbfounded in the tent. (This is possible? As expected, this is the way of the world now. You can have all sorts of fanciful-sounding titles, but when one speaks about actual rewards, you can just scram as far away as you possibly can.)

In another campsite in the Spiritwind Canyon, Chen Anfu couldnt sleep. He had a heavy expression and his eye bags were so dark that he almost looked like a panda.

Why have you not found it yet?

His personal disciple had already left for 10 days, but there was no news from him at all. Truly, Chen Anfu had waited to the point where he grew anxious.

However, it truly wasnt easy to catch that mysterious species of darkness. If not, it wouldnt be ranked at the 10th rank of the Mysterious Darkness Species List.

Teacher, another five student groups are entering the Spiritwind Canyon today. The number of people has now exceeded 300. A female disciple reported. She was responsible for taking care of her teacher, as well as seeking out information.

Chen Anfus heart clenched and he couldnt help but ask, Are there any student groups from the Nine Greats?


The female disciple replied. Oh!

Chen Anfu heaved a sigh of relief. He definitely wouldnt give a damn about students from the Nine Greats. However, their teachers were all extremely capable. He would naturally feel some dread regarding them.

He had spent a total of three years to track this particular mysterious species of darkness. As he had wasted so much, he naturally had to make sure he succeeded. If not, he would have really wasted his efforts.

You should go look for that mysterious species of darkness too.

Chen Anfu instructed.

But who would take care of the preparation of teachers food?

The female disciple was worried. If a 4-star great teacher didnt even have a servant, it would be too unpresentable. If outsiders saw this, they would surely mock her teacher.

Now that the situation has already come to this, it doesnt matter if I have to suffer a few days of hunger.

Chen Anfu waved his hand, gesturing for his female disciple to hurry and leave. As long as he could find that mysterious species of darkness, he would have a new plan for his future. At that time, the headmasters of the Nine Greats would personally seek him out to offer him a heavenly price for the mysterious species. They would surely invite him to join their schools and it wouldnt even be impossible for him to get the position of a vice headmaster.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》