Absolute Great Teacher
221 All of Your Performances Are Such an Eyesore!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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221 All of Your Performances Are Such an Eyesore!


What is this? Clowns performing tricks?

Zhang Qianlin had suppressed his emotions long enough and waited for a chance to mock Sun Mo. So, how could he continue to endure? He directly attacked Sun Mo verbally.

They are all new students, such a standard of performance is very normal!

Jin Mujie spoke words of fairness.


Zhang Qianlin had a bellyful of resentment. Now, all his resentment was stuck in his throat, and he couldnt say anything. He could sense that there would be people helping Sun Mo to speak. Gu Xiuxun, Du Xiao, and even the 1-star great teacher Xia Yuan might do so. But who would have expected the first to speak would actually be Jin Mujie?

(What can I do? Im in despair!)

Zhang Qianlin felt very helpless.

One must know that Jin Mujie was a 3-star great teacher. How could he afford to offend her?

How damnable!

Why was Sun Mo so lucky? Jin Mujie was so concerned about him. (Speaking of which, Im also quite handsome. Why dont I get any preferential treatment? Right, it must be God Hands. Sun Mo must have massaged Jin Mujie and made her extremely comfortable.)

Upon thinking of this, Zhang Qianlins gaze subconsciously glanced at Jin Mujies back before sliding down to her buttocks. Her bum was like a large peach, and it looked extremely alluring. Sun Mo, hurry up and settle it!

Although Jin Mujie spoke up for Sun Mo, she still urged him. The performances of these students was truly an eyesore, an extremely painful sight.

The endearingly silly girl with large breasts had extremely low combat strength. She couldnt even grasp the correct timing to join in the battle. Not only did she not injure the spirit-wind, but she was almost injured instead.

Ying Baiwu and Xuanyuan Po were very valiant. They werent afraid of death and had high combat strength individually. But when the two mixed together, they ended up causing disturbances for each other, leading to the fact that they couldnt even unleash 50% of their combat strength.

In addition, Jin Mujie felt that if it wasnt for the situation now, they might even start fighting each other.

As for the young man with the word trash on his forehead, he was like a salted fish watching from the side. Tantai Yutang was also useless even if he went to fight, given how sickly he was.

Lastly, it was none other than the anxious Li Ziqi. She wanted to join the battle, but she tripped and stumbled after walking a few steps.

Their performances are atrocious!

Jin Mujie sighed. Just when she was sighing, the sixth spirit-wind was defeated, leaving behind the one Sun Mos group was fighting.

The teachers and students were bored and started to spectate. It wasnt that they didnt want to help, but this was considered a training exercise. This monster clearly belonged to Sun Mos group, and it wouldnt be too good if they snatched it.

Stop this nonsense. From now on, Ziqi will take control. All of you have to listen to her instructions!

Sun Mo roared.


Only Li Ziqi, Lu Zhiruo, and Jiang Leng responded. The other three continued to do things their own way.

Che, how troublesome!

Gu Xiuxun felt elated. The personal students of Sun Mo were all very problematic. He would only feel increasingly annoyed in the future.

Baiwu, retreat first. Xuanyuan Po, stop attacking. You should focus on defense and do your utmost to limit the spirit-winds movement. Jiang Leng, you should focus on attacking and be responsible for killing it. Zhiruo and Baiwu, you guys should render your assistance if you see an opportunity. As for Tantai Yutang, forget it Just continue cheering. Li Ziqi swiftly allocated missions.

Upon hearing the little sunny eggs arrangement, Jin Mujie nodded in admiration. However, after seeing how terrible the others were in executing it, she involuntarily shook her head again.

Xuanyuan Po miscalculated, his spear end accidentally swept over and smacked Ying Baiwus buttocks. The iron-headed girl immediately waved her sword in rage and slashed at him.

Do you believe me if I say Ill punch you?

Xuanyuan Po roared.

Hmph, I knew you didnt do it on purpose, or I would have sliced off your scalp!

Ying Baiwus slash earlier was just to scare him. She hadnt really intended to harm Xuanyuan Po.

Just with your ability?

The combat addict mocked.

Che, you simply cultivated a few more years before me. Come and fight then, who is afraid of who?

Ying Baiwu roared back. After that, the two of them ignored the spirit-wind and started fighting

If the spirit-wind had awareness, it would surely have a dumbstruck look on its face. (Are you guys not ganging up on me? Why are you people from the same team fighting against each other?) However, it didnt delay. Since no one was suppressing it, it immediately lunged toward Lu Zhiruo.


The spirit-wind unleashed its innate skill. A huge spiritual pressure immediately descended, causing the papaya girls body to tremble violently. Her ability to circulate spirit qi became much slower.


Lu Zhiruo screamed, feeling very uncomfortable. However, she didnt retreat. Her gaze was filled with determination as she looked at the spirit-wind.

My junior apprentice-brother and sister cant be depended on, and our eldest martial sister cannot fight. Its all up to me now.

Lu Zhiruo mumbled. She gulped down a mouthful of saliva and prepared to fight, not caring whether she would be able to win or not.

The spirit-wind arrived. A long arm resembling a stone pillar of several hundred kilograms smashed toward the papaya girl. Zhiruo, dodge!

Li Ziqi grew anxious.


Jiang Lengs figure flashed and appeared before Lu Zhiruo. The dagger in his hand stabbed out.


Jiang Lengs dagger was like a lever that could raise the Earth. The impact instantly caused the spirit-winds gigantic stone arm to skew away. Upon seeing this scene, the teachers were all extremely shocked. The basic foundation of this youth was so sturdy. Although it was just a single dagger stab, if his sense of timing and power control werent perfect, he would be the one injured instead.

However, when they saw the broken spirit runes on Jiang Lengs neck, everyone sighed. No matter how good Jiang Lengs aptitude was, he had no future now.

It was unknown who was so ruthless to cripple him.

Li Ziqi joined the fight. But because her motoric nerves were too weak, her limbs couldnt match up to the inputs sent by her brain. Hence, she was in a flurry.

All of you, retreat!

Jiang Leng instructed the two girls. He was preparing to solo the wind spirit. You can do it!

Tantai Yutang clapped. He had no intention of joining the battle at all.

Will you be able to handle it or not?

Li Ziqi was worried. At the same time, she was hating herself for being a weakling. As expected, she wasnt able to join a real fight! But after she remembered the words Sun Mo had spoken to her that day, her mood grew slightly better.

Jiang Leng attacked. His speed increased as he danced around the spirit-wind. The dagger in his hand sliced out, aiming for the spirit-winds neck and eyes.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

A crisp sound rang out.


The spirit-wind roared in anger. It kept flailing about with its arms, wanting to kill Jiang Leng. However, its movements were just too clumsy. It couldnt even come in contact with the corner of Jiang Lengs shirt.

How impressive!

The students were all extremely shocked. Jiang Lengs movement art was so impressive. His movements were unpredictable and bizarre. He would always appear in places no one expected. Also, when he was fighting, his entire aura changed. He was like a venomous snake in the shadows, preparing to claim the lives of his target at any moment.

He should be in the spirit-refinement realm!

Zhou Shanyi speculated.

How old is this youth?

Pei Yuanli was curious.

He is two months to 13.

Gu Xiuxun saw Jiang Lengs information before.


Upon hearing this, the students were all gasping in admiration at how Jiang Leng possessed such terrifying strength while being so young. But as for the teachers, they all felt deep pity in their hearts. Even Zhang Qianlin, who found Sun Mo unpleasant to his eyes, also felt regretful. A good seedling. Sadly, his future was in ruins.

The truth had proven that Jiang Leng was truly powerful.

The wind-spirit couldnt even last two minutes and was defeated by him, turning into a rock on the ground.

Everyone turned their heads over and glanced in the other direction. Ying Baiwu and Xuanyuan Po were still fighting.

Xuanyuan Po had a higher cultivation base and because his opponent was a girl, he didnt go all-out. However, he discovered that this Ying Baiwu had an abundance of spirit qi. Her techniques were ferocious, and she was even wilder compared to him in a fight.

The combat addict was very proud. It was absolutely impossible for him to take the initiative to cease the fight. However, he was also unwilling to use his martial strength to suppress Ying Baiwu; hence, he only used 50% of his strength. He was preparing to exhaust Ying Baiwu to the point where she conceded. Ying Baiwu pursed her lips. She knew she couldnt win, and she hated herself for being weak and useless. However, very soon later, she adjusted her mental state and decided to use this sudden sparring partner to improve herself.

Honestly speaking, a combat genius like Xuanyuan Po was the most perfect sparring partner. However, he disdained to do such a thing usually. Hence, this was an extremely rare chance for Ying Baiwu.

Ive profited!

Ying Baiwu was secretly happy, but she showed no expression on her face. After that, she adjusted her mental state and focused completely on the fight, doing her utmost.

The two of them clashed against each other repeatedly. Their manners were imposing, just like two tides crashing into each other.

The gazes of the students gradually turned heavy as they watched. Even Zhang Yaozong, who was incomparably confident in himself, was now furrowing his brows deeply. Damn, why did such geniuses choose to follow Sun Mo?

Zhang Qianlin and Yi Jiamin were both incomparably depressed. This was especially so for Zhang Qianlin. He was beginning to think of poaching these students. However, such matters were taboo. He could only do it secretly if he wanted to.

Impressive! Extremely impressive!

Pei Yuanli loved slaughter and combat. Hence, when he saw the fight between Ying Baiwu and Xuanyuan Po, he involuntarily praised, These two students are already qualified to participate in the league tournament.

Upon hearing this, all the students showed expressions of envy on their faces.

At the end of the year, the 108 famous schools of D grade would participate in the league tournament. It could be split into the main competition and the newbie competition.

If the overall results of the Central Province Academy fell into the last ten rankings, their rights to the title famous school would be removed and they might be delisted. In addition, if they wished to join the C grade league tournament, they had to push their results up into the top ten ranks.

Although there were ten slots, the competition was extremely intense. Because the Central Province Academy had declined greatly, in addition to the Myriad Daos Academy snatching the elite students away, the aptitudes of their new students were increasingly inferior every year.

One must know that the overall result was the combination of the main competition and the newbie competition. Hence, the new students this year had a very great responsibility on their shoulders.

The number of participants in the newbies competition was fixed at 20. If there were no unexpected accidents, the 20 participants would be chosen from within these 50 students. Right now, the tour to the Darkness Continent just began, but Xuanyuan Po and Ying Baiwu had obtained two slots. How could others not feel envious?!

Teacher Pei, you judged too early. What if there are even more powerful students appearing? Zhang Qianlin rebutted, feeling a little unhappy. (Only my father has the authority to choose the qualified students. Who do you think you are?)

Che, Teacher Zhang. Your judgment is a little off. If there are eighteen more students who are as impressive as these two, I dare to guarantee that our school would surely be the champion of the newbie competition this


Pei Yuanli didnt plan to mock Zhang Qianlin. He was only speaking factually.

Zhang Qianlins face immediately turned black. He rebutted, I admit that this Xuanyuan Po is very strong. However, this Ying Baiwu is at most at the third level. She is too lacking.

Usually speaking, participants would have to be at the fifth level of the body-refinement realm at the very least if they wanted to participate in the newbie competition.

Please, given her aptitude, she just needs to train a little and would easily be able to reach the fifth level. After Pei Yuanli spoke, he asked in curiosity, I heard that she was from a very poor family and had to transport buckets of swill for a living. She just started cultivating for a few months, right?


Du Xiao replied. After that, she turned and looked at Sun Mo. How lucky was he? He randomly saved a girl and this girl turned out to be a genius.

With these two students, if Sun Mo wants to take the qualification test to become a 2-star great teacher, he will surely pass it.

Xia Yuan spoke enviously. Right now, she couldnt become a 2-star great teacher because the aptitude of her personal students was simply too low. They couldnt be ranked on the Greencloud Rankings. That might not be for sure.

Zhang Qianlin didnt want to hear all these praises. An example of Shang Zhongyongs incident has ever appeared before. In addition, these two students clearly have no team spirit.

Thats right, to join the newbie competition. All twenty participants need to work together closely, bound as tightly as a rope. They are fellow martial siblings, yet they are already fighting against each other. If they join a team with others, wouldnt their attitudes get even worse?

Yi Jiamin also spoke. He naturally belonged to Zhang Qianlins faction.

Jin Mujie was also considering this problem. Gu Xiuxuns student, Zhang Yaozong, not only was his strength outstanding, but he also had very strong leadership and team spirit. If he could continue to develop in this manner, he could become the leader of the newbie group of the Central Province Academy.

Li Ziqis leading ability wasnt bad as well. Sadly, her personal strength was too weak. If she was the team leader and was accidentally finished off in advance, the morale of the team would be severely affected.

As for that large-breasted Lu Zhiruo, her strength was too weak. If it wasnt for Sun Mo, she wouldnt even be able to join the tour this time around. And that sickly invalideven if they wanted to send him as a participant, he most probably wouldnt accept.

Jiang Lengs cultivation level had exceeded the limit. The Saint Gate had clear rules stating that participants for the newbie competition had to be new students who just joined the school and their cultivation bases must not surpass the body-refinement realm. If Ying Baiwu couldnt reach the fifth level of the body-refinement realm before the years end, she wouldnt be able to join. As for Xuanyuan Po, if he didnt change his muscle-brained behavior, the school might not give him the chance to participate.

After all, the newbie competition was dependent on the teams strength. If Xuanyuan Po was a malignant tumor in the team, even if his individual strength was heaven-defyingly high, the school wouldnt want him.

Li Ziqi originally wanted to stop her martial siblings from fighting each other. In the end, when she saw Ying Baiwu treating Xuanyuan Po as a sparring partner, she couldnt help but shake her head.

This money-grubber truly wouldnt miss out on any opportunities to gain benefits.

Lu Zhiruo picked up a walnut-sized crystal and passed it to Sun Mo. This was none other than the crystal core of the spirit-wind they killed. There was spirit qi within that could be absorbed for ones usage.

Give it to Ziqi for keeping. This will be the groups funds in the future.

Sun Mo instructed.

Based on the rules of the great teacher world, the battle spoils that students obtained were the personal property of their personal teacher. The teacher could make any arrangement he wanted regarding the spoils. This was a type of respect to the teacher. However, Sun Mo didnt need this.

Naturally, many personal teachers wouldnt care for this bit of money as well.

Enough, how long do you two want to fight for?

Sun Mo frowned.

Ying Baiwu still wanted to train a little more. However, she was extremely respectful toward Sun Mo and admired him a lot. After hearing this, she immediately retreated and lengthened the distance between her and Xuanyuan Po.

You finally understand that you wont be able to defeat me?

Xuanyuan Po mocked.

Im only following the words of our teacher. In the future, if theres another chance to fight, I will win for sure.

Ying Baiwu took the chance to arrange another duel.

Upon hearing the respect in the iron-headed girls tone when she spoke about Sun Mo, Yi Jiamin grew jealous. The whole school group started to journey again. In the evening, they reached an area with hot springs. White steam would occasionally be emitted from the cracks in the ground, forming steam pillars.

This place is a holy ground famous for hot springs. Everyone can soak in them if you want to. Relax yourself!

Jin Mujie announced that the group could disperse. The students could now move about freely.

Teacher Sun, I know of a good location. That place has beautiful scenery and comfortable-temperature spring water.

After Gu Xiuxun told Zhang Yaozong to take charge of her group, she went to look for Sun Mo and issued her invitation to him in a low voice. She wished to experience the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands again. [1] Shang Zhongyong is the name of a genius character in a written essay. His father didnt encourage him to learn new knowledge and only wanted to use him as a tool to make money. In the end, he fell from a genius to an ordinary man.
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