Absolute Great Teacher
222 Negative EQ!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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222 Negative EQ!


The Spiritwind Canyon was a famous holy ground for hot springs. The hot spring water here didnt only have a suitable temperature, but they also contained vast amounts of minerals and spirit qi. If one came to soak in the water once after a set amount of time, it would be extremely beneficial to ones body.

If cultivators didnt soak in the hot springs after they came to the Spiritwind Canyon, it was considered that they had made a wasted trip.

There were close to 100 hot springs of varying sizes here. However, the majority were either too small, or the temperature was either too low or too high. There were only about twenty-plus hot springs that were comfortable and suitable for humans.

In addition, so many years had already passed. The hot spring with the best quality water and the most abundant spirit qi had long since been discovered by people.

From ancient times until now, the more famous a place was, the more visitors there would be. Sun Mo naturally didnt want to squeeze with the crowd. Just when he was planning to randomly visit a hot spring, he heard Gu Xiuxuns invitation.

This isnt too appropriate, right?

Sun Mo frowned. Soaking in a hot spring with a beautiful teacher, wouldnt gossip and slanderous rumors spread then?

Why would it not be appropriate?

Gu Xiuxun mused that even she wasnt afraid of those slanderous rumors, so what was Sun Mo afraid of? She had planned to suggest bringing Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo along. After all, they had soaked in a bath together before. But an instant later, after seeing Sun Mos expression, she decided to discard this notion.

If she could enjoy the massage provided by Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, she might feel so comfortable as though she was flying. Although Li Ziqi and the others had seen this once before, Gu Xiuxun didnt wish to see such a situation happening again.


Sun Mo was conflicted.

Teacher, lets go!

Li Ziqi placed her stuff and immediately ran over.

Gu Xiuxun was a genius that was highly regarded by An Xinhui. She was very capable as well. If there were no unexpected accidents, she should be one of the most important pillars of the school in ten years. If Sun Mo wished to increase his influence in the school, it was a must for him to forge a good relationship with a genius like Gu Xiuxun.


Sun Mo also thought of this question. Lets move out then, in any case, its not too far away!

Gu Xiuxun immediately led the way.

Lu Zhiruo was like a little puppy and immediately followed. Ying Baiwu hesitated but because she didnt receive Sun Mos invitation, she didnt know whether she should follow after them or not.

There were similarly many stone pillars in the area where the hot springs were located. The stones and rocks here resembled a forest. There were also many cracks on the ground and white steam would rise from these cracks occasionally, permeating the air. Gu Xiuxun led Sun Mo around many corners, and they roughly traveled for six to seven minutes before arriving at a precipice.

If one overlooked it from a height, this terrain would look like a scoop. The scoop was about five meters plus in diameter and contained hot spring water that was emitting steam.

The temperature of the water isnt too high, but the scenery is extremely good.

Gu Xiuxun introduced. It was time for them to soak themselves in the water. However, she felt a little conflicted. After all, Sun Mo was a man. This caused her to feel a strange sense of shyness and excitement.

I think its better if you guys just soak in the water alone!

Sun Mo could see Gu Xiuxuns awkwardness. He was preparing to leave.

Li Ziqi silently grabbed Sun Mos hand. However, Gu Xiuxun also spoke. Teacher Sun, are you treating me as an outsider? Honestly speaking, I have a motive in inviting you here. I wish to experience your massage technique again.

After Gu Xiuxun spoke, she unbuttoned her robes. The azure-colored teacher robes slid down her body.


Sun Mo was speechless. (Is there a need to be so frank? However, this masochist truly has a good figure.)

What was known as a nine-headed beauty?

This was precisely it!

If Gu Xiuxun went to become a model for Victorias Secret, regardless of her beauty or figure, she would definitely be a top-grade one.

Naturally, Gu Xiuxun was wearing a short garment and short pants underneath her robes. Evidently, she had made preparations to soak in the hot spring together with Sun Mo.

However, in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, such attire was considered a little too bold and even shameful if male strangers were to see her in it.

After Sun Mo swept his gaze over, he shifted his eyes away.


Upon seeing Sun Mos expression, Gu Xiuxun started. Only then did she realize what she just did. She felt so vexed now that she wanted to cry.

She loosened her robes because she only wanted to prove that she didnt treat Sun Mo as an outsider. But this action seemed a little ambiguous.

Gu Xiuxun, undressing before a man? What are you thinking?

Gu Xiuxun wanted to explain but how should she say it? In addition, would she be misunderstood as someone shameless?

Teacher Sun, please dont misunderstand. I didnt mean anything by it!

Gu Xiuxun hurriedly stopped and picked up her clothes, wanting to wear it, but she started feeling conflicted. (Should I wear my robes back? If I do so, wouldnt my earlier actions have been seen by him for nothing?)

Lets go and soak in the hot spring, oh-.

Lu Zhiruo thoughtlessly ran to the side of the hot spring and jumped right in.


The water splashed in all directions.

Teacher, should I help you to undress your robes?

Li Ziqi asked. She felt that this was the responsibility of a disciple. No need.

Sun Mo rejected Li Ziqi. You girls should continue soaking, I suddenly remembered I have something else to do.

Li Ziqi and Gu Xiuxun both stretched their hands out and held onto Sun Mo.

Li Ziqi wanted to improve the relationship between Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun. As for Gu Xiuxun, she felt that she had already invested so much. If she allowed Sun Mo to leave now, wouldnt she make a loss?

I, Gu Xiuxun, would never do a losing business!

Gu Xiuxun consoled herself and endured her shyness, pulling Sun Mo into the hot spring.

I havent even undressed yet!

Sun Mo felt helpless.

Teacher, quickly come and look. This is so beautiful!

Lu Zhiruo leaned against the edge of the hot spring, gazing at the terrain below them as she called to Sun Mo.

In the night sky, spirit auroras could be seen everywhere, in all shapes and colors. On the ground, the numerous hot springs were like shining gems decorating the canyon.

Because the hot springs were filled with spirit qi, their waters glowed with a dazzling light and were very beautiful to look at.

I didnt lie to you, right? Isnt it really beautiful?

Gu Xiuxun crossed her arms and lay at the side of the hot spring. When I first came to the Spiritwind Canyon, I already fell in love with this place. At that time, I made a vow saying that if I couldnt become the teacher of one of the Nine Greats before Im 20, I will never come here again.

This was a habit of Gu Xiuxun. She would always treat the things she liked as a reward. If she couldnt achieve her goal, she would be punished by forcing herself to lose one of those things forever.

Although the Central Province Academy has already declined, it was still once a supreme-grade famous school. In addition, I want to help it grow to the point where it will be able to gain back its ranking among the Nine Greats!

Gu Xiuxun inclined her head, her tone was filled with sincerity.

Very good ambition.

Sun Mo actually didnt know how to reply. He wasnt the host of the late-night emotional talk show. In addition, during his university days, he always used his time to play games and read novels. He was a single-dog and basically didnt have any experience in interacting with girls.

Teacher, your reply is so perfunctory!

When Li Ziqi listened to their conversation, she really wanted nothing more than to help Sun Mo to reply. Gu Xiuxun clearly felt a favorable impression toward her teacher, and they were now in this situation where they were soaking in a hot spring together. It was easier for the two of them to speak the matters of the heart and become closer. However, Sun Mo was truly excellent. He didnt even know how to chat idly.

Do you know? Compared to scaling mountains to peer down at the world, I like gazing at the starry sky even more! Gu Xiuxun stared at the aurora in the sky. Because I feel that the skies are filled with unknown mysteries. And just thinking about them would cause me to tremble with excitement!

The ultimate destination of mankind is the great ocean of stars!

Sun Mo thought of the few conquest-type computer games he played before. He would never be able to play them again. Actually, compared to the great ocean of stars or whatnot, Sun Mo wanted to complete the games even more.

Ultimate destination?

Gu Xiuxuns eyes brightened as she turned and looked at Sun Mo. The great ocean of stars? What a good saying! Ding! Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +50. Friendly (330/1,000)

(Teacher, Im cheering you on! She clearly showed signs of her heart being emotionally moved!)

Li Ziqi wanted to cheer for Sun Mo in her heart. For a woman to fall in love with a man, the majority of the time was because of being moved emotionally by chance. And the situation now was undoubtedly a great opportunity to make Gu Xiuxun have a favorable impression for her teacher.

However, Sun Mo was staring at the sky in a daze.

After hearing the sudden notification, Sun Mo was amazed. He also understood that he should grab the chance and improve their relationship, but he truly didnt know what to say.

After searching through his memories, he couldnt find any similar scenes. Hence, he didnt know how to respond.

Luckily, Sun Mo didnt have any thoughts of wooing Gu Xiuxun. His emotions were very calm. Since he knew the purpose of this beauty for inviting him here, he decided to not beat around the bush.

Teacher Gu, if you dont mind it, I can help you massage your body. Sun Mo spoke.


Before this, Gu Xiuxun would surely be very happy if Sun Mo took the initiative to suggest this. But right now, she wasnt thinking about his massaging skills. She only wanted to hear more about Sun Mos viewpoint about the great ocean of stars.

Ive brought a mat!

Li Ziqi instantly placed the water-proof leather mat on the ground.

Gu Xiuxun lay on it, feeling a little down. She suddenly thought of a possibility. Did Sun Mo not bother with her because he already had a fiancee like An Xinhui?

Sun Mos fingers pressed into Gu Xiuxuns shoulders. He exerted force slightly and displayed his grandmaster-grade basic massaging technique.


Gu Xiuxuns mind started to wander. A while later, all thoughts fled her mind, leaving only a sensation of comfort. She knew she mustnt call moan, but she truly couldnt endure it. The Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands were truly impressive. Gu Xiuxuns eyes were glazed over now, and she bit the tip of her tongue to maintain clarity. She wanted to memorize how Sur Mos hands moved. It wasnt that she wanted to secretly learn his technique but rather, she wanted to analyze it. Why was Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands so impressive? On the surface, there seemed to be not much of a difference between it and the other massaging techniques.

After tens of breaths, Sun Mos body was gushing with spirit qi. The aladdin genie materialized.


When the genie appeared, he immediately lifted his arms to show off his biceps. However, after seeing the person lying on the mat, its originally excited expression turned to one of contempt instead. Pui!

The genie spat a mouthful of saliva on the ground and crossed its arms over its chest before floating toward the side. Clearly, it didnt want to act.

What the frick, this genie

Sun Mo was speechless. This was truly an impactful blow.

[1] Nine-headed beauty means the proportion of the height of ones head to ones body is 1:9
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