Absolute Great Teacher
223 I’m A Great Teacher!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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223 I’m A Great Teacher!

Chapter 223 Im A Great Teacher!

When Gu Xiuxun heard the commotion, she turned her head and saw a muscular man clad in a corset whose body shone with glistening oil, posing for a picture. Hence, she instinctively grew somewhat nervous.

I dont want him to touch me!

Gu Xiuxun hurriedly clarified. Given her small body size, she felt like she was a roast duck before a giant. The giant could just casually pinch, and her leg would be torn off.

But after she spoke, she suddenly felt a little regretful. This muscular person with a weird dress sense must have great strength in his large palms. It would surely be very comfortable if he performed the massage on her.

(He doesnt even have the intention to touch you!)

Sun Mo was helpless. Since the genie wasnt going to act, he could only act himself. Speaking of which, this Gu Xiuxun was truly a genius. She could actually maintain her consciousness during her first time enjoying the ancient massaging technique.


Gu Xiuxuns face was a little red. She gave a slight bow to Sun Mo. I will have to trouble Teacher Sun then.

Zhiruo, go get Baiwu over.

That little money-grubber who loved to gain benefits actually didnt follow him. Sun Mo felt a little surprised.


The papaya girl climbed out of the hot spring. She put her school uniform on and ran down the mountain slope after that.

Ziqi, you can learn a bit! After Sun Mo finished instructing, the genie started to move. His fingers shot out thin lines of spirit qi that connected themselves to Sun Mos fingers. It was like operating a puppet, the genie then began to direct him for Gu Xiuxuns massage. Ah!

Gu Xiuxuns skin tightened and subconsciously called out.

Sun Mo had a headful of sweat, but the genie naturally wouldnt bother with this. It continued with the process of the basic massaging technique and administered the full set for Gu Xiuxun.

Boohoohoo, I wont be able to be married off anymore.

Gu Xiuxun wallowed in self-pity, feeling that she wouldnt be able to face her future husband, whoever that might be. However, the massage truly felt very comfortable. Sun Mos fingers seemed to contain magic. Every time it brushed across her skin, she would sink deeper into her enjoyment.

Without realizing it, she felt as though she was at some tiny island, lying at the soft sand of the pure-white beach and sipping iced coconut juice, enjoying the sunlight and the cool ocean breeze.

As for whatever future husband, this notion was already discarded from her mind. Her mind was completely blank now. Her eyes were closed as she lay on the mat. Sounds of moaning could be heard occasionally from her throat. Teacher!

When Ying Baiwu arrived, she saw Gu Xiuxun acting like a salted fish, lying on the mat in a deep sleep. Even her drool could be seen sparkling brightly under the moonlight.

Li Ziqi wasnt in a better state. She wanted to maintain her intellect to remember Sun Mos hand movements. However, she wasnt able to do so. Her soul already flew off after tens of breaths of time during her turn to be massaged.


Sun Mos massage session lasted an hour. The genie no longer moved; hence, he was the one putting in the effort.

Although Sun Mo would occasionally watch some adult videos, he was an upright person. Let alone the fact that three out of the four girls here were his students, even if there were no relationships between them, he wouldnt let his imaginations run wild.

After the massage was over, Sun Mo leaned against the side of the hot spring. He was so tired that he didnt even want to move a finger.

When using the ancient massaging technique, he not only had to exert force, but he also had to circulate spirit qi through his entire body without stopping. No wonder people would say that massaging others was a very physically-demanding task. Naturally, Sun Mo also benefited. His understanding of the ancient massaging technique grew even deeper. He was also more proficient in administering it.

Teacher, let me help to massage you!

Li Ziqi swam over, but before she could do anything, a pair of dainty hands from someone else was already placed on Sun Mos shoulders.

Its better that I do it instead!

Gu Xiuxun spoke docilely. Her attitude now was akin to a wife.


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +50. Friendly (380/1,000).

Gu Xiuxun was a genius, and she understood her body very well. So, she could feel that after Sun Mos massage, her condition became much better than before. All those previous hidden injuries she had due to over-cultivation, as well as the accumulated fatigue through these few days, had all completely disappeared.

If one could enjoy Sun Mos massage throughout the year, not only would they be able to maintain their body in the best state, but they could even stimulate more of their potential.

Sun Mo hurriedly stepped aside. I dont dare to trouble Teacher Gu!

What? Are you holding my massage technique in contempt?

Gu Xiuxun teased.

I wont dare!

Sun Mo shook his head.

This was a female teacher that understood gratitude. Sun Mo knew this when he heard the favorable impression points she contributed

In his university days, let alone a campus queen like Gu Xiuxun, even a 7/10 female would be so narcissistic to the extent where it was terrifying.

There was no solution to this, there were simply too many simps around them. No matter what you did, everyone would feel you were trying to please the girl. In fact, you should even be thankful if the girl gave you an opportunity to be her lackey.

There werent many people like Gu Xiuxun who knew how to be grateful.

Come over then. Lie down here!

Gu Xiuxun patted the mat beside her. I can only do this. Come on, if not, I will feel that I own you a favor.

Ying Baiwus lips twitched. (How can your massage technique be comparable to my teachers? Even if you gave him 100 massages, the value wouldnt be enough to trade for 1 of my teachers massage. You still say you wanted to use massage to repay the favor? Thats simply too cunning.) But since she had already put it this way, what else could Sun Mo do? If he rejected her, if things went wrong, he might even be misunderstood by her as rejecting her gratitude because he had other intentions.

I have to trouble Teacher Gu then.

Sun Mo lay on the mat.

Gu Xiuxun pretended to be very calm, but when she looked at Sun Mos healthy and beautiful muscles, especially so after she touched them, she subconsciously withdrew her hands.

There was no solution to this. This was her first time touching a guy at such a close distance.

Gu Xiuxun, you will lose face if you continue acting like this. Hurry up and calm down! Gu Xiuxun silently admonished herself. I have to pretend to be very experienced. Salted fish, yes, I will treat him like a salted fish that needs to be marinated while Im the chef.

Gu Xiuxun quietly mumbled. Although the volume of her voice was low, given Sun Mos hearing, he naturally could hear it.

What the hell is this, treating me like a salted fish?

Sun Mo was speechless. Also, Gu Xiuxuns massage technique didnt let him feel any sense of joy or enjoyment. At the start, Gu Xiuxun only used her fingers and pinched Sun Mos muscles. Also, their range of movements was limited to his shoulders. As for the other parts of his body, she seemed determined not to touch them. And roughly after five minutes, she must also feel that doing this was too perfunctory. Or maybe, her feeling of shyness faded quite a lot.

Hence, the range of movements of her massage grew wider. She began to use her thumbs and occasionally her palms too.

Lu Zhiruo squatted at the side, covering her knees with her hands. When she observed Gu Xiuxuns massage techniques, she couldnt help but shake her head. Teacher, your massaging technique is so lousy.

Gu Xiuxun mentally spoke. (Can you not be so direct? I still want some face, okay? Although my massage technique wouldnt be as good as Sun Mos, it is still very impressive compared to others. Besides, Im still a beauty no matter what. This fact alone can help me get some extra points too.)

It was like if you went to a brothel, those famed courtesans would drink with you and there would be music played. But was the type of tea and the type of music being played important?

They were naturally not important. Even if the courtesan played a famous music piece in a trash-like manner, it was also not important. Because just the fact that she was a famous courtesan was already enough.

(Wait a minute, what am I blindly comparing myself to? Im a great teacher and not a famed courtesan!)

Naturally, given Gu Xiuxuns status, she wouldnt argue with a student. She merely smiled at the papaya girl.

I think its better for me to do it!

Ying Baiwu observed for some time. After that, she immediately ran over to volunteer, wanting to give a massage to her teacher. She owned her teacher simply too much. She could only use such methods and slowly repay her debt to him.

Everyone, theres no need to give me a massage.

However, Sun Mo rejected them both. Oh.

Ying Baiwu was very disappointed.

Gu Xiuxun also hesitated a little. She had enjoyed the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, should she leave now? But if she listened to him and stopped now, wouldnt it be a little like abandoning ones benefactor upon achieving ones goal?

But if she didnt leave, wouldnt that mean her body would still continue being seen by Sun Mo?

Future husband, Im sorry. At most, I will cook for you in the future.

Gu Xiuxun apologized to her future husband in her heart.

You guys, go prepare yourselves!

Sun Mos hands propped against the ground as he got up.

Their luggage was placed not far away. Sun Mo opened his and took out a giant medicine packet. He then tossed it into the hot spring in passing.


Water splashed in all directions. After that, the spring water became the color of fresh blood. Tiny whirlpools immediately formed. This

Gu Xiuxun gurgled and gulped down a mouthful of saliva, feeling a little agitated. Wasnt this the giant she saw before? This medicine packet prescription of Sun Mo must have originated from a ruin in the Darkness Continent. The effect was simply too strong.

Gu Xiuxun really wanted to soak in it once more, but she was someone who wanted face and felt embarrassed to bring it up. After all, such medicine packets were considered unique secret arts. She didnt have anything of equal value that she could use for a trade.

If Sun Mo opened a large public bath, just with this type of medicine packet alone, even if he charged a spirit stone per entry ticket, there would be so many customers rushing in that his shops door would be trampled over. It was just that she didnt expect Sun Mo to be so generous.

Why are you guys in a daze? Go into the


Sun Mo already jumped in. The little whirlpools stirred the water, causing the water flow to push against ones body. It felt very comfortable.

Sigh, the number of favors I owe him keeps increasing.

Gu Xiuxun silently mused as she dove into the waters. After that, her head broke the surface of the water. (However, its impossible for me to repay you with my body. I wont even let you watch another second more. After all, the sight of my body belongs to my future husband.)

After she thought of all these, a rumbling sound echoed from within the pool. A thick pillar of water shot up into the sky. Steam permeated the air as a giant took form.


The giant waved his fist, smashing it toward Gu Xiuxun.

Gu Xiuxun, who just told herself she wouldnt let Sun Mo watch another second more of her body, subconsciously leaped up into the air. There was no solution to this. Seeing such a large fist blasting over, everyone would definitely try to dodge or counter-attack instinctively.


Two fists collided. The giants arm dissipated, causing the blood-colored steam to erupt.

Teacher Gu, can I trouble you to block the giants attacks?

After Sun Mo spoke, he took out a starmoon fruit and consumed it. He wanted to break through.
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