Absolute Great Teacher
224 We Are Friends Starting from Today!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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224 We Are Friends Starting from Today!


Because the giant medicine packet was added to the hot spring, the color of the waters became red like blood. After that, even the steam from the hot spring became a dark red color as though they were blood mist. It actually looked quite frightening. Eh? You want to try for a breakthrough here?

Gu Xiuxun frowned. Breaking through depended on the accumulation of efforts, allowing quantity to trigger qualitative change before one would be able to succeed. One wouldnt be able to succeed just because one wanted to.

Naturally, there was another type of situation. That was when one consumed alchemy pills to aid in ones breakthrough. However, if one did it using this method, there would be hidden damage lingering in ones system.

All medicine contained 30% poison. Although cultivators would choose to do this from time to time, some medical dregs would be left behind in their bodies. It would affect them when they tried to break through to a higher cultivation realm in the future.

If they didnt encounter a bottleneck that they really couldnt break through, they would absolutely not depend on medicine.

Gu Xiuxun covered her mouth. She had a heavy look on her face and crushed the other hand of the water giant. The water giant instantly weakened to the point where Ying Baiwu and Li Ziqi could handle it. The masochist (GXX) had a solemn expression on her face because she could clearly see Sun Mo consuming an unknown item.

It was too late even if she wanted to persuade him now.


As the starmoon fruit was swallowed, the accumulated essence of several hundred years instantly exploded forth. In Sun Mos body, there seemed to be a lake filled with raging waves of energy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A layer of sweat instantly appeared on Sun Mos body. The sweat instantly turned into steam, mixing together with the red-colored steam from the hot spring.

Dont absorb any spirit qi!

Li Ziqi spoke strictly. She knew Ying Baiwu worshiped Sun Mo a lot, and Lu Zhiruo was his crazy little fan. Hence, they would definitely not disrupt his breakthrough by absorbing the spirit qi in the air. However, she didnt know what Gu Xiuxun would do.

After all, the spirit qi was of great help to cultivators. If they absorbed it often, not only would their bodies grow stronger, but their speed of breaking through would also increase.

Upon hearing this, Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes. (Do I look like such a selfish person?)

Leaving aside the fact that Sun Mo had helped her a lot, even if Sun Mo hadnt, given her pride and self-respect, she would never absorb the spirit qi belonging to Sun Mo at such a moment.

As Gu Xiuxun attacked the water giant, causing it to explode and turn into spirit qi, she was observing Li Ziqi and the other two. They didnt even dare to breathe loudly and were all onshore, watching Sun Mo and herself.

From the looks of things. It seemed like as soon as she absorbed the spirit qi, they were prepared to attack her.

Che, Sun Mos luck was so good. He managed to accept these three girls as his disciples, and they were truly devoted to him. One must know that his fame was very great and he was destined to become a great teacher sooner or later in the future. However, Li Ziqi and the other two didnt care about this at all.

I also really want such loyal students! Gu Xiuxun sighed ruefully.

The blood-colored steam condensed into a crescent moon and a star. Both of the phenomena surrounded Sun Mo.

Isntisnt this the phenomena that appear when someone consumes a starmoon fruit?

Gu Xiuxun was stunned. After that, a flash of understanding appeared in her mind. So, Sun Mo had eaten a nature fruit and not an alchemy pill earlier. This could explain why he was so calm.

Because nature fruits were born from the accumulation of the spirit qi of heavens and earth. After consuming them, there would be no side effects. Hence, cultivators could eat them casually; it didnt matter.

The masochist sniffed. She could smell a faint fruit fragrance lingering in the air.

Comparison between humans would truly make one go crazy with anger!

Gu Xiuxun felt depressed.

The astral lunar force within the starmoon fruit was the perfect tonic for cultivators at the blood-ignition realm. However, this fruit was extremely rare and was basically a case of there being demand but no supply in the market.

Gu Xiuxun was a genius and had forayed into the Darkness Continent many times. Up until now, she had never failed before and would return with many battle spoils each time. However, she had never seen the shadow of a starmoon fruit before.

She improved her cultivation base step by step, through sweat and blood. But Sun Mo was truly excellent. He leveled up simply by eating a fruit.

I wonder what the starmoon fruit tastes like? Gu Xiuxun looked at Sun Mos lips and involuntarily stretched out her tongue, licking her own lips. Li Ziqi, who had been secretly observing Gu Xiuxun, couldnt help but be speechless when she saw this. (Teacher Gu, so you are also a glutton.)

As for the look of envy on her face, this was understandable. But if someone was to tell her that this was already the second starmoon fruit Sun Mo had eaten, would she be so envious that she felt like dying?

Truthfully speaking, this was already the third starmoon fruit eaten by Sun Mo. However, that time when he was breaking through to the third level of the blood-ignition realm, only the papaya girl was present. The little sunny egg had no idea.

The effect of the starmoon fruit was very powerful, and the reward given by the system was definitely the most perfect. This type of starmoon fruit was usually over 1,000 years old.

After Sun Mo consumed it. He didnt even need the spirit qi from the spring water giant. He directly depended on the purest astral lunar force to temper his body.

Three minutes later, the spirit qi from Sun Mo erupted forth with great power! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The blood-colored spirit qi dispersed and radiated to all four directions. The impact also stirred the spring water, causing tides to form and slam into Gu Xiuxun and the other three.


Sun Mo exhaled a breath of turbid air.

He perfectly accomplished the breakthrough to the fourth stage of the Blood Ignition Realm.

Teacher Sun, congratulations on your breakthrough!

Gu Xiuxun sent her congratulations.


Sun Mo stood up. He felt like there was a layer of sweat and filth on his body. Hence, he directly leaped into the hot spring, wanting to take a bath in the passing.

Teacher, congratulations!

The little sunny egg smiled widely. The stronger her teacher was, the happier she would be.

You guys, dont stand around idly. Hurry up and absorb this spirit qi.

Sun Mo urged. He noticed that the four girls had left the spirit qi for him, not absorbing it at all. This made him a little moved.


Ying Baiwu decided not to be overly courteous and hurriedly sat down. She then began to do her utmost and circulate the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art.

Li Ziqi immediately threw away all distractions and entered a state of meditation. As for the papaya girl, her mind was wandering, and she was even gazing at the stars above occasionally.

Such beautiful scenery should be looked at more often.

However, although the papaya girl didnt really focus on cultivation, when she started to circulate her cultivation art, the spirit qi in the surroundings immediately flooded forth like the tides. They were basically out of control.


Gu Xiuxun saw the terrifying absorption rate of the three girls as she silently cursed in her heart. (Do you guys need to be such a genius in doing this?) The masochist didnt dare to let her thoughts wander. If not, if her absorption rate of spirit qi was inferior to the students, wouldnt it be very embarrassing?

Teacher Sun, although thats a nature fruit and has no side effects after consumption, cultivating would not only enhance a body, but it can grind your will as well. The path of cultivators wouldnt be smooth-sailing and would always encounter bottlenecks no matter what

Gu Xiuxun looked at Sun Mo and spoke with a sincere tone. She knew Sun Mos intelligence was high. He would understand what she meant.

Now, it was easy for him to break through, but if he didnt have the experience of depending on his strength to break through his bottleneck, in the future when his cultivation level was higher, he might die in the attempt of trying if he encountered such a situation again.

Bluntly speaking, it was because his experience would be too lacking and his will would be too weak. And Sun Mo couldnt possibly be so lucky as to find a nature fruit to help him break through every time, right? Many thanks for Teacher Gus kind intention!

Sun Mo also thought of this problem before. But since he had a starmoon fruit on hand, why should he think so much? He should just consume it to level up first before saying anything else.


Everyone here was intelligent; hence, Gu Xiuxun didnt harp on. She then walked out of the hot spring

Eh? Teacher Gu, you dont want to absorb the spirit qi?

Sun Mo was surprised.

Im already very satisfied that I received a massage from your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. Its better to leave the spirit qi for your three beloved disciples!

Gu Xiuxun laughed.

Sun Mo started. His eyes were filled with admiration as he looked at Gu Xiuxun. Teacher Gu, if you dont mind it. Can you accept me as your friend?

The masochist only said a single sentence, and it was enough for Sun Mo to be full of praise for her character.

Eh? I thought we were already friends?

Gu Xiuxuns EQ was very high, and she asked in a mischievous tone. Not only was her expression adorable, but she also resolved Sun Mos question, causing people to feel a favorable impression for her.

If Gu Xiuxun said sure, it would seem that Sun Mos status was a tier lower than her and he was a simp. After all, why would people need to request something like friendship?

Sun Mos lips curled into a radiant smile. Gu Xiuxun was very beautiful. Her personality was excellent and she was even overflowing with talent. Such a girl was absolutely top-grade. Should I woo her?

Sun Mo felt a little stir in his heart. His gaze involuntarily slid toward her long legs. Although she had already worn her teachers robe, Gu Xiuxun was still a little unused to the gaze Sun Mo used when staring at her. She subconsciously buttoned up her collar. Cough, cough! Gu Xiuxun coughed twice, mentally saying that you are already someone with a fiancee. What do you mean by using such a gaze to look at me?

(If you want to cheat on sister An, she doesnt need to act and I will first beat you to death. Alright, since we are friends now, I will just beat you half to death.)

The red steam gradually dispersed. The density of the spirit qi also returned to normal.

Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo already stopped their meditation, but Ying Baiwu was still cultivating. She was a little money-grubber and was reluctant to waste even a little of this spirit qi.

Teacher Sun, you have to make her understand that moderation is the key no matter what she is doing.

Gu Xiuxun reminded Sun Mo.

The masochist looked at Ying Baiwu. Other than admiration, she felt some worry too. Ying Baiwu put in a lot of effort but she might be overly hard working.


Sun Mo spoke.

The iron-headed girl opened her eyes, looking at the dissipating red spirit qi. Although she felt it was a waste, she didnt continue cultivating. She stood up. Teacher, what instructions do you have? Baiwu, I know you have led a life of poverty before, which caused you to nurture a frugal personality. But things are different now. You should learn how to get over that and put down that burden in your heart!

Sun Mo looked Ying Baiwu straight in her eyes. Money isnt as important as you think it is. Also, you shouldnt absorb all these remnants of spirit qi just because you dont want to waste them. Doing so i

might lead to you injuring your body.

Ying Baiwu fell silent. She understood her teachers meaning, but she still felt reluctant.

Now, it is still about money and spirit qi. But in the future when you head to the Darkness Continent for exploration, and you encounter top-grade items, will you risk your life because you feel reluctant to miss out on them?

Sun Mo asked.

Thats for sure!

Ying Baiwu stared at Sun Mo in puzzlement. Was this even a question?

You are wrong. Humans would only have a future if they continue living on!

Sun Mo shook his head.

Ying Baiwu sank into contemplation.

Knowing when to give up is also a type of growth!

Gu Xiuxun couldnt help but add. Actually, she really admired Ying Baiwu a lot. She didnt wish to see Ying Baiwus future being ruined due to her personality.

Why dont I tell you a story?.

Sun Mo smiled.

The papaya girl immediately sat by Sun Mos size. She blinked her large eyes as she looked at Sun Mo.

Sun Mo adjusted his emotions. Just when he was about to speak, the system notification picked an ill timing to ring out loud again.


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    《Absolute Great Teacher》