Absolute Great Teacher
226 Remember to Call Me along Next Time!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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226 Remember to Call Me along Next Time!



Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo had confused looks on their faces and rushed over immediately. Ying Baiwu was also very worried about Sun Mo, but she knew it was more important for her to get Jin Mujie over. Hence, she hurriedly sped off.

Baiwu, Im fine. Theres no need for you to


Sun Mo stopped her and observed her stats conveniently.

Ying Baiwu, 13 years old. Third level of the body-refinement realm.

Strength: 8. Capable of killing people bare-handed. A hundred people wont be able to stop you. You have the talent to become an archery goddess.

Intellect: 8. You are clever and beautiful. But most of the time, you dont need to use your brain because your off-the-charts combat strength can settle every problem.

Agility: 8. You move like a fleeing rabbit and are as calm as a clam when you are not moving. Perfect balance.

Endurance: 8. Stubborn and unwilling to concede. An iron-headed young maiden.

Will: 8. Actually, because of your explanation earlier, this young maiden has straightened her thoughts, causing her will to rise. It should be 9 now, but for the sake of aesthetics, I showed it as 8.

Potential value: low. When you were born, because of the atmosphere and environment, your body suffered a huge impact. This causes your life origin to be damaged, resulting in your low potential.


Note: You possess a pair of eagle eyes and extremely sharp reflexes. You are a naturally born archery goddess. You should not waste your talent.

Sun Mo looked at all the information. Compared to previously, her stats had all risen and the information was more detailed. For example, the potential value now included the reason why Ying Baiwu was categorized as having low potential value.

Whats the solution?

Sun Mo blinked his eyes, why didnt he see anything?

Just fix your gaze on the target!

The system reminded.

Sun Mo stared at Ying Baiwu. As expected, over ten seconds later, a new row of data appeared. No solution, dont dream of using food or medicine to improve Ying Baiwus life origin. In this world, only a few types of heavenly ingredients and earthly treasures would be effective to treat it.

After waiting for some time, no more data appeared. Sun Mo grew depressed. What heavenly ingredients and earthly treasures exactly? Why doesnt the system show me?

By not showing anything, it indicates that Divine Sight has no way to answer your question.

The system explained.

Even the ancestor-grade Divine Sight is unable to answer the question?

Sun Mo was astonished. After that, his expressions sank. This problem was very serious. But then again, if her life origin wasnt damaged, how strong would she be? Would she crush Xuanyuan Po directly in a battle?

Teacher, do you want a drink of water? Li Ziqi passed over the water bag.

Im fine!

Sun Mo rubbed his eyes. He only took a short look, but his eyes already felt dry and were aching. He even had a slight headache. Although the ancestor-grade Divine Sight was very impressive, if he used it for too long, there would be some side effects.

Its because your cultivation base is too low and your body is too weak. Hence, you are unable to endure such eye-exhaustion. When your cultivation base grows, the situation will be better.

The system consoled.

Sun Mo had planned to view Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruos data. But after hearing this, he decided to temporarily stop for now. The four of them went down the slope.

Sun Mo said that he was fine, but Li Ziqi was still worried. She and Lu Zhiruo stood on his left and right, supporting him. Ying Baiwu didnt get a spot; hence, she could only carry the bags. This caused her to purse her lips, feeling a little unhappy. But it was fine too. In the future, she would be able to live with her teacher. (You girls wont be able to. In the future, when you all grow up, you all will have to leave teacher sooner or later.)

(At that time, teacher will be mine alone!)

Sun Mo and the others went down the mountain and headed for the best hot spring pool because everyone was gathered there. But after they arrived at that location, Gu Xiuxun saw many people gathering. The number of people was even more than what she had imagined.

A duel?

Gu Xiuxun frowned. Even students from Hengzhou ran over to watch. Teacher!

After seeing Gu Xiuxun, Zhang Yaozong immediately smiled and came over. (Did she just finish soaking herself? Theres a faint tinge of redness in her fair skin. Her hair is clammy, placed over her shoulders. That clear smell of vapor after a bath is truly so intoxicating.)

However, after noticing Sun Mo who was beside her, Zhang Yaozong began to furrow his brows. He relaxed a while later and continued to smile.

Whats going on? Gu Xiuxun asked.

A few of the teachers from the Myriad Daos Academy brought a bunch of students here to soak in the hot spring. Everyone naturally wanted to use the best pool. Hence, a duel was the only way to settle this!

Zhang Yaozong smiled as he explained.

When exploring and adventuring in the Darkness Continent, there would often be clashes between schools for the sake of wanting the same item. What should they do then?

A duel was the only way. Basically, the duel would be split into three rounds. The one winning two rounds would be the victor and the loser had to scram.

Naturally, if they were fighting for a peak-grade secret treasure, a bloody slaughter would basically commence. Even the Saint Gate wouldnt care about this.

If one died, they could only blame themselves for not having enough strength. The people from the Myriad Daos Academy finally couldnt control themselves?

Gu Xiuxun coldly snorted. She heard An Xinhui saying that Fang Wuji was leading the new students this time around because they planned to destroy the new students of the Central Province Academy.

Without this batch of powerful students, the Central Province Academy would definitely have a very bad performance in the league tournament. At that time, their results would be pushed to the bottom, and they would be delisted while the Myriad Daos Academy would become the number one famous school in Jinling.

It doesnt seem so. Fang Wuji isnt here. And we won the first round!

Zhang Yaozong shrugged. We won?

Gu Xiuxun was taken aback.

Make way, let Teacher Gu and Teacher Sun enter!

Zhang Yaozong called out. This was a young man with a very high EQ; his way of handling things would make people very comfortable. Teacher Gu, where did you two go?

Du Xiao looked at Gu Xiuxun before casting a glance at Sun Mo, feeling a little jealous. It seemed like the two of them had gone to soak in a hot spring. In that case, Gu Xiuxun must have enjoyed Sun Mos massage, right?

(Sigh, being beautiful is truly an advantage.) She was still thinking about how she should forge a good relationship with Sun Mo, and Gu Xiuxun had invited Sun Mo to soak in the hot spring together. Comparing humans against each other would truly infuriate one to death. Teacher Sun, why didnt you ask me along as well? Dont tell me youve forgotten about your colleagues just because you have a beauty accompanying you?

Zhou Shanyi chortled. I bought some medicine packets that are good for the body!

Zhou Shanyis words held no hints of resentment. It was filled with playfulness and carried the intention to fawn over Sun Mo.


Yi Jiamin felt that Zhou Shanyi had no integrity. (No matter what, you are still a 1-star great teacher, right? Wanting to ingratiate yourself with a new teacher? Do you still want face?)

If Zhou Shanyi were to hear this, he would definitely snort disdainfully.

What is face? Can it be eaten?

At an age where ones bodily functions declined, Zhou Shanyi was most afraid of being despised by his wife for not being able to perform on the bed. For some people, they would be so angry that they would smash the milk bottles when the delivery man delivered milk to their house. But Zhou Shanyi didnt even have the strength to toss the bottles now.

If a man couldnt get hard, why would he want something trivial like face?

Zhou Shanyis requirements werent high. He didnt need Sun Mo to give him the full course. He just wanted Sun Mo to tune up his kidneys every now and then.

Zhang Qianlin also felt some jealousy in his heart when he saw Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun coming together. Clearly, they had soaked in a hot spring together.

(Im so handsome and a 1-star great teacher. Could it be that Im inferior to Sun Mo?)

Zhang Qianlin was truly handsome and talented. Hence, he had never lacked women. He was unhappy purely because in the group, Gu Xiuxuns act of going to soak in a hot spring with Sun Mo would cause others to feel that Zhang Qianlin was inferior to Sun Mo.

If you were outstanding enough, even if beauties didnt come to you themselves, their attitudes toward you would still be very friendly.

(Right, it must be because my father is Zhang Hanfu. We are from different factions; hence, Gu Xiuxun didnt invite me. It has nothing to do with ones capabilities.)

Zhang Qianlin consoled himself.

Teacher Sun, Teacher Gu. When you guys soak in a bath next time, remember to call me along!

Jin Mujie turned her head back and teased.


Just after Zhang Qianlin felt better after consoling himself, he almost coughed up blood upon hearing this. This time around, his gaze toward Sun Mo was filled with anger and hatred.

Jin Mujie was Zhang Qianlins dream lover. But she actually said that to Sun Mo?

Upon thinking of this, Zhang Qianlin felt even more depressed.

All the teachers were surprised. Was the relationship between Jin Mujie and Sun Mo so good? Such words didnt seem like they would be spoken from the mouth of a 3-star great teacher. It was more of a conversation between friends.

One must know that given Sun Mos status, he should be the one ingratiating himself with Jin Mujie.

Also, Jin Mujie didnt intentionally lower her volume, and the people from the Myriad Daos Academy werent far away. Hence, the young teachers with Fang Wuan as their leader couldnt help but glance over in astonishment upon hearing this.

Was this young man the God Hands they heard about?

Before they came to the Darkness Continent, Headmaster Cao had hinted that a person with the title God Hands had recently appeared in the Central Province Academy. He was very impressive and if there was a chance to, they should try and break his hands.


Fang Wuan ignored Sun Mo and glared at Gu Xiuxun with eyes full of hatred. From his point of view, this woman was clearly the top graduate from the Myriad Daos Academy, but she ran to join the Central Province Academy in the end. She was a traitor.

Gu Xiuxun narrowed her eyes and glanced over.


Fang Wuan matched her gaze, showing no signs of weaknesses.

Can you bring me along too?

Xia Yuan interrupted.

Sure, everyone lets soak together in the future!

Sun Mo smiled. He then changed the topic. Hows the situation with the duel now?

In the duel ring, the two students were facing each other. They were clad in the uniforms of their respective schools, so it was easy to differentiate them.

Evenly matched.

Du Xiao took the initiative to explain.

Stop playing around. How can you gain any experience from trash like this? Hurry up and finish him off!

Fang Wuan urged.

As the sound of his voice faded, the fighter from the Myriad Daos Academy laughed. His combat strength instantly increased by two times as he crushed his opponent.

Ten seconds later, he punched out with a heavy fist that blasted into the chest of the student from the Central Province Academy. That student coughed blood and flew out of the ring

The expressions of everyone from the Central Province Academy immediately sank.

Fei Tong, you should go and fight the third round!

Fang Wuan named a student.

A student with a short figure jumped up into the ring with a somersault. His gaze swept across the students from the Central Province Academy as he spoke in a clear voice, Who is the strongest one? Scram over here and receive death!


The students of the Central Province Academy were enraged. Over ten male students immediately rushed forward.

You dont want to go over?.

Li Ziqi was curious. This Zhang Yanzong crossed his arms across his chest. By logic, if he won against this opponent from the Myriad Daos Academy, he would be able to gain face for his teacher.


Zhang Yaozong wasnt interested at all. Tan Lu, you go! Pei Yuanli surveyed the students and named a male student. Long spear against a short blade, he should be able to counter his opponents. In addition, this male student had the advantage of height. This was why he felt this student named Tan Lu would be able to win.

I think its better to change our representative!

Sun Mo spoke.

Pei Yuanli basically didnt bother with Sun Mo. (A teacher thats not even a 1-star great teacher? His words are like a fart.)
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》