Absolute Great Teacher
227 God Eyes?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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227 God Eyes?


Pei Yuanli ignored Sun Mo. He wasnt looking down on Sun Mo, but as a great teacher, one should have confidence in oneself, one should have pride. One should believe the judgment one made.

After Tan Lu heard Sun Mos words, he sharpened his focus and tightened his grab on the spear. (Just wait and see, I will win for sure!)

Why? Teacher Sun doesnt trust in Teacher Peis judgment and feels that this student would lose?

Yi Jiamin finally found a chance to plot against Sun Mo. He immediately acted.

If Tan Lu won, everyone would feel that Sun Mos judgment was merely so-so. It would cast a shadow over his image as the God Hands.

If Tan Lu lost, Sun Mo would be in an even more dire strait. (So what if your judgment is actually better than Pei Yuanlis? This 2-star great teacher would hate you for making him lose face in front of so many students!)

This was precisely office politics. No matter what Sun Mo answered, he would stir up trouble.

But right now, Sun Mo was looking at Tan Lu, not saying anything more.

He wasnt afraid of offending Pei Yuanli, but he suddenly thought of this. A youngster that wanted to fight, which of them wasnt doing so because they wished to shoot to fame after a single battle?

If he called Tan Lu back, the negative impact on Tan Lus enthusiasm would be even greater.

Compared to this, what could the little damage to the Central Province Academys reputation count for after they lost? Besides, this was just a private arranged battle!

Hence, Sun Mo gave up. Sometimes, losing was also a type of growth.

Teacher Sun? Why are you not saying anything?

Yi Jiamin didnt wish to spare Sun Mo.

Teacher Sun must have seen that Tan Lus state isnt very good.

Gu Xiuxun tried to help and found a passable excuse.

Gu Xiuxun actually spoke out for him?

After Yi Jiamin was astonished, he became jealous. This female teacher was beautiful and had talent. Although her chest was a little small, she had two long legs and was precisely his cup of tea. In the past, he had invited her for dinner once, but he was rejected.

She would always display a cold and arrogant exterior, akin to a goddess. One could only admire her from afar and no one would dare to blaspheme her. But now, she actually took the initiative to help Sun Mo.

About the two of them soaking in the hot spring together, Yi Jiamin initially thought that Sun Mo had taken the initiative to issue the invitation. But now, from the looks of things, Gu Xiuxun might be the one who took the initiative instead.


Yi Jiamin silently cursed in his heart, feeling as though his fantasy was extinguished. (Hmph! Women are indeed all b*tches. My An Xinhui is still the only pure and perfect goddess. She wouldnt mince her words and hide her emotions, treating everyone the same way.)

Upon thinking of this, a gratified smile appeared on Yi Jiamins lips. However, after he glanced at Sun Mo, he suddenly frowned. He suddenly remembered that Sun Mo was An Xinhuis fiance!


Yi Jiamin grew depressed. The jealousy in his heart drove him to provoke Sun Mo even further. Teacher Sun, do you think this student can win? Shut up!

Jin Mujie was annoyed and directly berated, Just let them compete quietly!


Yi Jiamin had a bellyful of words but could only swallow them back, no longer daring to speak. There was no solution to this. Jin Mujie was a 3-star great teacher and a figure with high authority in the school. He didnt dare to offend her.

Jin Mujie couldnt possibly be helping Sun Mo, right? What capabilities does Sun Mo have to deserve this?

Jia Yimin consoled himself. But after that, he felt like crying because he remembered Jin Mujies invitation from earlier.

(Damn, their relationship is so intimate that she doesnt mind soaking together with him.)

As expected, with God Hands, one could do anything Tan Lu and Fei Tong were already fighting against each other. A spear against a short blade clashed frequently, emitting a sharp ear-piercing sound.

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight.

Tan Lu, 13 years old. Fourth level of the body-refinement realm.

Strength: 6. Just exceeded the average standard.

Intellect: 6. Enough for usage. He possesses some smarts.

Agility: 8. At the same cultivation realm, you can crush 90% of the people.

Will: 5. A young genius that hasnt experienced hardship before. A slightly weaker will.

Potential value: high!

Note: Your movement art and cultivation art arent compatible. Hence, you are unable to unleash all your potential.

This set of data could only be considered peak second-tier. It was quite impressive, but when compared to Ying Baiwu, Xuanyuan Po, and Zhang Yaozong, there was still a huge difference.

As for Fei Tong, just by looking at his data, he was more powerful than Tan Lu. However, what was more important was that his cultivation art could allow him to unleash 100% of his potential.

Pei Yuanli was very satisfied.

When the two students started to fight, Tan Lu immediately went all out and stably suppressed Fei Tong. This indicated that Pei Yuanli had chosen the right participant.

Jin Mujie frowned. Tan Lus moves were filled with flaws.

Fei Tong, stop playing around!

Fang Wuan berated.

Teacher, Im not playing. I wish to parry all his spear arts! Fei Tong explained.

Upon hearing this, Tan Lu felt shocked in his heart.

The spear art he is using is not commonly seen, but the power level is just so-so. Theres no need to treat him as a sparring partner.

What Fang Wuan wanted was a clean victory. Alright then. Fei Tong didnt dare to disobey his teacher. Hence, he also began to unleash his full strength.

Burningfire Cloud!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The short blade cleaved out rapidly, forming blade shadows that whirled around, like nue ardente at dusk. They slowly flowed over and enveloped Tan Lu.

At the next moment, Tan Lu fell into the passive state. Based on speed, he wasnt inferior to Fei Tong, but his spear severely limited his options.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The short blade slashed against the long spear, causing sparks to be emitted.

Damn, hes about to lose!

Zhang Qianlin furrowed his brows, observing Tan Lu. As long as Tan Lu performed outstandingly enough, he would accept him as a disciple. But from the looks of things now, Tan Lu was only so-so.

When this thought appeared in Zhang Qianlins mind, Fei Tongs short blade cut down, causing Tan Lu to have no choice but to release his left grip on the spear. After that, a heavy kick blasted toward his chest.

Tan Lu gritted his teeth and used his hand to block. But at the next moment, his arm felt as though it was on the verge of breaking. Nevertheless, if his arm was broken, he could still fight. But if his breast bone was broken, things would be troublesome.

Haha, wrong judgment! Fei Tong laughed uproariously as he suddenly changed his move. His entire body ducked down. After that, his leg swept out and ruthlessly kicked Tan Lus ankle.



A crisp bone-breaking sound echoed out in the ears of everyone.


Tan Lu screamed in pain. But when the sound of his scream rang out, he depended on his powerful will to force his mouth shut.

Swish! Swish!

Fei Tongs short blade slashed out twice, aiming for Tan Lus arms.


Then, his spear fell on the ground, and he was hit by another kick to the chest. He coughed up blood and was flung through the air.


Jin Mujies figure flashed as she appeared behind Tan Lu, catching him.

Too ruthless!

Duan Meng was unhappy, but he had no way to say anything. A duel was simply like that. Even if someone crippled your limbs, you could only blame yourself for being inferior to others.

Normally, people wouldnt be as ruthless as Fei Tong. He had clearly won but still slashed out two times more.

Upon hearing the criticism and grumbling from the opposing side, Fei Tong who originally wanted to apologize immediately gave up the thought. He even snorted.

Dont blame him. He didnt do this intentionally!

Sun Mo persuaded.

Teacher Sun, if Tang Lu didnt manage to evade the slash to his arms, he would already be crippled. Why are you still speaking up for Fei Tong? Are you a teacher from the Myriad Daos Academy?

Yi Jiamin ridiculed.

A minority of the students didnt say anything, but when they looked at Sun Mo, their gazes had an additional hint of puzzlement and discomfort. Why would Sun Mo speak up for a student from another school? Moreover, that student even injured one of their own!

His cultivation of the Chaotic Cloud Flying Blade Art is not that proficient yet. That earlier attack is part of a continuous set of moves, and he couldnt hold back in time.

Sun Mo explained.

If Fei Tong did that intentionally, Sun Mo would definitely not let things pass like that. He would find a chance to openly correct his personality. However, Fei Tong didnt have that bad intention.

The students fell silent.

Teacher Sun is correct. He didnt do this intentionally. Jin Mujie continued, More, even if he did so, Tan Lu could only blame it on his inadequate skills.

Since even Jin Mujie was saying this, the students felt at ease. At the same time, they were a little surprised too. Teacher Suns judgment was so impressive!

At this moment, the most awkward person was Duan Meng. He had said the words too ruthless. Evidently, he didnt manage to see that Fei Tong didnt do so intentionally. Hence, when compared to Sun Mo, he was a level lower.

Fei Tong also stared at Sun Mo in astonishment. After that, he felt a little gratitude. He had wanted to bow, but when he thought about Fang Wuans personality, he didnt dare to do so.

If he really did so, he would surely be punished after they returned.


Favorable impression from Fei Tong +30. Prestige connection unlocked. Neutral (30/100).

Among the teachers, Zhou Shanyi was a doctor. Hence, he immediately ran over to treat Tan Lu.

Although Tan Lus wounds were very painful and there was blood on his shirt, it was his heart that suffered the most damage. He actually lost and so thoroughly at that?

Tan Lu, who was treated as a genius by his parents and his friends, wasnt able to accept this reality.

Teacher Sun is so awesome. He could actually tell that Tan Lu would lose!

Is God Hands really so powerful?

Its not God Hands, right? Teacher Sun didnt even touch him. We can only say that Teacher Sun has very good judgment!

The students mumbled. When they recalled Sun Mo saying that it was better to change a participant, they were instantly enlightened. Wasnt Teacher Suns judgment better than Pei Yuanlis?

Pei Yuanlis expression turned unnatural.

The volume of the discussions wasnt loud, but everyone was standing close to each other and would definitely hear it. This was especially so for Tan Lu. He revealed a bitter smile on his face.

Sigh, so Teacher Sun wasnt looking down on me earlier. I truly couldnt make it!


Favorable impression points from Tan Lu +20. Prestige connection unlocked. Neutral (20/100).

Some of the teachers also looked at Sun Mo. Their gazes were filled with astonishment.

Du Xiao immediately felt a sense of pressure. She was older than Sun Mo by a few years and had joined the school earlier too. If this continued, maybe Sun Mo would become a 1-star great teacher before her.

I have to destroy him for sure!

Zhang Qianlin had a gloomy expression. Such a person couldnt be kept alive, or his presence would transform An Xinhui into a tiger with wings. By then, it would be much more difficult for his father to obtain the position of headmaster in the Central Province Academy.

Jin Mujie, you guys have lost.

Fang Wuan laughed complacently.

We will do things according to the arrangements and leave here!

After Jin Mujie spoke. She carried Tan Lu. Lets leave.

Wait a minute!

Fang Wuan stopped them and turned his gaze toward Sun Mo. You are that so-called God Hands, right? Im Fang Wuan, the younger brother of Fang Wuji. I wish to spar against you. I wonder if Teacher Sun would give me this honor?

For such a matter, why is there a need for our Teacher Sun to step out? Im more than enough to finish you off.

Yi Jiamin jumped out.

Right now, they had lost two out of three rounds, and their morale had greatly declined. If he could defeat Fang Wuan who was clearly the leader here, he would be able to gain favorable impressions from the students. Besides, Jin Mujie would admire him as well.

For such an opportunity to gain favorable impressions and good will, he naturally wouldnt let things go.

(Fang Wuan, just be my stepping stone!) Yi Jiamin was full of confidence.

What sort of cat or dog are you? Just scram to the side!

Fang Wuans lips twitched. Only Teacher Sun is worthy enough to be my opponent!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》