Absolute Great Teacher
228 You Know a Peak-Grade Cultivation Art? Very Well, It’s Mine Now!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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228 You Know a Peak-Grade Cultivation Art? Very Well, It’s Mine Now!

Chapter 228 You Know a Peak-Grade Cultivation Art? Very Well, Its Mine Now!

What did you say?

Yi Jiamin was enraged.


Fang Wuan didnt even bother to glance at Yi Jiamin. He was looking at Sun Mo and spoke with arrogance, You cant be possibly afraid of losing, right?.

I heard that this fellow is much more scheming if compared to his upright elder brother.

Gu Xiuxun reminded Sun Mo in a low voice.

Fang Wuan intentionally ignored Yi Jiamin because he wanted to sow dissension. In front of so many students, Yi Jiamin was treated as someone inferior to Sun Mo, so regardless of whether Sun Mo agreed or not to the battle, there would only be trouble for him.

Nameless fellow, are you even worthy to fight me?

Sun Mo mocked. Win against my colleague first before you talk to me!


Yi Jiamin glared at Sun Mo. (When I said that earlier, I was being humble. Do you really think you are stronger than me?)

Who did you call a nameless nobody?

Fang Wuans sword eyebrows twitched as anger appeared on his face.

You. Are you not?

Sun Mo counter-asked, So why did you have to mention that you are Fang Wujis younger brother? Isnt it because you want to tap on your elder brothers fame?


Gu Xiuxun laughed out loud. Sun Mo was so toxic when he blasted people verbally.

I didnt mean it that way. Im saying that just like my elder brother, Im super awesome!

Fang Wuan silently mused. (Is your comprehension ability zero? Dont you even know this?)

Oh, so why has everyone heard of Fang Wujis great name and know that he is one of the twin jade annulus of Jinling, but no one has heard of your name before? Could it be that your name is too difficult for people to remember?

After Sun Mo finished speaking, he glanced at his colleagues. Have you guys heard of his name before?


Gu Xiuxun and Du Xiao immediately acted as the fall guys.

In truth, Fang Wuan was quite famous. Although he wasnt as famous as his elder brother, he was still one of the new teachers that was highly regarded by the headmaster of the Myriad Daos Academy.

Alright, let the nameless me test your colleagues skills first then! Fang Wuan glanced at Yi Jiamin. Do you dare to fight? Why would I be afraid of you?

YI Jiamin agreed to the spar.

Sun Mo stared at Fang Wuan as he activated Divine Sight.

Fang Wuan, 22 years old. Sixth level of the blood-ignition realm.

Strength: 27. Soundless violence!

Intellect: 27. Good at scheming, proficient in plotting against people. Agility: 27. A flaw? What is that? That doesnt exist.

Endurance: 27. Strong! Strong! Strong! Will: 27. He is an elite among his fellow students and keeps winning unceasingly. This leads to him nurturing a strong self-confidence as well as powerful will!

Potential value: A hair away from extremely high.

Note: Exceptionally self-disciplined. He has big ambitions as well as the strength needed to accomplish them. If it wasnt for Fang Wuji shining too brightly and being too famous, Fang Wuan would definitely be the number one new teacher of the Myriad Daos Academy.

Sun Mo was startled when he saw Fang Wuans data.

His potential value was actually so close to extremely high? Also, his terrifying set of data was merely slightly inferior when compared to Gu Xiuxuns. Moreover, his will and self-discipline were even superior to hers.

(He is definitely a strong enemy!)

Fang Wuan, sixth level of the blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!

Yi Jiamin, sixth level of the blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!

After the two of them spoke, they lunged at each other, wanting to swiftly conclude the battle to obtain a beautiful victory.

Two long swords collided.


In the midst of the flying sparks, Yi Jiamins body trembled slightly as his expression froze.

So strong!

Yi Jiamin was quite capable as well. Hence, he could feel how fearsome Fang Wuan was the moment they fought. If he fought normally, he most probably wouldnt be able to win.

Damn, there are truly monsters everywhere!

Yi Jiamin discarded his distracting thoughts and put in all his efforts in the battle. However, strength was something accumulated through repeated cultivation day by day, you wouldnt become stronger just because you wanted to win.


When Fang Wuan attacked, he counted out the number.




Fang Wuan handled the fight with ease. Are you counting how many moves you can unleash before you are defeated?

Yi Jiamin started to trash-talk.

You want to disturb my state of heart? Its useless! Fang Wuan smiled malevolently. When I was adventuring in the Darkness Continent, I once ate my meals and cultivated in a land full of corpses. Oh, right. The people there were all personally killed by me. I even beheaded them and arranged their heads to decorate the place!

Upon hearing this, Yi Jiamins expression grew even more unsightly. He could sense that this fellow was a mad man.

My act of counting is a habit.

Fang Wuan grinned and then continued, Oh ya, I will at most need 10 moves to defeat you. Oh, the tenth move is here!

At the instant when Fang Wuans voice rang out, Yi Jiamins vision dazzled. His face was sliced by a sword, causing his blood to splatter.


Yi Jiamins knee was kicked, and his entire body flew up into the air. After that, Fang Wuan slammed a palm strike at the back of YI Jiamins head, causing him to fall rapidly.


Yi Jiamin knelt on the ground. He was in so much pain that his expression was contorting. He felt like his knees were on the verge of shattering.

Hehe, you are so weak!

Fang Wuan shook his head. He then lifted his leg and kicked Yi Jiamins chin,


Yi Jiamin immediately tumbled backward and got blasted away, causing the dust on the ground to kick up. After that, he blacked out.

Teacher Fang is invincible!

The new students of the Myriad Daos Academy began to cheer. Such a crushing victory boosted their morale greatly.

At the side of the Central Province Academy, it was deathly silent. All the students had gloomy expressions akin to cremains. Yi Jiamin had been a teacher for a few years, but in the end, he was still defeated so badly and by a new teacher to boot.

Theres no need to be afraid. We still have Teacher Sun!

The students looked at Sun Mo.

Oi. Its your turn now!

Fang Wuan turned and nodded at Sun Mo.

I wont take advantage of you.

Sun Mo stepped out from the crowd. He swept his gaze toward the teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy. Just randomly pick one!

How arrogant!

The teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy were enraged. One of the younger teachers moved the fastest. He directly shot forth like a bullet, appearing in the dueling ring.

Wu Ze, fourth level of the blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!

Clang! A curved blade was unsheathed.

Sun Mo, fourth level of the blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!

Sun Mo pulled out his wooden blade.

What level?

Gao Ben, who had been watching at the side with a cold face, now had an expression of complete shock. (Did I hear it wrongly? The last time Sun Mo fought against the two intern teachers at the canteen, he was only at the second level of the blood-ignition realm. It has only been a few months since then, yet he is at the fourth level now?)

Did I hear it wrongly?

Gao Ben mumbled. He turned his head and asked Zhang Lan who was beside him.

Fourth level!

Zhang Lans reply was concise and comprehensive.



Gao Ben was speechless. Wasnt this leveling up speed a little too fast? Even if Sun Mo didnt prepare lessons and used all his time on cultivation, it was impossible for him to improve so quickly. Sigh, geniuses truly caused others to feel despair.

Upon seeing Sun Mos weapon, Wu Ze frowned. Dont you have other weapons?

I like to use a wooden blade!

Sun Mo shrugged.

Alright then, I hope that after you are defeated, you wont find any excuses!

After Wu Ze spoke, his entire body shot forth like a fired arrow, rushing toward Sun Mo.

Crescent Moon Illumination!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The curved blade in Wu Zes hands slashed out over ten shadows that enveloped Sun Mo.

How strong! Du Xiao was shocked. As expected of a teacher capable of being sent to the Darkness Continent by the Myriad Daos Academy. He wasnt a weakling.

In truth, facing this direct strike was even more terrifying compared to watching it from the sidelines. Right now in Sun Mos vision, a bright light flashed, and he couldnt see anything at all.

Because the curved blade reflected the sunlight, in addition to the shadows it created, it had practically blinded Sun Mo. F***!

In the past, Sun Mo was most afraid of going home at night. Some people always used the high-beams of their cars, and when the light shot straight into your eyes, your entire vision would turn white.

However, a high beam was nothing significant when compared to Wu Zes attack. Currently, it felt like ten super-strong torch lights were shining right into your eyes.

Sun Mo didnt dare to be careless. He activated his Invulnerable Golden Body and Copy. In an instant, the time he perceived slowed.

The originally chaotic vision, which was filled with countless blade shadows, now cleared up. He could clearly see Wu Ze appearing on the left. Also, because the speed of those blade shadows had reduced drastically, they were no longer as fearsome as before.

Ive won!

Wu Ze didnt know the change that occurred in Sun Mo. When he saw Sun Mo standing unmoving at his original location, an intense complacent feeling filled his heart. Actually, his strength was considered average. However, one of his ancestors had managed to find this Moon Reflection Blade Art when he had been exploring. This blade art was simply too powerful.

Wu Ze had never told anyone about this before. This cultivation art was a superior-grade heaven-tier cultivation art. Its power was boundless. Fang Wuan, Im not inferior to you!

Wu Zes lips curled as he unleashed his ultimate attack.

Meadow Viper Bite!


The curved blade slashed out in a bizarre-looking arc, like a meadow viper hunting its prey. The flickering of its poisonous tongue pierced toward Sun Mos neck.

Teacher Wus blade arts are so strange!

Yeah, I would rather fight against Teacher Fang rather than facing Teacher Wu!

Its just too terrifying. The teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy had already seen Wu Zes fighting style many times before. But now when they saw it again, they still felt their scalps turning numb. They truly couldnt find a way to break it.

When fighting against Fang Wuan, they might lose because their skills werent at his level. But if they fought against Wu Ze, they wouldnt be convinced because they didnt even know how they had lost.

That Sun Mo is most probably as flustered as a dog now, right?

A teacher from the Myriad Daos Academy laughed. But soon after that, he was like a goose who had its neck grabbed by a large human hand. All his laughter abruptly ceased.

His eyes were wide open as they stared at the battle.

How is this possible?

When Wu Zes curved blade was about to stab into Sun Mos neck, Sun Mo didnt move at all, but the wooden blade in his hands suddenly appeared, blocking the tip of Wu Zes curved blade.

Not only so. After the wooden blade pushed the curved blade away, it still shot forward, aiming for Wu Zes forehead.

Dotting Crimson Lip! What?

Wu Ze was badly shocked. He hurriedly retreated and restructured his attacks. He had wanted to clinch a quick victory, but he became extremely cautious now.

There was no solution to it. He wasnt able to see how Sun Mo reacted. However, his instincts told him that Sun Mos blade arts might even be of a higher level than his.

A very excellent blade art!

Sun Mo praised. He started to take the initiative in attacking. Through Divine Sight, he could tell that this was a superior-grade heaven-tier cultivation art. Since that was the case, there was no need for him to be polite. He should hurriedly copy it via Immemorial Vairocana.

Beauty Yu!

Sun Mos figure evoked a sense of etherealness and unfathomability. His wooden blade connected the points in a flurry of attacks.

Eighteen Words Order!

Pak, pak, pak! It was impossible for Wu Ze to block all the concentrated attacks. However, each of the blows didnt feel as painful as he imagined.

This caused Wu Ze to relax. These attacks didnt seem to contain much killing power. However, he didnt know that every time he was struck by the wooden blade, golden light would appear above his head as a golden page materialized.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》