Absolute Great Teacher
229 Your Turn, Fang Wuan!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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229 Your Turn, Fang Wuan!


Sun Mo felt a little weird. The current situation was like the super mario game that he had played in his youth. The character would keep running and use his head to hit bricks to get the power mushroom.

His wooden blade hit Wu Ze as golden pages appeared. Other than some glow, there were no other sound effects. However, the thudding sound that rang out when his wooden blade struck Wu Zes body wasnt bad as well. Under the effects of the golden glow and the thudding sound, Sun Mo felt a sense of thrill.

When Sun Mo was young, he basically didnt know the game named super mario. The friends he played the game with called the game headbutting mushrooms. So, from the looks of things now, the process of him hitting the cultivation art out of his targets could be called hitting mushrooms. The form looked alike and this name was easy to remember.

This mushroom, ehWu Ze, wanted to retaliate. But his originally dazzling and powerful attacks seemed nothing more than circus tricks before Sun Mo. They were completely ineffective.

Right now, Wu Ze started to panic.

Sun Mo was very calm.

Although Sun Mo didnt use Divine Sight to analyze this Moon Reflection Blade Art, he could roughly guess it based on his experience.

This art used extreme speed and the reflected light from the edge of ones weapons to create after-images to hoodwink people visually

If a genius like Gu Xiuxun suddenly encountered such a cultivation art, she would also find it difficult to handle. However, Sun Mo was different. He used the third level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art Copy, and it allowed him to see everything. It was like everything was playing out in slow mode.

No matter how skilled and fanciful Wu Ze was with his attacks, as long as the speed slowed down, he would not be a threat at all.

So strong?

All the teachers from the Myriad Daos Academy were all extremely shocked.

In the school, Wu Ze was considered quite famous. His Crescent Moon Illumination Blade Art couldnt be considered invincible in the school, but it definitely made Wu Ze an extremely tough opponent to handle. However, he was now stably suppressed by a new teacher from the Central Province Academy.

Could he have found Teacher Wus weakness?

Being able to find Teacher Wus weakness the moment they foughtHes quite impressive!

No wonder he could become An Xinhuis fiance. He does have some capabilities!

The teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy discussed this, and the contempt on their faces was no longer there.

What do you mean by he does have some capabilities? He just depended on a powerful cultivation art.

Fang Wuan spoke with contempt. At such a moment, one mustnt weaken ones own morale. Although he spoke verbally with contempt, Fang Wuans heart had treated Sun Mo as a great enemy. Si! This cultivation art is so powerful?

If I didnt remember wrongly, Teacher Wus Crescent Moon Illumination Blade Art should be a superior-grade heaven-tier cultivation art, right? A cultivation art that can suppress him should be a saint-tier one!

What are you joking about? Do you think saint-tier cultivation arts are so common that you can learn them just because you want to?

The teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy disputed with each other a little. When they looked at Sun Mo again, their gazes were now filled with trepidation. This fellow wasnt to be antagonized.

Wu Ze grew anxious and couldnt see any chance to retaliate. Hence, he intentionally revealed a flaw. Even if he was injured, he wanted to seize back the initiative.

However, Sun Mo couldnt be fooled. It felt like Wu Zes moves and all the following transformations were already seen through by Sun Mo.

This feeling was truly very annoying.



Wu Ze cursed. From the time he had become a teacher up until now, other than the time when he had lost to Fang Wuji in a quicker and even more miserable manner, he had never been in such a pathetic state before.

Oi, why are you still losing focus? Are you looking down on me so much?

Sun Mo was very unhappy.

If I looked down on you, I would have trash-talked you long ago!

Wu Ze wanted to roll his eyes. But as this thought appeared in his mind, in the blink of an eye, a wooden blade slashed toward his throat.


Wu Ze hurriedly dodged and his neck narrowly avoided the attack. However, his shoulder suffered a slash, and it was so painful that he had to grit his teeth to bear with the pain. At the same time, he began to feel a little frightened.

If this was a weapon with a sharp edge, wouldnt half of his shoulders be slashed off?

Your reflex is so fast!

Sun Mo praised.

Hmph, I know you want to use words to distract my focus. Its useless, I wont fall for it.

Wu Ze concentrated his spirit, mind, and qi and became completely focused.

Is that so? I actually planned to reveal the secret of your Moon Reflection Blade Art to everyone!

Sun Mo teased.


Wu Zes expression drastically changed as he stared at Sun Mo with shock. He couldnt help but be distracted because Sun Mo had accurately defined his blade art.

One must know that Wu Ze told everyone that his blade art was named Crescent Moon Illumination. However, Sun Mo managed to know the exact name of his blade art. Didnt that mean that he was also very familiar with it?

The Crescent Moon Illumination was Wu Zes clans ultimate treasure, and they depended on this superior-grade heaven-tier art to rise. His ancestor used to be a servant, and thanks to the cultivation art, he eventually became a government official and accumulated large amounts of wealth, nurturing many outstanding juniors.

In the clan, only the core descendants would know the true name of this cultivation art.

How did he know?

Once Wu Ze was distracted, his combat strength was halved.

We won!

Seeing the distracted look on Wu Zes face, Gu Xiuxun knew that this battle would be won by Sun Mo. However, very soon later, she started to frown. There was a puzzled look on his face. Sun Mo didnt take the opportunity to attack wildly. Rather, he continued to attack casually as though he had no intention to win now.

Given the combat intelligence displayed by Sun Mo, he shouldnt be so weak, right? If he wanted a sparring partner, given how firmly he was suppressing Wu Ze, there would be no value in it.

Jin Mujie was puzzled as well. If Sun Mo had intentionally chosen not to win for the sake of humiliating his opponent, things didnt seem right either. After all, Sun Mo didnt make any humiliating actions.

Well, Sun Mo only wanted to hit out all the moves from the Moon Reflection Blade. After all, he might have to wait for a very long time before he would have another opportunity to fight against Wu Ze.

Crows Crying at Night, Colors of Autumn!

The wooden blade swept out horizontally, akin to a vast river flowing east. Its path painted the area with the color of dusk, rippling with waves that could cleanse the filth of the world.

Wu Ze was stuck in the prowess of Sun Mos blade. He felt like he was in the center of a violent raging storm. There was basically no place for him to hide.

What a powerful cultivation art!

Pei Yuanlis eyes were wide open. He was deeply afraid of missing out on any detail.

Zhang Qianlins fists were clenched tightly, and his lips were pursed as he stared at Sun Mo, feeling unhappiness in his heart. Why was this fellow so powerful?

Also, this cultivation art might really be at the saint-tier. This was simply too jealousy-invoking. But because of it, Zhang Qianlins intention to kill Sun Mo grew even more intense.

Wu Ze knew that this couldnt be allowed to continue, or he would lose for sure. He bit the tip of his tongue to force himself to remain calm. After that, he unleashed his ultimate trump card.

Coldspring Moon Reflection!


Wu Zes wrist trembled, causing the curved blade to shake. It was like a clear spring with stone steps covered in moss. He was cool and calm, brimming with the killing intent of autumn as he slashed toward Sun Mos neck.

Sun Mo glanced at it and twisted his body for a backhand slash.

Golden Jade Hibiscus!


The students were so scared that they screamed, especially so for the girls. They even covered their eyes, not daring to look. Why? Because it seemed that Sun Mo had made a mistake in judgment. His wooden blade was slashing at the thin air.

But after that, the students discovered that Wu Zes body suddenly appeared there. It was like he was taking the initiative to let Sun Mo slash at him.


The wooden blade struck Wu Ze. A burst of spirit qi exploded as a golden-colored gorgeous hibiscus bloomed in front of Wu Zes chest. The hibiscus instantly increased in size, enveloping him completely.

What a gorgeous attack!

Gu Xiuxun marveled. It was gorgeous and magnificent, filled with the aura of a beautiful fantasy.

The current Sun Mo didnt look like someone fighting against an opponent. It was like he was dancing around with an ink brush, drawing a famous painting!

Wu Ze coughed up blood and stumbled. With a bang, he smashed onto the ground. He was in a daze.

The reality hammer had struck. The degree of familiarity Sun Mo had toward this cultivation art was absolutely higher than Wu


That move, Coldspring Moon Reflection, was supposed to use illusions to confuse the opponent. However, Sun Mo wasnt fooled at all. He didnt hesitate and managed to strike at Wu Ze accurately.

He was simply too strong!


Favorable impression points from Wu Ze + 10. Prestige connection unlocked. Neutral (10/100). Sun Mo didnt chase after Wu Ze to execute a combo because there were no longer any golden pages flying out from his head. This meant that the Moon Reflection Blade Art had been collected

Ive lost!

Wu Ze had a dark and gloomy look on his face. It was fine to lose a battle. After all, who could win forever in life? However, his clans ultimate cultivation art was actually known by an outsider.

No matter what the item it was, as long as it wasnt monopolized, the value would decrease greatly.

Oh yeah, teacher won!

The students of the Central Province Academy were all cheering wildly. As expected, Teacher Sun was someone reliable.


Congratulations on obtaining +769 favorable impression points.

You let me win.

Seeing how cleanly Wu Ze acknowledged his defeat, Sun Mo also didnt go overboard. After he spoke humbly, he waved his left hand.

The golden pages floating like feathers in the sky immediately flew over. They compressed themselves and formed a golden book. Ding!

Congratulations on obtaining the complete version of the superior-grade heaven-tier cultivation art, Moon Reflection Blade Art.

After hearing this, Sun Mo whistled. He was very satisfied. Now, he could grow stronger again.

What does that action of waving his left hand mean?

Some students didnt understand.

Maybe, its some ceremony?.

Li Ziqi clapped her hands. She then suddenly turned her head and looked at Lu Zhiruo by the side. Whats wrong with you?

The papaya girl was a fangirl of Sun Mo. After such a victory, she would usually be the one cheering the loudest. But this time around, she was glancing around as though she was looking for something.

I keep feeling that something is peeping at


The papaya girl rubbed her arms. It was unknown what was gazing at them. The gazes felt like spiders crawling on her skin, making her hair stand on their ends.

Li Ziqi frowned. This matter was not easy to handle!

Its your turn now!

Sun Mo pointed his wooden blade at Fang Wuan who was standing in the distance.

The noisy crowd immediately fell silent, their gazes filled with anticipation. This battle would be one between experts. Just observing it would be of great help to them.

Even the teachers were very focused.

Fang Wuan was also not as casual as before. If he continued being casual, it would mean that he had no judgment skill and couldnt even discern Sun Mos true strength.

When facing an expert, he naturally must show some respect that they deserved.

Teacher Sun, lets leave it like this. You can return.

Before the situation erupted out of control, Jin Mujie suddenly spoke out to stop the battle, Teacher Fang, we lost the student battle. We will give this hot spring up to you.
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