Absolute Great Teacher
230 Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, Amazing!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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230 Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, Amazing!


Are you guys scared?!

A teacher from the Myriad Daos Academy shouted.

If you guys want to fight, call your leader over. Ill fight with him!

Jin Mujie spoke in an icy tone. Sun Mo was the Central Province Academys treasure and mustnt be wasted here.

In the opinion of this beautiful teacher who liked to collect bones, Sun Mo might not necessarily lose in this battle. However, there were no benefits in him winning either. At most, his reputation would just rise a little, but this would let other schools notice Sun Mo instead.

The current Sun Mo had already become the Central Province Academys trump card in Jin Mujies heart. He should be put to use to clinch the decisive victory during the league tournament test.

The newbie competition didnt only have requirements for the students, requiring 20 freshmen who had joined the school in that given year, but there were also limitations on the teachers. Their teaching experience shouldnt be over two years and they mustnt have gotten the great teacher title.

As for their age, it mustnt be over 22 years old.

It didnt just depend on the students to see if a school was strong. It was because the teachers were also a part of the schools assets. That was why the various schools would have such strong cravings for outstanding teachers and would even be willing to fork out an exorbitant price to headhunt them.

Hearing this, the Central Province Academys teachers all felt very envious. Jin Mujie was really protective of Sun Mo. For his sake, she didnt mind fighting against the other groups leader.

Most people who had reached the level of a 3-star great teacher would not make a move unless it was for some especially great interest or to contend for reputation. After all, great teachers liked to proclaim to be civilized people.

Unless they were sure to win the fight, they would more or less have some reservations. After all, even if they were to win, itd still be embarrassing if their faces were to be covered in bruises.

A teacher from the Myriad Daos Academy wanted to continue to ostracize Sun Mo and force him to come out, but he was stopped by Fang Wuan.

Forget it, lets go! Fang Wuans goal wasnt just to win but to destroy Sun Mo. However, after seeing how close Jin Mujie and Sun Mo were, if Sun Mo were to be in danger, this 3-star great teacher would definitely step out to save him.

Moreover, through Sun Mos performance earlier, Fang Wuan knew that hed need to exert quite a bit of strength to win against Sun Mo.

It was better to look for another chance to finish him!

The Myriad Daos Academys teachers and students left arrogantly, heading off to the most comfortable pool in this area to take a bath.

The countenances of the Central Province Academys students were a little grim. After all, no one liked to lose. Some of them even started to regret why they didnt apply to the Myriad Daos Academy previously. Sun Mo turned and saw that Zhou Shanyi was still treating Tan Lu. He frowned slightly and walked over. Are his injuries very serious?

Zhou Shanyi threw a glance at Tan Lu, not saying a word.

Teacher, you can speak up. My tolerance level isnt that weak!

Tan Lu squeezed out a smile.

Teacher Zhou, how long more before he can walk?

Jin Mujie asked. If Tan Lu couldnt walk, then theyd have to change their plan and send him off first.

At least three months.

Zhou Shanyi sighed, saying a number that was hard to accept.


Tan Lu was shocked and he broke out in a sweat. Why would it take so long?

Tan Lu was planning to show an amazing performance during the league tournament. If he was to rest in bed for three months and unable to cultivate, then he wouldnt even have the right to join the tournament.

That student was too brutal in his attack. Moreover, some parts of your bones have been shattered.

Zhou Shanyi explained.

Everyone felt bad after hearing this.

Teacher Zhou, I beg of you. Can you please think of a solution? I I

Tan Lu sobbed and couldnt say another word. His tears flowed down incessantly.

Let me take a look!

Sun Mo squatted down and gently picked up Tan Lus leg.


Tan Lu was happy. (Thats right, Teacher Sun is said to have God Hands. Hell definitely have a solution!)

The moment Sun Mo went up, he activated his expert-grade bone setting technique. After obtaining this branch of the ancient massaging technique, he hadnt used it before. This was the first time he was using


How is it?

Jin Mujie asked.

There are too many shattered bones.

Sun Mo lowered his head and observed. He noticed that not only was Tan Lus ankle twisted in an irregular manner, but his lower thigh, the back of his foot, and his heels were also a little swollen.

Thankfully, they were in Middle-Earth because such comminuted fractures couldnt be treated in the modern world. One could only spend the rest of their life in a wheelchair.

Can it be treated?

Jin Mujie didnt wish to listen to the condition.


After saying that, Sun Mo took in a deep breath and started performing the bone setting technique. Teacher Sun, dont be too blindly optimistic. Zhou Shanyi called out with good intentions. With so many students watching, if Sun Mo was unable to cure Tan Lu, it could affect his status in the students hearts.


Sun Mo nodded and circulated spirit qi, gathering them onto his palms. White glows instantly lit up on them, and then he started to massage Tan Lus ankle. Ahh!

Tan Lus ankle ached a lot and he subconsciously tried to draw his leg back, wanting to escape from Sun Mos hands.

Get two people over and press him down!

When Zhou Shanyi pressed on Tan Lus body, he called for another two students to come and help.

Everyone scatter off! Dont be crowding around here!

Jin Mujie told everyone to leave, providing Sun Mo with a quiet environment.

The students dawdled, not wanting to move.

They werent close with Tan Lu and thus only felt a little sympathy and concern toward him. However, they wanted to see Sun Mos God Hands.

Sun Mo couldnt care about the motions in the environment anymore.

His bone setting technique was only at the expert-grade. Without the genies help, he could only rely on himself to slowly treat Tan Lus injury. The bones at the ankle werent big, but they were considered crucial for the human body. They were also very fragile. Basketball and soccer players were most afraid to suffer injuries here.

If their ankles were to be seriously hurt, even if they were to recover, their explosive prowess and speed would still be affected. Some sportsmen might even be forced to retire in advance.

Although it was called a massaging technique, what Sun Mo was doing now was no longer considered a massage. He was piecing those shattered pieces of bones together with the bone setting technique.

Zhou Shanyis brows furrowed tightly. Such comminuted fractures could only be treated with surgery even if it was handled by a professional doctor. He couldnt understand how Sun Mo was able to treat this just by massaging it.

It was true that it was very difficult. When the bones at the ankle were shattered, itd be like a piece of baked sesame seeds-coated cakes being broken up. Although the pieces could be put together, itd be impossible to piece the crumbles back.

What should he do?

With the bone setting technique, Sun Mo stimulated the bones, causing them to rapidly break apart, increase in quantity, and become tougher, just like how coral polyps gathered together to form coral reefs.

This entire process took a long time. Since Sun Mos proficiency index was only at the expert-grade, two hours passed by during the treatment.

Some students saw that there was a white glow encasing Sun Mos hands, and he only placed them on Tan Lus ankle, rubbing around. They lost interest due to the lack of novelty.


Li Ziqi stayed by Sun Mos side all this while, occasionally wiping off the sweat from his forehead.

Can you do it?

Gu Xiuxun was worried. She saw that Sun Mos countenance was very pale. This was clearly a sign of over-depletion of spirit qi.

Dont ask a guy if he can do it!

Sun Mo broke into a smile and then looked at the nervous and unsettled Tan Lu. He consoled the latter, Dont be nervous. I guarantee that after the treatment, youll be as healthy as you were before.

The big pieces of bones were pieced together. He then stimulated the bones growth, supplementing the gaps. After ascertaining that there were no gaps, he started to close up the cracks.

When the entire left legs bones were completely regrown, Sun Mo increased the intensity of his massage. He was going to dissolve those bone crumbles that were scattered amongst the muscles.

After Sun Mo completed all of these, three hours had passed. However, the treatment wasnt over yet. With the circulation technique, Sun Mo returned the swollen, broken, and distorted energy channels back to their original state.

After completing this step, Sun Mo then switched between the living blood technique and the muscleforge technique.


The genie appeared!

Whats that?

Zhou Shanyi was already on the verge of dozing off. However, when he saw such a muscular character filled with a philosophical aura appearing, he got so shocked that he almost peed himself and instinctively backed off.

Jin Mujie frowned and almost made a move to attack.

Dont panic, hes my companion!

Sun Mo quickly explained. But with the genie coming out, he could take a breather. This this is

Xia Yuans eyes and mouth were wide open. She saw that the lower half of this guy who was dressed in weird clothing was just a wisp of spirit qi connected to Sun Mos arm. This was really mysterious.

This cant be the true profoundness of your God Hands, can it?

Zhou Shanyi made a guess.

Teacher Sun, your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands cant be a saint-tier massaging technique, could it?

Xia Yuan was curious. She had never heard of any massaging techniques that could summon such things.

What massaging technique? Youre humiliating this technique. This is definitely a dark secret art!

Zhou Shanyi retorted. As a doctor, he could tell how the swellings on Tan Lus foot were reducing at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye, healing back to its initial state. Red steam came out from Tan Lus foot, dispelling the clotted blood. Then, the muscleforge technique kicked in to let his muscles recover.

Finally, after four hours passed, Sun Mo completed the treatment.

This final step didnt require so long. However, in order to let Tan Lu recover a little faster, Sun Mo worked on it for a little longer.

Teacher, it doesnt hurt anymore!

Tan Lu was surprised and elated. He then started moving his ankle.

Do you want to become a cripple? Dont move.

Zhou Shanyi hit Tan Lus head and then instructed the two students, Go get a few pieces of wood board over!

After saying that, Zhou Shanyi touched Tan Lus ankle to give him a checkup. He then sank into extreme astonishment, subconsciously asking, Teacher Sun, his ankle had a comminuted fracture earlier on, right?


Sun Mo nodded.


Zhou Shanyi sank into deep thought. Teacher Zhou, whats wrong? Say something.

Du Xiao asked. Could it be that something had gone wrong with the treatment?

Even Tan Lu, who was feeling happy, started to feel nervous.

Its too too too amazing!

Zhou Shanyi stuttered a few times but could only say such coarse words. There was no helping it. Other than exclaiming that it was too amazing, there was nothing else he could do to describe what he was feeling at this moment.

If it wasnt because he had personally checked Tan Lus leg injury, there was no way that hed believe that this was an ankle that had just suffered from a comminuted fracture. It was because the bones there looked just as if they hadnt been shattered before.

The Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands was really amazing!


Favorable impression points from Zhou Shanyi +100. Friendly (220/1,000).
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》