Absolute Great Teacher
231 Achievement Reward, Saving A Student“s Prospects!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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231 Achievement Reward, Saving A Student“s Prospects!

Chapter 231 Achievement Reward, Saving A Students Prospects!

What the hell is too amazing? Tan Lu felt unbearably anxious but didnt dare to ask.

Teacher Zhou?

When Du Xiao saw that Zhou Shanyi was lost in his thoughts, he quickly urged him.

Zhou Shanyi was the doctor amongst the teachers. His assessment held the greatest weight.

Oh, Im saying that your ankle has completely recovered. It doesnt look like it has been hurt before!

Zhou Shanyi let out tsk tsk sounds, mumbling non-stop. This is too mysterious! It is too mysterious!


Tan Lu wore an agitated expression and subconsciously stood up.


Urged by his doctors instincts, Zhou Shanyi reached out to stop Tan Lu. He almost bellowed out, Do you want to become a cripple? But halfway there, he just stopped.

It was because Sun Mos treatment was too perfect.

Tan Lu exerted force in both legs and jumped up like a rabbit. Compared to earlier, not only was his pain reduced, but there wasnt any discomfort either.


Tan Lu knelt down.

Teacher Sun, thank you!

Tan Lu bowed deeply. When his ankle had been crushed earlier, not only did it hurt, but it felt numb as well. He hadnt dared to move at all and had gradually lost sense in his ankle. However, it had now recovered so quickly. Quickly get up. Dont move around recklessly anymore. You still need to rest and recuperate.

Sun Mo helped Tan Lu up.

Teacher, I Can I still join the league tournament?

Tan Lu was tear stricken as he looked at Sun Mo, wearing an unsettled expression. It was as if Sun Mo was his savior.

Of course you can. You can continue to cultivate and train in at most a week.

Sun Mo let out a soft laugh.

Thats great!

Tan Lu cried in joy. He had thought that his life was going to be over, but Teacher Sun had stepped out and saved him.

Yes, although he had lost this time around, as long as he could still take part in the league tournament, hed have the chance to amaze everyone with his performance.


Favorable impression points from Tan Lu +300, prestige connection initiated. Friendly (300/1,000).

Teacher, please have a drink.

Li Ziqi handed him a bottle. She had wanted to give Sun Mo a shoulder massage to help him relax a little, but Gu Xiuxun was faster than she was.

Do you feel any discomfort?

Gu Xiuxun asked softly. Im fine. Its just that Ive depleted quite a bit of spirit qi!

If it was anyone else sustaining a squatting position to massage a students ankle for four hours, theyd definitely experience sore lower back, leg pains, and cramps. However, the same wouldnt apply for Sun Mo.

This was how powerful a cultivator was.

Hearing that, Tan Lu looked over. He noticed that Sun Mo was extremely fatigued. Although Li Ziqi had wiped off the sweat on his forehead, his teacher attire was completely drenched. You could even wring water out from it. Moreover, Sun Mos face was also terrifyingly pale. Teacher!

Tan Lus tears, which had just stopped, flowed down again. He felt very guilty, but at the same time, also a little elated. He was a smart child and knew from Zhou Shanyis expression that the latter wouldnt have been able to cure his ankle. If it wasnt for Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands this time around, hed probably have to rest in bed for half a year. Moreover, even after he had recovered, there might still be side effects.

Its a blessing that Im able to come to the Central Province Academy and meet Teacher Sun.

Tan Lu felt very emotional.


Favorable impression points from Tan Lu +500. Friendly (800/1,000).

Sun Mo smiled when he heard the notification. This proved that Tan Lu was a student who knew the importance of gratitude. His effort to give him treatment, at the cost of so much spirit qi and energy, wasnt wasted.

Teacher Sun, Tan Lu, both of you should quickly go and rest!

Jin Mujie instructed. She planned on letting the others head to the borders of the hot spring area to set up the camps. Since they had lost in the competition, they had to stick to the bet.

However, Sun Mo and Tan Lu were the exceptions.


Congratulations, your prestige connection with Tan Lu has been raised to friendly, receiving his heartfelt gratitude. You are rewarded with one bronze treasure chest.

Congratulations, youve completed the saving a students prospects achievement. Rewarded with one black-iron treasure chest. Please keep up the good work.

Two treasure chests that gleamed in different light landed in front of Sun Mo.

Sun Mo touched the head of Lu Zhiruo and first opened up the black-iron treasure chest.

A spring water beauty medicine packet that was shining with a cream-colored glow quietly floated in front of him. There was even a light scent permeating in the air.

Its quite pretty!

Sun Mo let out a tsk. He wondered if the beauty summoned would be pretty.

Then the bronze treasure chest was also opened. It turned out to be a skill book for two hundred types of plants from the Darkness Continent. Sun Mo was elated. His effort hadnt been for naught.

The group started moving toward the outskirts of the hot spring area. Li Ziqi insisted on taking care of Sun Mo and thus stayed behind as well.

Seeing this situation, Sun Mo decided to keep all his six personal disciples by his side. He planned on giving them an entire set of massages. He hadnt forgotten the mission issued by the system that he needed to help all of them break through once before this trip ended.

As Jin Mujie led the group away, this abandoned campsite instantly became desolated. Xuanyuan Po, Tantai, go and collect some firewood. Baiwu and Jiang Leng, the two of you will be responsible for cooking.

Li Ziqi had one hand on her waist as she assigned the tasks, conducting herself with the prestige of the eldest martial sister.

Sun Mo had nothing to do. He just lay in the tent and took out the skill book to learn it. He had wanted to memorize it while his memory was still fresh. However, occasional notifications of him receiving favorable impression points kept ringing out.

All of them came from the students. It was apparent that they had heard the news of Sun Mo healing Tan Lus condition perfectly.

Autumn in the Darkness Continent was slightly cold, and at night, the land shone with a cold glow under the moonlight.

Baiwu, its your turn next! Lu Zhiruo came out from the tent with a flush on her face and informed Ying Baiwu.


The stubborn young girl entered and smelled a strange scent that made her feel energized.

A blanket was laid out in the tent, and there was a small lunch box at the side that was filled with diluted ancient whale oil. Even though Ying Baiwu knew nothing of common knowledge in the cultivation world, she knew that this thing was extremely expensive. Li Ziqi had once said that there was demand but no supply for it.

Teacher is really good to us!

Ying Baiwu thought and changed her clothing. Teacher, Im ready!

After saying this, even the stubborn young girl felt shy and her face flushed up a little. It was because the massage clothing was short and revealed too much of her bare skin.

Sun Mo came in and saw that Ying Baiwu was already laying there. He didnt say anything and started performing a massage for her after pouring some ancient whale oil on his hand.


After a while, the spirit qi on Sun Mos body gushed out and the genie appeared again. When he saw that it was a girl, he spat out his saliva and crossed his arms in front of his chest, watching on coldly.

Is this some kind of gender discrimination?

Sun Mo wondered if there was a way to use violence to get the genie to submit.

It was as if the genie could guess what Sun Mo was thinking. He immediately let out a cold laugh. After that, he bent both of his arms up to display his muscular biceps and shake his pectoral muscles.

A philosophical aura instantly permeated the entire tent.

Im wrong. When I go back, Ill make you a piece of nice-smelling soap. After all, youre the guy who stands out the most when you go to the bathhouses.

Sun Mo teased, but his hands didnt stop moving. He meticulously applied the muscleforge technique and living blood technique on Ying Baiwu. He then used the bone setting technique to correct her bones. Baiwu, eat more meat and drink more bone broth soup in the future.

Sun Mo instructed.

Ying Baiwu had been working since she was six or seven years old. Since the work she had done was all laborious work, the harm done to her bones was quite serious.

Moreover, she didnt get to eat her fill and would often go hungry. This also led to her having malnutrition.

Since she could rely on self-learning to reach the second level of the body-refinement realm with her condition being so bad, her aptitude and her constitution were really so good that itd make others envious.


Ying Baiwu bit her lips and gave a short reply from the gap of her teeth. She didnt dare to open her mouth and reply normally as it was too painful. If she were to do so, shed definitely be unable to hold back and would cry out.

The stubborn young girl didnt wish to let her teacher think that she was a spoiled girl.

If it hurts, just cry out. Its fine!

Sun Mo consoled her.

It it doesnt hurt!

Ying Baiwu felt as if she was going to be crushed. Cold sweat kept dripping down from her forehead.

Ill be using the bone setting technique to recover all of your damaged bones. Itll hurt, but after you recover, it wont feel as unbearable when you receive massages in the future.

Sun Mo explained.


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +100. Reverence (1,400/10,000).

Ying Baiwu didnt say a word, but the favorable impression points she contributed showed her current mood. After seeing how Sun Mo had treated Tan Lu earlier, she was clear about how powerful the bone setting technique was. This was the God Hands. This statement wasnt a description, nor was it praise or polite talk. She felt that this was an amazing pair of hands that only the gods were worthy of having.

Its really too good to be able to study under Teacher.

Ying Baiwus eyes moistened up and tears glimmered in them. She quickly buried her head into the pillow, not wanting her teacher to see her weak side.

The stubborn young girl hated crying the most. It was because she knew from a young age that tears couldnt resolve problems. Itd make others feel that you were weak and a pushover. Therefore, when Ying Baiwu had fought with the ruffians on the streets, shed never cry even though she bled a lot.

However, after knowing her teacher, she cried many times.

Ying Baiwu licked her lips. The taste of these tears didnt seem bad either!

Lu Zhiruo squatted by the fire, hugging her kneecaps with her right arm while holding onto a branch with her left. She poked at the fire absentmindedly, but her eyes were on the tent.

Teacher is really good to Baiwu!

Lu Zhiruo didnt feel jealous. She only felt that she was really useless. If her aptitude was a little better, shed be able to bring glory to her teacher.

The damage on Baiwus body is very severe, and thus the massage time would be longer. Teacher treats everyone equally.

As Li Ziqi spoke, she secretly observed everyones expression. Tantai Yutang was someone she placed additional emphasis on.

Its so boring. How I wish I could have a fight!

Xuanyuan Po looked toward Tan Lus tent.

Hey, dont act recklessly!

Li Ziqi warned. (Teacher had gone through so much trouble treating him. If you were to cripple him, wouldnt we have to trouble Teacher again?)

Jiang Leng, why dont we have a round?

Xuanyuan Po looked toward Jiang Leng who had an expressionless face like that of a dead man. When the light from the fire shone on him, he looked a little scary.

Jiang Leng was about to shake his head and refuse when his ears twitched. He looked in the ten oclock direction.

That thing is here again!

Lu Zhiruos neck shrank back, and she alerted them while wearing a nervous expression.

Xuanyuan Po raised his brows, grabbed his silver spear, and then pounced toward the area of shattered stones in the ten oclock direction.

Xuanyuan Po, come back here!

Li Ziqi shot up. Dont act recklessly. Jiang Leng, stop him!
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