Absolute Great Teacher
234 Thousand Feet Waterfall, Plump Mandarin Perch
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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234 Thousand Feet Waterfall, Plump Mandarin Perch


Sun Mo waved his hand, not minding it. Xuanyuan Po, youll be on night duty. The rest of you, go have an early rest!

After saying that, Sun Mo got up and returned to his tent.

Tan Lu only raised his head after Sun Mo left, still looking awkward. If Sun Mo had reprimanded him, he would feel better. However, the more magnanimous Sun Mo was, the more he felt that he was narrow-minded and thus felt worse.

Is there a mistake?

Tantai Yutang looked at Tan Lu and felt like asking him, (Are you a fool? Youre giving up on your family-inherited spear art just like that because Sun Mo said that you arent suitable with it?)

Theres no mistake. Teacher Sun is really amazing!

Tan Lu looked toward Tantai Yutang, feeling emotional. Im really envious of you guys to be able to be Teachers personal disciples!

Tan Lu sighed then turned to leave. Sun Mo didnt recruit him. This meant that his talent and aptitude couldnt entice him.



Tantai Yutang was speechless. Was this something worth being envious of? He admitted that Sun Mos God Hands was very amazing. But other than that, there werent any other redeeming qualities about him,


Its true that Teacher is amazing!

Xuanyuan Po nodded. He recalled Sun Mos teachings regarding his cultivation art and how to be a person.

Is there a need to doubt this? Its for sure!

Lu Zhiruo nodded with certainty. (This Tan Lus judgment isnt bad. Should I go ask Teacher to take him in as his disciple?)

Ying Baiwu didnt say anything but just contributed favorable impression points. It was really her greatest fortune to be able to study under Sun Mos wing.

Alright, all of you, go to sleep!

Li Ziqi clapped her hands together, urging everyone to go to rest. Although she wasnt old, she did things orderly, having the disposition of an eldest martial sister.

Early the next day, Sun Mo led the students to gather with the rest of the group. They then set off and continued into the depths of the Spiritwind Canyon.

After resting for one night, Tan Lus foot didnt hurt as much anymore. However, Jin Mujie was still worried and planned on letting him stay at the hot spring area.

It was because the rest of the journey was going to become dangerous. They would need to battle.

Teacher, I wish to continue.

Tan Lu pleaded and even jumped about a little. Ive really recovered. If you dont believe me, you can go and ask Teacher Sun.

Very soon, Sun Mo was called over. After finding out the reason, he expressed that there wasnt an issue for Tan Lu to come with them.

Teacher Sun, the group will be facing battles from now on. The intensity might not be high, but everyone would definitely need to participate in it. If it leads to Tan Lus leg injury worsening and affecting his future, youll have to take responsibilities.

Jin Mujies tone was harsher. She was reminding Sun Mo to not give promises recklessly. Otherwise, if anything were to happen to Tan Lu, Zhang Qianlin would definitely grab onto this point and make this misjudgment become Sun Mos lifelong stigma.

Sun Mo looked toward Tan Lu.


Tan Lus eyes were filled with a pleading gaze. If he were to stop here, then he definitely couldnt take part in the league tournament.

I guarantee that. Let him continue!

Sun Mo didnt wish to let a student lose hope.

Alright, but I want to get Teacher Zhou to do another check.

Jin Mujie was a serious and responsible teacher. She wouldnt just listen to Sun Mos one-sided view.

Zhou Shanyi was called over. He performed the check-up seriously, taking over ten minutes.

This caused Tan Lu to feel unsettled again. Could it be that something had gone wrong?

Yi Jiamin, who was watching this, felt very happy. He hoped to see Sun Mo down on his luck.

Teacher Zhou?

Jin Mujie frowned. Oh, theres no problem! No problem!

Zhou Shanyi put down Tan Lus foot. But he had just stood up and took a few steps when he couldnt hold it in and squatted down again. Dont move, Ill check it a little



Tan Lu felt like crying. (Since theres no problem, why are you still checking it? Is it very fun to scare me?)

This is too amazing. How could his bones have completely recovered? Even the swelling has subsided. This is too amazing.

Zhou Shanyi appeared astonished. After one night, his ankle is not much different than a normal one. If it wasnt because Ive seen it with my own eyes yesterday, I wouldnt believe that he has been inflicted with a comminuted fracture yesterday.

Hearing this, Tan Lu heaved a solid sigh of relief. Yi Jiamins lips twitched, feeling displeased.

I must do this guy in.

Seeing that the surrounding students were all looking at Sun Mo with an admiring gaze, Zhang Qianlin felt even more envious.


Congratulations, youve received a total of +1,206 favorable impression points.

The group set off. The days to follow werent going to be easy. It was because as they entered deeper into the canyon, not only would the number of spirit-winds increase, but they would also get stronger.

Of course, the most important question would still be the fluctuating spirit qi tides. The fluctuations affected the cultivators directly, making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

Some of the students started to develop symptoms like nauseousness and giddiness. Some with more serious effects even showed signs of bleeding under the skin.

If you guys cant hang on, then tell me. Dont try to hide it!

Every once in a while, Jin Mujie would repeat this.

These reactions were all related to spirit pressure allergy. In more serious cases, they might die.

Are you guys alright? Every night, Sun Mo would have to give his students a massage and do a check-up. However, he still didnt feel at ease.

Its fine!

Lu Zhiruo shook her head.

Its still bearable!

Tantai Yutang chuckled.

Teacher, can you continue with the lesson?

During the past few days, Li Ziqi had been staying by Sun Mos side, listening to his lessons. They were mainly on the study of spirit runes and the art of spiritual beast control.

In terms of studiousness, the little sunny egg had no equal peers.

On the fifth day, the group came to a huge waterfall. At this moment, half of the group showed signs of spirit pressure allergy.

Rumble! Rumble!

The waterfall was like the Milky Way. It came flowing down from the clouds, striking down on the deep pool and releasing a loud sound.

This is the thousand feet waterfall, one of the most beautiful sceneries in the Spiritwind Canyon. Coming here means that you guys have passed the test and can adapt to the fluctuating spirit pressure on the first level of the Darkness Continent.

After Jin Mujie said that, the group let out a deafening cheer.

The students finally felt at ease. If they couldnt even conquer the first level of the Darkness Continent, then they wouldnt have any prospects no matter how much hard work they put in their cultivation.

Be quiet!

Jin Mujie clapped her hands. Well be resting here for a day. Everyone can have some free time to go around by themselves, but you mustnt go beyond one li from the waterfall!

Yes, leader!

The students replied and then went off.

Teacher Sun, well have to trouble you.

Jin Mujie looked toward Sun Mo.


The students who had spirit pressure allergy had been gathered together. Their treatment should have been handled by Zhou Shanyi, but since the effect of Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands was even better, he took over Zhou Shanyis place.

Come, lets go to the pool to catch a few fish for Teachers nourishment. I heard that the thousand feet waterfalls mandarin perch is very delicious!

Li Ziqi called out to the others.

Lu Zhiruo and Ying Baiwu immediately responded to her. Jiang Leng had wanted to follow, but when he saw that Tantai Yutang and Xuanyuan Po didnt move, he stopped as well.

Arent you guys going?

The papaya girl asked.

Leave them be!

Li Ziqi called out. The sickly person clearly wasnt going. The papaya girls question would only make everyone feel awkward.

The three girls headed to the bottom of the waterfall.

Its so tall!

The papaya girl set up a shelter while looking up.

As the waterfall was too tall, the water seemed as if they were gushing down from the sky, smashing heavily onto the water, the rocks. It splattered tiny water droplets around.

Water fog permeated around the waterfall, looking fantastical.

Hey, which school are you guys from?

A few guys who were playing in the pool werent shy when they saw Li Ziqi. One of them called out.

Lets go downstream!

Li Ziqi didnt reply. Making a great meal for Sun Mo was her most important thing to do.

After finding a shallow part of the water, the three girls took off their shoes and socks, rolled up their pants, and went down.

Ying Baiwu was fully focused, staring at the water. When she saw a mandarin perch swimming past her, she immediately swung her sword.


A spirit qi white bird shot out, flying head-first into the water and sending large splashes out. Then, the color of blood came surging up.

The mandarin perch that had been cut up bounced up and down and drifted downstream.

Try not to bruise the mandarin perch too much.

Li Ziqi instructed. What they made for Sun Mo must be exquisite and perfect. They shouldnt take those that looked too bad.


Ying Baiwu went up the shores and chopped off a few branches, turning them into a simplified fish spear. She then started to spear the fish.

Although the mandarin perch lived in the Darkness Continent and contained a rich amount of spirit qi in them, they werent mysterious species of darkness. Other than having a bigger size and looking fiercer, they were nothing more than normal fish.

Even Lu Zhiruo had some success, let alone Ying Baiwu who was quick with her eyes and hands. As long as Lu Zhiruo noticed the fish, they wouldnt be able to escape.

Another fish entered her vision. The papaya girl bit her tongue and was preparing to catch it when she heard a plop coming from the side. Then, a massive splash came in her direction, making her uniform quite wet.


Li Ziqi struggled in the water.

Eldest Martial Sister!

Lu Zhiruo got a scare and quickly went over to help her up.

The depth of the water was slightly below their butt. It wasnt deep, but the little sunny eggs motor skills were too bad, and she didnt have a good sense of balance either.

When she stepped on the smooth rocks, she fell and ended up unable to get back up.


Li Ziqi, who was struggling intensely, dragged the papaya girl down into the water as well.

Ying Baiwu was speechless. She quickly rushed over and pulled Li Ziqi up. Cough cough! Cough cough! Li Ziqi sat by the shores and coughed away. Her small face appeared a little pale and red at the same time.

The paleness was from the shock, while the redness was from embarrassment. If Ying Baiwu werent here to help, she might have drowned in this water that didnt even reach the height of her waist.

Ziqi, you better wait on the shores!

Ying Baiwu went into the water.

No, I must catch a fish today!

Li Ziqi wanted to catch a fish personally, roast it nicely, and let Sun Mo eat it.

Eldest Martial Sister

Lu Zhiruo had wanted to persuade Li Ziqi to give up, but she suddenly heard a strange piercing cry that shook her to the extent that all her hairs stood up.

What the hell?

Li Ziqi was shocked and stood up, looking downstream.

There were three guys squatting over 50 meters away. They had no idea what those guys were doing.

This voice sounded very agonizing. Should we go and take a look?

Lu Zhiruo looked toward Li Ziqi, having a pleading tone in her voice. Lets go! Li Ziqi felt a little curious as well. Hmmm? We arent catching fish anymore? Looking at the mandarin perch that was struggling intensely on her fish spear, Ying Baiwu felt speechless.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》