Absolute Great Teacher
237 Sun Mo Is A Herbology Expert?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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237 Sun Mo Is A Herbology Expert?


Nice one!

Zhang Qianlin, who had been observing from the side, felt like giving a thumbs up for Yi Jiamin. This guy wasnt bad. After they went back, he could tell his father to consider grooming him.

Zhang Qianlin had suffered because of the spirit rune potted plant and had learned his lesson. Thus, although he knew that the fishtea grass was an opportunity, he didnt jump out to challenge Sun Mo.

It seemed that his father was right. He should have more lackeys and get them to charge in the front lines. If there were any issues, hed still have room to save himself.

Yi Jiamin looked at Zhang Qianlin and felt elated to see his encouraging gaze. His targeting toward Sun Mo hadnt gone to waste.

Although it didnt feel good to be fronting the attack for someone else, there was no other way around it. His family had no power, influence, nor money. If he wished to climb up higher, hed have to grasp onto every chance he got.

Even if this chance might possibly be a trap, hed still have to jump in.

As Yi Jiamin was trying to curry up to Zhang Qianlin, he shot off the moment he received the chance to.

Sun Mo is definitely going to get it bad this time around, as even Zhou Shanyi has said that the fishtea grass isnt poisonous. Lets see how hes going to turn things around.

Yi Jiamin wasnt hoping to see Sun Mo admit his mistake straightforwardly and apologize for it. The more Sun Mo retorted, the more others would feel that his character was bad.

Teacher Sun, are you certain that the fishtea grass is poisonous?

Jin Mujie had been taught that the fishtea grass wasnt poisonous. However, after having spent time with Sun Mo, she believed that he wasnt someone whod speak without thinking. He was very reliable. Therefore, she asked solemnly. After all, a few of the students had eaten this.

Itd be bad if anything were to happen.

The fishtea grasss toxicity is mild, and there wouldnt be any issue if taken in small amounts. However, in early autumn, at noon when the sun is shining brightly, its toxicity would reach its highest intensity. During this time, if it is fried at high temperature, the toxicity would be completely released.

Sun Mo explained.

The fishtea grass had no medicinal value, and its taste was mediocre. It wasnt some kind of great delicacy either. As it was a commonly seen plant in nature, herbalists, doctors, and alchemists didnt do an in-depth study on it.

There was no other reason other than that it didnt have any value. If they had the time, they might as well study those precious and valuable medicinal plants from the Darkness Continent. If they could discover new medicinal values, not only would they be able to earn big bucks, but they could also leave their names behind on medical books.

To speak the truth, who wouldnt want to produce a book that was similar to the classical (Compendium of Materia Medica] that could be passed down through generations?

He seems to be saying this seriously! The fishtea grass cant really be poisonous, can it?

Teacher Sun doesnt seem like someone whod shoot his mouth off without thinking.

The students mumbled.

Oh? Theres such a thing?

Duan Meng felt curious. Which plants-illustrated handbook recorded this?

There are no records!

Sun Mo shook his head.

Duan Meng frowned. (What is the meaning of this? Did you come up with this yourself?)

Hehe, Teacher Sun, I admit that your study of spirit runes and your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands are both very amazing. However, those have nothing to do with herbology!

Yi Jiamin sneered, Could it be that youre a herbology expert?

In Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, there were many schools and countless subjects. Herbalist was one category of great teachers. Moreover, after passing the Saint Gates test, theyd be able to get the glorious title of herbology expert. These great teachers tended to enjoy great prestige in the herbology world.

If a herbology expert were to say that the fishtea grass was poisonous, then everyone would believe them. But who was Sun Mo? He probably couldnt even name the plants. Sun Mo thought of the title Herb Specialist that the system had given him. He nodded unconsciously.


Yi Jiamin burst out laughing. What do you mean by this?

I didnt know that Teacher Sun specializes in herbology. Youre even an expert. Im sorry for the disrespect!

Zhang Qianlin smiled. Things had probably gone too smoothly for this guy and he became conceited. (Do you think that its so easy to get the title of herbology expert?)

How many herbalists were there across the nine provinces? There were countless. However, only ten or so herbology expert certificates of honor were given out each year.

This showed how precious this title was.

If Sun Mo really was so amazing, then why would he teach spirit runes? If he took out his herbology expert certification, then the lecture theater would be filled to the brim all the time.


Zhou Shanyi sighed. Sun Mos boasting had gone too far. How old was he? His mastery of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands and the study of spirit runes had reached such a high level at the age of 20. He must have spent a lot of time and effort to achieve that. Everyone acknowledged Sun Mos talent, and thus he no longer needed any other glory. It was overdoing it to be boasting that he was a herbology expert. As a doctor, Zhou Shanyi knew quite a bit about herbology. He had taken the test to get this title twice and then given up on it. It was because it was too difficult.

Teacher Sun, since youre saying that the fishtea grass is poisonous, then Id like to ask what is the approximate time that the poison in our body will act up?

Yi Jiamin spoke forcefully.

Sun Mo looked up at the sky. This will be dependent on the individuals constitution. But at the latest, before dawn breaks, thered definitely be students who wont be feeling well.

Seeing that Sun Mo had stated a time and was looking very calm, Yi Jiamin frowned slightly for an instant. He started to suspect if he was really wrong. However, he couldnt drop halfway. He could only continue head-on.

Alright, Ill wait for the time before dawn breaks then.

Yi Jiamin spoke then picked up a piece of fried egg, tossing it into his mouth. His mocking intention was very clear. (Ive eaten it. I shall see how youre going to speak your way out of this when I turn out to be fine later!)

You guys should eat as well. Its fine!

Yi Jiamin urged the few students.

Jin Mujie chose to remain silent because she felt that the fishtea grass wasnt poisonous as well. Therefore, it was better to divert the topic so that Yi Jiamin wouldnt continue to grab onto this matter.

Ive received your kind intention. Go back and have your meal!

Sun Mo indicated for Hu Ming to not continue staying here. He also didnt continue to say that the fried eggs that had fishtea grass added in them mustnt be eaten. It was because no one would believe him even if he were to say that.

Teacher, if the fried egg is really poisonous, will anything happen to them?

Lu Zhiruo felt worried.

It wont be a big problem!

Sun Mo drank porridge. Eating too much fishtea grass wouldnt kill them. At most, theyd just have diarrhea until they were all weak. In the most serious cases, they might have some blood in their stools, but theyd definitely not die.

This is how foolish people are. Its no use saying more. Theyll believe things to be true after theyve suffered. Tantai Yutang sneered.

Due to this episode, the atmosphere during lunch wasnt considered good. However, after the meal, Jin Mujie conducted a lesson. The students immediately forgot about this matter and fully focused on their studies.

In the evening, after dinner, it was time for Pei Yuanlis class. Then, at 8 p.m., it was free time.

Sun Mo called his six personal disciples. Ill be teaching you the art of spiritual beast control. Those who arent interested can choose not to learn it. Teacher, how many subjects do you know?

Tantai Yutang couldnt help but ask. If Sun Mos standard wasnt high enough, the results might turn out to be the complete opposite when teaching students.

Are you doubting Teacher?.

Li Ziqi frowned.

Teacher is only 20 years old this year, right? Go do your math. Medical Cultivation, study of spirit runes, art of spiritual beast control, oh right, theres also the herbology expert. Even if other teachers forgo the time spent on eating and sleeping for 20 years, they might not even become skilled in a particular subject! The meaning behind Tantai Yutangs words was very clear. If Sun Mo taught students despite not being skilled in the subject, hed be misleading the students.

Lu Zhiruo couldnt tell the reverse meaning behind Tantai Yutangs words. She thought that he was complimenting Teacher and thus added, Teacher is also at the fourth level of the blood-ignition realm. He doesnt neglect his cultivation.

Dont talk crap. If you arent interested, then go somewhere else and play!

Sun Mo couldnt be bothered to explain.

Tantai Yutang shrugged, then got up and walked toward the stream.

Xuanyuan Po and Jiang Leng also left in succession.

These three b*stards!

Li Ziqi gritted her teeth. They really didnt give any face to Teacher.

Ill be using Soul Imprint to hit the fundamental knowledge into your brain. If theres anything you dont understand, voice it out and Ill answer them.

After saying that, Sun Mos right hand was enveloped in a milky-white glow. He then sent it smashing into his three female students brains in succession.

Such a teaching method had a requirement for the students aptitude. If the student was too stupid, theyd suffer from brain damage after receiving such a tremendous amount of knowledge impact. Of course, Li Ziqi and the other two girls wouldnt have any problem.

After two hours of teaching, Sun Mo gave them a small assignment. Go communicate with a small animal and let them help you to keep watch at night.

The moon hung up high as night fell.

It was time to sleep, but none of the Central Province Academys freshmen went off to sleep. They were all putting in hard work in their studies.

This made Jin Mujie feel very consoled. No matter how high a students aptitude was, if they couldnt take hard work, then theyd be destined to never have any success.

Before the dawn was breaking, the students went off to sleep in succession. Hu Ming had just entered his sleeping bag when his stomach started growling. He felt a churning pain. After trying to hold it in for a while, he couldnt do it anymore. He got out and ran outside the campsite to do his business.

Thankfully, this was early autumn and the weather wasnt cold. If he had come out for his business on a winter night, his butt would have become frozen.

After 15 minutes, Hu Ming passed out what was in his stomach and went back to sleep. However, it wasnt long before his stomach started churning again.

It couldnt be that the fishtea grass is really poisonous, could it? Hu Ming felt a little unsettled.

For the rest of the night, Hu Ming continued the cycle of getting up, passing motion, and going back to sleep. As he was the one to prepare the fried egg, he ate the most.

Damn this thing!

Hu Ming got back up again while listening to the crickets cry. His legs felt weak as he headed outside the campsite. As he had turned weak from all the runs, he didnt go too far this time around. He walked over to a big tree and then took off his pants. However, he had just squatted down when a pair of big hands pressed against his butt.

Theres someone here!

Zhao Feng reminded him. F*ck!

Hu Ming let out a shocked cry and quickly pulled his pants up while darting forward. He turned his head to take a look around while doing all these.

Its me!

Zhao Feng said in an irritated tone. He was clearing his bowels while dozing off when a warm butt suddenly sat down in front of him. He had almost died from the shock.

Youre having the runs as well?

Hu Ming frowned.

This is my third time.

Zhao Fengs lips twitched. That fishtea grass might really be poisonous.

Regardless, I wont be eating it anymore in the future!

Hu Ming sighed. He had suffered a lot tonight. As he said this, he turned to leave.

Hmmm? Where are you going? Zhao Feng asked curiously.

To shit!

Hu Ming wore an expression as if this was nothing to be surprised about.

Just do it here? Zhao Feng moved a little to the side.

Hu Ming felt speechless. (You might not find it stinky, but I do.)

Hey, your butt isnt bad. Lets shit together one day!

Seeing that Hu Ming had left, Zhao Feng called out again, feeling that it was a pity.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》