Absolute Great Teacher
238 Halo Erupted, Misleading Students
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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238 Halo Erupted, Misleading Students


After Hu Ming was done with his business, he reached into his pocket. There was nothing there.


Hu Ming, who was a little weak in the first place, felt even more anxious. He dug around in his pocket in despair. There werent even any paper fragments, let alone toilet paper.

This is bad!

Hu Ming sighed. He had the runs too many times tonight, and he had used up all the toilet paper. This was really

The night wind brushed against his butt, and his balls felt a little cold!

Hu Mings gaze darted to the bushes by the side. Damn, they were all plants with small leaves. Moreover, they were wet from dew

If I knew this would happen, I would have shit together with Zhao Feng!

Hu Ming felt helpless. He grabbed a handful of grass, planning to pick the slightly bigger ones. Just then, a piercing scream rang out in the campsite.

What happened?

Hu Mings butthole tightened. He subconsciously stood up and walked forward, stepping on a pile of feces. F*ck, who the hell shit here in the middle of the night? Dont they have a bit of civic virtue?

Hu Ming said in despise.

The teachers in the campsite immediately dashed toward the tent where the scream came from.

What happened?

Pei Yuanli didnt know if there was an ambush in the tent and thus didnt dash in recklessly. He swung his blade, sending out a strong gust of wind that blew the tent away.

A pungent scent immediately spread over.

Pei Yuanli frowned.

A guy was seated on his blanket, looking at his right hand in horror. He then looked at his upper thigh and saw blood there.

Duan Meng, Xia Yuan, check the campsites surroundings!

Jin Mujie instructed.

No need. There arent any enemies!

Sun Mo took a glance and immediately knew what was going on. It should be the poison from the fishtea grass acting up.

All the teachers were speechless. This guys condition was a little pitiful.

Teach Teacher, I wont die, right?

The guy looked toward Sun Mo. His body was still trembling incessantly. What on earth happened to you? Where did this blood come from?

Gu Xiuxun didnt see where the guy was injured and had wanted to give him a checkup. However, she stopped after taking a few steps forward. It couldnt be that place that was bleeding, right? If it was really the case, then it was a sensitive area. It was better to leave this to a male teacher!


The guy felt embarrassed to say anything.

I what I? Just say it.

Pei Yuanli urged. He didnt like such a dawdling character.

I I had a stomach ache and felt a fart coming, so I farted. It ended up feeling like like something wet had spurted out. I used my hand to touch it and realized that it was feces and some blood.

After the student said this, his entire face turned red. However, his emotions of being scared of death got the upper hand of things. He looked toward Sun Mo.

Teacher Sun, I should be fine, right?

You wont die!

Sun Mo activated his Divine Sight and checked this students condition.

Teacher Zhou, well have to trouble you.

Jin Mujie assigned the job. It was better to let a professional doctor take on such a responsibility.


Zhou Shanyi performed a checkup for the guy. Could it be that fishtea grass is poisonous? Du Xiao felt curious and then said with the intention to flatter, Teacher Sun, if this is verified, then you might be the first person to discover the fishtea grasss toxicity!

In order to encourage great teachers to explore the Darkness Continent, the Saint Gate gave out all kinds of rewards. For cases like this in which a plants new attribute was discovered, other than giving material rewards, the Saint Gate also listed the name of the first person who discovered the attribute in their books.

For example, Sun Mo had discovered the fishtea grasss toxicity. This meant that all plant books published by all the countries in the nine provinces would have to include Sun Mos name as long as the fishtea grass was mentioned.

At the thought of this, the teachers gazes turned into envy as they looked toward Sun Mo.

Writing and establishing ones theories, allowing ones knowledge to become a classic, and influencing the generations of descendantsthere were what all great teachers pursued.

Du Xiao, arent you being too rash to be saying this? This is just one case. He could have gotten food poisoning or isnt used to the climate here.

Yi Jiamin felt displeased.

This explanation was possible as well. Why was it that only cultivators could come to the Darkness Continent? It was because their physiques were good enough and could be put through challenges!

When ordinary people left their hometown and arrived in a new place to strive for a better life, there was a high possibility that they might not be able to get used to the climate of the new environment, resulting in an upset stomach. Theyd have to take some time to get accustomed to the new climate. If they were to come to the Darkness Continent where the environment was even harsher, itd basically be no different from courting death.

Of course, Yi Jiamin felt that Sun Mo might be right again. However, this thought made him even more envious. He really couldnt take it lying down if he didnt retort a little.

How could Sun Mo be so outstanding?

At the thought of how he had been employed for three years, yet his reputation wasnt as high as Sun Mos, he was furious. Moreover, he could predict that in the future, Sun Mos reputation would only continue to grow. This reality made Yi Jiamin so jealous that he was almost going crazy. This was why people said that jealousy made people ugly and would also make them lose their rationality.

Hes already in this condition, yet youre still trying to be stubborn?

Du Xiao was naturally on Sun Mos side and immediately retorted.

Ive also eaten the fried egg, so why dont I have blood in my stools? Yi Jiamin countered. I know that you want Sun Mo to give you a massage, but theres no need for you to curry up to him like this, right? Wheres your pride as a teacher? Its all been thrown away by you.

Youre spouting rubbish!

Du Xiaos face turned red.

You dare say that you havent had this thought?

Yi Jiamin sneered.

Yi Jiamin, have you said enough? Sun Mo felt displeased when he saw Du Xiao embarrassed and angry. No matter what, Du Xiao was standing up for him, and thus itd be too saddening if he continued to watch coldly from the side. Did I say anything wrong? Yi Jiamin let out a cold snort. Its just one individual case, but he insists on using this to affirm what youve said. Then if I were to feed someone with a plant before they got unaccustomed to a climate and waited for them to get sick, could I also say that Im a herbology expert and had discovered this plants toxicity?

Sun Mos face sank as he saw the students gradually gathering over. He stopped arguing. Otherwise, even his class would stoop so low.

Zhang Qianlin stood at the side, wearing an expression as if he was watching a good show. This made Sun Mo feel even more upset. This feeling was as if he had become an actor whose job was to please others.

If I call out on others in the future, Ill call out on great teachers!

Sun Mo mumbled and waved his hand, sending out a great teacher halo.

What? Did I say it right?

Yi Jiamin continued with his verbal attack. (So what even if Sun Mo is right? Well have to wait until the Saint Gate has verified and admitted it. Anyway, Ill just treat it as if youre talking about a false theory now and give you a vain and arrogant label, slandering you.)

When Yi Jiamin saw that Sun Mo was silent, he thought that Sun Mo had nothing to say for himself. He was about to continue when he saw Sun Mo waving his hand.

With a swoosh, a golden halo erupted, striking his body.

Yi Jiamins mouth opened, but no sound came out. Moreover, as the halo flashed past, a golden chain was formed out of nothing, tying on his body. What the hell?

Yi Jiamin subconsciously wanted to circulate his spirit qi and break free from this chain. However, he realized that he was unable to mobilize even the slightest bit of it.

No, it was that his body was completely empty. He couldnt feel the existence of any spirit qi at all.

That empty, helpless, and weak feeling instantly made Yi Jiamin anxious. Cold sweat drenched his inner clothes. Cultivators had long since gotten accustomed to the existence of spirit qi. With it, they could perform their cultivation arts, which were a great teachers reliance.

It could be said that right now, even a shut-in guy who had just masturbated ten times would be able to crush Yi Jiamins nose with one punch.

While Yi Jiamin was feeling anxious and unsettled, the other teachers were almost blinded by this great teacher halo. They were so shocked that their eyes and mouth were agape.


Mis Misleading Students?

Zhang Qianlin cried out in a sharp voice. His expression of disbelief was as if he had seen a goblin pressing down a huge dragon by its head, grinding it against the floor, then moving in and out of its butt.

(This guy really keeps things well hidden. Sun Mo? Black Doggy Sun? Your mother hasnt given you the wrong name. Youre really a scheming dog.)

Thats right, its Misleading Students. When did he grasp this great teacher halo?

Du Xiao was speechless from astonishment.


Favorable impression points from Du Xiao +20. Friendly (190/1,000).

F*ck, how does this make any sense?

Gao Ben felt so upset that he wanted to spurt out blood. He looked at Sun Mo with an aggrieved expression, increasingly noticing the difference between them. (Are you the graduate from one of the Nine Greats or am I the one? Can you not always win against me with such an overwhelming difference?)

However, after feeling upset, Gao Ben felt a hint of relief. He had always felt a little unconvinced after losing to Sun Mo previously, but now, he seemed to be able to accept it.

After all, Sun Mo was a genius.


Favorable impression points from Gao Ben +20, prestige connection initiated. Neutral (20/100).

Sun Mo has comprehended another great teacher halo?

Gu Xiuxun assessed Sun Mo and her lips twitched.

Zhou Shanyi looked at Sun Mo with his eyes and mouth agape. He had even forgotten about giving the student a checkup.

(Can the youngsters these days not be so outstanding? How are we, the chill middle-age people who are just idling away and waiting for death, supposed to live?)

(We want face as well!)

Zhou Shanyi instantly felt anxiety. Right now, Sun Mo already knew Ignorant and Incompetent, Priceless Advice, and this Misleading Students. He now had three great teacher halos.

The requirement to become a 1-star great teacher was to grasp three great teacher halos and reach the expert-grade in one secondary occupation. Given Sun Mos current conditions, hed have the right to participate in the Saint Gates 1-star great teacher examination next spring. Since he was so outstanding, there was a high chance that hed be able to pass it.

A 20-year-old 1-star great teacher

Zhou Shanyi thought of his younger days. He had only managed to comprehend three great teacher halos after two years into his employment. Sigh, it was really an infuriating thing to be comparing oneself with others.

Teacher Sun, when did you comprehend Misleading Students?

Jin Mujie assessed Sun Mo, her gaze filled with admiration. This guy had given her yet another surprise. This great teacher halo was hard to comprehend as it was targeted toward teachers. However, the effect was extremely good.

Look at Yi Jiamin. He was being bound by the golden chain, feeling very indignant but was unable to say a single word. He was so anxious that green veins were popping up on his forehead. If it was someone more narrow-minded, theyd probably be driven to death from anger.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》