Absolute Great Teacher
239 Battle to Clear Shame
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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239 Battle to Clear Shame


About half a month ago?

Sun Mo randomly mentioned a time. He looked at the pale-faced student and walked over. Teacher Zhou, let me handle this!


Zhou Shanyi was stunned for a moment (You know medical skills as well?)

However, he then thought of how Sun Mo knew that the fishtea grass was poisonous, so Sun Mo might know how to neutralize it. Therefore, he made way for him.

Alright, Ill have to trouble Teacher Sun then!

As the doctor following the group, Zhou Shanyis primary mission was to provide treatment when the students were injured or sick.

These students were this batchs outstanding students. If there were no accidents, theyd all be able to gain great achievements in life. If he were to get into a good relationship with them, itd be helpful for his future as well.

To speak the truth, Zhou Shanyi didnt wish to give up on this chance. However, when he looked at Sun Mo, he was afraid that if he were to refuse, hed offend Sun Mo. Therefore, he could only agree.

Sun Mos hands were placed on the students chest. He then started to perform the living blood technique.

Zhou Shanyi was very speechless when he saw this. (I know that your God Hands is very amazing, but can it neutralize poison as well? In this situation, shouldnt we first find the medicinal plants that counter the fishtea grasss toxicity, then prepare the medicine for the student?

How many halos does Sun Mo know now?

Zhang Lan, who had always been a person of few words, suddenly asked Gu Xiuxun who was next to her.

Three? No, I think four?

Gu Xiuxun recalled the great teacher halo that even Jin Mujie and An Xinhui couldnt put a name to.

Hes a little amazing!

Zhang Lan praised. Is that a little amazing?

Gao Bens lips twitched as he looked at Sun Mo, feeling both helpless and unhappy. (How are others supposed to live when youre so outstanding?)

Quite a number of students had gathered over by now. They gathered around and watched, also casting glances at Ying Baiwu and the group, feeling envious of them.

As expected of Teacher. Hes super amazing!

Lu Zhiruo broke into a smile.

Its Misleading Students. Tsk tsk, its specially targeted toward teachers!

Li Ziqi felt envious.

This was a punishing halo. The teacher that was hit by it wouldnt be able to circulate their spirit qi for a while. At the same time, they wouldnt be able to throw out any great teacher halo either. They would even forget about all the information they had in their brain.

The teachers who were struck by this halo could move their mouth but not make a sound. They could only endure the criticisms. Therefore, Misleading Students also had the nickname Shut Up Halo.

Red steam came out from the students body. As the toxicity in his blood was expelled, his mental state also improved.

Its fine now. Eat more nutritious food in the next few days.

Sun Mo consoled him.

Thank you, Teacher Sun!

The student shed tears of gratitude.


Favorable impression points from Tang Sheng +30. Neutral (60/100). Hearing the systems notification, Sun Mo felt a little surprised. This was a student who had already initiated a prestige connection with him.

However, he soon came to an understanding. Ever since he had expelled Zhou Yong, the number of students in the Central Province Academy who hadnt contributed any favorable impression points to him could probably be counted with one hand.

Sun Mos Misleading Students was only at the elementary-grade. Therefore, in only five minutes, the chain on Yi Jiamin disappeared, and the latter regained his freedom.

Sun Mo, I want to battle against you!

Yi Jiamin glared at Sun Mo, his countenance grim. He had a strong urge to immediately charge up and bite Sun Mo to death.

He had lost all of his face after being hit by the Misleading Students.

You think that youre able to win against me?!

Sun Mo asked. Uhh

Yi Jiamin instantly stuttered. He thought of the scene the other day when Sun Mo had given Wu Ze a crushing defeat. To speak the truth, if he was up against Wu Ze, he wouldnt dare to guarantee that hed be able to perform as well as Sun Mo had done.


Sun Mo let out a soft laugh.

(F*ck your mom!)

Seeing the disdain in Sun Mos expression, Yi Jiamin tightened his fists. However, he merely cursed this in his heart and didnt dare to continue the talk about the battle.

There was no helping it. He couldnt win against Sun Mo. If he were to lose again, his face would be utterly lost with nothing left. As for continuing to doubt Sun Mo?

Stop joking. Yi Jiamin was really scared that Sun Mo would toss over another Misleading Students. That feeling was really horrible.

The helpless Yi Jiamin looked toward Jin Mujie, hoping that shed uphold justice. After all, in the great teacher world, it was an extremely great offense to be randomly throwing Misleading Students at colleagues.

There was the saying that when you hit someone, you should hit them in the face. But throwing out a Misleading Students wasnt just hitting them in the face. It was breaking their spine as well.

Teacher Yi, you must be tired. You can go back to rest!

Jin Mujie spoke up.

Hearing Jin Mujies words that were clearly biased toward Sun Mo, Yi Jiamins fists clenched even tighter and he felt infuriated. However, he didnt dare to complain and only felt aggrieved.

That was right. Jin Mujies relationship with An Xinhui was extremely good, and shed definitely side with Sun Mo. Even if Sun Mo didnt have the God Hands, just the potential he displayed was worthy of Jin Mujie maintaining a good relationship with him.

To put it bluntly, Yi Jiamin didnt hold as much weight as Sun Mo.

Yi Jiamin looked toward Zhang Qianlin. (Im a teacher from your fathers faction. You should speak a word of fairness for me, right?)

Zhang Qianlin averted his gaze, pretending that he didnt see anything. He wasnt a fool. After this conflict, he was certain that Yi Jiamin wasnt on the side of reason. If he were to take this matter too seriously, wouldnt he just be finding trouble for himself?


Yi Jiamin smiled in self-mockery and turned to leave.

Teacher Yi!

Sun Mo called out.

Yi Jiamin shook and a hint of fear suddenly surged in his heart. (Hes not going to look for trouble with me, right?)

In a bid to put on a demonstration, you ate a large piece of fried egg in front of me. The reason youre still fine now is because your constitution is good. However, theres a high chance that youll have the runs as well. If its serious, you might even have blood in your stools. Do you want me to detoxify the poison for you?

Sun Mo asked.

Blood blood in my stools?

Yi Jiamins butthole tightened up and he subconsciously looked toward that unlucky student. His pants and blanket were covered in blood.

I Yi Jiamin gulped a mouthful of saliva. The words had just reached his mouth when he changed his mind. No need. Ill go look for medicinal herbs myself for the treatment!

After saying that, Yi Jiamin left anxiously. This was his last stalk of pride. He mustnt lose it in any case.

Teacher Yi, theres no need to feel embarrassed. Jealousy is something that will happen to everyone. Itll be fine if you change your perspective!

Sun Mo consoled. He then gave some guidance to the students watching. Did you see that? Not only will jealousy make one ugly, but itll also make one look like a mad dog, causing them to want to bite everyone they can grab! You guys must restrain such emotions!


Priceless Advice erupted and a golden light appeared on Sun Mos body, dispersing out. We understand, Teacher!

The spectating students replied uniformly.

Pffft, Black Doggys vicious tongue!

Gu Xiuxun burst out laughing. (Are you worried that you wont be able to drive Yi Jiamin to his deathbed from anger? Hes three years your senior. Can you leave him some pride?)

Hearing this, Yi Jiamin couldnt hold it back anymore. A sweet taste went up his throat and he spurted a mouthful of blood.

Teacher, I dont want to pass out bloody stools! Save me!

Hu Ming pleaded.

Teacher, save me first! Ive been having the runs for the entire night!

Zhao Feng was crying so badly that he wasnt like a guy who had a height of 1.8 meters. There was no helping it. When one passed out blood in their stools, not only would it hurt, but it would also be embarrassing.

If words were to leak out, he could forget about getting a girlfriend in his seven years in school.

Hearing the voices from behind him, Yi Jiamin, who swallowed the blood in his mouth, felt great despair. He suddenly started to regret it. (Why the hell did I try to offend Sun Mo?)

Now, not only did he fail to get into Zhang Qianlins good books, but his pride had also been trampled on. It was a case of going out for wool and coming home shorn.

The ten students who had eaten the fishtea grass fried eggs were having the runs. Moreover, three of them had more serious conditions. They were students with more apparent spirit pressure allergy.

Seeing that, Jin Mujie announced that theyd be resting and regrouping at the thousand feet waterfall.

Its enough for the students to arrive here. Those who can continue are all geniuses.

Jin Mujie gathered all the teachers and started to assign them roles.

The longer they stayed in an environment where the spirit qi fluctuations were intense, the higher the burden on ones body. Thered definitely be students who couldnt hold on. Even if they didnt wish to give up, Jin Mujie wouldnt allow them to continue.

Usually, after arriving here, the teachers should be the ones staying behind while the great teachers would continue to lead the group to advance. However, there was an exception this year.

Other than two of Gao Bens students experiencing discomfort, Sun Mo, Gu Xiuxun, and Zhang Lans personal disciples were all fine. This was amazing.

If the personal disciples were to advance, the teachers would naturally have to go along. Therefore, the teachers staying behind would be Du Xiao, Yi Jiamin, and Duan Meng.

Duan Meng was the temporary group leader.

Just as Jin Mujie was having a meeting with the teachers, the Myriad Daos Academys group arrived at the thousand feet waterfall and started to set up their camp.

When Hu Ming was catching fish by the river, he saw two students from the Myriad Daos Academy picking fishtea grass. His mouth instantly grinned up to his ears. Evening came and a day passed by.

Tan Lu sat in his tent, moving his ankle while playing with the short blade in his hand. He was feeling indecisive!

Should he go and challenge that Fei Tong?

Tan Lu, come out to eat!

Someone called out.


Tan Lu answered and walked out of the tent. From the first moment, he already looked toward Sun Mos tent.

Sun Mo was giving Xuanyuan Po guidance in front of the campfire, sparring against him. Over ten students were crowding around there.

Tan Lu was elated and wanted to go over to watch. However, he stopped after taking a few steps.

(Tan Lu, are you willing to be a spectator all your life? If you were to defeat Fei Tong now, Teacher Sun will definitely see you in a different light. If he were to become your teacher, the success rate would be a lot higher.)

Tan Lu made up his mind. He wanted to receive Teacher Suns admiration. He wanted to sit by Teacher Suns side and be able to listen to his teachings every day.

At the thought of this, Tan Lu took a deep breath and then turned to walk toward the Myriad Daos Academys campsite. Hmmm? Tan Lu, were going to start the meal soon. Where are you going?

A student from the same group called out.


Tan Lu gave an excuse.

Ever since Tan Lu lost to that student from the Myriad Daos Academy, he has been so hardworking!

A student was stirring the rice porridge on the fire and couldnt help but praise.

I thought that he would be unable to recover. I didnt expect him to be able to get back up so quickly.

Wait a minute, why is this guy heading toward the Myriad Daos Academys campsite? Is he going to seek revenge?

Seek what revenge? Do you think that Tan Lu is a fool?

The students discussed amongst themselves. Tan Lu had lost so quickly the other time, and it had only been a few days since their fight. Even if he cultivated day and night, it wasnt likely that he would be able to improve by too much. Therefore, he shouldnt go and challenge that Fei Tong.

No, he really is heading toward the Myriad Daos Academys campsite. What should we do? Should we go and inform the teachers?

The students in the same group as Tan Lu were all stunned. Was Tan Lu going to court death?
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》