Absolute Great Teacher
240 New Lease of Life
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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240 New Lease of Life


The two of you, go and inform Teacher Jin. Ill go over and take a look!

Li Bo gave out orders.

Jin Mujie had split the students up into groups but didnt assign team leaders. It wasnt that she didnt think of it, but that she had purposely done that. This way, some students with leadership capabilities would gradually reveal their talent during such ventures.

Li Bo was one such student. He wasnt tall and looked a little lean, but when problems occurred, he was very calm and could take on responsibilities.

Ill go with you! A few students from the same group all stood up in succession.

Lets go!

Li Bo led a group of students and went chasing after Tan Lu. They had just left the campsite when they encountered Zhang Qianlin.

Its already mealtime. Where are you guys going?

Zhang Qianlin frowned.

Teacher Zhang, Tan Lu went over to the Myriad Daos Academys campsite. He seems to want to challenge that Fei Tong to clear his shame!

Li Bo replied.


Zhang Qianlin frowned. He had previously thought well of Tan Lu, but after hearing this, he felt very disappointed. Did Tan Lu not even have basic judgmental abilities? It was a good thing for youngsters to be unwilling to accept defeat. However, he shouldnt be acting so recklessly.

Lets go!

Although Zhang Qianlin didnt like Tan Lu, this matter still concerned a students safety. Therefore, he still took on this responsibility.

Meat fragrance flowed out of the Myriad Daos Academys campsite.

Fang Wuan had led his personal disciples and hunted three deers. They were roasting the deers for a great meal.

The moment Tan Lu got close, his Central Province Academy uniform immediately attracted attention.

Hey, what do you want?

Two guys came up and stopped Tan Lus path.

All the Myriad Daos Academys students had seen the fight between Tan Lu and Fei Tong, having witnessed Tan Lus defeat. Therefore, these two students didnt stand on ceremony when talking to him.

Both schools were archenemies from the same city in the first place. In addition to how Tan Lu was the loser, the Myriad Daos Academys students felt an exploding sense of superiority. To look for Fei Tong!

Tan Lus reply was very simple.

Why are you looking for Brother Fei?

Ren Guang questioned.

As Fei Tong had given Tan Lu a clean defeat the other day, it had earned him quite a bit of reputation. Now, he was also one of the celebrities in this student group. To challenge him!

Tan Lus gaze passed by the guy in front of him and looked toward the guy in the distance who was talking happily with a girl while roasting meat. It was Fei Tong.

The students in the vicinity were stunned for a moment, then broke out laughing. Was there something wrong with this guys head? It had been less than one week since he had lost the fight, but he came to issue a challenge again. Did he not have enough of the humiliation?

Usually, one would need to spend at least a few months of hard work in their cultivation to be able to get stronger.

If this were in the past, Tan Lu might get angry. However, after having heard Sun Mos words, his mental state was very calm at the moment.

The battle today wasnt just one to fight for honor. It was to prove that his talent in the blade was higher than that in the spear.

Tan Lu smiled and then walked past the guy in front of him.


Ren Guang had wanted to reach out his hand to stop Tan Lu, but after seeing the confident smile on the latters face, Ren Guangs heart throbbed for some reason. He felt that given this guys essence, energy, and spirit, it might not be impossible for him to challenge Fei Tong again.

Hey, stop right there!

A student stopped him.

Forget it, let him go challenge Brother Fei. Its not as if Brother Fei will lose.

Ren Guang stopped that student.

A group of Myriad Daos Academys students followed Tan Lu to join in the excitement.

Tan Lu ignored them and didnt seem anxious at all. He walked up to Fei Tong and put his fists together. Student Fei, Im Tan Lu, and Im here to challenge you!

Fei Tong played with the bamboo skewer in his hand while assessing Tan Lu. He shook his head. I wont do it. Its meaningless.

Thats right. Brother Fei gave this guy a clean defeat the other day. Even if they were to fight again, he wouldnt be able to accumulate battle experience.

Is there something wrong with this guys head? Why did he come again? Did he not suffer enough humiliation the other day?

The Central Province Academys dog has run out. Is there no one to keep it in check?

The Myriad Daos Academys students sneered.

Tan Lu looked at Fei Tong without any changes to his expression. He spoke up again, Please give me your guidance!

Fei Tong drew back his contempt and furrowed his brows slightly, attempting to probe with his words. It seems that youve grown quite a bit in the past few days. Its no wonder you dare to come and challenge me.

Thanks to Teacher Suns guidance, Ive gained a lot!

Tan Lu didnt hide anything.

Teacher Sun?

The students found this strange, but they didnt dare to mock or sneer at Tan Lu anymore. It was because Tan Lu didnt flare up and was looking very calm. The disposition he displayed had a hint of the flair that experts had.

Alright, well have another round then. However, this time around, we must place bets!

Fei Tong applied pressure. He wasnt going to do meaningless things.


Tan Lu nodded and took out a small wooden box that was the size of an egg. I have an average-grade heaven-tier origin nurturing pill. If I lose, it will be yours.

Fei Tongs eyes immediately lit up.


Hearing Tan Lus words, the spectating students immediately focused their eyes on the wooden box. To think that it was an average-grade heaven-tier item? An origin nurturing pill of such a tier was very expensive. Moreover, it could bring great benefits to ones body. It was most suitable for cultivators at the body-refinement realm.

Brother Fei is going to earn it big this time around!

No matter how they saw it, Fei Tong would definitely win this.

Ren Guang nodded but felt a little worried in his heart.

Whats the matter?

Hearing the commotion over here, A`Men, a teacher from the Myriad Daos Academy, rushed over immediately, followed by the other teachers. After hearing the story from the students, he immediately let out a cold snort. Fei Tong, agree to it!

Why didnt you eat the pill? asked Fang Wuji.

Fang Wuji felt curious. Given his judgment, he could tell that this student hadnt leveled up. By right, if Tan Lu came to challenge Fei Tong to clear his shame, he should first level up before he could be sure of his victory.

I wanted to, but after hearing what Teacher Sun said, I feel that theres no need for it. Tan Lu came from a big clan after all. Although he felt a little nervous when facing such a situation, he wouldnt be at a loss. Moreover, I feel that there must be some kind of bet to entice Student Fei to agree to my challenge!


Fang Wuans lips twitched. Fei Tong, teach him a good lesson! Fang Wuji nodded, feeling admiration for this answer. He had wanted to tell Fei Tong to go all out and not underestimate his opponent but didnt end up doing so. Due to his victory the other day, Fei Tongs head had been in the clouds. This wasnt a good thing. Therefore, he needed to go through a loss and learn a lesson.


Fei Tong felt conflicted. He couldnt bring out a bet of an equivalent value. As a young man, he was someone who valued his pride and didnt want to let others feel that the bet wasnt fair.

Tan Lu had clearly guessed this and he shrugged. If you were to lose, you can just give me your blade!

If Fei Tong loses, Ill give you an average-grade heaven-tier origin nurturing pill in addition to his blade!

Fang Wuji spoke up. He was someone who liked fairness.

Hearing this, the surrounding students immediately cast envious gazes toward Fei Tong. This guy was highly valued by Teacher Fang! To think that Teacher Fang was going to take out one peak-grade origin nurturing pill for him.

Teacher, I wont lose!

Fei Tong assured.

The campsite was very big and the crowd immediately made space, revealing a vacant land that was the size of half a soccer field, giving them room for their battle.

Tan Lu, what are you doing?

Zhang Qianlin rushed over. Go back with me!

Teacher, I want to duel against him!

Tan Lu explained. Stop being willful! Zhang Qianlin thought, (It has only been a few days since youve lost to him. Have you already forgotten about it? Even if you want to challenge him, you should cultivate for a few more months first!)

Tan Lu, lets go!

Li Bo persuaded. Teacher Zhang, the duel has already been decided, please dont come and create trouble. You can either watch by the side or leave!

Fang Wuan stared at Zhang Qianlin with great hostility.

What? You want to fight against me?

As a genius, Zhang Qianlin had his arrogance.

If Teacher Zhang is interested, then Ill fight against you after this battle ends!

Fang Wuji looked toward Zhang Qianlin. He had heard of this person before. He was Zhang Hanfus most doted on son and was quite capable.

Teacher Fang, other than fighting, do the teachers and students from the Myriad Daos Academy not know anything else?

Zhang Qianlin sneered. In a time like this, he had the feeling of being in the enemy base but remained unrivaled. He really wanted to give all of these people a thrashing. Dont waste time. The roast meat is going to get charred. Fei Tong, Tan Lu, you guys can start!

Fang Wuji urged. Tan Lu, level four of the body-refinement realm. Please give me your guidance!

Fei Tong, level four of the body-refinement realm. Please give me your guidance! After saying that, the two of them were about to pounce at each other but were stopped by Zhang Qianlin.

Hold on!

Zhang Qianlin couldnt understand. Tan Lu, wheres your silver spear? Why has it been changed into a short blade?

Previously, Zhang Qianlin had wanted to take Tan Lu in as his disciple and thus had gone to find out about him. Tan Lus family-inherited spear art was very amazing. Teacher Zhang, from toward onward, Ill be using a blade!

Tan Lu smiled and then attacked Fei Tong. You

Zhang Qianlin was stunned.


Fei Tong and Tan Lu instantly closed up against each other. Both of them drew their blades concurrently and slashed out at each other.


Both blades clashed, releasing a crisp sound of metal colliding together.


Fei Tong was surprised. When he drew his blade and slashed out the other time, he was able to make a faster move. However, this time around, he was suppressed by his opponent!

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Both blades continued to clash incessantly, releasing sparks. The two of them engaged in a quick battle, and their speed instantly rose to their peak.

The spectating students could only see after-images darting around and blade shadows flickering.


Even Li Bo was surprised. To think that Tan Lu hadnt been suppressed like he had been previously. Instead, he had put up a good fight. What was going on?

Discussions immediately rose from the surroundings. Fang Wuans brows furrowed tightly together. He has only changed a weapon, but he has such a great improvement?

He has resolved the knot in his heart. Look at his expression. He is enjoying the battle. He probably didnt consider the win or loss.

Fang Wuji explained.

Right now, holding the short blade in his hand, Tan Lu felt as if he was holding his lovers hand. It felt exhilarating. No matter what move he performed, he could do them perfectly.

When he was using the long spear in the past, he always felt awkward about it. It never felt good. Even if he went all out, something would still fill amiss. But now, he could easily perform all the moves he felt like using.

I can be even faster!

Tan Lus confidence rose and his movements became even smoother. Although his moves werent that skilled, why would a high level of skill be required during a fight between two students at level four of the body-refinement realm?

Vigor, will, and disposition. One would already be 80% into the victory if they could unleash everything they had learned and used their body to an extremity.

Its impossible for me to lose to someone who has been defeated by me before!

Fei Tong let out an explosive bellow and performed his ultimate move!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》