Absolute Great Teacher
241 Openly Recruiting
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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241 Openly Recruiting


Deathblade Tomb!


The quick blade in Fei Tongs hand turned from swiftness to stillness, sending off eerie chillness. He also stopped in his footsteps, being as still as a mountain. It was as if he was a corpse that had crawled out from a tomb. Interesting!

Tan Lus eyes lit up. He was burning with eagerness to see a blade art like this. Not only did he not feel wary, but he became even more excited instead.

Tan Lu tapped his foot on the ground and pounced forth to attack.


Fei Tong cursed and swung his blade to block.


The huge power caused such a great tremor that his arm turned numb. He was really reaping the fruit of his own action.

Fei Tongs ultimate technique was extremely deceptive. It was because his battle style was normally quick like a tempest or blazing flames. However, when he suddenly came into stillness, changing his style, the enemy would definitely take on a defensive stance. Theyd be wary of his following attacks.

At a time like this, Fei Tong would usually be able to immediately launch an attack and perform his ultimate move before the opponent did anything. Hed be able to defeat the opponent from there. However, this person whom he had defeated previously didnt do things normally. Instead, he came pouncing over.

As Fei Tong had taken on a defensive stance, he ended up being suppressed instead. He had really made a fool out of himself trying to be smart.

What happened? Why is this guy suddenly so strong?

His level is still the same as it was a few days


He seems to have changed his weapon.

Even though he has changed it, he shouldnt be showing such a great improvement. The Myriad Daos Academys students were all baffled.

They werent the only ones; even Zhang Qianlin was stunned. Wasnt Tan Lus family-inherited ultimate art a spear art? Why did he end up being stronger after giving up on it and picking up the blade instead? Hearing the commotions around them, Fei Tongs mind became even more chaotic. In addition to worrying that hed lose and that Fang Wujis view of him might worsen as a result of that, he suddenly let out an explosive bellow. He bore with his injuries and charged on.

Burning fire Cloud!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

His blade slashed out quickly, creating layers of after-images. They were like fiery clouds that permeated the sky on summer evenings, covering up the sky and the sun, engulfing the moon.

Tan Lu was instantly rendered to be on the passive end, backing off consecutively.

Go for it, Brother Fei! Kill him!

The Myriad Daos Academy is invincible!

When the students saw Fei Tong erupting, they immediately called out excitedly, cheering him on.


Fang Wuan cheered. Fei Tong has lost!

Even though Fang Wuji saw Tan Lus wounds, his tattered uniform, and his gushing-out blood, the former sighed.

Another combat genius had appeared in the Central Province Academy.

Fei Tongs blade technique wasnt bad, but he didnt like the blade. He only picked it up because he was good at it. He treated it as a tool, while Tan Lu loved the blade in his hand. It was an ordinary short blade, one that cost only about 100 silver taels in a roadside blacksmith shop.

Hes too anxious. Sigh!

Zhang Qianlin felt very upset as he watched the battle. Fei Tong was too anxious about turning the tables around and had performed his ultimate move at the worst time possible. If Tan Lu were to grab hold of the opportunity, he could launch counterattacks. However, to think that he had been suppressed like the other time.

It cant be that hes going to lose again, right?

Li Bos group wore grim countenances. Yes, this is the feeling!

Fei Tong regained his confidence. Suddenly, the short blade pierced out and slashed at Tan Lus right arm horizontally.


A blade shadow flashed past.

This is bad!

Tan Lus countenance changed and he drew his hand back instinctively.

Fei Tong felt assured at the sight of this. A hint of smile curled up on his lips.

Ive won!

Fei Tong raised his leg and kicked at Tan Lus chest.

Tan Lu raised his hand to put up a block. Haha, you made a wrong call the other time. Why

Fei Tong laughed loudly and suddenly changed his move. He plunged down abruptly and then swept out his right leg, kicking fiercely toward Tan Lus ankle.

Fei Tong had wanted to say, why arent you able to remember your lesson? However, before he could say anything, his smile froze up. It then turned into horror.

It was because the rate at which Tan Lu dipped down was faster. It had caught up to his short blade that had been dropping after he drew his hand back. At the instant the short blade landed on the ground, Tan Lu picked it up and slashed out.


The short blade slashed the bottom of Fei Tongs foot and blood splattered out. Two toes also parted from the foot.


Fei Tong let out an agonizing cry. It was so sharp that it was as if he had his butthole penetrated by a goblin. The pain was so intense that his movements changed. With a plop, he fell onto the ground.


Dust was sent flying up, and the entire campsite was completely silent.

The Myriad Daos Academys students were all stunned. Wasnt Fei Tong winning? Why did he end up losing so horribly in the blink of an eye? Did something go wrong somewhere?

He actually won?

Li Bo was astonished. He couldnt understand how Tan Lu had become so strong when only a few days had passed. He turned and looked toward Teacher Zhang, hoping to be able to get an answer from him.

However, Zhang Qianlin was even more stunned than he was.

To a teacher, the blow of not being able to tell how a student had grown was far too big.

He lost?

After being stunned for a short moment, Fang Wuan blew up into a rage and was about to start scolding. Change your attitude!

Fang Wuji interrupted him in advance.

Fei Tongs scream came to a stop as a short blade stopped right in front of his forehead. His cold sweat broke out profusely, drenching his entire body.

Thank you for the match!

He didnt have the arrogance of winning the fight nor the agitation from having defeated his opponent. After saying this line, Tan Lu turned to leave. He wasnt even in the mood to take the bet he had just won.

How is this possible?

Fei Tong looked toward Fang Wuji with a baffled look.

Its because you werent focused enough. You were thinking about too many things during the battle, while he was fully enjoying the battle. No, he was enjoying the joy of using the blade.

Fang Wuji pointed out. And you. You started becoming lax after winning, not reflecting at all. On the other hand, he had clearly thought about how he should react should he encounter a similar situation!

Fang Wuji didnt despise Fei Tong for his loss or that he had brought shame to their school. He said this while walking over, picking the toes up from the ground.

A Myriad Daos Academys teacher who excelled in medical skills was already giving Fei Tong treatment.

The spectating students looked toward Tan Lu and realized that he was still immersed in the battle. He clenched his short blade tightly and was gesticulating away.

Of course, the most important thing is that after he changed his weapon, he is able to unleash 300% of his potential.

Fang Wuan was very envious of such people. Even though plenty of people were skilled in many types of weapons, they didnt love their weapons like their own limbs. However, this

Tan Lu had developed a resonance with his weapon.

This might sound too mystical and profound, but it was like how someone would lose their sleep after changing a bed. After all, the feel for things truly did exist. Zhang Qianlins lips twitched. He had thought of this as well, but it felt very unpleasant to let Fang Wuji say it before him. Of course, Zhang Qianlin wasnt to be blamed for being slow to think of this. He knew that Tan Lus family-inherited ultimate art was a spear art. Thus, even a great teacher wouldnt allow Tan Lu to change his weapon easily.

It was because the words family-inherited ultimate art represented too many things. They represented legacy, interests, and glory!

But who would have guessed that he could actually win? He even knew how to put on an act!

Zhang Qianlin was pleasantly surprised. Tan Lu had tossed away the blade and wore a horrified expression. That was definitely an act. (Ha, my judgment is really right. This student is worthy to be taken in as a disciple to nurture.)

At the thought of this, Zhang Qianlin couldnt be bothered to bicker with Fang Wuan anymore and turned to chase after Tan Lu. Student Tan Lu?

Student Tan Lu?

Fang Wuji called three times before Tan Lu turned back, looking perplexed.

Whats the matter? Are we still fighting?

The moment Tan Lu said that, the Myriad Daos Academys students immediately flared up. (Look at who youre talking to. How can you be so arrogant?)

Just as two outstanding students stood up and were about to challenge Tan Lu, Fang Wuji spoke up.

Student Tan Lu, this might be presumptuous of me, but have you acknowledged a teacher yet?

After Fang Wuji said that, the sound of people gasping rang out. (That cant be. Has Teacher Fang taken a liking to this guy?) Zhang Qianlin felt anxious as well.


Tan Lu shook his head.

Then Student Tan Lu, do you want to come to the Myriad Daos Academy?

Fang Wuji extended an invitation to him.

Hearing this, the Myriad Daos Academys students heaved a sigh of relief while feeling envious at the same time. Thankfully, Teacher Fang was only planning to recruit him to their school and not under his wing.

Zhang Qianlin was about to persuade Tan Lu when the latter rejected without any hesitation.


Tan Lu thought of Sun Mo. (If I were to go to the Myriad Daos Academy, then how am I going to acknowledge Teacher Sun as my teacher? Should I tell him that Ive won against Fei Tong?)

(But would I seem unrestrained if I were to do that?)

Ding! Favorable impression points from Tan Lu +100. Reverence (1,500/10,000).

Tan Lu, who was facing a conflicting predicament, turned to leave once again.

Student Tan Lu, youve forgotten to take your spoils!

Li Bo caught up and reminded him.

It doesnt matter!

Tan Lus family was rich and he didnt lack such things. Right now, he was more concerned about how he could move Sun Mo and be his disciple.

Cough cough!

Zhang Qianlin coughed. It might seem lacking in class if he were to take the initiative to recruit a student. Therefore, he let out two loud coughs to remind Tan Lu.

It was just that the other party didnt show any reaction.

Cough cough!

Zhang Qianlin coughed even harder.

Teacher, are you feeling unwell?

Li Bo asked. Zhang Qianlin was a 1-star great teacher, and Li Bo didnt dare to be too cold to him.

My throat hurts a little! After saying that, Zhang Qianlin made up his mind to stop waiting. Otherwise, if these students were to share the news of Tan Lu having won against Fei Tong after returning to the campsite, a lot of teachers would be tempted to recruit Tan Lu.

He wasnt afraid of the newly employed teachers like Gu Xiuxun or even Xia Yuan, who was a 1-star great teacher. However, if Pei Yuanli or even Jin Mujie were to make a move, he wouldnt have any chances.

This cant do. I mustnt lose this good seedling!

Zhang Qianlin hastened his steps and walked alongside Tan Lu. Tan Lu, your performance earlier was excellent!

Thank you for your compliment, Teacher!

Tan Lu smiled. (This feeling of being complimented feels very good. Itd be even better if the one complimenting me is Teacher Sun. Sigh, its a pity that he didnt get to see me defeating Fei Tong!)

Tan Lu, what are you thinking about? Teacher is talking to you!

Li Bo poked Tan Lus arm. (Teacher Zhang is talking to you, why would you let your mind wander off?)

Huh? What did Teacher say?

Tan Lu asked.

Zhang Qianlin gave it some thought and felt that these students hadnt experienced the ways of the world. They might not understand his hints. Therefore he went straight to the point.

Tan Lu, I admire you. Do you want to be my personal disciple?

Zhang Qianlin set up an amicable smile, paying attention to Tan Lus eyes.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》