Absolute Great Teacher
243 Cleared Up the Scene
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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243 Cleared Up the Scene


Acknowledging a teacher is a lifelong matter. Dont you think its too rash to make a decision in only a few hours? Its better to think through it carefully now rather than to regret it in the future! Sun Mo rejected.

Sun Mo wasnt familiar with Tan Lus character. Who knew how hed be in the future? If he were to really regret it, itd bring harm to everyone.

Tan Lu fell silent.

Tan Lu, your aptitude is very good. In the future, more great teachers would value you in high regard. When the time comes, if you still want to acknowledge me as your teacher, Ill take you in. Sun Mo looked at Tan Lu with a sincere gaze. The teachers who saw this scene were all greatly astonished, especially Du Xiao who revealed an expression of disbelief. These students were all undoubtedly outstanding to have been chosen by the school to be part of the group to tour the Darkness Continent. If there were no accidents, theyd become top members of the school. Why did Sun Mo not want to accept one of them?

I really dont understand what goes on in these geniuses mind! Du Xiao said in self-mockery and increasingly felt that he was mediocre. If he was in Sun Mos shoes, hed have agreed without hesitation.


Tan Lu also understood what was going on. Teacher Sun must be afraid to be betrayed. Tan Lu thought carefully about it. If a 5-star great teacher were to recruit him, would he be tempted? The answer was definitely yes! People liked to climb to higher places while water flowed to lower spots. How many people would be able to bear with the temptation?

But Teacher is still so considerate toward me even at a time like this. Im really

Tan Lu felt very embarrassed.


Favorable impression points from Tan Lu +100. Reverence (1,700/10,000).

Seeing Tan Lu in this manner, Sun Mo let out a sigh in his heart. As expected, he really didnt have any reputation. What he had just said was with some intention to test Tan Lu out, and the result was a little disappointing.

However, Sun Mo wouldnt blame Tan Lu. After all, who wouldnt want the best? When everyone played games, theyd want the best equipment and the best ride, let alone big matters like acknowledging a teacher. Who wouldnt want their teachers reputation to be well-known throughout the world?

Teacher, Im so

Tan Lu wanted to apologize, but before he could say it, Sun Mo stopped him.

Come, come eat!

Sun Mo invited.

Teacher Sun is quite considerate! Jin Mujie exclaimed, looking at Sun Mo with an admiring gaze. Ding! Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +20. Friendly (210/1,000).

He might think that this guy wasnt outstanding enough!

Gu Xiuxuns lips twitched.

That cant be. The fact that he can defeat Fei Tong proves that his talent is sufficient. After all, we saw the duel the other day. That Fei Tong is quite strong. Xia Yuan felt that Sun Mo wasnt such a person. The three of them were from An Xinhuis faction, and thus they were having a meal together. Of course, this was also an opportunity for them to learn from Jin Mujie, so both Gu Xiuxun and Xia Yuan wouldnt pass on it. He actually refused? Zhang Qianlins face seemed to be in disbelief. He then clenched his fists tightly and punched out at the wood he was sitting on. (I want it, but I cant get it. Yet, you dont treasure it at all?)

So its your guidance?

Fang Wuji suddenly spoke out and gave everyone a shock.

Why did you come here?

Duan Meng asked loudly.

Those who have agreed to a bet must be willing to accept a loss. Im here to bring the spoils of the bet!

Fang Wuji said this and went up to Tan Lu, handing him a wooden box as well as a blade. Take it. Fei Tong said that in half a year, hell challenge you and win it back.

The blade wasnt expensive and Fei Tong wasnt short of this money. However, a blade that one carried with them had a completely different meaning. If one lost this, they must win it back. Otherwise, theyd be shamed for life.

The reason you stay in the Central Province Academy must be because you want to acknowledge Teacher Sun as your teacher, right? Since he has refused you, why dont you reconsider joining the Myriad Daos Academy? Fang Wuji extended an invitation to Tan Lu.

Teacher Fang, you came to our campsite to recruit people. Do you think that I dont exist?

Pei Yuanli was enraged.

Teacher Pei, we shouldnt let the competition between our two factions hurt the childrens future.

Fang Wuji wasnt angry and explained sincerely.

Youre saying as youre so great, honorable, and right!

Pei Yuanli didnt like this guy with a broad chin.

Fang Wuji shrugged. He didnt like such meaningless quarrels.

Tan Lu was suddenly in the limelight again. He looked at Sun Mo and then shook his head. Im sorry, I wish to stay in the Central Province Academy! Alright!

Fang Wuji didnt persist on this and looked toward Sun Mo. Teacher Sun, do you want to come to the Myriad Daos Academy? I feel that itd be more interesting to work together with you. Teacher Fang, please conduct yourself with some dignity!

Jin Mujie spoke with an icy tone. It was one thing for the student to leave, but if Sun Mo were to do so, itd be a great loss for the Central Province Academy. Its a pity!

Fang Wuji shook his head and turned to leave. If Sun Mo were to join the Myriad Daos Academy, then Fang Wuji wouldnt have to kill him. If a teacher like him were to remain alive, theyd be able to nurture even more outstanding students. However, he was indebted to Headmaster Cao and he must listen to what he had said.

Fang Wuji left and the students immediately broke into a commotion, talking amongst themselves. Teacher Sun was headhunted?

Of course. Tsk tsk, Fang Wuji is one of the twin jade annulus of Jinling whose reputation is on par with Teacher Liu Mubai. Why did he view Teacher Sun in such high regard? Look at Tan Lus admiring expression. It seems that other than God Hands, Sun Mos ability to provide guidance is also very outstanding!

The atmosphere at the campsite became more lively.

Ding! Congratulations, youve received a total of +1,120 favorable impression points. Please keep up the good work.

After resting for a day, the group continued on their way. The journey from now on wouldnt be as smooth as before. It was because as they headed deeper into the Spiritwind Canyon, the frequency for the spirit qi tides eruption would also become higher. The spirit pressure caused by the fluctuations would go through tremendous changes, bringing great harm to ones body. The students who were fine before couldnt take it either. Theyd feel giddy, suffer from bleeding under their skin, and even start to show signs of swelling Everyone, hold on a little longer. Well be able to reach the second hot spring area in the Spiritwind Canyon around evening. As the hot spring there is located in the depths of the canyon, it contains an extremely dense amount of spirit qi. Having a soak in it would be very beneficial to your body. Jin Mujie encouraged everyone. The students replied weakly. Jin Mujie observed every student in the group. There was only a handful of them who hadnt shown any signs of spirit pressure allergy up until now. Zhang Yanzong had a loud character and was domineering. He walked at the very front of the group, appearing like a vice student leader. Xuanyuan Po was fine as well. He was very healthy, but he wore a very bored expression, mumbling non-stop I really want to have a fight! Li Ziqis motor skills were bad and it was apparent that she was tired. However, she didnt show any reaction to spirit pressure allergy. This proved that her bodys tolerance was extremely good. Sigh, its a pity! Jin Mujie sighed. Li Ziqis body was able to integrate with spirit qi extremely well. If her motor skills could be a little better, shed definitely be a genius on the same level as Xuanyuan Po and Zhang Yanzong. It was a pity that heaven was fair. She was given an outstanding brain, but heaven hadnt forgotten to throw in a crippled body. The big-boobed Lu Zhiruo was behind the little sunny egg. This papaya girl was very simple-minded and she looked around curiously. Shed even occasionally run off to pick up beautiful rocks or things like that. (My god, do you think that youre here to sightsee?) The sickly Tantai had his tongue hanging out and panting vigorously, looking as if he was about to die. Behind him was the young man with the word trash on his face. Although he was expressionless, Jin Mujie knew that he should be the one suffering the greatest agony amongst all the students. The shattered spirit runes on his body caused him to become even more sensitive toward the spirit qi changes of the environment. However, he didnt show any symptoms such as swelling or bleeding. Sigh, how strong would he be if he didnt have these broken spirit runes on his body? Jin Mujie felt that it was a great pity as if she had seen a rising star being shattered. She had no idea who could be so brutal to do this to a young man!

The last one was the girl called Ying Baiwu who was following by Sun Mos side. She didnt show any reaction either. Her physique was extremely good. Gu Xiuxun was also observing her students condition. When she saw Sun Mos students, she felt a little envious. However, her students werent bad either.

The group moved faster and managed to arrive at the hot spring area by evening. Everyone, pick a hot spring pool for your own small groups. Be careful and stay safe. Jin Mujie instructed. Sun Mo leaped onto a stone platform and activated his Divine Sight, observing the hot spring area. The spirit qi amount, water temperature, mineral amount, and many other data immediately appeared in front of him. What is Teacher doing?

Tantai Yutang frowned.

Picking a hot spring!

Ying Baiwu felt that Tantais question was excessive.

Tantai Yutang rolled his eyes. (Of course I know that Teacher is picking out a hot spring. I just feel that the method he is using is strange.) Lets go!

Sun Mo jumped down and headed for the hot spring with the densest spirit qi. The only problem was that the water temperature was on the higher side. However, it was still bearable for cultivators.

This was a small hot spring, about the size of half a basketball court. It was bubbling up and as the bubbles erupted, white steam would permeate.

You guys have a soak first. The three of us will keep watch outside!

Tantai Yutang suddenly acted like a gentleman, making it hard for them to adapt to it.


Jiang Leng nodded and left.

You guys have a soak first! Sun Mo handed Li Ziqi the giant medicine packet and was about to leave, but both Li Ziqi and the papaya girl grabbed him by the arm. Teacher, lets have a soak together! The little sunny egg pleaded.


Sun Mo was very concerned about protecting the girls reputation when there were outsiders around.

Teacher, you shouldnt be distancing yourself like this.

Li Ziqi pouted. The reason why she invited Sun Mo to join them in the hot spring wasnt so that she could enjoy the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. She just felt that she should attend to Teacher to let him relax after he had been walking for so long. Quickly go and take a bath! Sun Mo rubbed Li Ziqis head and then turned to leave. When he saw Xuanyuan Po and the other two, he instructed them. Ill go look for some firewood and prepare to cook. The three of you, stay here and dont run around. Protect Ziqi and the others. After entering the depths of the Spiritwind Canyon, not only were there more spirit-winds, but their battle prowess had also gotten stronger. They were a great threat.

Teacher, dont worry. Unless I die, I wont let anyone hurt them. Xuanyuan Po assured.

Sun Mo left to pick firewood. He was even fortunate enough to come across a nest of bird eggs during it.

We can cook hot spring eggs now. Sun Mo had just gotten close to the hot spring when he heard an extremely arrogant voice. Ill say this one more time. Pack up your things and quickly scram. Otherwise, dont blame me for not holding back!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》