Absolute Great Teacher
244 Teacher for a Day, Father for Life, Kneel Down!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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244 Teacher for a Day, Father for Life, Kneel Down!


Sun Mo rushed back and saw a tall guy, who was about 15 to 16 years old, calling out arrogantly at Xuanyuan Po. If it wasnt because Li Ziqi was pulling Xuanyuan Po back, his silver spear would have pierced this guys body, leaving it covered in bloody holes. What happened?

Sun Mo frowned.


Li Ziqi had just shouted this when she was interrupted. That guy didnt show any respect at all. Youre their teacher? You came at the right timing. Quickly pack up your things and scram. Also, bring them with you. My teacher will be using this hot spring later on! You guys can continue with your bath! Sun Mo instructed.

Hey, Im talking to you. Did you hear me?

The guy was enraged and walked up to Sun Mo, putting out his hand and wanting to push him.


Both Ying Baiwu and Jiang Lengs countenance changed and they immediately rushed over, grabbing the guy by his shoulder. Whose student is so impudent?

Sun Mo let out a cold snort and a golden halo erupted with a swoosh, encompassing the guy.


The guys legs sank and he dropped to his knees. It was done with such a great impact that the dirt and dust on the ground came flying up. What happened?

The guy was astonished, feeling a sense of terror and fear creeping up in his heart. When he looked at Sun Mo again, he felt that the latter suddenly emitted a terrifying disposition, making him feel as if he had seen a lion king from the plains. Hmm?

Tantai Yutang, Li Ziqi, and Jiang Leng knew what was going on. They opened their eyes wide and looked toward Sun Mo in disbelief. That couldnt be. Another great teacher halo? Hmmm? Why did he kneel down? Is this their custom?

Lu Zhiruo was perplexed. Teacher Teacher for a Day, Father for Life? The guy looked at Sun Mo and squeezed out these four words with difficulties. He couldnt understand how a young teacher could comprehend this Rest in Peace halo.

There were many great teacher halos in the great teacher world. The Saint Gate differentiated them based on the difficulty to comprehend them, their rarity, as well as their prowess.

Teacher for a Day, Father for Life was an extremely rare halo, and great teachers who could comprehend it had an average age of about 70 years old. This was why it was jokingly referred to as the Rest in Peace halo, meaning that the person would soon be dying. Could it be that this guy knows of an art that could return him to his youthful body? At the thought of this, the guy no longer had the arrogance he had shown before. He became unsettled and wary. Teacher, this is Teacher for a Day, Father for Life, right? Li Ziqi asked.


Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and observed this guy whose name was Wei Jie. Sun Mo replied calmly, but the students were all astonished. Teacher Sun had just thrown out a Misleading Students earlier but now went ahead with another Teacher for a Day, Father for Life? Did things have to be so exaggerating? One measurable standard that needed to be reached for one to become a 2-star great teacher was to grasp six great teacher halos, reach the expert-grade in two secondary occupations, and have one student on the Greencloud Rankings. Sun Mo had now fulfilled two of the conditions. It could be said that itd depend on his six students to see if he could become a 2-star great teacher.

If the students were good enough, Sun Mo could take two consecutive examinations in a year, clinching the right to becoming a 2-star great teacher. This was a glorious achievement for a teacher who had just been employed. This cant do. I must work hard and not hold Teacher back!

Li Ziqi set a goal for herself to reach the Greencloud Rankings within half a year. Although Ying Baiwu didnt say anything, she clenched her fists tightly. This was enough to show her mood. She was going to work harder in her cultivation and try to enter the Greencloud Rankings as soon as possible. This wasnt just for herself. It was for her teacher as well.

teacher, can you tell me if you know of other great teacher halos?

Tantai Yutang asked. I dont!

Sun Mo pointed toward Wei Jie with his chin. Whats going on with this guy? His teacher will be coming later and he wants us to give up on this hot spring. Li Ziqi explained. May this student be so bold as to ask this great teachers star level?

Wei Jie made an attempt to stand up, but it was futile. It felt as if there was a big mountain pressing down on his shoulders. He was unable to bellow out loudly.

Go and take a bath!

Sun Mo instructed and didnt pay Wei Jie any heed. My Teacher is the 4-star great teacher Chen Anfu!

Wei Jie brought up his background. When he said this, his face was filled with pride, and at the same time, disdain toward Sun Mos group.

So what if hes a 4-star?

Xuanyuan Po was very angry. If it wasnt because Li Ziqi had stopped him earlier, hed have bashed this guys head. Xuanyuan, did you grow up eating rice? 4-star is really amazing! Tantai Yutang explained. I grew up eating meat! Xuanyuan Po replied seriously. Uhh!

Tantai Yutang suddenly realized that it was true.


Wei Jie let out a proud snort after hearing Tantai Yutangs words. In the great teacher world, stars represented power and social status. Lets go and take a bath. Is there any meaning to crowd around and look at a monkey?

Sun Mo urged.

Who are you calling a monkey? Wei Jie was very angry. Even his teacher hadnt insulted him before.


Sun Mo felt annoyed and snapped his fingers. Pa!

Golden light appeared on Sun Mos fingers, condensing into a golden arrow that shot out toward Wei Jies forehead.

Huh? Ignorant

Wei Jie was horrified and wanted to dodge, but as he was suppressed by the Teacher for a Day, Father for Life halo, he could only kneel there and receive it.


Wei Jies head inclined back. When he moved it back up again, his eyes had lost focus and he was drooling from the corners of his mouth. He looked like an idiot, kneeling there in a daze. Teacher, is this alright? Jiang Leng was a little worried. This guy definitely had an exceptional talent to be taken in by a 4-star great teacher as his personal disciple. His teacher would definitely not be happy to see that he was punished by another teacher. Of course, the reason this person had come was to clear up the area and prepare a hot spring for his teacher. However, Sun Mo had no intention of giving up the spot. Theyd definitely have to face each other then. Go and take your bath!

Sun Mo was displeased. Wei Jie had acted arrogantly both to his students and himself. He wouldnt understand what it meant to honor teachers and respect their teachings if he wasnt given some punishment.

(Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you are a 4-star great teachers personal disciple? Im sorry, even if your teacher is standing before me, he wouldnt be able to do whatever he wants.)

They continued with their bath and Sun Mo gave Tantai Yutang a massage. Ten or more minutes later, Jiang Leng came out to take a look. He realized that Wei Jie was no longer around. Jiang Leng, youre really too cowardly. Look at Zhiruo, she isnt afraid at all!

Tantai Yutang was displeased.

Jiang Leng rolled his eyes. Given the papaya girls low intelligence, she wouldnt know what they were going to face!

Another ten or more minutes passed and Gu Xiuxun came over.

Teacher Sun, Teacher Jin is asking you to go over. Gu Xiuxun walked straight up to the hot spring without any reservations. She threw a glance around and her gaze brushed past the guys bodies. Tsk, this Xuanyuan Pos figure is really amazing. Too bad he isnt my disciple! The masochist sighed regretfully.

That Chen Anfu has come?

Sun Mo asked.


Alright, please tell Teacher Jin that Ill go over after Im done with their massage.

Sun Mo didnt think much of this.

Sun Mo, although Chen Anfu didnt say much, I can tell that he doesnt have a good temper. Did you offend him?

Gu Xiuxun changed to call him by his name, making their relationship appear closer. This would allow her to be in a better position to show concern. En, I taught his disciple a lesson!

Sun Mo didnt hide anything.

Your temper is really Gu Xiuxun didnt know what to say. Ones star level and seniority were highly valued in the great teacher world. Sun Mo would be pressurized by the great teachers above him by doing this. If I have to be submissive in front of important characters to survive, Id rather die! Sun Mo had no intention of preaching when he said this, but his Priceless Advice was somehow activated. Li Ziqis eyes instantly lit up and a hint of admiration flashed past in them.

Ying Baiwu smiled. This was the reason why she respected Sun Mo.

Tsk, childish!

Tantai Yutang shook his head, but there was an indescribable feeling in his heart.


Favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang +15. Friendly (540/1,000).

Sun Mo, I hope that your spine can continue to remain straight until the end. After saying that, Gu Xiuxun turned to leave. Teacher! Jiang Leng was worried. Dont worry. Even if the sky collapsed, I would be there to hold it up for you all.

Sun Mo said this and then instructed Li Ziqi, If such things happen again in the future, dont hold Xuanyuan Po back. If they deserve a beating, then give it to them! Thats the way!

Xuanyuan Po felt happy. Teacher, Ill rub your back for you! Ding!

Favorable impression points from Xuanyuan Po +30. Friendly (660/1,000). A few minutes later, chaotic footsteps rang out. There was no way that Chen Anfu would wait. He came over straight away, planning to criticize Sun


Youre that teacher who has punished my disciple?

Chen Anfu was past his seventies but looked like he was only in his forties. It was because he had reached the Longevity Realm.

At this age, great teachers should be very energized, but Chen Anfu was clearly very fatigued. Moreover, he had deep dark circles, making him look like a big panda that was about to die from exhaustion. Teacher Chen, there must be some misunderstanding! Jin Mujie frowned. Chen Anfu only had five disciples with him. Other than Wei Jie, the rest all had injuries. There was even one who was laying on a stretcher.

Jin Mujie was worried for Sun Mos safety and came following over. The other teachers and students came over to watch the excitement. It was a 4-star great teacher. They wouldnt usually have much chance to come across one. If my personal disciple has made a mistake, Ill be the one to teach him a lesson and assure you that justice is served. What right do you have to lay a hand on him?

Chen Anfu didnt pay Jin Mujie any heed and questioned Sun Mo. As a teacher, I saw your students misconduct, offending a teacher. Of course, Id have to teach him a lesson. You should be thankful that I only punished him. If it was someone else more vicious, they might have broken his legs.

Sun Mo retorted.

The Central Province Academys teachers were all shocked to see Sun Mo being so headstrong. (Do you know that this is a 4-star great teacher?)
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》