Absolute Great Teacher
245 I, Sun Mo, Am Iron-headed!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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245 I, Sun Mo, Am Iron-headed!

Chen Anfus personal disciples were stunned and stared at Sun Mo in disbelief. Before this, they had accompanied their teacher and headed to various places. Those who could meet with their teacher would behave like they were meeting a respected elderly. But this man before their eyes Was actually so impolite They couldnt help but match gazes. What a reality hammer. This Sun Mo fellow had an 80% to 90% chance of being an idiot with low EQ.

If not, how could a normal person do such a thing?

You want to break his leg? You can give it a try!

Chen Anfus face was filled with a look of indignance.

In these recent three years, Chen Anfus life was truly too rough. In order to capture that mysterious species of darkness, he had given up his job in the school and his side occupations. Even the amount of time he guided his students was much lesser than before. He initially could have achieved the qualifications to become a 5-star great teacher before he was 80 years old. But now, he had lost that chance. His mental state had deteriorated over these past few years.

The recent two months were the greatest opportunity to capture that mysterious species of darkness, and during this period, it could be said that Chen Anfu didnt rest or sleep. He constantly tracked, set up ambushes, socialized with others, and even used various methods to achieve his target. But ultimately, that mysterious species of darkness still escaped. It was simply too cunning. He failed repeatedly, and it caused Chen Anfu to accumulate a bellyful of resentment.

This morning, they had clashed again with that species of darkness. In the end, one of his disciples was injured and they even lost the species of darknesss tracks. After that, Chen Anfu had no other solution. He could only send out three of his disciples who were proficient in tracking to search for the traces of that mysterious species of darkness. As for him, he led his disciples who had heavier injuries back to the hot spring zone for a temporary rest. Because he had camped before in this area, Chen Anfu knew where the pool with the densest spirit qi was. He had thus arranged Wei Jie to head there first because he wanted him to clear the area. He wanted to guarantee that when his disciples arrived, they could use the hot spring there.

However, who could have guessed that Wei Jie couldnt manage to handle things and had even been taught a lesson by a great teacher. This was definitely unacceptable! Chen Anfu was a teacher that would shield his disciples. Even if his disciples were in the wrong, he was the only one who could teach them a lesson. Come on, break my leg! Wei Jie grew arrogant again because his teacher was behind him. His teacher was the source of his confidence. If you really dare to break my leg, I will praise you instead!

How noisy! Sun Mo frowned. A golden halo appeared, its effects then erupted and radiated through the surroundings. All the students at the scene felt their hearts tremble. They were filled with fear when they looked at Sun Mo, like mice meeting a cat. Only fear and nervousness remained.


Wei Jie knelt again. What?

The teachers of the Central Province Academy were all extremely shocked. Jin Mujie was no exception. She had a face full of astonishment as she looked at Sun Mo. She even felt her scalp turning numb.

(My heavens, how many great teacher halos do you have?)


Gao Ben spewed vulgarity. Sun Mo immediately turned his head and glanced over.

Eh, dont misunderstand. I was only surprised, hence I uttered that expletive. I dont have any intention to offend you!

Gao Ben hurriedly explained. He muttered that because he was simply too agitated. Yet another great teacher halo?

Not yet another. That great teacher halo is the Rest in Peace halo. I heard that if someone wants to comprehend it, they have to wait until they are at least in their 70s or 80s!

As expected of God Hands, he is so impressive!

Im not convinced by your reasoning. What has God Hands got to do with comprehending great teacher halos?

The teachers discussed among themselves. Their brains felt like glue right now. (This Sun Mo, why does he have so many great teacher halos?) When compared to him, they felt like they were the new teachers instead.

F*** your mom!

Yi Jiamin felt like his chest was like a rubber ball filled with air. He almost exploded from jealousy. What in the world was this? He didnt dare to think about how many great teacher halos Sun Mo had comprehended, or he would surely be infuriated to death.

Zhang Qianlin was completely in a daze, feeling a huge sense of defeat echoing in his chest. He suddenly felt that his own hard work had no meaning! Che, the old headmasters judgment was right when he chose Sun Mo to be his grandson-in-law. Its too impressive! After Xia Yuan felt shocked, she felt even more impressed and at ease. If Sun Mo wasnt so powerful, how could the old headmaster betroth the granddaughter whom he always doted on to him? Gu Xiuxun bit her lips. Her eyes flashed with a glow as if she wasnt willing to accept that she was inferior. (I thought that we werent that far apart, but I didnt expect you to be so far in the lead!) Lu Zhiruo gazed at the expressions of everyone in the surroundings. She felt very happy. (My teacher is simply so awesome!)

The teacher I acknowledged seems to be really impressive!

Tantai Yutangs lips twitched. Teacher Chen, your disciple is a little impudent!


Chen Anfu was stunned. This should be Teacher for a Day, Father for Life? This fellow before his eyescould he be an old monster that achieved rebirth by cultivating some dark secret arts?

If not, why would he know the Rest in Peace halo? Even he, who was an elderly 4-star great teacher, didnt know that!

Seeing Wei Jie who was kneeling on the ground, Chen Anfu felt envy in his heart. He had long since wanted this great halo, but something like it could only be comprehended by chance. Hence, it was useless for him to be anxious. But soon after that, the envy on Chen Anfus face turned into rage. Preposterous! Chen Anfu roared. He glared at Sun Mo. Are you provoking me?

It will have to depend on how you look at things!

Sun Mos lips curled.


All the teachers were startled. Sun Mos guts were truly extremely large. He completely had no intention to show any weaknesses. However, when they thought of the deeds he had done at school, none of them felt any surprise anymore. Too tyrannical!

The students of the Central Province Academy were dumbfounded and extremely impressed. Teacher Sun was without fear no matter what he was facing up against.

Teacher Chen, as a student, by speaking in this manner to a teacher, its already a violation and an offense! Jin Mujies principle in life was that she preferred to have fewer troubles. She didnt wish to have a conflict with a 4-star great teacher. But if the other party was adamant about causing trouble, she wouldnt be polite either.

Honestly speaking, it was clear that Wei Jie was in the wrong for the matter today. Both Jin Mujie and Sun Mo felt that Chen Anfu was unreasonable.

There was no wrong in shielding and doting on ones students because they were the same as well.

Personal students were like ones own sons and daughters. If it was in-doors, you could discipline them however you like. But if others tried to discipline your sons and daughters, wouldnt you first hack their limbs away? Since thats the case, lets settle things according to the rules of the great teacher world!

Chen Anfu also couldnt be bothered to waste words.

Ziqi, what are the rules of the great teacher world? Ying Baiwu didnt understand.

Once a great teacher encountered an unresolvable conflict against another great teacher, the students would come out for a duel. The victorious side would be the one in the right.

Li Ziqi explained. In this world, there were too many ideas and logical things. However, the iron-rule was that might makes right. The one with the hardest fists would be the victorious one.

Jin Mujie didnt agree right away. Instead, she looked toward Sun Mo.

Sun Mo, think thrice!

Gu Xiuxun reminded him. Chen Anfu was a 4-star great teacher. For a great teacher of this level, regardless of his experience or judgment, they would all be extremely formidable. In addition, he had accumulated his foundation for so many years. His personal disciples would absolutely be geniuses among geniuses. If a duel was conducted to determine justice, it would be unfair to Sun Mo. Sure!

Sun Mo smiled at Gu Xiuxun and indicated that there was no need for her to worry. After that, he looked at Chen Anfu. Two out of three rounds? Or shall we settle this in one round?

Im Chen Anfu, a 4-star great teacher. Might I ask you for your name and rank? Chen Anfu did things according to the rules and reported his rank and name.

Sun Mo. If a battle is to be arranged, the lower-ranked teacher would be the one to decide the battle format. If the great teachers are of the same rank, whoever suggested the battle would have to listen to the great teacher that they challenged!

Since Sun Mo had just joined the school and didnt even have a star-rank yet, Jin Mujie hurriedly explained this rule to avoid him becoming a joke. Such a method was very fair. It prevented the challenger to heighten their probability of winning by suggesting a battle format that they were proficient in.


Sun Mo nodded and spoke in a clear voice, Im Sun Mo, Ive joined the Central Province Academy for less than four months. I have zero stars!

Zezero stars?

Just joined the school?

Only three months plus? The students behind Chen Anfu were all dumbstruck. They subconsciously looked at Wei Jie. Was there a mistake? (You said you are a new teacher? And you have comprehended the Teacher for a Day, Father for Life halo?)

Wasnt it something that could only be comprehended by the elderly great teachers who were half a foot in the grave? If not, it wouldnt also be known as the Rest in Peace Halo!

Chen Anfu was also astonished. He looked at Sun Mo as he furrowed his brows. After that, signs of rage appeared on his face. He waved his hands and berated, Nonsensical!

Chen Anfu was very angry. He was actually going against a zero-star teacher. What the hell was this? If this matter circulated out, wouldnt he lose face?

Gu Xiuxuns lips twitched. (I knew this would be the result.)

Teacher, allow me!

Xuanyuan Po volunteered himself.

Sun Mo, right? If you apologize to me now, this matter will be concluded. Chen Anfu gave a solution.


Jin Mujie sighed. She knew that Chen Anfu was saying this because he had good intentions. Once he heard that Sun Mo had zero stars, he knew he would win this battle for sure.

Letting Sun Mo apologize was actually giving Sun Mo a way out of this predicament. If it was any other teachers, they would surely grab this opportunity to settle things like that. But Sun Mo Jin Mujie could only watch helplessly. Teacher Chen, you should refer to me as Teacher Sun!

Sun Mo narrowed his eyes; his tone was unfriendly. He didnt want a concession like this. It felt like this Chen Anfu was giving alms to the poor. Oi, old fogey. Why do you feel that your students would win for sure? Ying Baiwu felt that her teacher was being insulted. Hence, she jumped out and questioned Chen Anfu while shooting a fierce gaze over his students. One of you, step out and fight against me! After speaking, the iron-headed girl added one more sentence. A life-and-death battle!


Upon hearing this, the spectators took a gasp of cold air. (Everyone knows you are an iron-head, but you dont have to be so unyielding to this extent, right?)

(Theres no need to be so ruthless.)

A life-and-death battle means that during the combat, life and death will be up to the participants and the heavens. If you die because you are weaker, thats just it.



Teacher, please permit me to fight!

Chen Anfus students glared at Ying Baiwu and requested to fight. I already said that I will be the one fighting. You should get out of the way.

Xuanyuan Po pushed Ying Baiwu and stood before her.

Little fellow, you said my students are arrogant? Your students are quite arrogant too! Chen Anfu stared at Sun Mo and spoke in a strict voice, I will give you one last chance. If you apologize now, I will treat it like this matter has never happened before!

Stop talking nonsense, lets settle victory or defeat by a duel! Sun Mos lips curled. We will fight three rounds, best out of two. The loser will have to apologize. Is that okay with you? As you wish!

Chen Anfus lips twitched. Wei Jie, since you are the one who stirred up this trouble, you should fight the first round!

Yes, teacher! The effect of the great teacher halo had vanished. Hence, Wei Jie immediately jumped up and stared at Xuanyuan Po with anger. (So this Xuanyuan Po is your disciple that makes you so complacent?) (Hmph, watch how I insta-kill him!) Wei Jie decided to cripple Xuanyuan Po. By doing so, Sun Mo would surely be enraged to death. From Wei Jies point of view, the person sent out by Sun Mo for the first round would surely be the disciple he trusted the most. However, he felt no fear at all. (Because, Im a personal disciple of the 4-star great teacher, Chen Anfu! Ever since I started cultivation, Ive never lost a single fight before!)

[1] Teacher for a Day, Father for Life halo is also known as the Rest in Peace Halo
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》