Absolute Great Teacher
246 Victorious!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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246 Victorious!


The heat in the hot spring area rose in the air, creating a mist-like atmosphere. Although Sun Mos attitude was unyielding, he wasnt careless at all. Since Chen Anfu could become a 4-star great teacher, he would definitely have many capabilities.

His students would naturally have extremely high talent. This was especially so for a disciple like Wei Jie whom he accepted after he became famous. He must have sifted through many students to find someone like him.

There was a saying called knowledge obtained from paper will always be shallow. If a cultivator wished to increase his strength, practical battles would always be the most simple and effective method.

A personal disciple of a 4-star great teacher would absolutely be a valuable opponent.

If we lose, I will apologize. Anyway, I would have benefited by being able to let my students gain some combat experience. Sun Mo was much calmer than how he looked on the surface. Xuanyuan Po, Ying Baiwu, the two of you have to fight. Dont just think about winning to vent your emotions. From now on, I want you all to observe your opponents and analyze them. Even if you are not his actual opponents, I want you all to imagine that you are the one fighting and think about how you would win.

After Sun Mo spoke, he glanced at Li Ziqi and the other four. You guys must be attentive



Li Ziqi felt a little disappointed. But after that, she was filled with self-reproach. She was the eldest martial sister and should fight the first battle. However, she was simply too weak and simply lost face for her teacher!

Baiwu, come over.

Upon hearing Sun Mos words, Ying Baiwu immediately came over.

Sun Mo drew in a deep breath. In his mind, he ran through the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art as well as Jiang Lengs cultivation art. After that, he sent the knowledge into the iron-headed girls mind.

Great teacher halo, Soul Imprint!

Ying Baiwu immediately closed her eyes and meticulously experienced the profoundness of these cultivation arts.

Sun Mo didnt impart his experience into Ying Baiwus mind because he wanted the iron-headed girl to comprehend them herself. Only by doing so would the insights gained be imprinted deeper. This is a great teacher halo?

This was the first time Pei Yuanli saw Soul Imprint, he was a little astonished.

Jin Mujie was curious and stared at Sun Mo. However, Sun Mo didnt have any intentions of explaining

Chen Anfu, who stood at the side, was frowning. (Whats this? Could it be a type of dark secret art? No matter what you use, my genius disciple will definitely not lose!) Once the fight was confirmed, Wei Jie impatiently jumped out.

Wei Jie, fifth level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!

Wei Jie stared at Xuanyuan Po, his eyes filled with provocation. As for Ying Baiwu, he basically ignored her. From his point of view, a woman wasnt qualified to fight him. Even if he won, he would have nothing to feel proud about.

Xuanyuan Po initially wanted to report his name. But after hearing his cultivation base, he directly retreated and indicated to Ying Baiwu, He is yours! The iron-headed girl directly walked out. Ying Baiwu, fourth level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!

If you are not at the spirit-refinement realm, dont come over and fight against me!

Wei Jie frowned and snarled. He then unsheathed his longsword and pointed it at Xuanyuan Po. He knew that the other party didnt want to fight because he assumed that he would win for sure.

To ordinary people, this was the case. However, Wei Jie was a genius. Jumping levels to fight others was something very common to him.


Upon hearing this, a commotion occurred among the students of the Central Province Academy. Wasnt this fellow a little too arrogant? What he meant was that he, who was at the fifth level, could securely fight against someone at the ninth level.

I would never fight against low-level trash!

Xuanyuan Pos lips curled as he surveyed Wei Jie. Also, you wont be able to defeat Ying Baiwu!

The combat addicts personality might be incompatible with the iron-headed girl, but he still approved of her talent and strength.

Once this young girl matured, she would surely be a very strong opponent! Stop talking nonsense, come and fight!

Ying Baiwu urged.

Little Jie, theres no need to delay this further. Finish the battle fast!

Chen Anfus patience was already exhausted. Squabbling with a zero-star teacher would only damage his prestige. In addition, he had also guessed the reason why Sun Mo was so unyielding. Sun Mo wanted to use his disciples as the grindstones to sharpen his own disciples.

Hmph, do you think its so easy to take advantage of me?

Chen Anfu mocked silently. He then instructed in an ice-cold voice, Dont show mercy!

Roger that!

Wei Jie immediately adjusted his mental state. He understood his teachers intention. He had to completely crush this girl, causing her to be ruined to the point of total collapse.

Hmph, I will let you look at the difference between a mortal and a genius!

Wei Jies eyes were filled with disdain. You should attack first!

Ying Baiwus lips curled. She wasnt polite and directly sprinted forward.


Skynet Sand!

Her sword, White Bird, was like a yellow oriole chirping melodiously as it stabbed toward Wei Jie. The sword arc appeared like an oriole flying up to the sky in the eyes of everyone.

Wei Jies pupils narrowed violently. He was indeed a genius; hence, he could tell with a single glance that this young girls cultivation art wasnt simple. But after that, he grew excited.

(Its even better if my opponent is a genius!) (Because I, Wei Jie, would only defeat geniuses!)

Well done!

Wei Jie didnt block nor evade. His longsword slashed out as he faced Ying Baiwus attack head-on.

Chen Anfu stroked his beard and had a smile on his face. Wei Jie was his personal disciple. If he was afraid and decided to retreat right at the start, even if he won in the end, Chen Anfu would teach him a lesson.

Ding! The swords collided. When both parties stepped back, their wrists trembled. Their swords slashed out once more in beautiful arcs.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Fast against fast, the sound of metal colliding rang out constantly.

The spectating students had all fallen silent. Their eyes were wide open as they stared at the movements of the two combatants. They were afraid of missing out on any scene.

As the combat continued, shock appeared on the faces of the students. These two combatants were so powerful!

It was one thing for Wei Jie. He was recognized by a 4-stars great teacher after all and would surely have outstanding talent. But for Ying Baiwuno one expected her to be so powerful to this extent.

She was one level weaker compared to her opponent, yet she was holding her own against him. Her aura wasnt in any way inferior. But she would still lose!

The students discovered that after a wave of attacks, Ying Baiwu began to be suppressed. She was defending the majority of the time What do you think?

Gu Xiuxun asked her own complacent disciple.

Very powerful!

Zhang Yanzong was staring at Ying Baiwu. Who are you talking about? Gu Xiuxun continued to ask. Teacher, are you asking despite already knowing the answer?

Zhang Yanzong rolled his eyes. I know you are testing my judgment ability, but theres really no difficulty in discerning this!

You are not allowed to be complacent!

Gu Xiuxun berated. However, a hint of doting love could be heard in her tone.

That Wei Jie is a genius but thats all to it. As for Ying Baiwu, she would make people feel despair, vexed, depressed, and disappointed. It was because she would make you feel like you are not a genius but a mortal instead. After Zhang Yanzong said this, his tone felt a little disappointed.

You shouldnt undervalue yourself. You are not inferior to her in any way!

Gu Xiuxun consoled.

She understood what her eldest disciple meant. It was like in the final exam, Wei Jie and Zhang Yanzong both scored full marks and were at the peak of their peers.

However, Zhang Yanzong had to work so hard to the point of almost dying before he could score the same and chase up to Wei Jia. As for Ying Baiwu, in the process of you working hard to score full marks, when you finally achieved it, she would show an even more terrifying result.

There are many reasons why someone wishes to succeed. Talent is just a single aspect.

Zhang Yanzong spoke while bootlicking a little, Besides, I have an extremely outstanding teacher. I will be better than her!


Gu Xiuxun smiled. It could be considered that she agreed tacitly. But in truth, her eyes were fixed at Sun Mo. She wanted to tell Zhang Yanzong that Ying Baiwus teacher was also not bad.

There was no way to doubt Sun Mos luck. He saved a girl and it turned out that he picked up a gem.

In the combat, Wei Jie was suppressing Ying Baiwu. He unleashed all sorts of attacks to his hearts content, allowing the students to be stunned and amazed. Even the students from the Central Province Academy couldnt help but admit that this arrogant fellow was truly strong

But Chen Anfus expression turned heavy. If one still couldnt take their opponent down after a long duration of attacks, a change would surely occur. What was more troubling was that this scene seemed to be intentionally created by the girl student.


Wei Jies heavy punches crashed against Ying Baiwus single palm. Upon collision, the impact caused qi waves to radiate out, dispersing the dust in the surroundings.

Wei Jie felt a little short of breath. But when he saw Ying Baiwu breathing normally, he forcefully suppressed his intention of panting. He didnt wish to be inferior.

Do you have any new moves? Ying Baiwu asked. The attacks of her opponent started to become boring. Talk again if you can withstand this.

Wei Jie seized the initiative to attack.

Ive already blocked this before! Ying Baiwus figure flashed and unleashed Beauty Yu. She lunged toward Wei Jie as her sword poked out. Eighteen Words Order!

Pak, pak, pak!

Wei Jie barely blocked them. After that, he grew so nervous that he started perspiring cold sweat. (This cant continue on, the attacks of this girl are too terrifying. I mustnt allow her to attack or I might really lose here!)

Upon thinking of this, Wei Jie also unleashed his ultimate move. Moonbreaking Cloud!


A clone actually emerged from Wei Jie. The clone coordinated with its original body and pierced out with their sword. It felt like they pierced through the boundary of space and appeared directly before Ying Baiwu.

Honestly speaking, using such a move to defeat a lower-leveled opponent would show that he was not that skilled. However, Wei Jie didnt dare to underestimate her.

Sigh, if I win like this, I would surely be punished by Teacher when I return!

Wei Jie was distracted. After that, a ding sound appeared. The clear metallic sound made him feel as though he was bitten by a poisonous snake. After that, he involuntarily shivered.

I missed?

His ultimate move should cause the sound of a sword entering flesh to ring out. Wei Jie glanced over and saw Ying Baiwu somehow manage to block his ultimate move. In fact, she even retaliated.

Swish! Swish!

A clone also emerged from Ying Baiwu


Chen Anfu was stunned. All the students behind him had dumbstruck looks on their faces. Wasnt this a personal ultimate move of their teacher? Why did this girl know it?


White Bird pierced into Wei Jies shoulder. After that, Ying Baiwu pulled it out, and Wei Jie fell onto the ground, causing his body to be covered in dirt.

Moonbreaking Cloud?

A look of intense disbelief appeared on Wei Jies face. He subconsciously turned to his teacher. (Could this girl be your illegitimate daughter? If not, why would she know the ultimate art passed down in your family?) Youve lost!

After Ying Baiwu spoke, she didnt even glance at Wei Jie. Her longsword pointed in the distance as her gaze swept across the other students of Chen Anfu. Whos next?

Arrogant! All of them stood out at the same time, wanting to teach Ying Baiwu a lesson.

Oi, its my turn!

Xuanyuan Po stepped out. If you continue acting like this, I wont even leave an opponent for you in the future!

Chen Anfus students were about to explode from anger. (What do you guys treat us as? A salted fish that you guys can cook?)

My name is Wu Ziyou, ninth level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!

A male student stood out!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》