Absolute Great Teacher
247 Loaches Are So Adorable, We Have to Add More Salt Then!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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247 Loaches Are So Adorable, We Have to Add More Salt Then!


Teacher, Im fortunate enough that I didnt fail to obey your order!

Ying Baiwu reported.

Well done!

Sun Mo was very satisfied.


Ying Baiwu grinned.

Junior sister is very beautiful when she smiles!

Lu Zhiruo felt a little envious.

The iron-headed girl was very beautiful. As she was nourished, her weak body began to become fitter. Her pale face also had some color to it now.

In the past, because Ying Baiwus life was filled with heavy pressure and she was so busy every day that she had no time to rest, she didnt smile much. But once she smiled, she actually exuded exceptional charm.

If one said that Lu Zhiruos smile was very pure and flawless, Ying Baiwus smile would be like the sunshine after the wind and snow. It exuded a refreshing feeling!

I know you wish to look at more of his moves, but you dont have to be so passive to the point where you took his attacks, countering it only after he used a move. You could intentionally guide him to use other moves. By doing so, you will be safer.

Sun Mo guided.


Ying Baiwu nodded. She knew of her own shortcomings. Her combat experience was too little, and she had to fight more!

Teacher Sun, congratulations. Xia Yuan was filled with envy. Who wouldnt want a student like Ying Baiwu who had outstanding talent? Even Pei Yuanlis eyes were glowing brightly. Dont be jealous of him, you will definitely find a disciple thats better than her!

Zhang Qianlin mumbled, telling himself not to feel envy. However, it was basically useless because he understood a student like Yuan Baiwu was simply like a precious gem. She was simply too rare.

Chen Anfu frowned as he surveyed Ying Baiwu. As the fight progressed, he could already tell that Wei Jie would be defeated. However, he didnt expect that the girl would actually use his own ultimate art to defeat his disciple.


Chen Anfu instantly thought of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, the ultimate divine art of the Skyraise Academy. It had the miraculous ability to copy the opponents techniques.

However, he shook his head after that because even extremely outstanding students wouldnt be qualified to learn that cultivation art.

Only their headmasters candidate would be qualified for it.

(It should be some type of dark secret arts, I guess?)

(Well, there are two more rounds. My students would win for sure!) Just when this notion appeared in his mind, he heard a scream of pain. He subconsciously turned his head and saw Wu Ziyou falling onto the ground like a broken sack, covered in dust. There was even a large hole on his shoulder that was bleeding profusely. Next!

Xuanyuan Po held his spear horizontal to himself. An intense will to battle was shining in his eyes as he swept his gaze across the remaining students of Chen Anfu.

Upon hearing this, the students from the Central Province Academy, who were initially surveying Ying Baiwu after her victory, turned their heads in astonishment and immediately saw Wu Ziyous pathetic state.

What the hell? It ended just like that?

The students exchanged gazes and started to suspect whether that fellow was a personal disciple of a 4-star great teacher. Could he have entered through the back-door? If not, why would he be so weak?

Too strong!

This eruption power, the coordination of his body, his cultivation arteverything is so perfect that he can only be described as someone that would only appear once in a hundred years!

If I have such a disciple, I would be willing to die now.

The teachers mumbled as looks of envy appeared on their faces, while they exhibited their feelings in speech.

An outstanding student could allow one to become a great teacher.

In the great teacher qualification exam, one of the strict requirements to become a 2-star great teacher was that one of their students must ascend to the Greencloud Rankings. As for 4-star great teachers, one of their students must ascend to the Hero Rankings.

Some great teachers were overflowing with talent and had strong guidance ability. However, their students were all rotten wood in terms of quality. Hence, they were unqualified when they wanted to upgrade their star-rank.

Teacher Sun would become a 2-star great teacher in the future for sure!

Xia Yuan was filled with envy. She wasnt able to rise to 2 stars because the aptitude of her students was too inferior. Similarly, Jin Mujie wasnt able to rise to 4 stars because none of her students were able to ascend to the Hero Rankings.

Some great teachers felt that such requirements were too harsh. If they werent able to find genius students their entire lives, wouldnt that mean that they wouldnt be able to rise in ranks even if they worked hard their entire lives?

In the great teacher world back then, over half the population of great teachers had signed a petition with their blood, hoping for the Saint Gate to revise their rules and requirements. However, the Saint Gates sect lord had rejected it.

He had said a single sentence, What is a great teacher?

A great teacher is someone who can turn the impossible into the possible, transforming a mediocre student into someone not mediocre, allowing them to succeed. If everyone is a genius, why would the world still need great teachers?

Although Xuanyuan Po had just defeated his student, Wu Ziyou, Chen Anfu was looking at the combat addict with a look of admiration in his eyes.

It was a gaze that appeared when a teacher saw a great student. He wanted to guide him and nurture him into a talent. The satisfaction of nurturing a student who became world-famous was simply too awesome. Let me fight in the third round!

Another male student stepped out.

Forget it! Chen Anfu stopped his student. One had to be willing to admit defeat when one lost the gamble. Teacher Sun, Ive lost. We will leave!

Chen Anfu led his students away after his apology If it wasnt for his sense of honor as a great teacher, Chen Anfu would have tried to poach away Xuanyuan Po. As for that Ying Baiwu, the gaze that she used to look at Sun Mo was one filled with worship and admiration. After seeing this, Chen Anfu understood that no matter who it was, they wouldnt be able to poach this girl away from Sun Mo.

You guys better not feel complacent. The most competent students of our teacher are all at

Wei Jie was very unhappy as he wanted to explain. He didnt want to lose face. Little Jie!

Chen Anfu berated. No matter what the reason, a defeat is a defeat. Finding excuses is the most embarrassing behavior!

Understood, teacher!

Wei Jie lowered his head.

Chen Anfus group left. Since they no longer had access to the best hot spring, they could only find another normal hot spring, making use of the time to rest.

As long as their seniors could find that mysterious species of darkness, once there was any news, all of them would have to move out immediately. Hence, time was tight.

Whats wrong with you?

Li Ziqi discovered that the papaya girl started to glance at the surroundings again.

That thing has finally gone!

Lu Zhiruo patted her chest and heaved a sigh of relief.

I will tell Teacher!

A hint of worry could be seen on Li Ziqis face.

Du Xiao walked to Sun Mos side and patted his shoulder as she smiled. Why are you frowning? Your students won two rounds against students taught by a 4-star great teacher. Shouldnt you be satisfied with their performances? No!

Sun Mo pondered. Something is wrong!


Gu Xiuxun interjected as she looked at the direction Chen Anfu left in.

Whats going on?

Yi Jiamin had a dumbfounded look on his face.

The Spiritwind Canyon is a training ground suitable for students who have just entered the Darkness Continent. It is a great venue to acclimatize them to the spirit qi tides. Wei Jie was the youngest among Chen Anfus students, but from the looks of things, he already came to the Darkness Continent a few times before. Why would he need to come to a training ground for newbies?

Zhang Qianlin analyzed. His brain was actually not bad.

The students of Chen Anfu are all injured and covered with dust from a long period of traveling. Evidently, they have stayed for a long time in the Darkness Continent. Also, they are lugging around a lot of luggage. Its clear that there are more people with them, but where did those people go?

Gu Xiuxun questioned.

To pursue a mysterious species of darkness?

Xia Yuan subconsciously answered.

What was the most valuable thing on the Darkness Continent? It was the mysterious species of darkness!

The time of a 4-star great teacher was simply too precious. Even if Chen Anfu had nothing to do, he wouldnt personally lead his students to the Darkness Continent to train themselves.

A mysterious species of darkness?

Upon hearing this term, all the students started panting. As long as they could capture one, they would be rich

Are they here to catch the spirit qi roaming dragon?

Yi Jiamin recalled the rumors they had heard when they first came to the Spiritwind City. Someone had said that a spirit qi roaming dragon had been discovered in the Coldwave Pool. Maybe, that was a distraction. The true location of that mysterious species of darkness might be on the Spiritwind Canyon!

After thinking of this, Yi Jiamins heart heated


That was a rare species ranked #36 on the mysterious species list. Due to it being innately sensitive to spirit qi, it could always avoid spirit qi tides promptly. Once a cultivator possessed it, they would be able to run rampant in the Darkness Continent. They didnt need to worry about running into the terrifying spirit qi tides anymore.

Listing an example If Yi Jiamin had a spirit qi roaming dragon, he would be able to enter and exit this Spiritwind Valley freely, perfectly avoiding the spirit qi tides. This also meant that he wouldnt encounter the impact brought along by the change in spirit pressure. Naturally, there wouldnt be problems of spirit pressure allergies.

Of course, the greatest value of spirit qi roaming dragons was that they loved to build their nests in a place of dense spirit qi. They would usually choose to reside near the spirit stone veins. Hence, if someone managed to capture one, it would mean that they would also possess a spirit stone mine.

Spirit stones were the hard currency of the Darkness Continent. Hence, even a fool who used his bum to think would know how abundant this amount of wealth was.

Thats for sure. Two of his students are heavily injured. Why didnt he send them away for recovery? There must be some reasons leading to them not being able to leave now!

Zhou Shanyi grew agitated. He looked at Jin Mujie. Should we stay behind and secretly follow Chen Anfu?

Can you win against him?

Jin Mujie counter-asked.


Zhou Shanyi became a mute. Thats right, even if they encountered a spirit qi roaming dragon, it was useless if they couldnt defeat Chen Anfu. Leaving aside his personal strength, since he was a 4-star great teacher, it meant that he had at least a personal student who was ranked on the Hero Rankings. That student would be extremely strong! Stop dreaming and go and rest! Jin Mujie reminded them repeatedly. Our mission is to protect the students, letting them complete their training.

Although she said this, who wouldnt want such a valuable mysterious species of darkness?

Sun Mo led his students back to the hot spring. However, just when he removed his clothes and entered the pool, he suddenly felt something wrong. Through the white-colored steam, he saw a black shadow on the waters surface.

Damn, what the hell?

He didnt have a weapon at hand. Hence, he grabbed a stone and tossed it over.


Water splashed everywhere.


A shrill cry rang out as a water arrow shot over, grazing past Sun Mos skin.


(I just want to soak myself in a bath. Yet, theres a danger of losing my life?)

Teacher, be careful!

Jiang Leng ran over. Xuanyuan Po was the gustiest and directly jumped into the pool.

Do you have a hole in your brain? Quickly come up!

Sun Mo was almost angered to death. (You dont even know what creature is in there, but you jumped in like that? Do you not want your life anymore?)


The girls who heard the commotion ran over.


The water splashed again in four directions.

Its a loach!

Xuanyuan Po wiped away the water on his face. We can have a good meal later on!

Loaches are so adorable! Tantai Yutang licked his lips. We should add more salt then!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》