Absolute Great Teacher
249 Lightning Protection, Perfect Defense
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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249 Lightning Protection, Perfect Defense


The spirit qi roaming dragon wasnt an extremely rare mysterious species of darkness. Moreover, in the history of Middle-Earth, there had been people successfully capturing it before. So, its image had been published in the darkness species illustrated handbook.

The growth speed of the spirit qi roaming dragon was very fast. It was considered a large-type lifeform. Even when it was in the adolescent stage, it was already about four to five meters long. When it grew into the adult stage, it would reach a terrifying tens of meters long. There were even a few who could grow above a hundred meters long.

Creatures with the word dragon in their names belonged to the dragon species. Regardless of whether they lived on land or in the sea, their bodies would be covered in scales. They had horns on their heads and exuded a unique imposing aura that solely belonged to their species. What was a superior species? It meant that they were innately born to be at the top of the food chain. They had very few natural predators and had immense combat strength.

An example was the tyrannosaurus rex. This was considered a superior species. Basically, there would only be cases of it eating you. The first reaction all animals had would be to flee when encountering a T-Rex.

This tattered-looking loach was very ugly. When it was saved by being bought by Lu Zhiruo, its body was covered in injuries. If it wasnt for the papaya girl being soft-hearted, it would have been stewed in a soup by the three students.

When Li Ziqi recalled the scene of that student tossing it onto the ground and tramping on it, she couldnt help but wonder. Where were the prestige and imposing aura of a superior species? Li Ziqi felt that she still had to observe it further. Just when she wanted to discuss things with Lu Zhiruo, she suddenly saw the latter shivering and began to glance in the four directions. Whats wrong? Did that thing come again?

The little sunny egg was curious.


Lu Zhiruo had a heavy expression on her face. I feel that things are really dangerous. We should leave here immediately!

I cant decide on such a matter.

Li Ziqi sighed. It was better to look for Sun Mo and remind him about this.

This time around, the luck of everyone wasnt bad. About twenty minutes later, the spirit qi tide stopped. Thanks to the heavens and earth. Things are finally concluded! Du Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. If the spirit tide continued, all the students would probably die.

Sun Mo, this time around, its all thanks to you.

Jin Mujie spoke with gratitude.

The other teachers were also looking at Sun Mo. They were incredibly envious. His Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands could clear energy channels and hasten the circulation of spirit qi. At the same time, it could also allow the capacity of ones muscles in terms of enduring spirit qi to be greatly increased. It could be said that this was the most effective method to handle those who were allergic to spirit pressure. If they ran into such a situation usually, the students might not die, but some would surely be heavily injured. If the injuries were serious, they would leave behind hidden trauma in their bodies and affect their future cultivation. But now, the problems that the students had werent too major. Ding!

Congratulations, you have obtained a total of +2,150 favorable impression points!

This is what Im supposed to do! Sun Mo didnt feel proud. A teacher helping students was only logical. Lets retreat to the hot spring zone first!

Jin Mujie instructed.

The tour group from the Myriad Daos Academy also came. All of them were in extremely miserable states. The two Teacher Fangs were present, one in the lead and one guarding the rear. Fang Wuji was frowning. Why do the injuries of their students look so much lighter compared to ours?

Fang Wuan couldnt understand. In the recruitment event these few years, the Myriad Daos Academy had recruited much better students in comparison to the Central Province Academy as they were one-grade higher.

This was especially so for the students who came on the tour. They were all elites among the elites and should be able to crush their peers. But why did they look so much more miserable now in comparison?

It should be because of God Hands.

Fang Wuji surveyed Sun Mo.


Fang Wuan nodded. His desire to kill Sun Mo intensified.

It would be good if we could invite him to join our school!

Fang Wuji felt very regretful. He really wished to be colleagues with a teacher like this. As mortal enemies, both parties should have left after they exchanged glances with each other or left behind some ruthless words. However, Fang Wuji actually called out something different.

Teacher Sun, can I trouble you to treat our students?

Fang Wujis tone of voice was very sincere.

When Yi Jiamin saw someone like Fang Wuji regard Sun Mo so highly, he felt so much envy that he was about to explode.

Alright, I will go over after I help the students of my school settle down!

Sun Mo didnt reject it. Both schools were competing and could be considered mortal enemies, but this had nothing to do with the students. Alright, even if the students had a connection to this, he couldnt possibly watch on as they died, right? After hearing this reply, the teachers and students immediately looked at Sun Mo with some strange looks. Teacher Sun, it wouldnt be too good for you to do this, right? Zhang Qianlin criticized. Teacher Jin, why are you not controlling him? Jin Mujie fell silent. Although it would be beneficial to their school if the student group from the Myriad Daos Academy was crippled, she couldnt bring herself to say such words. In the great teacher world, all the great teachers had differing opinions about the brutal competition between schools. Some felt that only by engaging in such a brutal competition would true elites be able to emerge, while some others felt that this was too bloody.

Teacher Suns etiquette is unmatchable. We will bow out of the tempering exercise held in the Spiritwind Canyon.

Fang Wuji guaranteed. Elder brother! Fang Wuan stared at his elder brother in shock. (Have you forgotten about what our headmaster told us? We are supposed to destroy the new student group of the Central Province Academy and kill these teachers, especially Sun Mo!) Shut up!

Fang Wuji berated.

If it wasnt for the fact that he owed a huge debt of gratitude to Headmaster Cao, Fang Wuji wouldnt have accepted this mission. He felt that no matter how much they massacred an opponent in the league tournament, it wouldnt be too over. But in usual training exercises, using such methods was a little too despicable.

Although the Darkness Continent used the law of the jungle where the weak was food for the strong, an act of killing the opposing students and teachers felt a little too lowly. Also, just so coincidentally, there was an excuse like this. He could avoid the massacre then.

Moreover, when Sun Mo agreed to treat their students, he showed no hints of hesitation at all. He could truly be considered a well-qualified and good teacher! (Sigh, I really wish I can be friends with him!)


Favorable impression points from Fang Wuji +20. Prestige connection unlocked. Neutral (20/100).

Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo was speechless. Wasnt this square-jawed fellow supposed to finish off the student group from the Central Province Academy?

Why would he suddenly contribute favorable impression points? Also, he didnt look like a bad person at all.

After coming to the Central Province for a few months, Sun Mo had roughly understood the relationship between these famous schools. The relationship was like the one between immortal sects of wuxia novels.

When students were choosing a school, they would seriously consider the schools philosophy, the style of teaching, etc. Once they joined the school, it meant that they were one with the school. If no major incidents occurred, they basically wouldnt transfer schools. It could be said that the relationship between a school and the students was one where they were bound together for good or ill. Hence, the sense of belonging everyone felt was extremely strong.

Sun Mo wasnt someone from the Central Province; hence, he wasnt used to the competition between famous schools. After all, people would die frequently in such competitions. It was too terrifying.

Fang Wuji felt conflicted. The main thing was because everyone was still people from Jinling. Not only were they from the same country, but they were also from the same hometown. If the Central Province Academy was a school from another country, there wouldnt be so many problems or so much hesitation.

Teacher, something is wrong. I feel that something is coming! Lu Zhiruos ears moved. There was a flustered look on her face as she reminded Sun Mo.

Even before Sun Mo could verify the situation, over ten tornados with a radius of three to four meters began gusting out of the blue. The area they enveloped was extremely vast. Everywhere they moved, flying sand and rocks could be seen. The birds and beasts had all fled the area.

Everyone, quickly disperse. Go and look for a place where you can hide from the wind!

Jin Mujie called out loudly.

Under the power of such wind force, humans were very tiny and inconsequential. Once they were hit by rocks hoisted by the tornados, although they might not die, they would surely be injured.

Everyone, be careful! The spirit-wind overlord is here!

Jin Mujie warned them. Such tornados werent formed naturally. Jin Mujie had planned to let the group form a formation to deal with the sudden attacks from spirit-winds. However, these wind elementals directly followed the paths of the tornados and killed their way over.

They are here!

Gao Ben called loudly, Prepare for battle!

Teacher Zhou, you should lead the group. I will go and deal with the spirit-wind overlord!

Jin Mujie rushed out.

The species on the Darkness Continent had different titles based on their combat strength. Overlords indicated that they were the lords of a region. Overlords might have different levels of strengths in comparison to each other, but there was one thing for sure they were stronger than the ordinary species! The few of you are to use the lightning protection spirit runes! Sun Mo warned repeatedly, Xuanyuan Po, Jiang Leng, Baiwu, take care of the other three. Teacher, although I depend on my brains more, I still have some combat strength!

Tantai Yutang didnt wish to be looked down upon.

Sun Mo didnt bother to reply because right now, a dense mass of spirit-winds had appeared in the hot spring zone. There were a total of 500 of them. Why are there so many?

Some students called out, feeling their scalps turning numb. Dont panic, everything will be fine! Gu Xiuxun consoled. Li Ziqi took out a lightning protection rune. She exerted force with her hands and crushed



A few tiny arcs of lightning shot out. After that, the arcs multiplied and eventually turned into five lightning spheres that surrounded Li Ziqi, revolving around slowly.

The others also crushed their spirit runes. In an instant, they were surrounded by their lightning spheres. Regardless of teachers or students, everyone turned their gaze over. Even Fang Wujis side was alarmed. This scene was simply too wondrous.

Whatwhat is this?

Zhang Qianlin was dumbfounded. At the start, he had even suspected whether he had gone senile. If not, why didnt he find a spirit rune with similar effects even after searching through all his memories? Naturally, there was one more possibility. That possibility was that Sun Mo was the one who researched and created this spirit rune. But this possibility, to Zhang Qianlin who had always been proud of the fact that he was a genius in the study of spirit runes, was the most unacceptable theory.

The spirit-winds were like rampaging beasts as they rushed forth. The teachers at the first line of defense began a slaughter, doing their best to stop the spirit-winds. However, some of the spirit-winds slipped through their line of defense. For these spirit-winds, they could only depend on the students to handle them. Ziqi, you should step back. Let me do it!

Xuanyuan Po rushed over. Just when he got near some of the spirit-winds, before his spear could even move, one of the lightning spheres around him was attracted to the static electricity from the spirit-winds. The lightning sphere spun and flew forward.


The sphere exploded. A bolt of blue-colored lightning resembling a spider web began to spread through the spirit-winds body, instantly charring it black by electrocuting it.


The spirit-wind disintegrated, and it died! Damn, its so powerful?

Xuanyuan Po was frightened. Not only him, but the surrounding students were all stupefied.

Teacher, would this thing electrocute us too?

Tantai Yutangs lips were twitching. They had many lightning spheres surrounding them and were understandably in a panic. Who knew if the spheres might charr them too?


Sun Mo narrowed his eyes. He didnt expect the effects to be so good. There were simply too many spirit-winds and only a few teachers from the Central Province Academy. They basically couldnt stop the flood of spirit-winds. The students were forced into combat.

Each of them was like facing their mortal enemies. Their expressions were solemn. On the other side, the six students of Sun Mo didnt even get the chance to attack. Every time a spirit-wind got close to them within a range of two meters, the lightning spheres around them would instantly fly over and blast the spirit-wind. Automatic-defense was enabled.

Hence, under the cracking sounds of the lightning, those spirit-winds were all charred black and died.

Logically speaking, Li Ziqis location was very safe and the students should all go over there. However, the students actually edged away with looks of nervousness on their faces. Well, they were afraid of being electrocuted to death!

Aiya, so troublesome!

Xuanyuan Po was unhappy. He wanted to fight and not be protected by these lightning spheres. If it was normal times, he would have taken the initiative to fight the spirit-winds. But today, after he took a few steps forward, he remembered Sun Mos reminder and decided to endure his battlelust. I have to protect Ziqi and the others! Xuanyuan Po turned his head and walked back. Teacher Sun, what spirit rune is that?

Zhang Qianlin couldnt control the curiosity in his heart and asked the question.

Lets battle first, we will talk later!

Sun Mo replied. (What sort of timing is this? You are actually concentrating on spirit runes?!)

Teacher Sun, do you still have more of that spirit rune? Can you give me some? Gu Xiuxun knew that asking for the spirit runes in a public setting would surely damage her reputation. But for the safety of her students, she didnt mind it.

Ziqi, pass ten runes to Teacher Gu. As for the remaining spirit runes, give one to each of the students.

Sun Mo instructed. In any case, he prepared a sufficient amount of them. Before entering the Darkness Continent, he didnt get a wink of sleep for several nights just to draw them. When the students heard his words, they were instantly filled with gratitude. Ding! Congratulations. You have obtained a total of 3,698 favorable impression points. These were all contributed by the students. After all, they were at the boundary of life and death. Hence, the amount of favorable impression points gained was very frightening Ding!

Congratulations. Because the prestige connections of seven students have broken through 100, theres a special reward of 5x black-iron treasure chest. Please continue to work hard. Congratulations, you have completed an accomplishment, allowing the prestige connections of five students to break through 100 in one go. Reward: 1x golden treasure chest. Please continue to work hard. A bunch of treasure chests appeared before Sun Mo, glowing so brightly that they almost blinded his eyes. System, can you not add to the chaos? Sun Mo was speechless. Also, do you know how to count? Shouldnt the number of black-iron treasure chests be 7 instead of 5?!

If you cant even handle such a small situation here, what would you do if you head to the higher levels of the Darkness Continent?

The system mocked. As for the number of treasure chests, because the number 7 is not beautiful enough, I deducted two! Damn, this is considered a reason too?

Sun Mo immediately started cursing the system in his heart. Also, why isnt 7 beautiful?

Teacher Sun, thanks. I will remember this favor!

At the same time when Gu Xiuxun waved her sword to kill a spirit-wind, she also cast a deep glance at Sun Mo. There was nothing much to say about this fellows character.

Teacher Gu, protecting students is also a part of my responsibilities. Your words make it seem that you are treating me as an outsider.

Sun Mo indicated that Gu Xiuxun shouldnt mind it.

These spirit runes are surely very expensive, right?

Zhang Yanzong frowned. He was someone who didnt like owing favors. As he crushed the spirit rune paper, cracking sounds of lightning rang out as five lightning spheres materialized and floated around him.

When the lightning spheres blasted into the spirit-wind, it would explode directly, killing it in a single move. The attack power was terrifyingly high.

I dont know.

Sun Mo shrugged. Because these spirit runes were drawn by him, it wasnt difficult. And the amount of spirit rune papers used wasnt worth a lot either. He also didnt use a lot of the flower spirit rune ink rewarded by the system.
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