Absolute Great Teacher
250 Miraculous Species under the Heavens, Not Encountering It Even in 1,000 Years!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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250 Miraculous Species under the Heavens, Not Encountering It Even in 1,000 Years!

Crackle- crackle

With the thunderous booms of the electric arcs, lightning spheres materialized and surrounded the students. They began to rotate around the students as though they were satellites.

The spirit-winds rushed over and stretched out their arms, but they weren’t able to come in contact with the students. They were first blasted by the lightning spheres and charred black.


After witnessing the terrifying might of the lightning spheres, the students heaved a sigh of relief and grew much calmer. There were a few braver ones who even started to prepare a counter-attack.

Over at the Myriad Daos Academy’s side, Fang Wuan instantly cried out in surprise when he saw the situation at the Central Province Academy’s side.

“What are those things floating around them? Are they the will-o-the-wisps?”

No one could answer. However, the killing prowess of those things was off the charts. Once they hit a spirit-wind, the students didn’t even need to do anything else. “They seemed to originate from a new type of spirit rune. Get someone to investigate this.”

Fang Wuji instructed.

He was currently attacking with his full strength, using all his ultimate moves. With a single slash of his swords, all enemies within a range of tens of meters would be affected.

Hence, he could constitute an entire line of defense alone.

“Teacher Fang is awesome!”

The students cheered loudly in excitement, causing their morale to be boosted.

Unleashing ultimate moves in such a range might produce immense might. However, the consumption of spirit qi was very great as well. Honestly speaking, unleashing one’s ultimate skills before the battle situation was clear was a little unwise. However, Fang Wuji didn’t care.

His performance gave students confidence, allowing them not to be nervous. After that, under his guidance, they began to form small teams as they hunted spirit-winds wherever they went to.

“This Fang Wuji is really impressive!”

Gu Xiuxun sighed in admiration.

Fang Wuji was as expected of one of the twin annulus of Jinling. He managed to transform a situation where they were supposedly fighting a losing battle, into a training battle. Besides, the aptitudes of the students from the Myriad Daos Academy were also very high.

A few minutes later, Jin Mujie returned with a head of a spirit-wind in her hand. She then tossed it out.


Another spirit-wind exploded.

“Teacher Jin, have you succeeded in killing their overlord?”

Zhou Shanyi asked.

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For such low-grade elemental lifeforms, they had no intelligence. They would only know how to fight enemies around them in a certain range. But the overlord had intelligence and even knew some simple battle techniques.

With so many spirit-winds suddenly gathering here and attacking after a spirit qi tide had occurred, it was clear that they must have been instructed by the spirit-wind overlord.

“I didn’t. I only killed a few elites!”

Jin Mujie shook her head.

Elites were spirit-winds who were taller and bigger, with higher combat strength compared to their peers.

Jin Mujie’s return directly caused the combat strength and confidence of her group to increase by three times. The students also started to retaliate and achieve a small climax in terms of victory.

Half an hour later, over 500 spirit-winds who came to attack were all annihilated.

Yes, these lifeforms had no intelligence. They also didn’t know what fear was. Hence, they wouldn’t flee.

“Teacher Jin, what’s going on exactly?”

Zhang Qianlin asked.

“Let’s meet up with Teacher Pei and the others first!”

Jin Mujie led everyone to the camp area where the ground had been ravaged. Pei Yuanli’s on-the-scene reaction wasn’t bad. When he saw the spirit-winds attacking, he led all the students to hide inside the hot spring area behind the stone pillars.

The terrain there was complex, and it wouldn’t be easy for the spirit-winds to find people. Even if they found a human, they wouldn’t be able to depend on the superiority of their numbers to perform ‘human-wave attacks’. After all, the terrain was cramped and narrow. There was basically no way for the spirit-winds to form a formation.

“There are no corpses!”

Du Xiao did a quick inspection.

Teacher Pei and the students who remained here were no longer in the same area. However, Jin Mujie didn’t search for them. She got Xia Yuan and Zhang Qianlin to lead the students, telling the remaining students to hide first.

“Teacher Sun, Teacher Gu, you guys come with


Jin Mujie instructed.

“I’ll go too!”

Yi Jiamin followed.

Jin Mujie ran toward Chen Anfu’s camp. But not long later, they could hear angry bellows ringing out in the air.

“It’s Chen Anfu’s voice!”

Although they had only met once, Gu Xiuxun remembered this voice.

The four of them secretly headed over and hid behind a rock. They stretched their heads out to look and after that, they were badly shocked.

The temporary camp area looked like the aftermath of a disaster. The shattered corpses of spirit-winds stacked up as high as one meter from the ground.


Gu Xiuxun tugged at Sun Mo’s sleeve and pointed in a direction.

When Sun Mo glanced over, his brows furrowed so tightly that they could squeeze a crab to death.

The young man named Wei Jie, who had fought against Ying Baiwu not long ago, was dead now. Half of his head was smashed. His body lay close to the hot spring’s edge. None of the other students survived.


Chen Anfu waved his hand and crushed an elite spirit-wind. His eyes were bloodshot as he roared, “Scram out for me, scram out here!!”

Chen Anfu’s voice was filled with so much sorrow that it was dripping with blood.

His personal students were all discovered by him, and he had even spent a vast amount of energy and resources to guide them patiently. Originally, they should glow with their own radiance in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. But now, all of them actually died here.

“If you have the guts, come out and kill me!”

Chen Anfu roared in anger. “As expected, he came to the Spiritwind Canyon to track down a mysterious species of darkness.”

Gu Xiuxun’s lips curled.

This species of darkness was very powerful. It made use of the spirit-winds to set a trap and encircle Chen Anfu.

Over at this location, Chen Anfu and his students encountered an attack of over 1,000 spirit-winds, including one overlord and over ten elites. If it wasn’t for him being powerful enough, his body would have turned cold already. Naturally, when facing such powerful enemies, Chen Anfu wanted to save his students but didn’t have enough strength to do so. He could only watch his personal disciples dying one after another.

“How dangerous!” Yi Jiamin felt a lingering fear.

Both teams of the Central Province Academy and Myriad Daos Academy could only be considered unlucky. If they had encountered something like this, they would have long since been wiped out.

“Who is it?!”

Chen Anfu howled in anger and slashed out with his sword.


A stream of sword qi shot out, slashing at the rock everyone was hiding behind.


The stone crumbled apart.

Jin Mujie walked out and questioned, “Teacher Chen, we need an explanation!” “What explanation?”

Chen Anfu coldly snorted.

“What have you done exactly? Why would all the spirit-winds surround and attack you?”

Fang Wuan spoke out, and he walked out from behind another large rock.

There were no fools here. They all guessed that Chen Anfu had triggered something.

“Are you sure you can meddle with me?”

Chen Anfu’s gaze was ice-cold. He started to collect the corpses of his students.

“Some of my students were killed by the spirit-winds. You are the originator of all the chaos, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

Fang Wuan held his sword hilt tightly.

“Either you scram, or you die. You guys can choose one!”

For the sake of that mysterious species of darkness, Chen Anfu had spent three years of his time. How could he easily tell this secret to others?

The atmosphere grew a little tense. At this moment, a silver-colored shadow suddenly rushed forth, disappearing in a flash.

“What was that?’

Gu Xiuxun was alarmed. Her motion vision wasn’t bad, but she wasn’t able to see it clearly. No one replied as even Jin Mujie couldn’t see it clearly. However, everyone turned to look at the large rock that the shadow entered.

“Scram now or don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Chen Anfu roared anxiously.

“It must be something good!”

Seeing how nervous Chen Anfu was, Yi Jiamin’s heart heated up as he widened his eyes.


That shadow rushed out once more. It glided across the spring water, emitting qi waves.


Yi Jiamin was astonished.

This time around, everyone could clearly see what that thing was.

That was a cloud shining with silver light. It was in the shape of the eight trigrams and the size of a normal praying mat used in temples.


Due to being overly shocked, Yi Jiamin’s voice quavered. Fang Wuan who was not far away also had similar expressions. After they recovered from their daze, they instinctively chased after that cloud.

But before they could approach, Chen Anfu rushed over and slashed out angrily with his sword.

Slash- Slash

Sword qi ran rampant in the area, forcing Yi Jiamin and Fang Wuan back. “Teacher Chen, what do you mean by this?”

Yi Jiamin shouted.

“This type of ownerless mysterious species of darkness would belong to whoever catches it. Why are you stopping us?” Fang Wuan questioned. “It isn’t ownerless. It is mine!”

Chen Anfu rebutted.

“Summon it for us to see then!”

Fang Wuan coldly snorted.

“You want me to summon it just because you said so? Who the hell are you?”

Chen Anfu cursed. He felt extremely uneasy and vexed in his heart. This mysterious species of darkness was too hard to capture. He was tormented so badly during these three years that he had almost gone mad.

Usually speaking, mysterious species of darkness would hide most of the time until the humans from the Nine Provinces left. Because they were too valuable, they would surely draw a large bunch of hunters if they were seen.

But this particular species was an exception. Chen Anfu knew that it intentionally showed itself because it wanted to make humans kill each other.

“What is that?”

Sun Mo didn’t understand.

“It is an eight-gate cloud. A cloud that gained sentience. It’s a miraculous species under the heavens ranked #10 on the mysterious darkness species list!”

Gu Xiuxun explained.

Sun Mo lifted his hand and pinched his face. Although he had come to Middle-Earth and had seen many incredible things before, all of them added up weren’t as shocking as this eight-gate cloud.

A cloud could even gain sentience and become a living spirit with intelligence? Would it be capable of reproducing next?

“I initially thought Chen Anfu was doing this to catch a spirit qi roaming dragon. I didn’t expect that his target was the rarer eight-gate cloud!”

Jin Mujie inhaled a breath of cold air.

Even if Sun Mo was more ignorant than he was now, just by looking at the #10 ranking on the mysterious species list, he was able to guess how valuable this thing was.

The eight-gate cloud had the exterior of the eight-trigrams. Its greatest strength was that it could build eight teleportation gates and instantly arrived at other places through them.

For example, if Sun Mo used it to build a teleportation gate in the Spiritwind Canyon and another gate in the Central Province Academy, he would be able to travel freely between these two places with no restriction at all. He wouldn’t even need a single second to move between the two places.

There was another point. Eight-gate clouds possessed the most stable time anchors. Once they were planted in their locations, it meant that the user would never be lost in the chaos of time and space.

For example, the teleportation gate linking Jinling of Tang Country to the Spiritwind City had to be maintained constantly. Inspection needed to be done monthly or if it was damaged, the teleportation coordinates would be messed up. Not a single flaw could be tolerated.

And every time one wanted to activate a teleportation gate, one would need plenty of spirit stones as the energy source. However, eight-gate clouds didn’t need such a thing. Leaving aside that their teleportation gates were exceptionally stable, they didn’t require any energy sources at all.

The greatest benefit of obtaining this mysterious species of darkness was that one no longer needed to be under the control of Saint Gate. They could come to the Darkness Continent whenever they wanted to. They didn’t need to queue up with others, waiting for their turn to enter the teleportation gates that the Saint Gate constructed.

“I have to obtain it!”

Yi Jiamin’s eyes turned green. He would kill whoever that dared to block him.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》