Absolute Great Teacher
251 Life-and-death Letter!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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251 Life-and-death Letter!

The atmosphere instantly turned tense.

The eight-gate cloud was too precious. If one obtained it, as long as they used it appropriately, their clan would be able to prosper for a thousand years.

Who wouldn’t want such a rare and precious mysterious species of darkness?

Chen Anfu’s eyes emitted killing intent. If it wasn’t for him expending too much spirit qi in the battle earlier, leading to him unable to kill these people, he would surely silence them all.


The cloud in the shape of the eight trigrams appeared again. It then flew into the air with unbelievable speed.

Sun Mo used Divine Sight to observe some data, but his eyes weren’t able to track its movements. “Let’s leave!”

Jin Mujie instructed.

“Teacher Jin!”

Yi Jiamin called out. An ownerless and priceless mysterious species of darkness would belong to whoever had the capability to snatch it. Why would she want to give it to Chen Anfu?

“Can you win against him?”

Jin Mujie’s voice was ice-cold. “I won’t object to it if you want to remain behind.”

Jin Mujie retreated. Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun immediately followed her.

After seeing this, Yi Jiamin glanced in the direction where the eight-gate cloud was hiding. He stomped fiercely on the ground, not daring to remain behind. If not, Chen Anfu would surely be able to kill him with ease.

“Are you guys resentful about my decision?” Jin Mujie gazed at Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun. “Nope. Under this situation, we would surely not be able to snatch it.”

Sun Mo knew his own limits. “That cloud still wants to play tricks, getting everyone to fight over it. Interesting!” Gu Xiuxun naturally wanted that mysterious species of darkness. However, she wasn’t anxious. Given the intelligence displayed by the eight-gate cloud, it couldn’t be captured easily. Hence, she could take her time and come up with a more detailed plan.

Jin Mujie started a bonfire. As the smoke rose into the sky, Pei Yuanli saw the signal and immediately led the students over here to gather.

“Because the incident was too sudden, the tour of the new student group will conclude here. We will begin our return journey now.”

Teacher Jin gathered the teachers and spoke of her plans.

“What’s wrong?” Pei Yuanli frowned.

“Chen Anfu is attempting to capture the eight-gate cloud. If we stay behind, we might be killed by him!”

Jin Mujie explained.

“Teacher Jin…”

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Yi Jiamin grew anxious. (How can you tell others such a huge secret? Wouldn’t that be increasing the number of your own competitors?)

“What did you say? An eight-gate cloud?”

“The creature that’s ranked #10 on the mysterious species list?”

“It can’t be, right? How can such a valuable species appear on the first level of the Darkness Continent?”

All the teachers were completely stunned. After that, heat rose in their chests. If they could capture this species, their lives would begin to rise to the peak.

“Teacher Jin, are you sure?”

Zhang Qianlin asked.

“The few of us saw it with our own eyes.”

Since it was impossible to keep it a secret, Yi Jiamin immediately gave a suggestion. “How about we form a team? After we obtain the eight-gate cloud, we can share it among us. What do you guys think?”

Everyone fell silent. After all, everyone would want to have the sole rights on such a creature.

“I don’t care what you guys want to do, but we have to guarantee the safety of our students. After we sent them back to Jinling, you guys can do whatever you want.”

Jin Mujie frowned.

“Teacher Jin, if we return now, it would at least take five days for the journey. At that time, everything would already be too late.”

Yi Jiamin grumbled, “In addition, all the teachers of the Myriad Daos Academy know the secret as well. They would definitely track that mysterious species of darkness immediately.”

“Why don’t we arrange two teachers to escort the students back? The rest of us will track the eight-gate cloud.”

Even Zhou Shanyi, who had always taken things easy, was now filled with greed.

“You all…”

Jin Mujie was vexed. “Where are the responsibilities you all ought to have after becoming teachers?”

“Teacher Jin, you can’t put it this way. If we managed to capture the eight-gate cloud, it would be beneficial to the school as well.”

Zhang Qianlin also engaged in sophistry for his selfishness.

“It’s only returning to Jinling, what danger can there be?”

Even Pei Yuanli felt Jin Mujie was making a mountain out of a molehill.”

“Alright, since we can’t see eye to eye. There’s no need to say anything more. You guys can do whatever you like, I will escort the students back to Jinling.”

After Jin Mujie spoke, she rose and departed.

Sun Mo swept his gaze over the teachers and followed after Jin Mujie.

Gu Xiuxun felt conflicted. But after some hesitation, she still decided to chase after Jin Mujie.

Upon seeing this, Xia Yuan initially planned to leave but she was stopped by Du Xiao.

“Sister Xia, this is a rare opportunity. Why don’t we gamble on it?”

Du Xiao and Xia Yuan had quite a good relationship. If the two of them work together, the chances would be slightly higher.

“You are willing to give up on that mysterious species of darkness?”

Sun Mo surveyed Gu Xiuxun.


Gu Xiuxun felt that the eight-gate cloud would surely not be easy to capture. By sending the students back first, she could improve her image in their eyes, letting them know that she was concerned about them. At the same time, she could use the opportunity to purchase some equipment in the city as preparation.

Naturally, Gu Xiuxun had another thought. When these people fought each other for the eight-gate cloud, she would act as the fisherman, getting the benefits after the fish fought each other for the bait.

Jin Mujie was concerned about the safety of the students, but the students weren’t grateful and didn’t appreciate the kindness. When Yi Jiamin ‘carelessly’ exposed the eight-gate cloud’s secret, most of the students didn’t want to leave.

“Teacher Jin, we wish to capture that mysterious species of darkness too!”

The gazes of the students were filled with a fiery expression. They basically didn’t consider the fact that they might die. All of them were fantasizing about how they would use the eight-gate cloud to climb to the peak of life after capturing it.

These were all new students and their presence already made it so that the tour group wasn’t that united. And now, under the temptation of enormous benefits, the sense of unity completely crumbled.

In order to stay behind, the students spoke all sorts of excuses.

“Alright, since that’s the case. Please sign a life-and-death letter!” Jin Mujie said.

After signing a so-called life-and-death letter, a student would be responsible for their own actions. Even if they died, they couldn’t blame anyone.

“Yi Jiamin, ‘well done’.”

Jin Mujie glared at Yi Jiamin, her expression was filled with rage. “I will report this to An Xinhui and suggest for her to fire you!”

“When this daddy gets the eight-gate cloud, why would I still care about being a part of that broken school?”

Yi Jiamin coldly laughed.

Time would wait for no man. The teachers and students like Zhang Yanzong, who didn’t suffer from spirit pressure allergies, formed a temporary group and went to search for the eight-gate cloud’s traces.

This cloud intentionally showed itself sometimes. Only after people saw it did it floated toward the depths of the Spiritwind Canyon.

This action could be considered poking the hornet’s nest. Now, even the students with spirit pressure allergies wanted to go.

There was no solution to this. Money would always stir the hearts of people. In addition, the eight-gate cloud was something rare to encounter even once in 1,000 years. It was even more valuable than money.

“You are not allowed to go!”

Jin Mujie shouted.

This was a bottomline. Students like Zhang Yanzong had enough strength. With a little luck, they might really be able to capture the cloud.

But for the remaining students, there was absolutely no hope.

“Sigh, being able to see it but not possess it feels so painful!”

The students sighed as though they had just encountered doom’s day. However, they also understood that Jin Mujie was doing this for their own good.

The Myriad Daos Academy also formed a temporary group of students and sent them to track the cloud’s movements.

Upon seeing this, Jin Mujie’s mood became much better. It seemed like this situation was unavoidable for both sides. After all, if she was more unyielding, those teachers and students might have chosen to quit the Central Province Academy on the spot.

“Teacher, we should hurry and move out too!”

Tantai Yutang urged. “Move out where?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

“Eh? Are we not going to catch that mysterious species of darkness?”

Ying Baiwu was surprised.

“No, we are not!”

Sun Mo stared at his six students, observing their expressions.

Lu Zhiruo was Sun Mo’s crazy fan. No matter what her teacher said, she would just do it. Although Li Ziqi felt regretful, she didn’t really mind not catching the cloud.

Ying Baiwu was very conflicted, but she didn’t dare to defy Sun Mo’s orders. Jiang Leng’s face was as cold as a corpse’s. Sun Mo wasn’t able to read his thoughts.

“Not going is correct. I heard that the cloud is extremely cunning. The number of those tricked by it and died is at least 8,000 if not 10,000.”

Xuanyuan Po blew his nose. “I don’t believe that you really don’t want it!” Tantai Yutang teased.

“One’s strength is the greatest reliance to get ahead in the world. As for those who want to depend on a cloud to change their lives? I can only say that they are thinking too much.” “As expected of a combat addict with muscle for brains.”

Tantai Yutang flashed a thumbs up.


Under Jin Mujie’s lead, the tour group embarked on their return journey. They didn’t manage to travel far in a day as all the students were distracted. Even if they couldn’t obtain the eight-gate cloud for themselves, it would also be good if they could watch who managed to obtain it.

On their way back, Sun Mo decided to open his treasure chests. In the end, out of his five black-iron chests, he opened two clumps of dark soil, one spring beauty medicine packet, one ancient whale oil, and one bottle of condiment. It could be said that these items were very bad. This caused Sun Mo to no longer dare to continue. He decided to leave the golden treasure chest aside for now.

In the temporary camp, after dinner, everyone was still absent-minded.

“Sadly, there are no more hot springs. If not, it would be a good idea to soak ourselves in one!”

Sun Mo recalled the mission given by the system. He had to make all of his personal students break through by one level. It seemed like it was impossible to accomplish that now.

“Teacher, why don’t I give you a massage?”

Li Ziqi came over. “It’s fine. If you guys have any questions, you can ask me now. If there are no questions, you guys can just go and rest!”

Sun Mo added a few sticks of wood to the fire.

Lu Zhiruo returned to a little tent. She then took her bag and was preparing to search the surroundings to see if there were any hot springs. It would be good if she could find one for her teacher.


The loach jumped out of the bag.

“Little loachie, I want to go and look for a hot spring for Teacher. You should just stay in the tent obediently and not run around randomly, alright? If not, if someone caught you, they might try to cook you in a stew.”

The papaya girl stretched her index finger out and dabbed the loach’s head lightly.


The loach cried out and curled itself around Lu Zhiruo’s arm.

“Mn? You want to go with me?”

Lu Zhiruo hesitated a little but eventually agreed. It would be good to have a companion.

The papaya girl knew that if her teacher discovered her intention, she would surely not be able to go out. Hence, she stealthily snuck out of the camp. After that, she fell into a daze when she looked at the auroras casting their light down on the earth. Which direction should she head to?

Lu Zhiruo thought a little and picked up a tree branch before propping it out on the ground. After that, she let go of her hand. Pak! The tree branch fell in the 10 o’clock direction.

“Alright, let’s head there then.”

After Lu Zhiruo decided on the direction, she immediately widened her steps and broke out into a run.

The little loachie was sweating. (I’m planning to find a hot spring for you, but you settled things yourself? Can your luck really be that good?)

Naturally, to prevent Lu Zhiruo from having to take detours, the ‘little loachie’ would occasionally call out and correct her path.

About half an hour later, Lu Zhiruo managed to find a hot spring.

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